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18 USC 1111
Did you know it's also a Federal Crime?
"And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground."
Genesis 4:10
Capital Murder
Click the Link below to read the testimony of
Lin Wood's Whistleblower #Johnheretohelp
*Click link below to read…
Whistleblowers Welcome Episode 1
The Testimony of #Johnheretohelp
From the Deposition taken by Lin Wood…
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You will not get away with Murdering Molly Macauley, Seth Rich, and so many more.
But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.
Amos 5:24
But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.
Amos 5:24 ImageImage
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Thread: There was never a “ Russian disinformation campaign” on Twitter. You would have known that if you were following independent media. The desperation to pin the DNC Leak on “Russian disinformation” and needed the backing.
All of a sudden anyone sharing truth about the Wikileaks releases was a Russian disinformation agent, and they used that excuse for years. The Nunes memo from the HPSCI about Trump spying? They sent a LETTER……
.. stating that the demand for this memo exposing Adam Schiff and others in the spying scandal against President Trump was being fed by Russian Disinformation Bots on Twitter, when in actuality, it was really the American public who wanted it. Tucker Carlson
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Mad props to @RealMattCouch @Ty_Clevenger

More info in thread 👇🏻
We all know the story:

A 27 year old "nobody" DNC staffer was shot in a "botched robbery" (even though nothing was stolen off his body).

He had "nothing to do" with the HRC email leak to Wikileaks, and the FBI wasn't investigating.

Today all that changed...
Today the FBI admitted in an email (provided to Law Flog from @Ty_Clevenger) THIS bombshell 👇🏻🔥 Image
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What do a Stetson hat and a pipe cleaner have in common? FELT. Mark Felt was an FBI Leaker revealing the illegal surveillance of US Citizens. #WatchTheWater
Who else was a leaker?


Did Seth Rich "have it all" with respect to just how the Dems were planning on stealing the 2016 election? At all costs, DJT could not end up in the White House.
How did the CIA surveil Donald Trump, private citizen, and others? Did they use the CIA hacking tools - Ghidra? Ghidra was made public in March 2017 via Wikileaks.
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Look at the dates. According to the @FBIBoston, the emails I was sending Steven Rand were going to dirty servers. That's a simple thing for federal authorities to check.
In 2016, @MichaelGillSr gave me a copy of a conversation he had with a guy who said he was approached to murder Mike. Steven Rand's name is mentioned on that audio.

This is tied to Senator Jeanne Shaheen and goons.
I'm not saying there's a connection...but that's one helluva fucking coincidence. Considering Jeanne Shaheen's filthy husband was once a campaign manager or fundraiser or some shit...for Hillary Clinton.
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Tips on Covering Your Ass


• Awareness for folks that wish to research topics that get a little *spicy*

• Tips on how to mitigate associated risks

It will be an ongoing thread, starting with the basic necessities... and working up towards more effective measures.
Fact: Bad hombres don’t want you looking at this BS!

Fact: MSM won’t fucking do it; half the time the ‘authorities’ won’t do it. So, it’s on us!

Before we look at ways to mitigate risks, let’s make sure you are aware of what the risks actually are.
Here is a recent (real-world) example:

A friend of mine that has a website where he reports on touchy subjects - like #HisNameWasSethRich - recieved a comment recently that was overtly threatening.

They didn’t use their personal email address (smart), but we got an IP Address.
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Lots of interesting insider activity on this one... Dig deeper!
No one jumped on the bone I threw out there for you, so I will give you another clue...... What day did Larry Page "resign"?
Google is just one of Alphabet's companies. Sundar Pichai was GooG CEO- Now he runs both companies..... Why did Alphabet consolidate power?

*************PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!
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You must remember that the secret to all of this is not to be afraid of fear. When you can really allow yourself to be afraid, and you don't resist the experience of fear, you are truly beginning to master fear.
The stage is set
Actors are a running to the dark corners like roaches in the light
The ones that are the loudest are the main characters as no one can be that deceived
It's raining #TheRainMakers
Here comes the PAIN! #PatriotsFight
God's in Control
#WWG1WGA #KAG #GreatAwakening
Thread by @_VachelLindsay_
1. I have no doubt that Obama will be indicted and found guilty of at least THREE major felonies, just from his central involvement in the framing of Donald J Trump
@threadreaderapp #ObamaGate #MAGA #WWG1WGA #QAnon #LockThemUp…
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So. Who wants to talk about how James Comey's brother is the Clinton Foundation attorney?
.....He ALSO represents the company Crowdstrike which is an investigating firm and apparently Hillary used that company to find out who leaked to Wikileaks.....................
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