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been thinking about this all day
if you identify as a libertarian i have three levels of response:
a) you probably aren't
b) you shouldn't
c) never ever talk to me or anyone ever again
the three levels are applied based on whether you double down at each step
libertarianism is inseparable from being a bad person. no, shush, i don't want to hear about your "not all libertarians" because that is *literally meaningless*
the entire CONCEPT of a social system is that it doesn't matter how many people opt out, the majority will ensure that the system still applies in most cases.
i know there are people following me who think of themselves as libertarians. you need to stop. you're probably an anarchist or even socialist who's afraid to say so.
like, i could just stay at "have a fucking ideology you coward" but it bears digging into
every single libertarian i've ever met was exactly the same. cowardly bullies to a one. if you feel bad about this, remember: i haven't met you as a libertarian, because you shut the fuck up about it.
because on SOME LEVEL you know nobody wants to hear about it. maybe give that some thought.
all the ones i've spoken to who actually identified that way were scared men who wanted to be bullies. almost none of them were actually capable of doing it.
they live and breathe power fantasies, delusions of small-scale grandeur, and *they are conscious of it*. that's why this shit is so toxic.
libertarianism fetishizes small thinking. it thinks that the most holy thing possible is literal, actual feudalism, by that name.
libertarianism is about being a tyrant. you will never hear a libertarian speak without them talking about using power differentials to crush someone elses will.
they will talk about it in terms of "free markets" (a completely fictional concept, the producers ALWAYS have the upper hand)
they'll talk about it in terms of societal policy ("solving" homelessness through all kinds of brutal non-solutions)
they will scream at customer service reps, knowingly harming them, muting the phone to tell you they're making them feel bad in order to secure personal gains
and there's no end to it. libertarians believe that their life should be a continuous, unending series of tiny wars of dominance towards everyone around them.
read that thread i quoted. i knew exactly what it would look like before it began.
they did exactly what these people always, always do. because libertarianism is about being mean. nothing else.
it's not a social policy. it has no plans for infrastructure or solving anyones problems. it doesn't even desire to spread itself or to create any kind of future.
the only problem it solves is "how do I deal with the demands of society to make moral choices" and it "solves" it by refusing to play at all
so, i just decided to take this opportunity to let you know that if you tell someone you're a libertarian, absolutely every decent person just heard you say "I'm a huge asshole who sees life as adversarial"
it is a word that specifically means "I will be brazenly mean in front of you and I not only don't care, but relish the fact that it is an unsustainable and universally harmful way to act"
btw: every libertarian i've known is either dead flat fucking broke or running a small business to the tune of maybe $60k/yr in income
the former because they're so venemous nobody wants to help them get ahead in the world, the latter because their Principled Stances have kept anyone from wanting to do business with them except other shitty libertarians
libertarians are just another flavor of fascist. unite, band together, and push them out. use your conscience to remove all doubt about your actions.
there can be no "you" without "us." the fact you are not living on a farm planting seeds with broken tree branches and making fire with two sticks is solely because people helped you.
literally every aspect of post-stone age living is privilege. all of it. every living human enjoys the base privilege of not having been told "no! make your own! get your own! fuck you!"
the purpose of this thread is not to convince anybody of any of this. you all already know it, intuitively. "libertarian" has made you cringe for years.
with the minor exception of the people who identify as it but aren't huge assholes, who i am imploring to stop trying to MAKE themselves into huge assholes.
if you can't be a socialist, if you can't profess concern for everyone, at least be an anarchist. don't hide behind a supposed ideology that just means you'll always pick the meanest option in every dialogue tree.
as much as this is true, it's only because at the point where it's trying to define actual social policy, libertarianism is just spewing grey goo
they don't care about society. they don't care about how countries run. they care about their dirty three bedroom house and the surrounding environs and social peers they directly meet
but then they met each other and wanted to make it even easier to be huge assholes so they did what children do, sit around and spin tales about what THEY'D do if THEY were in charge
libertarian "social policy" is exactly the same as when i listened to the fuckface at the coffee shop downtown fantasize loudly about what he wanted to do to the homeless people who quietly sat at his parklet tables
it's just violent fantasies on a larger scale than a child understands. it's still just violent fantasies from small men.
i would wager my life that in a given fantasy scenario - what leftists imagine doing to nazis vs what libertarians imagine doing to home invasion burglers or the homeless - 99% of the libertarians would chicken the fuck out btw
cause they claim they have principles but all they have is juvenile anger. it's why they sit on their fucking asses and never do anything.
it's why they're forum-trolling well-actuallying online-as-fuck losers who know absolutely nothing about the world. it's because they suck.
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