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1/3 #MeghanMarkle is a MAN!

#WeThePeople do NOT want these pedos in our country!


Video was deleted off YT turn up volume 3 parts 👇👇👇
2/3 #MeghanMarkleIsAMan part 2 of 3
3/3 #MeghanMarkleIsAMan

#RoyalFlush #NoRoyalPedosInUSA #Pedogate #Trannygate
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#Qanon #133 & #189
Nov 2017

Does Satan exist?
Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?
Who worships Satan?

The ‘cult’ runs the world.
Fantasy land.
The world is fighting back (& destroying the cult).
20% public.
80% private.
The world would otherwise collapse.

Their need for symbols will be their downfall.

Their need for symbols will be their downfall.

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#Cumpanda or #Panda~#Eyes
This is “THE” Year where #ALL their dirty secrets are being • • EXPOSE • •
#pizzagate #mkultra #adrenochrome #pedogate #childtrafficking and much more!
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1. Last night, I was awakened by God and told to go the Bible. No particular name or number so I just opened the book📖✝️

The calm before the storm.🌩🌪

We have arrived.🙏🏼 03.22.20 = 3 (reduction)

It is time.⏱


Thank you @amory_miller for this terrific meme ❤️👇🙏🏼
2. Today is the day before The Storm. The storm that @potus has been talking about since we elected him. 💥🇺🇸

#TheCalmBeforeTheStorm 🌩

Look at 3 seconds follow Potus' finger he is making a Q💥
38 second video watch here 👇

3. Let's take a look at what is REALLY going on. Instead of me writing a long thread about the reality of all this, read this excellent thread by 👉 @KillAuDeepState 👈 who hit this spot on. Read and come back here to #4 in this thread below.

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#Madonna sings about being out of pasta in this video.

The other day, she typed on her #Corona Typewriter...
“I could murder a bowl of Pasta”

#Pedogate word for Pasta = Little boy.

#EliteComms #Illuminati #coronavirus #Qanon
Here is the video of #Madonna typing on her #Corona typewriter. Many strange typos and #Illuminati symbolism in this video.

#SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall #Qanon

I'm sorry, this is the other part to the video by #Madonna. This is the one that shows the #Illuminati symbolism and what she's typing.

#SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall #Qanon

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You getting it yet? Pædophilia is being done by men AND WOMEN

#OprahWinfrey all the way up to the #Pope with MANY in #Hollywood & in OUR GOVERNMENT

It’s been happening in our faces for decades bc it all so sick/evil they knew we wouldn’t believe it..

..Until We Did

Many truths began as “#conspiracy” but if you TAKE THE TIME to educate yourself

You’ll never be able to turn your back on all the CHILDREN>>>victims>>>They breed, kidnap, sacrifice in the US & global network

#PizzaGate is local
#PedoGate is global

Pls watch video👇🏼
No bias; Just facts here👇🏼

This is #SpiritualWarfare we are fighting right now. It’s why you’re seeing so many #HumanTrafficking/ #Pedowood arrests the last 2 yrs

It’s what @POTUS meant in his tweet (👇🏼next tweet)

Help Us Save These Kids & America 🙏

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Sidney Powell, General Flynn's attorney, recently spoke at Hillsdale College where she confirms the rumor regarding shocking and unlawful material contained on Anthony Weiners laptop. #Pedogate
#Pedowood #ThesePeopleAreSick

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💥 BOOM 💥

@Potus gave us a YUGE clue the other day w/ THIS tweet👇

W orld
H ealth
O rganization

Keep an eye out - this is the #CabalsLastDance
Im convinced that he is pointing a laser beam at the corrupt

W orld
H ealth
O rganiztion

WHO is involved in child trafficking, pedophelia and knows where the bodies are buried. Cabal 101.

LOOK at the LOGO
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#TomHanks is gonna go down soon. He’s skating a thin line with his bosses. Why do you think they are making him post pedo trophies? ya. That’s what these are.
He worships Lucifer.
#Cannibalgate #Pedogate #Hanxgate #HanksGate #Pedowood #PainComing ✝️🇺🇸 ⚖️
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GREMLINS ! When the masses find out what [They] have in common 🍕. Streets wont be safe ...... [They] never thought she would lose ! #QAnon #QNN #PedoGate
What happened to Judith Barsi Steven S ??
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1) Peter Nygård is a Canadian clothing manufacturer and fashion executive, who’s accused of sexually assaulting 10 women at his Bahama’s mansion in what has been referred to as a “sex trafficking ring. #QAnon #Pedogate #Nygard…
2) Peter Nygård is founder of Nygård International, a company based in Winnipeg.  Headquarters are in Toronto, and New York.  He was rated the 70th richest Canadian in 2009 with a net worth of $817 million. He has a sordid record as an employer.…
3) In 1987, Nygård built a compound at Lyford Cay in the Bahamas. The Cay was inspired by the Mayan civilization’s architecture. He had massive Lion’s built on the property as he is a Leo, and I’m just guessing he thinks his hair looks like a Lion’s mane. 🤷‍♀️
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@pattonoswalt 1. did u really think #pedophilia be normalized & decriminalized as sexual preference? 2013 DSM5 added it I GOT LEAKED precopy i disseminated to public/GLP, outcry, they feigned it was mistake.…
NVR gonna happen bro. #crimesagainstchildren
2. This was immed after ur buddy #obama passed nationwide gay marriage & lit up #whitehouse rainbow. #pedos were movn on their agenda.…
3. Progressives push tolerance for "virtuous pedophiles"…
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◼️Q has done it again!
▪️#2888 • 2/25/19
▪️TOMORROW = 1 year

“Who will be next to fall
post Weinstein?👈🏼👈🏼😲
Big name coming?
Nobody is safe.
Dark to LIGHT.
These people are sick!”

