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Tips on Covering Your Ass


• Awareness for folks that wish to research topics that get a little *spicy*

• Tips on how to mitigate associated risks

It will be an ongoing thread, starting with the basic necessities... and working up towards more effective measures.
Fact: Bad hombres don’t want you looking at this BS!

Fact: MSM won’t fucking do it; half the time the ‘authorities’ won’t do it. So, it’s on us!

Before we look at ways to mitigate risks, let’s make sure you are aware of what the risks actually are.
Here is a recent (real-world) example:

A friend of mine that has a website where he reports on touchy subjects - like #HisNameWasSethRich - recieved a comment recently that was overtly threatening.

They didn’t use their personal email address (smart), but we got an IP Address.
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•Finding great people from all walks of life here fighting for freedom from the so-called ‘elite’ Satanic Cabal
•It is not bound by political party, race, gender, money, but by good>evil & light>dark
2. Our President, @realDonaldTrump fights WITH us, FOR us, & he does it for free along with @FLOTUS. •I personally treasure their sacrifice & highly respect their family!They had it all, but put the good of the whole world ahead of personal gain=Honor, Integrity, & ❤️ of country
3.Just watched Braveheart!
•The value of freedom is a great gift of God
•U must fight for it!
•Courage&Honor lives in your spirit&soul
•Titles like elite or nobility mean nothing to God for He looketh on the heart ❤️
•Pretty fitting for Patriots...what is your freedom worth?
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We all know it wasn't 'Russia!' #HisNameWasSethRich

William Binney, a former National Security Agency official-turned-whistleblower analysis: download speed was too fast, had to be a USB.

Ambassador Craig Murray's account…
Ambassador Murray Would Reveal December 2016 He Was the Point Person Between the DNC Source & Wikileaks…
January 2020 Ambassador Murray on 'Peter Strzok forwarding emails regarding Seth Rich to FBI lawyer Lisa Page?'…
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#BigDickAnon Update: Reade Was Paid Edition.
Just two comments this time from our man here:…

"Reade was paid 2.7 million by a close associate of Hillary Clinton. This is only a small part of something a lot bigger. The same person who well it does not matter. Just think Seth Rich. Biden is guilty as sin but this is just part of something a lot bigger."

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#QAnon Q1
Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated.
#QAnon Q3
Operation Mockingbird.
Priority to clean out the bad actors to unite people behind the America First agenda.
Many in our govt worship Satan.
Not about Republicans v Democrats at this stage.
#QAnon Q4
POTUS will not be addressing nation on any of these issues as people begin to be indicted and must remain neutral for pure optical reasons. To suggest this is the plan is false and should be common sense.
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#Qposts with stringer: The Silent War Continues
….. 2/04/2020
….. 2/06/2020
.... 2/08/2020
… 2/12/2020
.. 2/25/2020

So 5->5->4->3->2
The repetition of 5 means it's unlikely a countdown. More likely it's calling attention to something changing.

I have a theory.
In the most recent it's a focus on the removal of the top of Disney. Q once brought attention to Disney as being one of the 6 Media giants controlling 90% of media. However that was only true then, it's actually 5 now because Viacom and CBS merged.

This is very relevant.
The 2nd most recent is about lines drawn, drawing a distinction between Renegade Obama and Evergreen HRC with the words "Think depopulation" to frame it.

Thus this is about flipping plants. Based on my decodes HRC was and still is a plant but Obama?
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My Spidey senses say we get some new info on Seth Rich very soon.


Thank you @RealMattCouch and @TomFitton @JudicialWatch

Seems y'all have the fake news all abuzz today. 🙏
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Brief thread on this Q message about State Funerals and the underlying analysis. Wikipedia server actually provided error message when I tried to analyze this, and Twitter showing unavailable! One more time...
You all saw the Q message linking to the Wikipedia "State Funerals" page.
What is important about this message is that there were actually codes embedded in the destination page, which anyone can edit.
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Lots of interesting insider activity on this one... Dig deeper!
No one jumped on the bone I threw out there for you, so I will give you another clue...... What day did Larry Page "resign"?
Google is just one of Alphabet's companies. Sundar Pichai was GooG CEO- Now he runs both companies..... Why did Alphabet consolidate power?

*************PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!
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Followup—>HIDDEN CODE!
Wikipedia “history” page
Jan. 23, 2020 at 8:18 pm Eastern - “Q Q+ is real - 2020 -“
#QAnon #PatriotsUnite…
That statement is a response to the person who replaced the opening text at 8:15 pm (3 minutes prior) to say “Q is not real.”

Response: Not only is Q real, but Q+ (@POTUS posting) is real also.
Same (frantic over educated Leftist?) who reads Q obsessively pulls over, pulls out the mobile phone, does not log in, and re-vandalizes the page 3x. So hurried - “fixed typo.”
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The Murder of Seth Rich: a #BigDickAnon and #qanon read.
DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered on July 10 2016 in what police would later say was a botched robbery. The real reason was because he leaked highly sensitive material from the DNC to Wikileaks via @KimDotcom.…

That extraordinary #qanon post on 12/23/2017 shows the vast scale of the operation kicked off by Seth Rich's leaks: the dossier, the spying, Guccifer 2.0 and the coverup.

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It's been way too long since I've done one of these, so here goes... A Seth Rich Thread on your Sunday Afternoon as I head into a Live show with my brothers .@Spaceshot76 .@Hulkanator11 .@RDoktorD
@Spaceshot76 @Hulkanator11 @RDoktorD Seth Rich was the Data Director of New Voter Registration for the Democratic Party (DNC)

He was shot multiple times in the Torso and murdered in the early hours of Sunday Morning July 10th, 2016.

Many, including our team believe he was the Wikileaks Source.

