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Pray for all the passengers and their families 🙏

The death toll in the #Odisha #trainaccident involving two express trains - #Bengaluru-#Howrah Express and #Shalimar-#Chennai #Coromandel Express -- and a goods train in #Balasore has risen to 238 and around 900 were injured.
#IndianAirForce (IAF) deployed Mi-17 helicopters for the evacuation of deceased and injured in the Odisha triple train accident, informed Eastern Command.

IAF is coordinating the rescue efforts with the civil administration and #IndianRailways.
While #Muslims are busy #mocking the death of #Hindus in the #TrainAccident. Here's #Odiya Hindus of #Odisha queuing at midnight to #donate #blood for the surviving #victims of the train accident. Irrespective of victim's #religion. That's the difference..
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#GCC has deployed special equipment to clean the waterbodies across #Chennai.
Mini Amphibian MA2 was used today to clean the pond at Ambattur in Div 79, Zn 7👇
Mini Amphibian MA1 was used today to clean Pallikaranai Pond in Div 190, Zn 14👇
Amphibian Classic V C4158 was used today to clean the pond at Koyambedu (Near STP CNG Plant) in Div 127, Zn 10👇
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“My wife got to know about a dog who was bleeding after being hit by a vehicle. Without thinking twice, I left my auto stand and went to pick up the injured dog, who was given timely help and rescued,” says Baskar.

#Respect #RealLifeHero #Rescue #Strays #Kindness #Heartwarming Image
He says that this led to more calls from rescue volunteers who needed transportation for injured animals.⁠

However, at that time, Baskar was driving a rented auto, and his owner was against him taking injured animals in the vehicle.⁠

#TamilNadu #Chennai
“I gave the auto back to him and decided to purchase my own. ⁠

Seeing an injured puppy being denied help ignited a spark in me, and I wanted to dedicate my life to helping these voiceless beings.
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20. Divine Shri krishna's Mandirs

1. Shri Dwarkadhish Mandir,
Dwarka, Gujarat

2. Krishna Janmabhoomi Mandir, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
3. Shri Krishna Mandir , Guruvayur, #Kerala
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1/N What is dry air and how it affects LPA or cyclone? Check this thread #Chennairains #Tamilnadurains #NEM2022 #Chennai #TamilNadu #94B
2/N Low pressure forms when air is warm from ocean surface(it can be from warm land as well)
When warm air rises low area of low pressure is created in ocean which attracts cool air as air moves from high pressure to low pressure area.#Chennairains #Tamilnadurains #NEM2022
3/N Since low pressure area (LPA) is warm region which expands & warm air rises. Once warm air rises more void will be created. To fill the void more air rushes into LPA. Again, the incoming air become warm & rises. This process continues #Chennairains #Tamilnadurains #NEM2022
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Long post alert

There has been a lot of talk about what is likely to happen for #Chennai and the surrounding districts in the next 4 days.

And it's been a while since I last gave a concrete update and so this I feel is the time to give one

#chennairains #chennaiweather (1/n)
To answer the big question here.

Will #Chennai and surrounding districts get heavy to very heavy rains as being discussed everywhere.

The straightforward answer would be a big "YES".

The next question that is being is being widely asked is why?

There is a low pressure area that is forming and taking shape in the Central Bay of Bengal region and is likely to move west towards Northern #Tamilnadu coast

It can become a well marked low and at best, a depression
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Chennai-based Ashwanth Kumar, food is the most direct way of spreading joy. Inspired by the kindness he'd observed in his late grandmother, the 25 YO now provides free meals to the underprivileged under Pankajam charity.
He started a #CommunityKitchen in his grandmother's home, which offers meals for Rs 15-Rs 20 and also gives for free to those who cannot afford them.⁠

"All the food is cooked by homemakers.
We have chefs to guide them, but they know it all, and we’re just creating opportunities for them."⁠
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The crown jewels of Chennai’s colonial architecture are its buildings in the Indo-Saracenic style. This walk is a journey through the genesis, evolution and pinnacle of a uniquely endemic architecture. Image
The buildings on this route are regal institutions, ornamenting the coastline for more than 150 years. From the much-decorated Presidency College to the historic Public Works Department, discover their stories, the people who made them and the legacy imprinted on the city.
Join us on the expedition to revisit the relics of #IndoSaracenicArchitecture, wherein we narrate to you stories extraordinaire.
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #India

Top Lineages (#30DayTrends):

BA.2.75.2 (16.1%)
BM.1.1 (10.6%)
BA.2.75.5 (9.9%)
BL.1 (8.2%)
BA.2.75.1 (6.5%)
XBB (5.3%) 👀
BM.4.1.1 (4.9%)
BA.5.2 (4.6%)
BY.1 (4.5%)
BL.2 (2.9%)
BA.5.2.1 (2.4%)…

Updated 10/05/22
Granular details - #VariantDashboard #India

Closely watching XBB recombinant lineage!
Curious case of #TamilNadu!

