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EP6 of my personal story in Chinese at . If you have Chinese speaking friends, please forward it to them. English versions are available in book form at
I always believe it is important to keep memories alive so that no one can... Image
... bury them. The persecution of #FalunGong is so ruthless, so inhumane, so anti-humanity and anti everything. Yet, because of the #CCP 's coverup, the world knows very little.
That's why I am doing this #OralHistory series.
And let me tell you, because we...
...looked the other way when the #CCP persecuted Falun Gong, and thought it had nothing to do with us, the CCP was able to extend its persecution to #Xinjiang , #HongKong , #Tibet , and many other places in the world. The CCP might even try to invade #Taiwan .
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Dogras captured Imperial Chinese flag bearing image of flying tiger/dragon named as Mantalai (Mansarovar) flag by #Dogras

#Mantalai Flag remind us of the Victory at Taklakot, and how a #Dogra Army penetrated 1400 Kms deep into Tibetan territory.
30th May Mantalai Day
#180years Image
When a #Rajput defeated combined armies of China & Tibet

General Zorawar Singh
#GenZorawarSingh #ZorawarSingh #Dogra #JAKRIF #Jammu #Ladakh #Tibet #IndianArmy #180years #MantalaiDay #MantalaiDiwas #30thMay
Today 30th May is celebrated as the Mantalai Day by the 4 JAKRIF to commemorate the victory of Dogra forces led by General Zorawar Singh
(Chandel Rajput) over combined Chinese & Tibetan troops
#GenZorawarSingh #ZorawarSingh #Dogra #JAKRIF #MantalaiDay #IndianArmy #30thMay #Jammu Image
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#Tibet's exile leader warns of #Chinese aggression: ‘#China will transform you’

The oppression of #Tibetans by the Chinese government is well documented – but new reports show that it's getting worse.

500,000 Tibetans are now being held in labor camps.…
2/ China is ramping up its abuses and 500,000 Tibetans are now being held in labor camps as part of a systematic genocidal campaign that has one aim. "They want to make Tibet into a Chinese province and they want to make Tibetans into Chinese,"
3/ The Chinese military has recently increased its presence in the country; forced sterilization is being reported, while people are routinely arrested and known to be tortured and killed. Sangay said it must be stopped.
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1/6 Some clips from the @ukhouseoflords #Genocide Debate last Thursday #Xinjiang #Burma #Tigray #Nigeria #Iraq #Sudan

In full at:…
Current arrangements simply do not work
I asked @DominicRaab if his intention was to accept the @HouseofCommons #Genocide declaration. #China #CCP
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China 🇨🇳 completes the construction of a strategic highway through the Brahmaputra Canyon in #Tibet, close to the Arunachal Pradesh border

#IndiaNarrative Image
A 2,114-meter tunnel was dug through on Saturday morning, marking the completion of the major construction of the 67.22-km road connecting Pad Township in the city of Nyingchi and Medog County
China has already cleared a plan to build a mega-dam over Brahmaputra Canyon by the country's Parliament, the National People's Congress (NPC) in March this year, sparking concerns in India.
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#EarthDay Thread: If you are a #climate activist and you haven’t heard about the #Tibet Climate Crisis, then read this thread! 1/
Tibetans have self governed for millennia, living a sustainable and nomadic way of life suitable for the unique climate they inhabit. This is not just the “Tibetan way of life,” but it has also benefitted everyone on Earth for generations. Why? 2/
Tibet is also known as the “Third Pole” and “Asia’s Water Tower.” Tibet holds the largest store of fresh water ANYWHERE outside the poles, mostly in the form of glaciers. These glaciers also produce 10 major rivers that flow thru Asia and supply fresh water to about 1.6B ppl. 3/
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We were waiting for later this week for a longer thread - the #MilkTeaAnniversary is more like mid-April - but for those who can't wait, the thread below walks through how #MilkTeaAlliance came into being. It's Very Online.

And this one collects protest art from HKers for our Thai friends in the #MilkTeaAlliance back in October

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March’s second scholar spotlight features Andrew Grant @angrant_1 and what will surely be his seminal work on urbanization, infrastructure, and #ethnicity in western China/eastern #Tibet, esp. Xining. Currently, Andrew is a VAP at @BostonCollege's International Studies Program.
Grant’s research provides sparkling examples of the cutting-edge work on Sino-Tibetan studies produced by geographers. Thorough, balanced, and with nuanced application of theory, his publications appear in @Pol_Geog_Jl, @CriticAsianStds, and Eurasian Journal of Geo and Econ.
His forthcoming book, “Borders of Global China,” will be published next year by @CambridgeUP. This book will be part of the Global China Elements Series edited by CK Lee.
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Apariciones de #Tintin, o de personajes y cosas de #Tintín en otros cómics. Una pequeña recopilación, no pretendo ser ni sistematico ni exhaustivo porque esto es inabarcable, pero la comparto con vosotros. Si alguien tiene más que no sean éstas, se agradecen las aportaciones.
Para empezar, los dibujados o firmados al menos por el mismo #Hergé. En estas dos portadas de Quique y Flupi, personajes también de Hergé, aparecen Tintín y #Milú, la cara que ponen en el cuadro en el de la izquierda es impagable :D ImageImage
Otro Tintín dibujado por Hergé, en Los Cuatro Ases y la Vaca Sagrada de #GeorgesChaulet y #FrançoisCraenhals. Se publicaban en la Revista Tintín y el mismo Hergé dibujó a su personaje para esta aparición. Image
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Happening now: @INDOPACOM Commander, Adm Phil Davidson testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee
.@INDOPACOM "laser focused" on @SecDef Lloyd Austin's top 5 priorities, starting w/#COVID19

