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So Bank as a Service is a hot #fintech topic, but what is it? 🤔

● BaaS allows any brand to embed financial
services into its customer experience... 🍎

● picking and choosing capabilities
offered by providers… 🛠️

● …and licence holders in a modular fashion. ⛓️
Bankers often say "that's just whitelabel banking"

The key here is it's not, the new providers have made the underlying bank capabilities more modular and API first.
This API-first developer focus is a fundemental shift of business model vs whitelabel banking

This makes it faster and cheaper than ever before to bring #fintech and banking products to market
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Some non-obvious learnings from 6 years of building lending products as an finance outsider (tech) #Fintech - a thread 1/n
At its core - lending is game of moral hazard, statistics, information assymetry and adverse select. Of course there are other parts like product, distribution, cost of funds, ops, collections but those are the obvious aspects. Maybe a separate thread. 2/n
Moral hazard - you as a lender have more to loose (cash) in this transaction(loan) than the borrower. Bureau score, reputation, usecase, collections all try to minimise this moral hazard. Remember that In lending your product is MONEY, everybody wants it. 3/n
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PART II: (a thread on interest rates)

Yes, you are right! We mentioned earlier that increased demand would reduce interest rates. As more people are willing to lend the FG money, they can give each person a lower interest rate.
All of this is why we are in the unusual position where a one-year treasury bill has an interest rate significantly lower than inflation. 
So, how does all of this affect you? Chances are that the returns on your savings and investment have fallen. 
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Unless you're either a) German or b) into #fintech, you probably hadn't heard of #Wirecard until recently - that's when the German payment processor, a nationally celebrated stock-market darling, was revealed to be a multibillion dollar fraud.

Wirecard's COO was the young, dapper Jan Marsalek, feted in all the right circles among German and multinational plutes.

He's gone underground and no one know where he is.

Also, he's a fucking creepshow.

As @samgadjones, @murphyp, and @helenwarrell
write in the @ft, many people had noted that Marsalek was obsessed with mercenary armies and arms deals, sometimes bragging that he got to go into conflict zones with armed fighters.…

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Mucho se habla sobre #China como "Faro" de todo ecosistema #Fintech, pero poco sobre su #Regulación el rol del Gobierno chino.

Esta tendencia a omitir al Regulador en el desarrollo del ecosistema #fintech en #China está escudada en que "son un Estado Socialista"

Abro hilo Image
1/ Vengo leyendo mucho sobre el desarrollo de este ecosistema y, principalmente, cómo el Estado se paró frente a gigantes como #Tencent, #Alibaba o #Baidu.

¿Acaso podemos ignorar que hoy #China es el ÚNICO país en todo el mundo con empresas que compiten con #Facebook o #Google?
2/ Sin duda esto tuvo un costo en términos de libertades y demás pero, siendo pragmáticos: lograron ser el ÚNICO país que no transfiere diariamente valor a mansalva a los gigantes #tech de occidente.

(es más, podríamos decir que cada vez más la ecuación es a la inversa)
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Joel Yarbrough @RapydPayments, a UK unicorn, says one of the key changes driving #fintech is the progressive regulation is improving and making a huge change to the industry. Agrees with @citylordmayor that UK's regulatory sandbox and legal environment is world leading. #UKASEAN
Tan Sri Munir, Chair of @ASEAN_BAC Malaysia and @Cariasean notes in Indonesia 65% of the population lack bank accounts and 87% have not borrowed money in the last year. There is a scarcity of banks in rural areas and low levels of literacy. #UKASEAN
Tan Sri Munir also notes interoperable payment infrastructure needs to be accelerated and that talent remains a challenge and an inhibitor to #fintech growth. #UKASEAN
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@bancaditalia ha deciso di stabilire a Milano un centro di coordinamento e impulso per le attività #fintech (THREAD) 👇
Questa è una ottima notizia e potrebbe diventare una tappa importante perché il paese metta, finalmente, un po' di priorità in più sui posti di lavoro del futuro 👇
Devono però accadere alcune cose aggiuntive, affinchè il centro fintech di Milano abbia davvero un impatto 👇
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Current pandemic expected to catalyse growth of digital payments. 📈
A part of the Indian payments history covered in a thread below 👇🏽
The Rupiya (introduced by Sher Shah Suri), remained the dominant standard currency in Mughal era & even during the British Raj, despite the East India Company’s efforts to introduce the Sterling Pound in India as early as the 1600s. Declared official currency post 1857 rebellion.
Paper currency was popularised in Asia by Genghis Khan as early as the 11th century, gained traction in India a few centuries later. General Bank of Bengal and Bihar (1773-75) and The Bank of Hindostan (1770-1832) were among the earliest issuers of paper currency in India.
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I've been having the heartbreaking conversation with so many Black people who are dreading tomorrow and the Zoom calls or the ”How are you?” -

