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Mar 9 14 tweets 18 min read
We are here for the #reproductivejustice package at #coleg @SenadoraJulie is starting us off today!

@colorlatina @NewEraColorado @CobaltAdvocates @PPact @intrfthalliance #abortionisessential #abortionisnecessary “In colorado we got your back!” Says @SenadoraJulie

“We will make sure to hold these businesses to accountability & address these fake clinics”

This is the #reroductivehealthrightsjustice package
Mar 8 6 tweets 4 min read
SB23-168, "Concerning gun violence victims' access to the judicial system." This legislation gives gun violence victims and survivors the ability to take legal action when firearm industry members violate standards of responsible conduct. We urge support. #copolitics #coleg The testimony against SB-168 is riddled with misinformation as usual.

GET THE FACTS: Gun Industry Immunity — @GiffordsCourage… #copolitics #coleg
Mar 8 14 tweets 7 min read
Senate Bill 23-170: building on the success of Colorado's "Red Flag" law, this bill allows medical and mental health providers as well as teachers to join law enforcement and families in petitioning the court for an extreme risk protection order. We urge support. #copolitics Jane Dougherty, whose sister died in the Sandy Hook shooting, testifies in support of the ERPO enhancement bill: "what if all those lives could have been saved?" #copolitics #coleg
Mar 2 17 tweets 15 min read
By passing Fair Workweek legislation, CO strengthens its #economy & #workforce

Advanced scheduling allows workers to prioritize our families

VOTE YES on #HB1118 this #coleg

🚨Join me &
in House, Business & Labor @ the #colorado capitol 🚨#copolitics We are hearing the bill today for ACTION only as we heard tones of testimony last week for #fairworkweek

By passing Fair Workweek legislation, Colorado strengthens its economy and workforce. #copolitics

We are voting on predictable schedules for working Coloradans olordans
Feb 28 16 tweets 13 min read
We’re at the press conference for SB23-111 Protect Public Employees Workers Protections Act! #copolitcs

Jade Kelly is starting us off this morning from @cwa7799 #laborstrong Image Jade tells us she can feel the #change for #workers & it’s happening

She says “we need to get the elephant out of the room” #copolitcs…
Feb 24 17 tweets 12 min read
Here we go folks! Reading HB23-1100 on the floor @lorenaforsenate @NaquettaR intro the bill on the floor this morning

YES on HB23-1100 - it is not a state value to make profit off of immigrants that happen to be brought to a prison because of IGSA contract #copolitics Alright folks! We heard two racist remarks already!

Rep. Holtorf is pleading that we consider Teller county - where they are making .01% off keeping immigrants in prison who are awaiting immigration cases

YES on 1100 #EndTheContract #copolitics
Feb 22 30 tweets 26 min read
We are so PUMPED to be back at House Judiciary committee to hear HB23-1187 Alternative Sentencing for Pregnant People #copolitics

HB23-1187 will ensure that #pregnant people have the opportunity to #alternative sentencing 🔥

@S2SSisters @elephant_circle We know that pregnancy is contraindicated towards a #healthy pregnancy & being incarcerated while pregnant is harmful to both the pregnant person and the child - #reproductivejustice is what we are fighting for today #copolitics @elephant_circle @S2SSisters
Feb 22 16 tweets 11 min read
We are in Senate Judiciary for SB067 - Participant Facilitated Recidivism Reduction Program - tune into listen to a #bill that started with a conversation between @ColemanforCO & men who are serving time at Sterling Prison

Data & transparency is vital #copolitics #recidivism Tune into this hearing:…

@SenBobGardner is asking about the bill & whether there are competitors for the pilot project that ultimately SB23-067 would create - a study & program enhancement to reduce #recidivism
Feb 21 8 tweets 8 min read
We're simultaneously in the Senate hearing for #SB105, AKA Ensuring #EqualPayForEqualWork.

Pay equity means higher profits, productivity, and employee retention for businesses. It's a WIN WIN!
#COPolitics #COLeg Passing the Equal Pay in 2019 made CO’s economy and communities stronger. It's time to advance pay equity by further protecting our full-time, part-time and remote workers!