"We also remain deeply focused on cultivating a safe environment for our DoD fulfill their oath to the Constitution" he says
"We must also work to eliminate sexual assault, sexual harassment, racism & extremism, which have no place within our ranks" per @INDOPACOM's Davidson "Such abhorrent behaviors are inconsistent w/our values & the principles we are sworn to defend"
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How the British Empire ravaged Tibet.

In 1903, a British military expedition crossed into the long-isolated and inhospitable land of Tibet - but the pseudo-diplomatic mission became a bloody assault. It rarely finds mention in the grand histories of the British Empire. #History
There were extraordinary characters involved in the invasion. Chief among them was Colonel Francis Younghusband, the head of the mission, admired by the likes of Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells, & John Buchan. Another key figure was Brigadier-General James Macdonald. #History #Tibet
Along with another 18000, accompanying them was the mission's Principal Medical Officer and official archeologist, Dr. Laurence Waddell, a man who is still regularly described as a real-life Indiana Jones. He was considered a leading British authority on Tibetan culture.
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Our territorial claims are known by our map; Has the "Tibetan Govt in exile", which Indian hawks want India to recognize as the "Govt of Tibet", ever accepted in word or deed, that it's the true boundary between India and Tibet? Has any other country in the world (except Bhutan)?
2/tibet 👍🏼👏👏👏 (incidentally the US has also, directly or indirectly, accepted our boundary in NE). Question mark still remains about #Tibet-#Ladakh boundary!
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Food for thought: #China's control of #Tibet is a threat to the #water security of #SouthAsia. The Tibetan plateau happens to be the largest water tank in the world. All major river systems originate there. 🗻🛶

#Uttarakhand #India #FarmBills2020

China uses river #water as a weapon. Some analysts have predicted even wars or war like situations resulting from the damming and diversion of Tibetan rivers. For 2 billion people, the rivers flowing from #Tibet constitute the lifeline. 🏔️🥤

#Uttarakhand #India #FarmBills2020
Diversion of waters from Nepalese rivers would directly affect the Ganga - the soul of the people living in #India and #Nepal.😟

China has so far not signed any bilateral treaty in regard to #water resources? 🏔️🛶

#Uttarkhand #FarmBills2020
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🚨 Must-read thread 👇👇👇

It’s focus is on Australia but it’s equally important to the US, Canada & any country that values basic rights, freedoms & rule of law.

The #CCP is engaged in least 1 full-on #genocide, & 2 that approach that designation (vs #Tibetans; #FalunGong).


#Tibet: (note we're looking at @MauraMoynihan1's 1998 WaPo piece here, so this is a long time in the making).
Clarification: The #CrimesAgainstHumanity perpetrated by the #CCP against these groups are ALL a long time in the making. My comment about #Tibet above is that we as "enlightened" societies knew full well back in 1998 the horrors that the #CCP is capable of & still opened...
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Sardar Patel's letter to Jawaharlal Nehru.
On #China & #Tibet.

Stark contrast to the far-sightedness of Sardar Patel.

Doesn't also reflect well on the BJP leadership either, that chose to get fooled by China, and ignore both history & realities.
"The Chinese Government has tried to delude us by professions of peaceful intention."

#SardarPatel #Nehru #China #Tibet
"The tragedy of it is that the Tibetans put faith in us; they choose to be guided by us, and we have been unable to get them out of the meshes of Chinese diplomacy or Chinese malevolence."
#SardarPatel #Nehru #China #Tibet
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La Chine annonce une campagne « Frapper fort » contre les internautes au #Tibet
Les autorités chinoises au Tibet ont encore renforcé les contrôles sur les flux d’informations dans la région, en arrêtant des #Tibétains l’année dernière pour avoir partagé des infos et...
⬇️⬇️⬇️ des opinions sur les médias sociaux et pour avoir contacté des familles ou personnes vivant en exil.
Dans la « Région autonome du Tibet (RAT) » a une fois de plus annoncé des poursuites pénales contre les activités en ligne pour « séparatisme » et...
...«affaiblir l’unité nationale», dans un avis daté du 24/12/2020, qui a été rendu public le 24/12. En énumérant une série d’activités en ligne illégales telles que l’utilisation de réseaux privés virtuels (VPN) et la participation à des groupes de discussion, l’avis indiquait...
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The Indo-Greeks were on decline & the grounds were fertile for yet another invasion of #India. This time it was the Yuezhi tribe of Gansu from #China. They established the #KushanEmpire.

