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#ThankYou @Dionne1234564

@UKParliament @Keir_Starmer @BorisJohnson TO IGNORE WHAT @David_Cameron @theresa_may AND @jeremycorbyn HAVE IGNORED AS IF IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM WHO BOTH #KeirStarmer AND #BorisHasFailedTheNation HAVE BOTH JUST BEEN PUT IN PLACE TO SEPERATE
AND DISTANCE THEMSELVES AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM ALLOWING @metpoliceuk TO #Coverup WHAT #bernardhoganhowe @VpoDr /@VictorOlisaMPS /@VictorOlisaMPS1 @PrincipalStAns @BTPChief @ClaireKober @DavidLammy @HackneyAbbott WHO IS TALKING WITH @AndrewMarr9 #Marr
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Brave whistleblower @ArtisticBlower
Maria Farmer's powerful new paintings show the deep levels of systemic corruption behind transnational intelligence asset #GhislaineMaxwell who sent continual death threats after she reported her & #JeffreyEpstein to FBI, ignored for 25yrs. 2/ ImageImage
2/Maria's ground-breaking and equally challenging new series of paintings (⏬⏬) don't hide the truth of the sick & corrupted people with too much power in our societies
Her testimonies likewise expose those are shown here unmasked, begging us to ask - WHY aren't they in jail? 3/ ImageImageImage
3/ The series in order of their creation -

