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13 May
A non #COVID19 thread: When I first moved to #India, I'd open the newspaper to finds ads like these, for missing children. It made me wonder - where do they end up? Every 8 seconds a child goes missing in the country. So @Imo_Anderson investigated. #IndiasMissingChildren 👇
This is Sunita. She went "missing" from a remote and tribal village in the state of Jharkand a decade ago - a couple befriended her parents promising her an education - but were they were traffickers. Instead she was sent to Delhi to work for a family. #IndiasMissingChildren.
It’s a story we heard from others. Traffickers get friendly with a family, and dupe them into sending their children away. They’re middlemen. The children are then “sold” to others, ending up at “placement agencies” where they’re hired by Indian families. #IndiasMissingChildren.
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27 Feb
As the death toll in #DelhiRiots2020 rises, families wait at a mortuary in North East Delhi for the bodies of their loved ones. There’s an uneasy calm today, but for these relatives the horror continues. #DelhiViolence.
Everyone here has a story of loss. People here are crying. Others are also angry. #DelhiRiots2020. #DelhiRiots.
This lady says her brother in law was brutally beaten with iron rods. His name was Methab. He was just 22. #DelhiRiots2020.
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12 Nov 19
A #thread on #DelhiPollution.

The air pollution levels have shot back up in the Delhi area. Many people have been reporting sickness and headaches - but the group most at risk are children from poorer backgrounds.

Read this thread for more #DelhiAir:
We went to a slum in North Delhi last week to see the impact the sky high pollution levels were having on residents there. One NGO worker estimated that 90% of the children there had some sort of breathing problem, including pneumonia.

#DelhiAir #DelhiPollution
At the slum I met Shabhana with her three month old twins. She told me both have pneumonia, and blames the #DelhiPollution.

She's renting a nebuliser (she can't afford to buy one), so she can pump medicines to their lungs.

"The medicines aren't working, we're desperate."
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12 Jul 19
An important thread 👇🏽

Many of us take water for granted - but imagine living in a big city, where the taps have run dry. That's the plight of people in one of India's largest cities, #Chennai.

And what's going on there, could affect the wider world too.

The southern city of #Chennai is one of India's largest and richest. Yet millions now rely on water trucks as taps have run dry. There's a scramble when the truck arrives - sometimes it can even get tense. In the area we visited families get 5 buckets a day.
We met Valarmathi, who has to live with her family on 5 buckets of water a day. That's to bathe, cook, drink and wash clothes. It's hard to imagine how you'd survive on that in any situation. But India is also in the middle of a heatwave #ChennaiWaterCrisis
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27 Jun 19
A thread 👇🏽.

Last week I travelled to Dharamsala to the residence of the #DalaiLama.

He’s lived in exile in India for more than 60 years, after China sent troops into #Tibet in 1959.

As he approaches his 84th birthday I asked him a range of questions.

The interview was wide ranging.

The Dalai Lama was scathing about President Trump arguing he has “no moral principle”. He hit out at his America First policies.

Watch the clip here.

#BBCDalaiLama. #DalaiLama #Trump.
It’s significant that the @DalaiLama hasn’t met or talked to @realDonaldTrump because he had such a strong relationship with past US presidents. Barack Obama and George W Bush most recently. George W Bush even did a painting of the Dalai Lama. bbc.com/news/av/world-…
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21 May 18
BREAKING - The man who killed Indian engineer Srinivas Kutchibhotla and injured two others in Kansas last year has pleaded guilty to federal hate crimes. The story remains one of the most moving I've ever covered. #Olathe #Kansas.
On an evening in February in 2017, two Indian engineers were having a drink at a sports bar in #Olathe, when Adam Purinton saw them. “Did you see the terrorists on the patio?” he told another patron at the bar.
A few weeks later, on Feb 22nd, he saw them again at the same bar. He asked them where they were from, and how they entered the country, calling one of them a terrorist. He then yelled - “Get out of my country!”. #Olathe.
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