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Ok, kids, refresh your coffees because something ranty this way comes.

I am all kinds of raging towards Donna Brazile and Liz Warren.

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In case you missed it, yesterday, Brazile launched an egregiously poorly timed broadside alleging that the 2016 primaries were "rigged".
My lord, if there was a way for a Dem to more enrage me days before critical elections in in Virginia and NJ, I don’t know what it is.
…but let's put my rage-state aside and focus on the self-serving dung heap Brazile just foisted on the world to make a buck.
For some reason, Brazile apparently believes she can recast her brief/failed stint atop the DNC as a political"Murder on the Orient Express"
Based on the excerpts, it's safe to conclude that the first two victims found dead in the saloon car were honesty and good writing.
Seriously, read this passage.
What should follow a lede like that is: "Even though we thought we had been so careful, I was pregnant and I had decided to keep the baby."
For f***'s sake, this has to be the most over-written dreck in the history of political tell-all's.
Based on the excerpt, this book is what you'd get if a drunken Danielle Steele wrote a political beach-read.
…but I digress. Back to the plot. Apparently, after taking the helm at the DNC, she discovered that Clinton had raised a zillion dollars…
…and for some beguiling reason, had sought to use some portion of that money to advance her own candidacy.

My lord. Mind…. (((((blown)))))
It's almost as if Hillary was a politician seeking higher office with the help of the party she had served for decades. Who. Freakin'. Knew?
Getting back to our story, apparently Super Sleuth Donna B. cranked up the "Go Tell It On The Mountain" and fired up her best scented candle
She had to share this devastating news with the poor victim of Clinton's devious plot to benefit from a portion of her own efforts…
The victim, I can only imagine, sat listening on the porch of his 3rd VT home in a shawl woven from the tattered threads of his campaign
The poor fall guy? Bernie Sanders. The scrappy firebrand who came within a hair's breadth of winning the nomination. (Note: No, he did not.)
I can only imagine how shattering it must've been for him to learn that people in politics sometimes do things for their own benefit.
I'm not even going into the sheer absurdity of Brazile's posturing like she cracked the case of some Beltway pot-boiler.
'm not going to delve into the lunacy of a former head of the DNC posturing like she "discovered" things that are both public and common.
No, instead, I'm going to pivot to the root of the claim - which Liz Warren than echoed in a 2020-hopes-ending gaffe.
The root is that Sanders would have won the nom were it not for some set of machinations which hoodwinked people into voting for Hillary.
Allow me to summarize the position which I shall now elucidate in greater detail:

F*** that. F*** all of that.
Here is the problem with that oft-repeated, profoundly insulting conceit:

It doesn't denigrate the DNC. It denigrates me.
If you follow my babbling, you've likely concluded I'm not often mistaken for a mindless rube disengaged from our participatory democracy.
The suggestion is that were it not for some shrewd deceit, I would not have been one of the 16 mil people who affirmatively voted Hillary.
The inference is that I am not only so incapable of making an informed choice that I was duped, the other choice was the "right" one.
The punchline is that there is some alternate universe devoid of the DNC in which I would have found myself voting for Sanders over Clinton
Ms. Brazile and Ms. Warren, allow me to disabuse you of that notion in its entirety.
While I agree with Sanders' diagnosis of some our problems and agree fixes are needed, I voted for a candidate I believed in and still do.
I voted for the candidate who - based on decades of engagement - I saw and still see as the most qualified for the job they were seeking.
There is no far-distant galaxy in which I would have preferred the candidate who couldn't pick cogent policy out of a police lineup.
There is no universe in which I would have picked a candidate who has never been a member of a team to lead the one I've been on for years.
The premise the primaries were "rigged" suggests not only was my vote wrongful, it was cast out of my personal failure to detect a fraud.
Allow me to repeat my summary statement here:

F*** that. F*** all of that.
The DNC could have raised 6 zillion dollars and spent the entirety on promoting Sanders. They could have renamed the party "Bernietopia".
I would have voted for Hillary Clinton.
So, Ms. Brazile and Ms. Warren, before you come at me with more of your politifiction, I'd suggest you sit the f*** down and listen clearly.
I am informed. I am engaged. I happen to know more about some policy subjects than Bernie Sanders appears to.
I voted for Hillary Clinton for very good, easily articulated reasons and how f***ing dare you impugn the legitimacy of my choice?
You're dead to me, Brazile.

As a future candidate, so are you, Warren.

Hoarse: out.
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