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I am extremely disappointed that that this usually reasonable handle posts such shallow, ridiculously wrong and outdated opinions such as "No horse in Harappa-so Harappa is not Vedic''.
Is it just reactionary to the recent rakhigarhi paper which portends significant changes?
Those who continue in the Muellerian fashion to ignore EVERY inconvenient evidence need to answer one question- How many horse bones have you found in 1500 BC India when you would agree that India was-at last, finally- Vedic? Surely there must be bones everywhere you dig!
"Absence of evidence does NOT equal evidence of absence"- An archaeologist once advised.
Even then, MORE evidence of horses & also skeletal remains have been found in Indus sites than in post-Harappan era or the 'Vedic 1500 BC'. Let us visit the archaeological site of Surkotada.
Quite inconveniently for the Muellerian gang, NO horse bones or chariots have been discovered in the Post Harappan cultures- despite the fact that the central Asian horse and chariot riding Kurgan Aryans were supposedly pouring into India during this time.
Even more inconvenient was when in 1970-1972 a team led by the archaeologist AK Sharma working in Surkotada declared that they had discovered the remains of Equus caballus Lin-The TRUE horse. It was a momentous day for India. But the Muellerian gang was enraged & ganged up on him
How dare a mere Indian archaeologist threaten their precious, carefully cultivated fairy tale? They could not accept it. They insulted him, threw him into disrepute and vigorously swept it under the carpet. They forced him to accept that it was only an onager or some half-ass.
Further evidence in the form of terracotta figures came up from Lothal under the excavation of SR. Rao. The Asva was present in India since very ancient times. It was clear as the midday sun to any honest researcher. But honesty was never the forte of the Muellerian-Marxist gang.
Finally, decades later, the poor rejected and dejected man got some respite. A Hungarian archaeologist Sándor Bökönyi who was a horse expert inspected the specimens and declared loud and clear that they belonged to a TRUE DOMESTICATED HORSE. In 1993, the Muellerians fell silent.
“This was the saddest day for me as the thought flashed in my mind that my findings had to wait two decades for recognition, until a man from another continent came, examined the material and declared ' Sharma was right.' "
-Sri AK Sharma

What should we do with these Mullerians?
What further indication does one need? The horse is even found as a piece, one of the 'chessmen' of a board game unearthed in Lothal, over 4000 years old. Lothal is also famous for
-Earliest evidence of a decimal scale
-Use of Vedic measurements like angula
-Fire altars
The day we have pined for!
An actual horse driven chariot that survived the ravages of the Indian soil. From Sanauli~2200BCE. It had solid wheels- though spoke technology was already known in India by then.
Irrefutable proof that Harappans/Vedic people rode horses 𝐚𝐧𝐝 chariots
The wheels had Cu triangles, symbolic of the sun. Cu plated figures with crowns on coffins imply royal burials. Antenna swords, shields & warhelmets-Expected of warrior clans-were found. Challenges the 'non-violent Harappan' narrative!
C14 dating is underway & will SEAL the case
Feast thine eyes on the most ancient sword ever discovered in India
How truly majestic!
What brave tales of Kshatra does it have to say?
What great Maharaja once wielded it?
May I guess?
A Bharata king of the Kaurava-Samvarana dynasty of Haryana
This was a named sword! Surely!
Artefacts from the site. This was an elite burial. They are the most useful type in genetic studies. It was such an irreplaceable opportunity to try collect skeletal samples & solve the mystery of the Vedic era. But archaeologists & geneticists failed to work together, it seems.
Marxist-Muellerians are such disgraceful beings, lacking any capacity for reform & honesty even in utter defeat.
A 'historian' Ruchika Sharma in JNU screams, “Why is ASI calling it a chariot! It's only a bullock cart! ASI is wearing the lens of Hindutva!"…
You need do no further than analyze the Puranic lists & to cross check them with Rig Vedic evidence to realize what dynasty the burial belongs to. It could very well be Kaurava or N Pancala.

Genetic & archaeological studies are under way.
Exciting times!…
The history of technology has milestones-

First man discovered fire
Then he crafted the solid wheel
And then.. he invented the spoked wheel

We know not where the first two happened
But we know that the spoke was a Vedic invention.
Not even Egypt or Sumer had it

From Banawali-
What says our Rig Veda?

"Like spokes where none are last in order,
Mightiest are the Sons of Pṛśni"
RV V.58.5

The word āra appears ONLY in late books like V, IX & X while archaeology says it was invented~2500BCE

So Late RV= Mature Harappan

Thats how you properly date texts!
Then it appears in central Asian cultures as Saraswathy cities collapsed(2000BCE) & Indo-Europeans spread across Eurasia. Proto-Greeks took it to the Mediterranean & proto-Celts to mainland Europe

That spokes & the people who spread it came from India is unthinkable for many.
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