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13 years of the Age case - Geopolitics, corruption, science, and many other subjects. This is for people trying to be a conduit for knowledge and information
Aug 11, 2023 10 tweets 4 min read
🧵 On pyramids being built by Pouring limestone concrete into pre-formed molds using surrounding materials, taking 30 to 50 years to build, done out of generational pride not slavery, with great precision, all aligned with the stars, finished 4575 years ago and still standing 1/ The architect of the great pyramid Hemiunu lived until he was 80 and was the nephew of King Khufu for who the pyramids were being built. The project would have had the input of the elders and generations of knowledge of the local area, materials, and building Image
Aug 5, 2023 50 tweets 18 min read
🧵On how the UK has been a secret dictatorship since 1650 and how it has been designed for nothing to ever change in favor of the wealthy elite

#UK #Government #ToryBritain #Labour #Parliament #Cityoflondon Image 1/ On 12 July 927, various 4 Anglo-Saxon kingdoms were united by Æthelstan (r. 927–939) to form the Kingdom of England, with its capital in Winchester Image
Dec 29, 2022 23 tweets 10 min read
Currently, another struggle for supremacy between USA and Russia in a 'Cold war 2' is happening.

A 🧵looking into 4 possible pivots that could exacerbate WWIII
USA vs China
EU-US-UK-NATO vs Russia
France vs Germany
BRICS vs US hegemony
#UK #US #EU #abolishNATO #Ukraine #Russia Image 1) The China pivot. Western governments and their stenographers in the corporate media always claim China is supposedly a "threat" carrying out "aggression"

What we are almost never shown is a map of the 41 US military bases surrounding China and creating trade choke points Image
Dec 10, 2022 25 tweets 10 min read
1) There's no determined origin of Sars-CoV2 which could have possibly derived around a number of caves in China within bat colonies, laid dormant for many years then eventually passed on from host bats to humans
#UK #Plandemic #EU #WHO #DenazifyUkraine #UN #COVID19 #GreatReset Image 2) Peter Daszak of Ecohealth alliance, Ralph Barrick of Fort Dedrick, Micheal Callahan of Darpa and a network of BSL4 labs around Asia including Wuhan were working on Gain-of-function experiments engineering potent coronaviruses that can infect humans Image
Dec 8, 2022 30 tweets 12 min read
Climate change over thousands of years is caused by tectonic plate movements and is something humans can't change but some can profit from by convincing others it is our fault

Adding 10% 'NET co2' to the carbon sink in 250 years is our fault

#UK #ClimateScam #EU #abolishNATO Image 1) A world powered by Nuclear Fission by 2035 and He3 Nuclear fusion by 2060 would be the fastest, safest, cheapest, least materials used and least pollutant way possible to help get the world to net-zero co2 and eliminate record profits from corrupt energy companies Image
Dec 8, 2022 25 tweets 10 min read
It's not as simple as 'Russia invaded Ukraine'. This is a deep complex wrestle for the power of Ukraine between 3 factions. The Nazi Banderites, the US-funded Melnyk and Russia defending itself from the Banderites and Melnyk
#USA #DenazifyUkraine #abolishNATO #WEF #UkrainianNazis Image 1) The Revolution of dignity, a gov and military coup of Ukraine from 2013 was deliberately instigated and funded by:

US National Endowment for Democracy
USAID (US-backed political candidates)
George Soros (funded institutions and protests)
NATO (trained army personnel) Image
Aug 16, 2022 24 tweets 9 min read
Brexit, a trojan horse to hide the tory mismanagement and theft of over £2 trillion since 2010 only makes up 1.25% of the money lost

#Austerity £1T #Brexit £25B #Cov19 £400B #Debt £500B
#UK #ToryFascists #BackBoris #EU #BrexitLies #DenazifyUkraine #UN #abolishNATO #BrexitChaos Image 1) Out of nowhere the Brexit referendum was announced and the date set was June 23rd 2016 by David Cameron.

'A once in a generation decision'
'Its your chance to decide if we stay or leave the EU'
'The government will implement what you decide'
'Its just an IN/OUT vote' Image