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Okay major #StevenUniverseFuture spoilers ahead (like finale episode) BUT

Steven was not "fixed" because his family hugged him. It was established in Change Your Mind/Episode 1 of Future that the cure for corruption is a combination of all 4 diamond essences
#StevenUniverFuture #Spoilers
One way to do this is for the diamonds to all be with the corrupted gem in water. Once Steven is in the water with the other three diamonds, all that's needed is Pink's essence which is in his tears.
#StevenUniverseFuture #Spoilers His family/friends hugging him and reassuring that they would still be there for him, even when he was literally a monster, brought him to tears. Once his tears mixed with the water his physical corruption was healed.
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Okay, since it's basically impossible to avoid #Spoilers at this point, I'm just gonna post the thread. Full article about this soon!

Let's talk about the reveal in Episode 6: Last to Leave by @ArsenaultRivera #vorthos #mtgmom…
When we last saw Elspeth Tirel, it appeared that she was going to die (again), consumed in the exploding Sylex.

When we catch up with her, she's in a metaphysical state being guided through her life, and mortal attachments, by an unknown figure.
This figure appears in the form of herself as a child, as her mother, and as her former love Daxos, before revealing her true form: Serra.

Or, at least, an echo of Serra. The real Serra died centuries ago.
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#StarTrekPicard #Spoilers

In episode 3, Jack had a Wesley Moment.

In episode 4, Bev had a Wesley Moment.
What is a Wesley Moment?

Consider for a minute, that while Wes is incredibly intelligent, his REAL gift was finding patterns no one else saw. Noticing things everyone else wouldn’t think twice about.

Things like Shaw’s blood trail.

Things like the timing of the pulses.
This is clearly a Crusher trait. It’s what makes them very good, instinctive healers, too. Bev notices right away what’s wrong with Shaw even though Dr. Ohk is a FUCKING TRILL and might have way more life experience. She did the scan, didn’t make the connection that…
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Hoy es un día completo, así que por qué no tener la oficina en el coche... Hoy aprovechamos hasta el último segundo.

Además me encanta leer sobre las hipótesis de Vrba y desde @Serendipias_SER de @La_SER me han dado una buena excusa...
Esta tarde os cuento más, que no quiero hacer spoilers 😋

#evolucion #paleontologia #ecologia #extincionesmasivas #extincion #radiacion #diversidad
Pues... Encantadísima de participar en @Serendipias_SER 💜 siempre es un placer hablar de #Paleontologia y ha sido genial compartir la charla con @Daniajinn e ir de las manos de @SdeStendhal tanto que monto 🧵de la experiencia... 👇 Image
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Just in case, tagging as #spoilers
Love that we get these for the artifact cards hehe 💗
No Archons in the character cards, but I'm loving the designs for the artifact cards which is interesting bc Heart of Depth card's hair is shaped so closely to Childe's style... 🤔
It's just interesting since the lore in that set is not really Childe, but the set was also pretty much tailored for him pretty early on, no?

And Archaic Petra is much more directly related to Zhongli, so the choice there is quite obvious.


If the lore is not related to Childe, then why IS HIS HAIR LIKE THAT...

And does this mean anything? Are we reading too much into it? I HAVE TO KNOW 💀💀💀
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Los Anillos de Poder, bien podría llamarse, como dice el bueno de @jl_valera, Los Anillos de Amazon.

Vistos los dos primeros capítulos escribo una pequeña opinión.
#Spoilers 👇
Salvo algunos nombres de personajes y lugares, todo está inventado. Todo. Y mira que Tolkien da detalles, historias y personajes de los que se puede hablar…
Es una serie de fantasía, y como tal puede estar bien y puede disfrutarse. No tiene Tolkien de más que su nombre en los créditos. Imagino que vende más y la verá más gente si se hace así que si se hace una serie desde cero. 🤷🏻‍♂️👇
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I have a theory about what’s really going on in #TopGunMaverick. It’s full of #spoilers so reader please beware. If you’ve already seen the film and you feel the need, click through and read this thread. Image
The theory can be summed up easily enough: Maverick is dead and what we’re seeing is some sort of purgatory or last vision before death. But, how can that be? It’s simple. Maverick did not survive the hypersonic test flight crash. Image
Unless I am mistaken, no one can bail out at Mach 10+ and survive. And even if he did get out, Darkstar violently broke up and burned as it came down. The aerodynamic forces, let alone the heat and wreckage, would have instantly killed him. Yes, even Maverick. Image
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Aight, beautiful people! Let’s talk about the movie #EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce (share your thoughts too!) #Spoilers

First, I wanna make it clear that I think this is a deeply artistic and well-done illustration of the plight and beauty of the human experience.

