Here we go folks! Reading HB23-1100 on the floor @lorenaforsenate @NaquettaR intro the bill on the floor this morning

YES on HB23-1100 - it is not a state value to make profit off of immigrants that happen to be brought to a prison because of IGSA contract #copolitics
Alright folks! We heard two racist remarks already!

Rep. Holtorf is pleading that we consider Teller county - where they are making .01% off keeping immigrants in prison who are awaiting immigration cases

YES on 1100 #EndTheContract #copolitics
Other then Teller County just wanting to make $ off the back of immigrants in a IGSA contractual hosting facility - which has been an avenue to shipping immigrants farther from where they are in the first place

YES on HB23-1100 - END these harmful contracts now #copolitcs
@lorenaforsenate clarifies

THIS HAS nothing to with crimes outside of civil or awaiting a immigration case

Because we just heard Rep. Armagost just said not factual things about what this bill is about which was racist ✨ shot for those of us playing ✨ #copolitcs Image
@repgabeevans is now discussing the type of detention facilities & trying to offer rhetoric that subtly says that immigrants are criminals - which is ✨worth a 'that was racist' shot✨

Go a head and remind Rep. Evans that he is wrong - CO supports HB11-00
This is #harmful #racist rhetoric @RepRyanArmagost tried to 2nd a amendment that is trying to perpetuate the lie that immigrants are criminals while the bill already addresses what they were originally concerned about

@lorenaforsenate reminds them

✨'that was racist' shot✨
Rep. Stephanie Luck asks if this includes special districts #copolitics

Lordly here we go! We can't cover all the #racism & assumption from Rep. Holtorf (please call him & remind him to support 1100 - 303-866-2398 )

Can't make this up:…
HUGE lies we’ve heard a lot of so far:

😑cutting teller county out (which is the current considered amendment) is keeping families together & providing humanity for #Immigrants

no it’s not

It’s taking immigrants farther from where they were. Prison isn’t humane #copolitcs Image
Rep. Stephanie Luck tries to make the point that immigrants will be detained forever in this country and we don’t have control over that so why not keep them in prison?

She’s the same Rep. that we learned prefers to keep #pregnant people in #prison #copolitics
Thank you @NaquettaR for reminding us how harmful that racist amendment was

Check out who supported it (those sitting down think immigrants are criminals & those standing believe they are humans) #copolitcs
@repgabeevans is now trying to sale an amendment with the messaging 'is immigration sustainable here'

We are all plastered from the 'that was racist' shots by now

far reaching white nationalist rhetoric: mentioned 911, mentioned terrorists, calls us unsafe #copolitics
This isn't just @GOP rhetoric - it is white nationalist language & talking points from @RepRyanArmagost - "we need to keep our communities safe"

Mind you, 1100 is keeping ppl out of prison that have no sentence and conviction or business being there.
HB231100 is keeping us safe
Opp - we count another BIG lie:
🤬 "immigrants are taking our money"

Rep. Holtrof is making far reaching comments about how they won't get money from feds if we don't detain immigrants in prison (like Teller County Prison won't make $)

Pretty wild "we can't make $ off bodies"
That last harmful amendment FAILED

Rep. Luck (who wants to keep both pregnant ppl & immigrants detained in prisons) is now asking for an amendment to cut out utility contracts with the IGSA contracts (we think this is just them being passive aggressive cause they are losing)
@repgabeevans is now discussing the American dream "but in passing legislation we have to look at the unintended consequences... there will be negative 2nd, 3rd effects"

"this bill sends ppl away from their families"
"this bill will harm vulnerable folks"
HOUSE BILL 1100 - passes amended! Congrats #advocates

Read about this important bill & why #immigrantrights are intersectional issues we all need to care more about - have you signed on yet? #copolitics @COPeoplesAction
@UnrollHelper porfis

• • •

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🔥Ensure Healthy Communities
We had our first panel with @WorthRises & second chance & had awesome questions from @mjweissman & @RepEpps she asked how #data is looking in places this bill has passed

Rep. Epps asks - "in the work of decoupling humans and cages - we are just changing who is paying the bill?"
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Opening is Pam Reséndiz, director of CO Jobs with Justice.

"We work hard and we deserve to know when we’re going to work and how much we’re going to make." #HB1118 #COLeg #COPolitics
Next is Britany Lopez, a student from MSU Denver. Talks about how hard it is to work to juggle classes and unpredictable scheduling while also needing to help her family. #HB1118 #COLeg #COPolitics
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