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This week the world celebrated our very own Portuguese language 🇵🇹 and we were busy keeping up with to get these pages up and running again 🔨 Portuguese version linked just below 👇 #indiettrpg #TTRPGs
Esta semana, o mundo celebrou a língua Portuguesa e nós estivemos ocupados a pôr estas páginas novamente a funcionar: Se queres acompanhar estes desenvolvimentos, junta-te ao nosso servidor no Discord!
Também contamos ter em breve novidades na nossa página de entrada principal:
We also expect to have some updates on our main landing page soon.
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All right! Here is: A d100 list of books you can find on a shelf or desk in your Dungeons and Dragons game. I hope it sees some use! (The full online PDF can be found in comment below)

#DnD #dnd5e #TTRPGs #pathfinder A preview of a d100 list, f...
Here's your link:…

I've found Homebrewery is an amazing resource, but the formatting gets out of whack depending on what browser you're on and what zoom level you're at. Might have to play around to get the best experience.
Okay! For those who just can't the formatting to work no matter what, I bring you a different take, through the magic of Screenshots! ImageImageImageImage
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it was the first lorebook for #pathfinder2e that i really dug into as prep for the Strength of Thousands adventure path. Garund is supposed to be fantasy Africa + fantasy African diaspora, & it's so great to read recognition of how lovingly African sources have been treated here.
I'm a #ttrpg player, and i'm aware of how eurocentric and subtly or not-so-subtly racist most fantasy spaces and depictions can be. Pathfinder tries a lot harder to actively do good by cultural treatment than big leviathans like #DnD have tended to in the past.
If there's any nerdy comrades of african descent who are into #TTRPGs, give this one a shot. Pathfinder is a very cool system, and the setting is so much more vivid than your usual fare. Read this review 🙏 the art is amazing, and the lore is awesome AND funny
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This sounds like a lot of fun and something I can do despite the distressing things happening in my life right now!

Please let me know how you like my replies and don't be shy to interact or ask questions. 💜 Image
I'm Alexej 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🇩🇪🇬🇧🇪🇺 - passionate writer & illustrator of #TTRPGs, YA & erotic fiction and I'm a #MonsterLover 💜

I write eldritch-noir detective stories about the fictional struggles of a queer warlock under a totalitarian regime in the world after the apocalypse.

I use a pen name to keep my #nsfw & #sfw art separate - not out of shame but as convenience for my readers. Some of my scenarios are very explicit and/or feature kinks many find problematic. And that's fair! I'll keep this thread #sfw & vanilla tho. (European standards)

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HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS #dnd5e #pathfinder #TTRPGs Image
Well this blew up a bit didn't it?! If you guys could click buttons for me on the below platforms that would be amazing! TY #ttrpgfamily
This is the first tweet I have ever had that broke 10k likes! Thanks everyone, please do click buttons for algorithms on the above post! Have a great weekend, twitter!
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It’s occult creation of alternate dimension(s) which our rulers will control. With our screens we already live in it most of the time but meta will bring us there full time. Elfland but gh3y.
The spider egg dream in Bladerunner is about this. We are replicants insomuch as our rulers program our dreams, memory, and aspirations with popular culture and fake news. Image
It’s matrix obviously ofc, though it’s such a tired metaphor I loathe to use it. The robots using human body heat etc to make batteries was metaphor for the post covid lovkdown world. No one interacting yet somehow the Metaverse economy (and social) continuing on as golem Image
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I said I'd print it after I hit $1k, and we hit $1k, so here we are!