A thread 🧵 Joy, Waymond, Evelyn and Gong Gong sit in the IRS Office.
.I believe Humans have only ever been meant for the here and now.

But the universal plight of being human is the way that the twistedness of the cosmos fractures us beyond where and when we’re supposed to be:

.Even hope— that forward-oriented trust in a reliable source or person— is a secondary symptom of suffering, of the twistedness of the cosmos.

If everything was as it should be here and now,

there would be no need for hope.
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have been nonstop working and hustling for ages so i'm taking this evening to finally play this for the first time #ib Image
i've screeched from jump scares three times already i love it
the noise i made in THIS ROOM #ib Image
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1/n It seems that these are trying times in #Ukraine at the moment, for those in that country with a slightly dark sense of humour this #Discworld reading list may be morale building & also informative in your current situation
2/n #GNUTerryPratchett also has a range of books more suitable to the younger reader & may also be a good distraction if you can get hold of them in your current situation see full reading list below.
3/n The real point of this thread is to get some ideas to @DefenceU & people of #Ukraine on how to #StopTheWar by persuading the Russians currently in #Ukraine to cease their actions & go home, by the very careless use of words to paint a vivid picture of some of their possible
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It's an awfully poignant & sad allegory for how humanity & #neoliberalism is failing to address both chronic problems like #poverty & #publichealth & existential threats to humanity such as #nuclearweapons, #ClimateCrisis, #biodiversity loss & even approaching asteroids.
The best line is towards the end when @LeoDiCaprio's character, his family & the two scientists who attempted to warn humanity are eating their final dinner together & they are bantering about relatively mundane things like store-bought vs homemade cake & brewing coffee.
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I miss her :) Image
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So we've been doing a Let's Read of Storm King's Thunder.


We've gotten up to Phase 4 of the campaign (where the PCs are sent on a quest by an oracle).

Today, though, I think, is going to be a grab bag of miscellaneous observations.
If you want to start reading the Let's Read from the beginning, you'll want to pop over here.

When I was first reading through Phase 3 (the gazetteer of the Savage Frontier), I was bemused by the campaign's obsession with desecrating holy sites.
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New stuff in 9.2 build. As before, marking this whole thread with spoilers.

questlogcampaignheaders (includes the new golden Zereth Mortis stuff)

some changes to sound files, including cutting out "macaree"
Velen got revoiced to say "eredath"
Zereth Mortis map #spoilers
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gonna move this into separate thread actually with the descriptions
art descriptions (1/5)
art descriptions (2/5)
art descriptions (3/5)
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Zereth Mortis confirmed, lots of First Ones stuff, it creates Afterlives. SAND
getting a lot of precursors vibes from this
the chicken came first #spoilers
"They're consuming this *weird energy*, and it's causing them to mutate and to fall apart."

...weird energy huh?
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Con la #contrarreforma eléctrica ¿habrá interés de inversión en generación?

#Spoilers NO.

Este hilo no es para principiantes, pero espero sea intuitivo.

Podemos identificar los desafíos que detendrán a los inversionistas.

No soy fan de Porter, pero su clasificación ayuda:
Las virtudes de la inversión extranjera son amplias, pero ameritan su propio hilo. Me concentro en exponer porqué creo que se contraerán.

El clásico Estrategia Competitiva de los años '80, Michael Porter plantea 5 determinantes estructurales sobre la competencia en una industria
1. Barreras de Entrada. Las normales en generación (economías de escala, capital intensivo y dificultades para distribuir en red). Agreguemos: incertidumbre jurídica y oposición gubernamental.

¿Qué consejo de admon autoriza a su management una inversión así?
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Tonight is the #HATM Wicked party... and since Wicked is an adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, I'm going unload my version of the Oz allegory on you all.

Strap on your 🧹 this is going to be a long thread...
[General caveat: I am a generalist and defer to actual experts on populism, the 1890s, and Frank Baum.]

1st - there is no historical record that Frank Baum intended the original Wizard of Oz stories (1st published in 1900) as an allegory for contemporary political events
Baum was a journalist prior to Oz, he was from the midwest where the Populist movement was strongest, he wrote about politics during the era, and some of his other Oz stories seem to allegorize other political movements (suffrage, for example).