Your Black leaders and employees are not OK.

It's triggering to ask ”How are you”
I hope CEO’s & Executive Sponsors for Black ERG’s and other ERG’s

Head of Diversity and Inclusion have reached out and connected with your Black ERG leaders and your Black employees.

At the very least ensure all mandatory meetings have a ”No Video Requirement” please
The #Emotionaltax Black employees are going through right now is through the roof.

Many I've spoken to are feeling rage, fear, anger, resignation, exhaustion, defeat and more.

Be uncomfortable, put #Blacklives BEFORE your feelings @RachelCargle

It's the HUMAN thing to do.
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Interesting #AdvisorTech news this morning - @FTI_US is buying @AdvisorEngine (and @JunxureCRM) from @WisdomTreeETFs. Yet another asset manager in the 'robo' business, along with Invesco's Jemstep & Blackrock's FutureAdvisor.… via @ryanWneal #FinTech
The news of AdvisorEngine sale isn't entirely surprising. As discussed in our February #AdvisorTech coverage, WisdomTree signaled in its Q4 Earnings Call that it anticipated an exit from AdvisorEngine (with a significant write-down).
Terms of the Franklin Templeton acquisition weren't disclosed, but WisdomTree previously indicated an expected $22M - $30M writedown of its $58M stake from successive @AdvisorEngine investments.
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Some Thoughts on the #PPPloans and other small business stimulus now that the funds have dried up (hopefully temporarily). Some overriding thoughts I have are 1. The method and some of the issues of getting funds out, 2. The purpose of the funds, and 3. Where we go from here. 1/x
On the methodology of the #PaycheckProtectionProgram I know given the data out there that loans seemed skewed towards larger "small" businesses. I think that stems from a number of reasons. The first being just how banks work. 2/x
Banks are generally fairly conservative, risk adverse institutions- particularly post the banking collapse in 2008/2009. Having worked in that industry during that time period, I got to see the impact of this collapse and how banks changed as a result. 3/x
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Investigative journalist Harry Vox filmed 2014 talking about a 2010 report from the Rockefeller Foundation - Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.… Image

Aaron Russo: "I had a friend, Nick Rockefeller..."

"And you become a slave" Interview with Aaron Russo (RFID CHIP/NFC CHIP) Image

>> Page 18, LOCKSTEP

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development -
Report published by The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network, 2010.… ImageImage
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There's a massive $80 trillion market that is largely ignored in the #fintech world - asset management.

Over the past year, I've been diving deep on the industry alongside the team @fintech_io (1/10)
Our work culminated in a sharpened thesis, successful co-hosted conference with @GoldmanSachs, and three new investments.

You can find key insights from the event, plus a lens into our thesis development here:… (2/10)
Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen technology transform
nearly every sector of the financial world. But, asset management broadly, and the buy-side more specifically, has been slower to change. (3/10)
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New Banking Payment Hubs being set up with #XRP

1. Volante +Mulesoft +SalesForce
2. Earthport+ Visa (Blackrock is an investor of Earthport)
3. Temenos +NuoDB + Amazon

#XRPCommunity #ripple #blockchain #fintech
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Me mandan este video. MUY TRISTE lo que está pasando en los bancos, además de un riesgo a la salud pública

¿Es muy exagerado desear que @alferdez haga una Cadena Nacional o similar para hablarle a nuestros #jubilados?