⬛️The #weinsteinverdict happened TODAY
⬛️’Post #Weinstein’ would be TOMORROW 2/25😳

◼️When does a bird sing?
▪️Q #753 #781 #1368
▪️Bird > Canary >Canary Palm Tree

◼️Has #HarveyWeinstein pulled an #AllisonMack & sung to save himself?

◼️’#Untouchable - THE RISE AND FALL OF HARVEY #WEINSTEIN opens with rows of PALM TREES..’
◼️Poor #HarveyWeinstein was found guilty today 2/24 & began having chest pains so his ride to #RikersIsland Prison detoured to the hospital 🙄

◼️#Weinstein’s downfall frm #Hollywood is far from over👇🏼

◼️He’s also been charged w RAPE in #LosAngeles

Q #1368
Watch NYC
Watch CA
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Small Thread

Child Protective Services Trafficking Children?…

Newsweek ran an article by Michael Dolce called

"We Have Set Up a System to Sex Traffic American Kids"

In which he dropped staggering statistics that should make American parents wake up & Question CPS intentions…

FBI discovered in a 2014 nationwide raid that many foster children rescued from sex traffickers, including children as young as 11, were never reported missing by child welfare authorities.

Where does CPS Fit in?
Follow along & see!
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@cq2101 @johnpodesta FLASHBACK-

Dennis Hastert, once stood second in line to the presidency, sentenced to only 15 months in prison for bank fraud linked to sexually abused boys.


“Dear Mac, As Tony said, so hard to believe 5 decades have passed since Nose.”

Why were Tony Podesta & Dennis Hastert at a youth camp in 1965?

@cq2101 @johnpodesta @TuckerCarlson @DonaldJTrumpJr @JudicialWatch FLASHBACK-

John Podesta, Clinton’s former campaign chair, and brother Tony. Police sketches-two suspects believed to be involved in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, that took place in Portugal on May 3rd, 2007.
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WTF is this?

Donald Barr’s son, US AG William Barr is currently investigating the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

In 1973, Donald Barr, hired a young 20 year old college dropout named Jeffrey E. Epstein to teach math at the Dalton School. Epstein taught at the school b/w 1974-76
Donald Barr also wrote this sci-fi novel, Space Relations, about sex slavery in space.

Epstein went on to build a career in finance and became a multimillionaire. He served time in 2008 as a sex offender for having molested 36 girls, some as young as 14.
In July 2019, Epstein was arrested on federal charges of sex trafficking of minors in Florida & New York. Epstein committed suicide while being held in US Federal custody on Aug 10, 2019.

US AG William Barr was appointed by the Trump administration in February 2019.
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@realDonaldTrump #pizzagate was coined by #fakenews 2manipulate the minds so the viewers wud believe it was a conspiracy. #mindcontrol
#pedogate research-->#tedgunderson #martyr #FBICorruption #darktolight ... once u can c how dark the world really is, when u open up ur mind - u can never go back
@realDonaldTrump The truth is out there. #truthneverdies #speakout Save a Life. No greater love than to sacrifice for others. #digitalsoliders #ForGodForHumanity #thesepplrsick
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Dr. Stanley Patrick Weber Molested young boys!

Convicted Former Pine Ridge Indian Health Service Pediatrician Sentenced to Five Consecutive Life Sentences for Multiple Sex Offenses Against Children

Read More…
A pediatrician who worked for Indian Health Services was suspected of preying upon young boys for decades.

He got the boot in Montana, but ended up at another IHS hospital in South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Reservation, where his abuse continued for more than 2 decades.
From the Doctor that tried to prevent Weber from getting hired.

Dr. Mark Butterbrodt whose career was destroyed after complaining about Weber.

Indian Health Services kept defending & sweeping his actions under the rug!
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#JeffreyEpstein #RayChandler
#Pizzagate #PedoGate

So Ray Chandler ((alleged)child handler for Jeffrey Epstein) got her lawyers to get Qmap to remove this picture

Why this pic?
Why now?


Pic and lawyers docs
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Child Protective Services (Sep 22, 1995) - William Cooper talks about what we now call #pizzagate
Mary Schipke is a #Mom who had been targeted by the #Arizona #ChildProtectionServices Back in 1993 Mary established an organization called "The #Parents Council for Parents Rights"
in order to prevent ANYONE from going through what she went through. What she discovered through her organization is very disturbing. Thousands of children have been stolen from the legal custody of their natural parents under fraudulent and deceptive CPS practices.
Thousands of Arizona families have been systematically destroyed by the corrupt Arizona Child Protective Services. There have been irrefutable findings from a 4.5 YEAR PRIVATE INVESTIGATION that concluded CPS is in #Fact
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"everyone" knew about Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking ring, but were "afraid" to do anything about it."

"We all knew what he was doing, but... For whatever reason, they were afraid of him."……

Note that this is not news: the below interview with a DHS Anon took place less than a month after Trump was sworn in.. and 8 months before Q appeared

"the biggest thing Trump can do is expose PedoGate via Sessions. Big names will go down hard"
"I can tell you that what is in Anthony Weiner’s hard drive, and what videos exist via Jeffery Epstein, WILL BRING massive arrests"

"Trump’s legacy could be truly great if he was to purge the CIA, stop the extortion, prosecute the pedos and reinstate the death penalty for pedos"
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