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Catching up with Hideki's route in #MSB (Dangerous Love Game route)… - I loved it!
#betterlatethannever #spoilers

Also some peach nectar lover is mentioned (ノ´∀`*) MSB - A Dangerous Love Game: Ishigami

Pretty sure this is Larme too… (they even mentioned Tsuruya) #MSB
From #100恋 description:

Larme ラルム [rarumu]

I can see why it got translated to La Rum (and La Lume *I think* in another game)…
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Este es el hilo de la segunda temporada de #Dark #DarkNetflix #Dark2, fortalecida absolutamente por su historia y actualmente lo mejor que tiene Netflix en su catálogo.

#Spoilers DUH!
Comenzamos con el mapa genealógico que nos dejó la temporada. Aún no sabemos quienes son los padres de Katharina, Nos falta conocer el esposo de Agnes de Claudia los padres de Agnes y Noah, la esposa de Helge…

Donde Katharina sea hija de Hannah y Egon... Se imaginan?
Si una misma persona fuera el que cerrará todas las incógnitas que tenemos, todos descendiendo del mismo… Es casi como si esa persona fuera Adan. Todas las familias descendieran de Adán y ese comentario que le llega a Jonás donde le dicen que todos dependen de el seria verdad
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Now watched. Sigh.....


(Yeah, my phrase so look up my TL for it).

#GameofThronesFinale #Spoilers
As I said way too long ago JRRM and the showrunners are too invested in toxic white supremacist heteropatriarchy. So even when supposedly 'subverting' a genre, they replicate and reinscribe the same old shit.
Not surprised that a show that centred violence against women chose to go with Jon killing Daenerys (especially after rationalising how much he loves her but she really is mad).

SO SO many tropes there. Although given the sloppy writing, included inadvertently
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Ok j’ai cédé, j’ai téléchargé l’appli OCS et j’ai regardé #GamesOfThrones. Allez-y, moquez-vous : j’avoue je suis faible. Mais du coup obligé de parler de ce #GOTS08E05... #thread #spoilers ⤵️
Je viens de finir cet épisode nº5 et noudoudiou ça dépote. Je lis des fils en vrac sur Twitter, et j’ai l’impression qu’on y parle bcp de pouvoir, d’aveuglement, de vengeance... mais ce n’est pas du tout comme ça que j’ai vu ce #GOTS08E05.
Daenerys n’est pas (plus) le personnage central, et depuis un moment déjà. Son échec est acté depuis plusieurs épisodes déjà : sans conseillers, elle ne parvient pas à se hisser à la hauteur de la légende que l’histoire lui promettait.
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Now it's Monday (@Russo_Brothers said we can finally talk about it today.) Here's my reactions via gifs seeing @Avengers #endgame the nightof 4/25/19 #spoilersendgame #spoliers
Me, when the song #DearMrFantasy by #Traffic plays from when @MarvelStudios logo comes on into showing Tony and Nebula still stuck in space way after #thanos snap. #Endgame
Tony bonding with Nebula.Teaching her how to play paper football.Tony getting weaker, trying to share the last food and water with Nebula. And Nebula not needing to eat, letting Tony know she's fine and that he needs it more. #Endgame #spoilers
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Screw it, I am going to do a thread. You've been warned big spoilery spoilers ahead
Ok, here we go #UsMovie #Thread #USMovieThread #Spoilers

Let's talk about Adelaide.

A lot of people were surprised by the "plot twist" but let me tell you why I wasn't. The signs were there all along. Here's how I knew Adelaide was one of the Tethered [1/]
1. After the switch when Adelaide's parents are in the therapist's office Adelaide can be seen playing in a toy box with sand. If you look closely, you'll notice that Adelaide is lining up the toys in the toy box in a singular neat line in the sand. [2/]
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it was so dope in #CaptainMarvel when Maria Rambeau punched the alien in the desert and then she was like I COULDA BEEN AT A BARBECUE!!! and she had to drag it through the desert

i spent a lot of time trying to ensure that i wrote "desert" and not "dessert."
me struggling to sleep, wondering if i wrote dessert instead of desert
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So here are my #BirdBox thoughts as a visually impaired person. There are #Spoilers

First, they all needed to learn cane skills. It makes life a lot easier. It gives you more information than your feet & sounds alone.
I have useful residual vision which I rely on, but I do experience frequent short periods of nothing but light & dark vision. It is extremely challenging to adapt to sudden sight loss, but of course many people do! Therefore in my opinion it’s not unrealistic that they adapted.
However, I wish there had been a bad ass blind survivor character from the start. Demonstrating how we navigate the world & maybe they could’ve RESCUED the sighted people? Instead of the blind people being passive saintly characters at the end who seemed to still NEED help.
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