BA.2.75* sub-lineages are dominant in Tamil Nadu

(Previously BA.5* group of lineages were dominant)
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi paying tribute to #MahatmaGandhi on the occasion of his 153rd birthday anniversary, at #RajGhat in New Delhi.

Photos: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
President of India #DroupadiMurmu paying tribute to #MahatmaGandhi on the occasion of his 153rd birthday anniversary, at #RajGhat in New Delhi.

Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres urged people to shun violence by following #MahatmaGandhi 's principles of #Ahimsa (non-violence) on the occasion of his 153rd birth anniversary.
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Originally a village developed for weavers, with streets laid out without any social distinction, the planning of Chintadripet was ahead of its time. It played a vital role in East India Company's trade in cloth and thrived under the support and encouragement of the Britishers. Image
Beyond that, Chintadripet was home to individuals and communities who have shaped the locality and its development.

Today, Chintadripet is popular for its fish market, its fascinating history lost in the past.
The remnants of its bygone era can be found in the old houses, age-old markets, traditional businesses, educational and religious institutions, and its residents.

Come join us on this exploration and discover stories of vision, perseverance, legacy, tradition, and philanthropy.
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This October, come join us as we embark on journeys of discovery and exploration, uncovering fascinating stories of the city's historical pockets.
Do save the dates and join us as we walk through the city's enchanting historic enclaves and engage in conversations about history, architecture, heritage, planning, culture, heritage awareness, and conservation.

We look forward to seeing you!
In case you would like a customised, private heritage walk, please write to us at

The registration for each of the walks will open on Mondays prior to the date of the walk.
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#Chess evolved as a metaphor for society. Every pawn aspires to become a queen. That's how we tempt them to be first into the fray and take the brunt of the battle. Little do they know the chances of changing their status are slim to none. So long as the king lives nobody cares.
Knights, they are brave, they are bold, they jump over friends & foe to get right to the heart of the battle, they can strike here, and over there too & you don't want one on your side of the board! They step to the side when they stop, that's what horses do when reined in short!
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🌉 List of cable stayed bridges coming up in #chennai as part of 20.5 km PORT-MADURAVOYAL elevated road

1. Maduravoyal clover leaf interchange
A suspension bridge with cloverleaf entry&exits above the existing one @ maduravoyal interchange making it a double level cloverleaf.
2. Location : Koyambedu

This cable stayed structure will zoom past & cross Koyambedu cooum river bridge near Vr mall, existing metro green line, upcoming elevated metro red line with two cable stayed spans

@UpdatesChennai @updates_tn @TheVenks @VinTN @arulmuru182002
3. Location : Napiers bridge , Near Port

This cable stayed bridge will be near the port & starting point of the expressway and will be crossing the existing napiers bridge and cooum river .

@TheMetroRailGuy @cbdhage @marinebharat
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How to get away with murder


With less than 50% conviction rate overall and even less in heinous crimes like murder, the police chargesheet is the playbook for ‘getting away with murder’ I write on the recent acquittals in murder trials in #Chennai Mahila court. @dt_next
In last two months, verdict was given in seven murder cases, four of them ending in acquittal. It is unlikely that #Chennai police would take up these cases for re-investigation.But the victims- a 4 y/o child, a young widow who left behind her two children are robbed of justice
Within two months of her adoption from an orphanage in Madurai, Clara was dead. Post mortem confirmed it was a murder. Eleven months later, Chintadripet police arrested the adoptive father, X Gerard, an advocate. Police theory was that he was upset that he got a ‘defective’ child
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Here is a round-up of #PrideMonth with The Hindu.
We take you through all the inspiring stories we've come across this month and how different cities in India and the world celebrated #PrideMonth2022.
#PrideMonth | A 24-year-old woman in #Gujarat's #Vadodara city married herself by undergoing traditional rituals of a Hindu wedding.
#KshamaBindu, who identifies as #bisexual, claims that her marriage will be the first instance of #sologamy in India.
#PrideMonth | What does meaningful inclusion look like? How can corporations prove their allegiances to the great, grand cause of #queer liberation? A nondescript bakery in a sleepy #Juhu lane in #Mumbai shows us.
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Fellow #Chennai-iites: I'm making a list of eateries that symbolizes Chennai for a visiting foodie friend, a list that won't contain Sangeetha's & A2Bs.