KANABO is a d100-based rules-lite adventure game set loosely in Tokugawa-era Japan (1600–1868) and based on iconic sword-fighting movies. James Mendez Hodes (@LulaVampiro) did the cultural consulting on it! ImageImage
in the 17-page Player's Handbook:
-Tools for safe play
-A lightweight, easy-to-run d100 system with four stats
-A randomized character system that provides compelling starting points for your adventurer
-Hirelings, tools, clothes, provisions, and weaponsp ImageImage
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Reading comments on #DeltaGreen today really cemented a thought that’s been floating around in my head: people don’t buy #TTRPGs for rules, they buy them for rules AND a compelling world. And it’s ok if the rules are merely sufficient, but the world? Not so much.
The job of a #TTRPG book is to HAND OFF the world to the GM. To christen them God and tell them “do what thou will with this,” but to jump that hurdle you must ENTERTAIN AND HOOK THE GM.

This sounds obvious, but apparently (based on some comments) a lot of people don’t get it.
“Why do you have a giant timeline in the Handler’s guide?” A GM coming in blank to a game is a God-in-training. They need to get the flavour (to change the flavour but they have to know what it IS first). The background. The characters. The factions. The history it is not fluff.
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Most of these creative businesses people daydream about are vanishing small, but none is so tiny as #TTRPGs. There are perhaps a hundred or so real, workaday-world jobs in the whole “industry”. And once you get past WotC, Paizo and Chaosium, that ground grows very sparse indeed.
People like to imagine some complex creative ecosystem of pros and non-pros, but in #TTRPGs, that line is blurred so much as to not exist. A nobody with no backing can win game of the year, and sell more than enough to make it all worthwhile all on their own.
I have worked professionally in #comics, #books, #videogames, and #cardgames and none of them approach the level of freedom and ease-of-liftoff of #TTRPGs. It is quite literally something you can just choose to try without a huge wind-up or buy-in from some tastemaker.
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Hi... Friendly Neighborhood TTRPG Designer here....

Can we please get away from the "tragic backstory" TM for not only PC characters but also NPCs. Specifically those "monstrous race" NPCs. Why can't the bugbear baker have loving parents and stable home life? #dnd #ttrpgs
Well this kinda took off for me...

If something like this intrigues you, then you should pick up the first Volume of #NotAnotherMonsterQuest because friend shaped monsters should be more common.…
So there has been some discussion about "people wouldn't do high risk adventures if they have a stable home life" but I disagree. I think it's a lot easier to go off adventuring if you have people who support you, rather than doing it alone. Just one creators thoughts...
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The #TTRPG market is so weird in that it has a shocking number of titles promoted for a given style whose systems just do not do that. It is pretty much the norm. This covers everything from #TRPG titans to smaller #indiegames.
If you randomly name a #TTRPG and look at how it is marketed (by both the publisher(s) and fans) vs what it actually does, you have at least a 50/50 shot of naming an example. (Unless you're way deep into one of a few #TRPG #indiegame niches.) It's an endemic issue.
We can even leave #DnD and its derivatives completely out of it. The problem with #TTRPGs still remains. It is still the norm to have rulesets that do not do what they say or at best (or perhaps worse depending on POV) the description is technically correct but deeply misleading.
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There is a controversy happening in the #DnD twitterers currently.

I’m seeing a lot of (older, white) TTRPG creators today saying, “If you agree to do freelance work, you get what you signed up for. Don’t complain.”

We disagree. Here’s why.

#DnD5e #CandlekeepMysteries
It's perfectly reasonable to want to enter an industry that historically has treated people poorly but want to be treated better.

Imagine someone saying 'don't complain' to a union activist trying to fight for workers’ rights!

#DnD5e #DnD #CandlekeepMysteries
But in this particular case, the issue IS NOT about getting work changed.

An older white man inserted the word PRIMITIVE into the text of a black man whose is well-known for arguing against colonialism in #DnD! Here's why that is exceptionally bad:

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Ok so weapons and skill, or why all weapons in a #ttrpg should deal the same damage... The thread!

*gets coffee before that, this will be a long one*
I will be talking about this a BOTH a ttrpg designer but also as a martial artist.

All weapons are made for one purpose: To wound and kill. That's about it. They are tools who depend on the capability of the user itself.

Some weapons are easier to learn, some aren't.
All in all I would say that you could become somewhat proficient enough with all weapons to effectively use them in combat in a few months.
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D&D has a race problem.