La herramienta hoy es la comunicación e información, sin más
Muchos desde la madrugada, durante 12 horas amontonados con menos de un metro de distancia y volviendo a su casa sin cobrar. Con el antecedente de que hace unos días se juntaron el pago de distintos planes y todos en el cajero. Hoy la falta de #InclusionFinanciera real MATA.
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#CashlessConsumer is at #AadhaarTribunal and is talking on intersection of #Aadhaar and #DigitalPayments / #Fintech.

#CashlessConsumer makes the following demands to seek a reform in #DBT / payments infrastructure
1. A thorough #CAG audit on #DBT infra to officially document the reasons for exclusions (untraceable payments referred in #NITIAayog Poshan report) and detailed report on #APB, compensate the beneficiaries who are denied welfare benefits with interest
2. Policy decision to gradually migrate #DBT to use #NEFT (run free of cost by RBI wef 1.1.2020) instead of NPCI owned #APB infrastructure which charges ministries implementing #DBT delivery.
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Talking about the culture of factuality and Veracity, lack of a national ID system allows Nigerians play fast and loose with information, thus affecting data quality-- Emmanuel Agha (Innovectives Ltd) at @TheLodt's #BigData panel yesterday.

My #fintech company often engages in verification survey of data to avoid the 'AC Panelroom syndrome' of tech developers. Experience in local markets h/ever show that traders change info if you're perceived as coming from govt-Emmanuel Agha #BigData
Although a #fintech entrepreneur myself, I've noted violations of regulations & standards on customer information request. E.g. there're Nigerian apps which do not allow you onboard until location info is disclosed, which is wrong- Emmanuel Agha #BigData
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A thread on #sexism
I was waiting for the euphoria of #DelhiAssemblyElections2020 to reduce to post this. I am looking out for a job, it is no secret. But, responses to my applications are very less, I don't know why. But a recent one was blatantly sexist. 1/n
This is a #bangalorestartup, a #fintech working with banks. Got the founder's number through a good friend, he has been sending me a few leads. I got in touch with the founder (let us call this company X) of X. He asked me to email my resume, which I did. 2/n
Post that, I got a call from his #HR representative, after asking me basic details she asked me a few sexist questions. How many children I have? How old are they? Do they go to school? Who will manage them while I am away? Do I have adequate support to manage them? #Sexism 3/n
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China Intelligent Finance Development Report 2019, lately released by CF40 Research Group, makes an attempt to track the history and discuss the future development of AI in finance.
Technological advances always go side by side with financial development. They historically led the changes in finance, such as the ATM in the 60s, electronic payment in the 80s, online payment and mobile banking in the 90s, Internet finance since 2000, and #fintech since 2008.
The development of fintech has roughly gone through three stages: electronic, digital and intelligent.
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1/ 🆕 at Quant's Perspective @ScalableCapDACH @ScalableCapital

Rolling Down the Yield Curve (by @ChrisAndData)…

#quants #fintech

Thread 👇
2/ Upwards sloping yield curves can be explained by several yield curve theories, which imply different future yield curve trajectories. Rolling down the yield curve will maximize future returns when yield curves remain constant over time.
3/ We start of with an artificial scenario in terms of yield curve and forward rates (shown in the graphic). If we now want to invest money for 1 year, bonds of which maturity should we buy?
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Lets talk about the #MonetaryPolicy Implications for #FinancialInnovation / #FinTech...
I am sure by this time we have all heard of the phenomenon known as #FinTech. Recently, I used the #GoogleTrends platform to ascertain the degree of search interest in the term "FinTech". The graphs depict a surge in interest from around 2014...
I took the #GoogleTrends analysis a bit further and determined where (geographically) interest in the search term #FinTech was most pronounced...
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A thread about how well #China is playing the international game to become the most prominent economy in this decade, by @swardley.
@swardley Some key points about #China's long-run #strategy:

- For the #CPC (Communist Party of China) the #market is only a tool to leverage the power of the Chinese people, culture, and state, and not the holy sacred truth, as most western liberals believe. See @swardley's explanation.
@swardley - #China, through its CPC, acts as the #world's #biggest #buyer of goods & services, and hence, is able to impose its conditions (read law, prices, access to intellectual property, etc) to all multinationals that want to access the Chinese market, no matter how big they are.
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