My list so far

Mess: Gomathi, Rayar, Mami, Jannal Kadai

Slightly bigger: Guest Hotel, Welcome Hotel

Add to it, pls?
Need help with non-veg joints too (that's something I have absolutely no clue).
Even bigger: New Andhra Meals, National Lodge, Hotel Maris
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மெட்ராஸின் பெண்கள் எபி. 13

துர்காபாய் தேஷ்முக் இந்திய சுதந்திரப் போராளி, வழக்கறிஞர், சமூக தொழிலாளி மற்றும் அரசியல்வாதி. அவர் இந்திய அரசியலமைப்பு சபையின் உறுப்பினராகவும், இந்திய திட்டக் குழுவின் உறுப்பினராகவும் இருந்தார்.
பெண்கள் விடுவிப்புக்கான பொதுநல ஆர்வலராகவும்,1937ல் ஆந்திர மகளிர் சபையை (ஆந்திர மகளிர் மாநாடு) துவங்கிவைத்தார். அவர் மத்திய சமூக நல வாரியத்தின் நிறுவனர் தலைவராகவும் இருந்தார்.
Madrasin Pengal Ep. 13

Durgabai Deshmukh was an Indian freedom fighter, lawyer, social worker and politician. She was a Member of the Constituent Assembly of India and a member of the Planning Commission of India.
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Chennai-yin Rusigal #021

What: #Buttermilk from Chetta's Buttermilk

Where: Chetta's Buttermilk, Murugesan Complex Road (off Greams Road) Thousand Lights

Why: One would wonder what the deal with a simple dish as the buttermilk was.
We would say it's the taste and the loyal customer base. The buttermilk here is loaded with cut raw mangoes (maanga) and boondi, and the taste is heavenly! According to 'The Hindu', the curd for this buttermilk comes from a dairy farm in Walajabad.
It arrives at 04:00 am and around 50 litres of buttermilk is made at 04:00 pm every day. Their USP? They operate only during the late hours of the night! The crowds, both families and friends, that gather to have Chetta's Buttermilk is an experience by itself!
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Off late there has been a lot of talk about why Chennai/TN aren’t in the startup race despite the talent density and why BLR/MUM/DEL take most of the honours! Here is a 🧵on my take

In the good old days, #Bengaluru was THE place for IT aspirants across India. Any kid choosing to study IT wanted to be placed in the companies hailing from Bangalore

Most Indian IT stalwarts like @Infosys , @TCS , @Wipro and large foreign consulting/product cos chose Bangalore as the hotspot. The city had a unique advantage of having both linguistic and lifestyle compatibility. 3/n
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My #KashmirFiles movie & theater experience yesterday
☄After Uri I am watching an Indian Movie!
☄Superbly sequenced & lot of thought has gone into lining up incidents in a apt way
I was speechless & dumbstruck at the horrific k!lling & torture our #Hindus in Kashmir faced
in Jan 1990
☄Let's henceforth call it as #Hindugenocide not Exodus!😞
☄My daughter,at one point of time became too emotional & started giving gallies & countering statements-her mind voice was coming out & I had to silence her !
Imagine in #Chennai during
the movie - people shouted #Jaihind & #BharatMataKiJai
But I see they are not #Tamizhians ofcourse!
☄People who get depressed easily should not watch! The k!lling of character sharada was horrendous & we closed our eyes!
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#மெட்ராஸின்பெண்கள் எபி. 01
அன்னை மீனாம்பாள்

தலித் வரலாற்றில் ஒரு முக்கிய நபரான #அன்னைமீனாம்பாள், ஆரம்பகால தலித் பெண் தலைவர்களில் ஒருவராகவும், தலித் பெண்களை அரசியலில் சேர்ப்பதற்கான முக்கியமான வழக்கறிஞராகவும் கருதப்படுகிறார். சுயமரியாதை இயக்கத்தின் (ஈ.வி. ராமசாமியால் 1925
- இல் தொடங்கப்பட்டது) ஒரு வலுவான ஆதரவாளரும், பெண்ணியவாதியுமான அவர், தீண்டாமை, அடக்குமுறை, சாதி ஏற்றத்தாழ்வு ஆகியவற்றுக்கு எதிரான போராட்டத்தில் பெண்களை கல்வியின் மூலம் தீவிரமாகப் பங்கேற்க ஊக்குவித்தார்.
#MadrasinPengal Ep. 01
Annai Meenambal

A pivotal figure in Dalit history, #AnnaiMeenambal is considered to be one of the earliest Dalit woman leaders and an important advocate for the inclusion of Dalit women in politics. A strong proponent of the Self-Respect Movement
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🧵After over a decade, #Chennai is voting at local body elections TODAY!

Here's a set of explainers, articles and interviews, and most importantly, the complete zonal profiles with ward maps, and list of candidates compiled by @citizenmatters 👇
Zone 1, Thiruvottiyur

Wards – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14…

#ChennaiElection #ChennaiCorporation
Zone 2, Manali

Wards – 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21…

#ChennaiElection #ChennaiCorporation
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