In @WIRED, @mjgault describes @Wizards_DnD's resistance to changing parts of #DnD lore & rules concerning #race.

They want to retain the game's legacy. Here's why that's a problem:

A core element of #DnD5e is retained from #DnD's earliest days: fantasy races have significant inborn differences that include ability and morality. So, elves are smart, agile, & good, while orcs are strong, dumb, & evil -- they’re biologically savage & menacing.

Why is this a problem, you ask? Because it mirrors real world racism, & lots of folks don't like to play out fantasy racism when they have to deal with it in the real world as well.

Imagine if an RPG required you to role-play being sexual assaulted; it would alienate many.

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A common take on why #TTRPGs attract interest is the "you can do anything!" tagline. To be more precise, what actually happens is that the reasons why you can't do something in an #ttrpg are different from those in a video-game. 1/3
Namely, you don't do something because it ruins someone else's fun (or even your fun in the long run). Or you don't want to be aware of this so you trust that someone else will say no to you instead. Or they don't want to say no to you, so they use the game to say no for them 2/3
So the other side of "you can do anything!" is "somebody will tell a story just for you!" That's probably a very attractive thing when people learn about something like #dnd. There are people out there who may have a story just for you, that's the underlying promise. 3/3
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1/5 Putting out the data from that I collected from reddit, September to December. For a total of 34 320 unique users that posted/commented during these months, 25 563 were active solely on r/dnd (75%), 7 972 on r/rpg (23%) and 785 on both (2%).
2/5 So, 3 out of 4 of all unique users in the two biggest RPG subreddits are active only in r/dnd. If we look for #TTRPGs ranked on ICv2 and look at subreddit subscribers, something like r/pathfinder has 29 948, r/shadowrun 40 697, r/rpg 1 307 575 and r/dnd 2 234 415.
3/5 One question is if r/dnd can be a gateway for other RPGs as compared with r/rpg. So, I've also looked at the smaller subreddits to check the possible overlap. For example, r/dnd and r/shadowrun had 69 users in common while r/rpg shared 124 with that subreddit.
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@likesevenspoon @Owen_Stephens Deep History of Gaming prompt!

I was a founding member of The Hobbit Cavaliers, Fayetteville/Ft.Bragg/PopeAFB's first TTRPG group. Well-known in the early days of gaming. 1/
@likesevenspoon @Owen_Stephens A distinguishing trait of THCav was that you earned respect if you knew what your character knew. So, we shared knowledge about all KINDS of things. This is why I have so many fields of expertise. 2/
@likesevenspoon @Owen_Stephens Some of you may be familiar with a character I write named Tannim Drake.
Tannim began as an RPG character in a THCav campaign. Since he was a wheelman, I studied performance driving, stunts & the like. Think "Baby Driver," even the shades. 3/
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I have a lot of thoughts about this, but chiefest among them is: don't be scared of white space. You are vinting delicious wine, and it needs air to breathe.

Art can go there, or sidebars. Or, most controversially, the bookkeeper can WRITE IN their own notes there. 1/x
When I started designing D&D books, I mimicked the two-column layout of existing WOTC texts. It worked for them, so why deviate?