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WARNING: This thread will contain MAJOR SPOILERS for the end parts of the The Pathless. This is the only video that will contain the courtesy warning at the start.

Let's talk about the animation of the things in this video and more! #ThePathless #Spoilers
#ThePathless #Spoilers

Oh no, our Eagle friend has been cursed by the Godslayer and is now a gigantic two headed beast! This is her combined flight cycles in game. She has similar behavior both before and during the final battle: circle the tower menacingly.
#ThePathless #Spoilers

Compared to her normal form, she doesn't really have that many animations overall! We have a straight ahead flap cycle, and then leans. I used the small eagle as a base, making adjustments for the size and the newly added long tail. Almost a dragon?
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Just went through & figured out the whole Fast and Furious timeline.

It makes no sense, but was fun.

F9 canonically takes place in either 2013 or 2017.

There's some discrepancies but most evidence in the later movies points towards the official canon being 2017.
#F9 #Family
Fast and Furious Facts:
Letty is canonically ~10 years younger than the rest of the crew. This doesn't make sense given some dialog, but her grave marker from 4 and 7 both show this.
2 Facts 2 Furious:
#F9 #spoilers (light spoiler)
Elle is 11 some time after Fast & Furious 6, but appears to be 20-something just 6 years later in F9 (she somehow ages much quicker than Jack O'Conner or Brian Marcos Toretto - but I'll get back to lil Brian)
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animal transformation fic in #WordOfHonor would be hilarious in every variation. in order to leave window of heaven you have to be transformed into an animal? wen kexing randomly transforms into a tiny kitten uncontrollably? chengling is transformed into a songbird!
Zhou Zishu leaves window of heaven and the magic takes hold as it does for every operative - animals tell no tales. But he invented it and keeps his human mind and ability to speak and sets out to wander the world, truly free of human concerns, exploring feline wine tolerance ImageImageImageImage
Chengling, his suspiciously fluffy "pet" cat who laps wine out of dishes instead of water and absolutely definitely doesn't talk no matter what wen kexing thinks, and absolute hijinks throughout jianghu
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Via @DanSlott who did a better job than I plan to do.

1. These will mostly be #Spoilers
2. I’m not gonna find pictures for all of them
3. If I run out I’m just gonna do covers Image
The Batman Adventures #4 (1992) — My FIRST comic — last page Scarecrow reveal that has stayed with me permanently. Image
Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1 (2004) — Wallace Wells warns Scott that it’s that one guy. Image
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I need you all to understand that #WenZhou literally gave up everything and chose to be with each other for eternity.

To survive, they can learn the art that allowed Ye Baiyi to live that long; however, it comes at a cost:

#ShanHeLing #WordOfHonor #Spoilers
#WordOfHonorEp36 ImageImageImageImage
From my understanding, the practitioner has to pretty much live in areas of extreme cold and can no longer eat human food as it would deteriorate their body. They can only feed off on ice and snow to maintain their body.

If maintained, they live forever, with no end in sight. ImageImageImageImage
Here, Zhou Zishu makes the following comment:

“To live like that, or to die right here... I’ll have to weigh [the pros and cons]”.

I need you to remember how this man literally nailed 7 nails into his own body in exchange for 3 years of freedom. ImageImageImage
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Galera, vou aceitar a sugestão e vou soltar os spoilers de evangelion codificados em rot13... é bem simples decodificar, vcs podem usar o para decodificar as mensagens
#spoilers #shin #evangelion #EVANGELION3010
Rh arz frv cbe baqr pbzrpne... rffr svyzr sbv zhvgb obz!
Obz, an ireqnqr ru qvsvpvy nanyvfne rffr svyzr pbzb hzn pbvfn fbu, cd an ireqnqr fnb qbvf svyzrf... fnb qhnf zrgnqrf orz qvfgvagnf, znf dhr fr pbzcyrgnz unezbavbfnzragr.
N cevzrven zrgnqr ru n zrgnqr znvf yragn r pbapergn... hz cbhpb zrynapóyvpn, znf zhvgb rfcrenapbfn... hzn cnegr znvf yragn r pbagrzcyngvin cen ip pevne pbarkãb pbz bf crefbantraf r cen pevne fgnxrf qr zbqb d n cfvpbqryvn qn frthaqn cnegr graun nythz crfb rzbpvbany.
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