Retweets, shares, tagging of media outlets, art reviews and any who will be courageous enough to discuss and share Maria Farmer's art 🙌
She is currently fighting 3 types of cancer- all support appreciated🙏🕯️
4/ ImageImageImageImage
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1. Corruption in Scotland's establishment has been endemic for decades. its more than SNP and Sturgeon - The Tragic Magic Circle – Scotlands Shameful Child Sexual Abuse Scandal Continues… #Scotland #magiccircle #childabuse #NicolaSturgeon #SNP #csa
2. Fiona Woolf, her Butler and the Scottish Magic Circle… #Scotland #csa #FionaWoolf #ColinTucker
3. Colin Tucker, steward to Fiona Woolf, Fettesgate and the Scottish ‘Magic Circle’ Affair, and Wider Networks – Part 1… #ColinTucker #magiccircle #fettesgate #csa
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Thread 1. Child Sexual Abuse in the Isle of Man… #IsleofMan #csa
2. Isle of Man Child Sexual Abuse Update Feb 2016… #csa #IOM #IsleofMan
3. Isle of Man: Counselling for Victims / Survivors… #csa #iom #Isleofman
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Labour Grandees are listed in Sir Keir Starmer's colleague Jeffrey Epstein's ''Little Black Book''; Blair, Mandelson and Alastair Campbell. COINCIDENTLY, Keir Starmer and some of the same people have connections to ANOTHER of the worlds most prolific peadophiles. #StarmerOut
Starmer failed to bring charges against Jimmy Savile for paedophilia. The decision was made despite the Crown Prosecution Service receiving substantial evidence of his crimes from witnesses and victims several years before Savile died in 2011. #StarmerOut…
With a past like hers, Margaret Hodge might show a bit more humility.
In the Eighties Hodge was aware of previous child sex abuse in the care homes for which she was responsible, and did nothing about it. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut…
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#OpWhereAreTheKids Part 6
#PedoJoe & Illegal immigration are going to cause a YUGE rise in #ChildSexTrafficking cases as well as #CSA cases all over the country. We need to talk about what is going to happen to these #UAC as they pour into America…
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Tony Blair is LOTO, behind the scenes, other Blairites are involved too. Keir Starmer is just a front man, Alexandre Samuel Barros-Curtis is Labour's version of Dominic Cummings, he's THE top man. Everything makes sense from this perspective. #LabourLeak #StarmerOut 👇 #BREXIT
According to his LinkedIn profile, Barros-Curtis’s day job is as a consultant solicitor “Providing specialised legal advice in the area of derivatives and structured finance” in particular “Hedging, project financings, securitisations, credit derivatives” #LabourLeaks #HedgeFund
He has worked extensively on derivatives and structured finance matters in Europe and Hong Kong; as well as formerly working for the Clinton Foundation. Asked to comment on Mr Barros-Curtis and his role in the party Labour said they do not discuss staffing issues. #LabourLeaks
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When Owen Smith was employed by Amgen as PR Chief they were fined £579m for illegally promoting a drug to cancer patients in a way that increased the likelihood of their deaths. The California company was “pursuing profits at the risk of patient safety”.…
Novara Media revealed that a leading figure in Kier Starmer's campaign had extensive links to Owen Smith's leadership bid in 2016. When asked if others from the Smith campaign were also involved in Starmer’s leadership Keir's office did not respond #LabourLeaks #Pfizer #Pharma
May 2019. Owen Smith's Wife Votes Lib Dem Due To Labour Stance On Brexit. Smith had always intended to split the Labour Party. However, a split party is a weakened party and he intended for Starmer to take full advantage of it. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut…
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DocFilm - Qatar - Millions for #Islam in #Europe (video🤓)
Is #Qatar trying to gain influence in Europe by funding a charity NGO? A whistleblower has provided two French journalists with thousands of secret documents that belong to the "Qatar Charity."…
Qatar clamps down on charities that send funds abroad (article 2014)
Many countries suggested Qatar was/is among the organization’s financial supporters of al-Qaeda/ISIS. The US State Department " Qatar = money laundering & financing terrorists”…
The Muslim Brotherhood & salafism: The Many Faces of Her Majesty's Service
Hired Assassins of the West and Saudi Arabia
#MI6 #CIA… (a thread 🤗)
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Jasenovac concentration camp was the largest extermination camp in the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) and occupied Yugoslavia during World War II, between 1941-1945.
Victims were ethnic Serbs, Jews and Roma.… (a thread🤗)
Krunoslav Stjepan Draganović (30 October 1903 – 5 July 1983) was a Bosnian Croat Roman Catholic priest associated with the ratlines which aided the escape of Ustaše war criminals from Europe after World War II while he was living and working at the College of St. Jerome in Rome.
He was an Ustaša and a functionary in the fascist puppet state called the Independent State of Croatia. He was the Jasenovac concentration camp military chaplain for some time.…
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1. Blackmail targets are approached with a gun, child, & camera.
Target is ordered to rape the child on video.
Target is then ordered to shoot the child on video.
Target is then owned & controlled by the blackmailers until blackmail evidence loses its value. #Blackmail #csa
3. Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry by Dr. Sue Arrigo… #SueArrigo #CIA #SexSlaves #DrSueArrigo
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I was told -- "Rena You are not responsible for what happened to you as a child, but you are responsible for your life now as an adult. It's ok to be angry about what happened to you, but it's not ok to stay stuck there. You have work to do, a life to live.
You can't blame others for not being able to help you through your trauma, not everyone is equipped to do so, and many are at the beginning stages of learning how to help survivors through their trauma.
It is up to YOU to find those who can help you and educate them on your experiences so that they can help you heal and help other victims/survivors that follow." This is some of the best advice I ever received.
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The Anglo-Irish Vice Ring (A-IVR) was untouchable. That changed after the eruption of the Troubles when MI5 swept in to blackmail and exploit the network for various nefarious reasons.…
Mountbatten’s paedophile abuse: letter from definitive biographer Andrew Lownie not published by Sunday Independent.
(Note: again credits to @ciabaudo for his persistence 😎👍🏻)…
Establishment rags (and for that matter @InquiryCSA) have always shielded royalty and the Establishment from claims of #paedophilia.
(Note: it seems Lord Mountbatten = Mountbottom #CSA 🙈)…
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2. BAFTAS, Corruption, the Charity Commission and Groucho Club… #BAFTA #BAFTAs #GrouchoClub
3. Groucho Club's website forum hit by child pornography scandal… #GrouchoClub
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3. "Spiritual" satanism and "christian" conmen - Billy Graham… #BillyGraham #csa #childabuse #FranklinGraham
4. THE DECEPTION OF BILLY GRAHAM, A MIND-CONTROL FRONT… #BillyGraham #csa #childabuse #FranklinGraham #mindcontrol
5. Franklin Graham Supports Voodoo Doughnut Child Traffickers?… #FranklinGraham #VoodooDoughnuts #FionaBarnett
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1. Thread on E. Twitter banned him again when he gave a clue to his identity. Not got a copy of tweet to hand but will add to thread if someone has. Anyone Ezra went to Parler and I will add some of his Parler messages here... Image
2. E's Earler is here…
3. A couple of vids which you will have to go to Parler for. Cant give you linsk as parler is quite clunky often ImageImage
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Eli Nash - “Secrets” for Jewish Community Watch
Pedo's jagen of pedo's exposen? Het laatste is zeer effectief en helend.
#CSA #kindermisbruik #pedofilie