⬇️Learn more from the article below⬇️

#COLeg #COPolitics #EqualPay…
Feb 21 10 tweets 10 min read
We are here at - House #judiciary committee hearing HB23-1133 - Phone Calls for People in Custody #copolitics gets the chance to vote for free phone calls for people in custody

We know this bill will
🔥Support Family Connection
🔥Reduce recidivism
🔥Ensure Healthy Communities We had our first panel with @WorthRises & second chance & had awesome questions from @mjweissman & @RepEpps she asked how #data is looking in places this bill has passed

Rep. Epps asks - "in the work of decoupling humans and cages - we are just changing who is paying the bill?"
Feb 16 42 tweets 36 min read
Here at #FairWorkweek hearing with sponsors starting us off strong - @SerenaForCO explains that single parents & working parents are left with a CPS call when they don't have predictable work schedules to pick their kids up

Unstable schedules impact 400k Coloradans #copolitics @SerenaForCO reminds us corporate lobbyists are out numbering us.

@EmilyForCO "We are here today to address unpredictable hours... which means unpredictable pay... 1/3rd of workers in Colorado who are in the most impacted sectors - couldn't cover an emergency" #copolitics
Feb 16 12 tweets 11 min read
We are LIVE at the CO State Capitol to talk in favor of Fair Workweek legislation, #HB1118.
#COLeg #COpolitics
Watch the livestream here: Opening is Pam Reséndiz, director of CO Jobs with Justice.

"We work hard and we deserve to know when we’re going to work and how much we’re going to make." #HB1118 #COLeg #COPolitics
Feb 15 21 tweets 15 min read
We waited all damn day! #HappyValentines #copolitics we are here to say VOTE YES on HB23-1120 🔥

This bill will ensure that TANF, SSI, and SSDI tenants are protected with mediation and support to remedy #eviction

We know ppl w/ disabilities get evicted more often
🔥 First we get to hear from the apartment association, which we intend on meeting with a lot on the off season ✨

They are very upset about extending a eviction 20 more days for tenants. It is verrrrry inconvenient they say.

@RepSnyder85 has great questions #copolitics
Feb 2 15 tweets 21 min read
If you aren't tuning in yet to @VigilForHD16 introducing a phenomenal bill at #colorado #legislativesession ✨HB23-1101 - Ozone Season Transit Grant Program Flexibility ✨ #CleanAir #publictransit #ClimateJustice is important

TUNE IN:… @baconforco discusses the bill as well - who represents D7, and how much transit has mattered to #students #youngpeople and #workingparents and how much #CleanAir matters to her constituents #copolitics

Follow the bill!🔥
Nov 9, 2022 6 tweets 8 min read
Colorado Progressives Celebrate Another Night of Historic Victories… #copolitics #coleg #cogov #cosen "If Colorado Republicans couldn’t win this year, they have only themselves to blame and they may truly be on the verge of permanent minority status in our state."… #copolitics #coleg #cogov #cosen
Nov 9, 2022 4 tweets 4 min read
Congratulations to @jaredpolis and Lt. Gov Diane Primavera on their re-election! #COPolitics #COLeg Congratulations to @SenatorBennet on winning his reelection! #COPolitics #COSen
Nov 9, 2022 13 tweets 18 min read
Hey y’all wanna see some #wins #chisme #copolitics celebrations & milestones on campaigns?! Join us on this 🧵 to get your #ElectionDay updates in #Denver #colorado starting with our FAVS @CBWPA 😍🗳❤️ #coloradovotes We LOVE some of these #ballot initiatives & measures on our #colorado ballot but we are more excited about what our #community #Leaders think, like our lovely Bianka 💕🗳🔥✨ #copolitics #Midterms2022
Nov 8, 2022 5 tweets 5 min read
Pam Anderson Must Condemn Heidi Ganahl’s Last-Minute Attacks On Election Integrity… #copolitics #cogov "Self-described MAGA activist Heidi Ganahl made her closing argument today with election conspiracy theorist Joe Oltmann, a man who has literally called for the execution of Ganahl’s opponent." @SaraLoflin #copolitics #cogov…
Jan 18, 2022 13 tweets 7 min read
.@KerryTipperHD28 says that Jan 6th was the
"logical result of months of carelessness, recklessness and intentional maliciousness led by the president...
[the riot included] past + *current members of THIS body."
*She's talking about insurrectionist Rep. Ron Hanks
#CoPolitics In response, @RepDaveWilliams gives a long-winded "there were good people on both sides" argument, noting that his colleague Rep. Hanks is "absolutely not" an insurrectionist...
despite the fact that he was very much at an attempted coup of the U.S. government.