This #thread is about Kushans & how they became Indianised, unlike later Islam!c invaders.
The Kushans started to establish themselves as a major power around 30 CE with Kujula Kadphises forming a confederacy of various tribes from China.

They adopted Greek as their court language, which was soon replaced by Bactrian, the popular local language.
They also adopted #Buddhism & #Hinduism as their religion. They issued coins with Hindu Gods like Shiva with a trishul & Buddha in Abhaya mudra.

This was unlike the later Islam!c invasions where the invaders would try to obliterate local languages and religions.
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Now that the #Tibetan Policy and Support Act is law, let's take a look at what the legislation does--and why the #TPSA matters /THREAD
2/ The #TPSA provides a much-needed update to US policy on #Tibet. It's the most comprehensive Tibet legislation in the United States since the Tibetan Policy Act of 2002
3/ The #TPSA creates an official US policy recognizing the authority of ONLY the @DalaiLama and Tibetan #Buddhists to decide on his succession. If any Chinese officials try to name their own Dalai Lama in the future--as China has long said it will do--they'll be sanctioned
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In 🇩🇪 gibt es 19 #Konfuzius-Institute. Nach eigener Aussage fördern sie die chinesische Sprache und Kultur im Ausland. Tatsächlich sind sie aber als Teil des Zentralen Propaganda-Departments der KPCh gegründet worden & damit Teil der „Soft Power“-Ausübung der chin. Regierung. 1/6
An den #KonfuziusInstitute|n können kritische Themen wie die #Tibet-Frage, die Menschenrechtsverletzungen gegenüber #Uiguren oder das gewaltsame Vorgehen gegen Demonstranten in #Hongkong nicht thematisiert werden. 2/6
Hinter scheinbar harmlosen Teezeremonien und Sprachkursen versteckt sich die eiskalte Propaganda eines autoritären Regimes. Das hat an unseren Hochschulen nichts verloren. 3/6
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#Nehru became the 1st Prime Minister of #India in 1947, in office till his death in 1964, longest serving till date. Till his dynasty thrived up to 2014 there was a personality cult around him but sheen had been wearing off for decades, he is currently a mostly unpopular figure
Nehru today is criticised for following a very weak defence policy allowing #Pakistan to invade and capture parts of Kingdom of #Jammu & #Kashmir in 1948, then instead of retaking back lost areas when J&K joined #India against advice of his cabinet members took the dispute to #UN
Nehru is further accused of aggravating #Kashmir issue by giving in to the nationalist #Kashmiri leader Sheikh Abdullah and providing J&K with distinct constitutional status; #Article370 which later created ripe conditions for Pakistan sponsored Islamist insurgency since 1980s
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#Taiwan 🇹🇼 #NationalDayTaiwan . Stay Strong. Together democracies will counter expansionist forces. Will we see closer India-Taiwan ties in the months & years ahead?
#Taiwan 🇹🇼 standing up to an expansionist #China is a must report story.
@iingwen has been talking about Taiwan's military modernisation & strategic ties with like minded democracies… Strong democracies together will deter expansionist bullies in the region
#Taiwan 🇹🇼

Not really cards for #India to play but relationships to cherish and nurture.

Should be part of India's strategic fold. Now & for ever.

#China is no friend of ours. Stronger strategic alliances with like minded countries is the best road ahead.
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The #Uighurs are predominantly #Muslim Turkish-speaking ethnic group, primarily from #China north-western region of Xingjang. The have been Subject to religions and ethnic presecution by Chinese authorities
Thousands of Mosques in #Xinjiang have been damaged or destroyed in just 3 years, leaving fewer in the region than at any time since cultural revolution, according to report on #Chinese oppression of #Muslim #minorities
#ChinaStory #uighurlivesmatter
Around 2/3rd of the area's mosque were affected, and around 50% of the protected cultural sites have been damaged or destroyed, including destruction of Ordam Majar(shrine), an ancient site of pilgrimage dating back to 10th century.
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1/ This week we will tell you about the “Bonardi photo”! Image
2/ Until the New Manuscripts from #Afghanistan (NMA) were purchased by the NLI a few years ago, the oldest surviving Persian document in Arabic script was thought to be the one photographed by Francesca Bonardi (we don’t know its whereabouts now).
3/ The document is a page long, written on a scroll-like paper rotulus, dated to dhu al-qa’da 470 of the Islamic era, i.e. May or June 1078 C.E. [In comparison, the earliest NMA doc is from 395 A.H., i.e. in 1005 C.E. (so just before Firdawsi completed his Shahnama in 1010 C.E.)]
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