But even WOTC wasn't perfect here, like, say... when they wrapped text around art in 3.5e. You cram in more words, but it's much less readable. 2/x ImageImage
I leveled up when I read Robert Bringhurst's Elements of Typographic Style. This is a must-read for all text designers. It explains and demonstrates. The work itself is an example of the craft. (This beautiful book is also set in the best of all possible fonts, Minion.) 3/x ImageImage
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#selfpromosaturday for my late night #TTRPG, #PodernFamily, #artists, and #writing lovelies! Drop your hype and links! Share your lovely stuff with us! Like, rt, follow, comment to each other, be excellent. #SelfPromotionSaturday #TRPG #RPG #gamers #fantasy #horror
#Motif Story Engine seamlessly enables #solorpg, #GMless, and #noprep play. Use it with your favorite #TTRPGs, like #DnD or #SavageWorlds. Simple 3d6 system with rich results. Includes patches for twists & turns and running mysteries. #TTRPG #IndieGameDev…
No Angels Live Here, an occult detective agency #TTRPG supporting everything from single player #solorpg mode to classic #GM tables. Player facing system without NPC rolls. Explore a supernatural world and join the fight against the Dark! #IndieGame #Motif…
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On today's #ttrpg docket - rebuilding 20 year old villains for modern day audiences. #spycraft3 @craftygames
This has been a fun project, but a challenging one. @BryanCPSteele and I have been diving into the Spycraft lore deep, looking for ways to bind the game's past to its new incarnation. This process has crystalized how I think about effective worldbuilding in existing properties.
(BTW Bry has been a real trooper in this process, as I've swatted away a lot of drafts trying to sort this out for myself. I'm sharing in the hopes maybe you all can dodge some of our collective pain)
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#Race in #DnD:
Racial Essentialism is the view that talents, behaviors, and&personalities can be generalized across groups of people simply in virtue of their 'racial' category. It's the core of real world racism.

So why is it an central part of #DnD5e?
#ttrpg @wizards_DnD
I know, orcs & elves aren’t real. But folks who have suffered racist harm often recognize racial essentialism when they see it, & seeing it when they are trying to make their PCs for #DnD can ruin their fun and alienate them.

#ttrpgs #DnD5e @Wizards_DnD

Imagine including another form of social violence as a necessary part of PC creation in #DnD. Imagine if you had to encounter sexual assault when making your #DnD5e character! Yes, it's pretend. But that still can ruin someone's experience.
#ttrpgs @Wizards_DnD
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Some #ttrpg verbs I have little interest in:

To run, as in running games like I'm some kind of machine.

To let, as in letting someone do a thing as if I'm some kind of authority.

To deal, as in having to deal with some problem that the game I payed money for is ignoring.
To run or to be the referee (our heritage from Strategos that #dnd has infected many #ttrpgs with) means I don't get to play. Or that I play with myself while everyone just gets to color within the lines. Nope, hosting the game doesn't mean I can't get to play with my friends.
To let or this strange vocabulary where freedoms we all already have are "granted" to us by those who run (ugh) the game or by the game itself. Don't buy a game because it gives you a set of permissions. Buy it because it gives you the tools that can make what you want come true
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So memory loss is something that comes up in #TTRPGs sometimes, and I'm annoyed at something I consistently see come up.

As someone who loses memories with every big seizure (I have temporal lobe epilepsy), I want to speak from my personal perspective.

First: the idea that memory loss is disturbing, trauma inducing, or mentally strenuous and this is perpetually present in the one suffering memory loss.

To me, this rings incredibly false and comes off as tourism-trauma. So no, just no.

What's it like really?
Once again, this is personal and subjective but:

For me the memory gaps are impossible to perceive. The mind has a tendency to paper over things and recalibrate, it normalizes the memory loss because *you cannot remember what it felt like to not have the memory loss*
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Und weil es die liebe @chra war die mich wegen @KhazAndCrit drauf gebracht hatte, gibt's den #Duetgame Thread jetzt auch noch in deutsch für die #pnpde #ttrpg Twitter Blase 😘

Duospiele - 1on1 oder Duetgames - was ist das?

#Duetgame = 1 #ttrpg, 1 #GM / #DM + 1 Spieler

Du kannst ein Duetgame mit den Regeln von so ziemlich jedem #ttrpg spielen

#ttrpg #dnd #dnd5e #pnpde
Ich habe die meiste Erfahrung damit #DSA und #DnD / #dnd5e Duetgames zu leiten, aber ich habe auch schon #Duetgames in #Shadowrun und #Vampire the Masquerade gespielt und es hat super funktioniert und hat so viel Spaß gemacht!
#ttrpg #pnpde
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