Wall of SHAME - Jewish Community Watch 🤓
If you touch a child inappropriately or sexually exploit a child in any way, you will be listed on this page to warn our community about the potential danger you represent to our children.
Keep (jewish)child abusers of our streets 😉 (wall of shame - full list of perps)
Donate page…
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I am contemplating trust - with particular focus on whether or not I am willing to completely open up to my therapist.

Talking darkness and shadows seemed relatively easy work in comparison to sharing who I am, what I believe, and how I interpret my experience of the world.
I lived in darkness for years. It's victimhood feels like a soft weighted blanket in comparison to the vulnerability of discovering, owning, and being myself.

I struggle to be forthcoming out of fear of judgment and abandonment. So sometimes, it feels easy to cuddle...
into assumption, rather than removing the blanketed shield of silence and speaking my truth.

Today, I am preparing to open up to my therapist about how therapy is going. She asked at the end of our last session and I reacted quite confused, "Good?"
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Again... more inappropriate language here. He didn’t “confess”. He disclosed. It wasn’t a “sexual affair”. It was sexual abuse

#Boys #ChildSexualExploitation #CSE #ChildSexualAbuse #CSA…
“The boy said he was so devastated by the 25-year-old Fay Mcrobbie's sexual demands that he confessed to a judge who jailed her that he had considered sexually harming himself in a bid to make himself less attractive to the woman”
“Around New Year’s Eve I told her I did not love her anymore. She broke down saying she could not continue life if we were not together, she told me she wanted to kill herself. She was over-burdening me with her emotions.”
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Sitting in the present often fills my body with a sense of great unease. I find myself looking around the room frantically searching for the trauma I am about to endure. I am temporarily transported out of time.

#cptsd #ptsd #csa #childsextrafficking #humantrafficking
While my body sits safely in my home or office, it simultaneously replays the most intensely awful sensations of fear. It starts an invisible silent countdown to the moment the camera light turns red and my uncle films my sexual abuse for profit.

#savethechildren #wwg1wga
I can be sitting perfectly still in relief & suddenly the sense of vulnerability hits & I am in torment.

This weekend I spent a few moment reflecting on Friday's therapy session in which I felt a great sense of relief when my therapist acknowledge my hesitancy to trust.
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Ted Gunderson - Former FBI Chief Exposes 'Illuminati'
Gunderson believed that in the US there is a secret widespread network of groups who kidnap children and infants, and subject them to #SATANIC ritual abuse/human sacrifice.
@zondagmetlubach 😉

SICK SECTS - Inside killer cults where ‘prostitute priestess’ drank blood of human sacrifices & voodoo fanatics led murder sprees. Victims were tortured and mutilated, with eyes, ears and genitalia sliced off and hearts ripped out of their chest.…
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Sensitive thread for those easily upset. But important to me on accepting abuse of any kind in schools without real consequences.

Terrfying to write so go easy on me... but here is my experience..
I disclosed my #CSA in school. Back then there was zero support & it was all over school by lunchtime.
I was back in class after talking to social services & police. My parents was devastated and coped badly back then.
During the following months of terrible bullying, two teachers were a godsend at a time I had no adults left to go to. I made friends with a slightly younger year 8 , who disclosed abuse to me, I encouraged them to speak out. I was insistent..
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