@Spaceshot76 @Hulkanator11 @RDoktorD Seth Rich according to reports was at Lou's City Bar on Irving Street in Washington, D.C. before he was shot and killed walking home. We'll tell you exactly what we know in this thread, where he was, where he went, and all data we can release at this time. #SethRich
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This is some ‘V For Vendetta’ shit right here.

Welcome to the...
#FakeNewsMedia #EnemyOfThePeople #HisNameWasSethRich
2. They wouldn’t put it in movies if it wasn’t at least partly true.

~ 2:15 >> watch and learn.

#QAnon #FakeNews #EnemyOfThePeople #HisNameWasSethRich @POTUS

3. Want to see moar? [They] absolutely love to flaunt it.
#QAnon #FakeNews #EnemyOfThePeople #HisNameWasSethRich @POTUS
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AWAN is bigger than you can imagine
Matters of National Security: There is a secret Ongoing Case Related to Imran Awan=Blackmailer
AWAN is Pakistan Intelligence (ISI)/MB
AWAN worked for Debbie W. Schultz/DNC and was given access to HRC private server(s)&House server's
Secret Ongoing Case Related Imran Awan
Debbie in panic mode 😎 "It's Classified", Debbie
DOJ Refuses To Release Records On Awan, Citing ‘Technical Difficulties’ And A Secret Case
AWAN was spying/Blackmailing Congress +++
Potus has the server
The 'server' brings down the house
FBI & Crowdstrike Concealed the Real Source of the DNC Data Breach (Seth Rich) and Framed Russia
CIA & FBI use #CrowdStrike software as a back door into the nation's cyber systems-software is installed in every federal department including Congress, FBI, DoD, WH
DNC hires AWAN
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#BigDickAnon Update: Christmas Edition.
Our man is live at:…

He is the OP so click on his ID to highlight all his posts.

"Things over here are locked and loaded. The Iranians have biological and chemical weapons stashed in both Iraq and Syria. The Israelis have their target lists ready and the Saudi`s are flooding Iran with millions of dollars to pay for a general uprising.."

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Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) calling for Giuliani to testify on Ukraine?
Remember Pence's trip to NH that was suddenly canceled?

Sen. Shaheen has been calling for more $$ for Ukraine aid.
Sen. Shaheen shared a stage with Jeff Hatch - indicted for dealing Fentanyl.

Birth name: Cynthia Jeanne BOWERS
"12th-generation descendant of the prominent Native American Pocahontas"

Is Trump's nickname for Warren actually a nod to Shaheen?
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01/05/2019 (START)
3:15 Watch 1 (day obscured thus hour/minute = comm)

3:42 Watch 2 (day 2 = 2nd watch)

03/15/2019 (END)
Q confirms markers concludes at 3:42 with Activation of William Barr authorizing National Emergency.
#Qanon #GreatAwakening #BillBarr

Q sets up 2 new Markers - Note "Ready sir" Q acknowledges in reply to "game"

Marker 1: Day 19-4:49
Marker 2: Day 27-3:06

I believe this is happening now - i.e. 09/19/2019-09/27/2019 - We know it was still to come in July (last full month of Q) cause...
07/18/2019 Q reposts Marker 1 with a "Worth Remembering" Q does same potentially connecting it with other subjects including EO blocking property of Human Traffickers, Perverse Facebook Quiz about pedophilia (testing public acceptance), voting fraud, and HRC crimes, #Qanon
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From @GeorgeMNasif's website. If this is a genuine document then it fully decodes #qanon post 437.
@GeorgeMNasif Compare and enjoy.

I had a go at decoding the full post here:…

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Well since one of my all time favorite crushes wants to know about Seth Rich, why not..

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these.

.@jennajameson this threads for you and Seth Rich.
Seth Rich was the DNC Data Director of New Voter Registration for the DNC..

He wasn’t just a regular “staffer” as the mainstream media portrays..
Seth Rich was walking home from a night out and was shot at 4:19 AM early Sunday Morning July 10th, 2016..

CIC Shotspotter alerted police to the shooting, a high tech gps system in high crime cities around America that triangulates gun shots.
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Let's talk about Washinton, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, and former Head of the DNC, Fox News Contributor Donna Brazile being at the Hospital the night that Seth Rich was shot and murdered, shall we.. #HisNameWasSethRich
In our investigations we meet lots of credible, and UN-credible people in our investigations. However in this case, our evidence and our sources we believe are 100% accurate, and now you're going to learn what goes into what we do as a team. #SethRich
I was blessed to have dinner with Rod Wheeler and Bill Pierce, both Private Investigators in the Seth Rich murder in August of 2018. In fact, Rod bought our BBQ at a great place here in Fayetteville, Arkansas called Sassy's Red House!
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My gift is the ability to speak candidly and raise awareness about human rights abuses that most find too uncomfortable to discuss, because I lived it and have been coping with the consequences since I was a 6 year old.
If my voice prevents even just one child from being harmed, and spares them some of the pain and suffering that I have endured, I’ll die satisfied knowing that I have made a difference in this world.
My other gift is I can paint 😋 losing myself in creating art is how I’ve spent many hours disassociating to escape bad feelings.
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As many of you know my Team has been working almost two years on the unsolved murder of Seth Rich. We have uncovered more than any group in America in this investigation. This is a thread and rundown of our findings to date. With some theories added at the end.

Seth Rich was the Data Director of New Voter Registration for the Democratic Party (DNC)

He was shot in murdered in the early hours of Sunday Morning July 10th, 2016.

Many, including our team believe he was the Wikileaks Source.

All evidence points to this.

Seth Rich according to reports was at Lou's City Bar on Irving Street in Washington, D.C. before he was shot and killed walking home. We'll tell you exactly what we know in this thread, where he was, where he went, and all data we can release at this time. #SethRich
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