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Despite his supporters that still exist in Canada, the Trump brand has become especially toxic in this country since he helped to foment an attack by supporters on the US Capitol on January 6. 1/25 #canpoli #CPCldr #CPC #TakeCanadaBack #cdnmedia

Conservative Party leader @erinotoole not surprisingly is trying to distance himself, though statements like "Take Canada Back" used during his leadership campaign echo the shallow populism of Trumpism. 2/25

The question arises then how much has Trumpism infected Canadian conservative politics? I know most of my conservative-voting extended family despise Trump and everything he stands for, but there are those for whom Trump is not just a hero, but a messianic figure. 3/25
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I want to provide some thoughts on the @CPC_HQ leadership of @ErinOTooleMP might mean for #cdnpoli but first a few disclaimers and background

Let me start by saying congratulations to @ErinOTooleMP for the win, and to his team who worked hard under difficult circumstances

#cdnpoli #cpcldr
I’ve known Erin for more than 10 years and always had respect for his service and dedication to his family and community, despite ideological divides

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There were 76,419 #cpcldr ballots cast in Ontario (population: 14.57 million) and 39,460 in Alberta (4.3 million). Only 7,647 Quebecers voted (8.5 million). Alberta represented 23% of all votes and yet only 10% of the points allocated. h/t @EricGrenierCBC
Here’s the full list of ballots cast, by province:

76,419 - Ontario
39,460 - Alberta
24,124 - B.C.
9,111 - Saskatchewan
7,647 - Quebec
6,393 - Manitoba
5,540 - Nova Scotia
1,013 - Newfoundland & Lab.
1,001 - P.E.I.
568 - North
Sorry, sorry forgot New Brunswick! 3,110 votes from there.
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CPC leadership in action on-stage at the #cpcldr convention: maskless with no physical distancing in the middle of a pandemic. Pay attention, Canada. #cdnpoli ImageImage
Hypocrisy of the new CPC leader: Example 1. #cdnpoli
Hypocrisy of the new CPC leader: Example 2. #cdnpoli
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And @ErinOTooleMP takes the Conservative Party of Canada CPC leadership! Congratulations on an unprecedented race to all involved, & I look forward to focusing on Unity & our Big Blue Tent going forward to beat Justin Trudeau. Proud to vote @CPC_HQ, always. #CPCLeadership #cpcldr
Thank you to all of the volunteers and scrutineers who worked tirelessly to ensure an accurate, fair result tonight. We owe you our gratitude and free rounds at D'Arcy McGee's for life. #CPCLeadership #cpcleader #CPCldr
3/ @ErinOTooleMP is a genuinely decent man who has stayed true to himself the entire race,& deserves the win. Kudos to @RebeccaOToole1 who played just as important a role as Erin in his success. Rebecca, Jack, Mollie, congrats & thank YOU for your leadership too ❤ #CPCLeadership
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Fascinating, Leslyn Lewis won... Saskatchewan. #cnpoli #CPCLeadership #cpcldr
Lewis’s win in Saskatchewan is interesting. She had solid support from some conservative heavyweights in the prov. She is a social conservative, pro-life. Fascinating to note the impact of groups like Campaign for Life Coalition on the ground/at the ballot box #cpcldr #cdnpoli
It is indeed interesting that a Black woman candidate to the Conservative leadership won in #Saskatchewan. #CPCLeadership #conservativeleadership #cpcldr #cdnpoli
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#breaking Conservative leadership results are now coming in #cdnpoli #cpcldr
In BC MacKay takes BC with O’Toole very close behind
MacKay takes Newfoundland again very close race
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The #CPCleadership announcement is delayed 90 min.

What are they hiding?
We demand an investigation.
Call the RCMP.
So many questions unanswered.
We all "know" what they are up to.
Connect the dots people, it's so obvious.
I'm so angry I threw my phone on the ground.
This meme says it all.
#ballotgate continues. Now 7:40 and all we have gotten is lies and a possible cover-up. Can we really trust the result?…
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Good evening #cpcldr folks — I'll be live-tweeting the results as we get them this evening. Of course, those results have already been delayed until 8 p.m. ET at the earliest.
The party's spokesperson says the envelope-opening machines sliced a number of ballots and "in order to properly tabulate them we have to remark a new ballot and to be sure that we’re remarking it in a way that reflects the voters intent, scrutineers are watching closely."
The leadership program starts with a tribute to Scheer, a speech from Scheer and then we'll jump into the first round of results. If a second round is required, that will follow roughly 30 minutes later.
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1/25 Today 🇨🇦 Conservatives choose a new leader

I was happy to join smart political minds like @MelissaLantsman, @DPinBC, @irbrodie, @howardanglin & @Sean_Speer in @JohnIbbitson’s excellent @globeandmail column on the party’s future

#cpcldr #cdnpoli…
2/25 I want to expand on the points in that column & elaborate on how 🇨🇦conservative philosophy & policy intersect with electoral strategy of the @CPC_HQ

If you ignore strategy you get to watch Liberals govern 😡
If you ignore your principles you get to become the Liberals 😱
3/25 Here’s a start. At the risk of unfairly singling out @konradyakabuski, virtually every assumption in the story below is wrong

Conservative electoral coalition is very different than Brian Mulroney’s day. Too many commentators are stuck in 1980s…
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I'm looking forward to the new @CPC_HQ leader who should vow to take strong action against Chinse & Pakistani regimes who are violating human rights. The time has time Canada should break its tie with China & Pakistan.#CPCldr
@PeterMacKay @LeslynLewis @ErinOTooleMP @DerekSloanCPC
.@JustinTrudeau always takes a bow in front of the dictator's regime like Chinese and Pakistani. But I am hoping you, @PeterMacKay @LeslynLewis @ErinOTooleMP @DerekSloanCPC must do a better job than Trudeau. #CPCLdr #cdnpoli
Pakistan & China both together are killing ethnic Balochs in their homeland, Balochistan. But, no one dares to speak against their cruelties. Yesterday, Pakistani security forces killed a student without any reason. #JusticeForHayatBaloch
@PeterMacKay @LeslynLewis @ErinOTooleMP
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Enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon with @FairVoteCanada, listening to @Arne_JJ from Germany, speaking about how #ProportionalRepresentation has worked, how it makes a difference in their politics and policies. Really interesting stuff! #polisci #ElectoralReform
(A thread)
It's so refreshing hearing about how parties work together, through honest and transparent agreements, collaboration and power sharing. Coming from North America/#cdnpoli, this level of maturity is such a foreign concept. Kudos to Germany!
@FairVoteCanada #ElectoralReform
.@Arne_JJ : Germany's #ProportionalRepresentation system has encouraged a diversity of voices, fair dist of seats, civil discourse, and a wide spectrum of views contributing to policy discussions.
(Again, so foreign a concept for #cdnpoli.)
@FairVoteCanada #ElectoralReform
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Not a fan of this debate format. Candidates don't have enough time to make coherent points, much less take each other on. They're not debating just repeating their talking points. This doesn't show members how any of them would engage in a general election debate #cpcldr
I think the idea was to keep them from rambling on or cutting each other out to fight for time, but 30 seconds is not enough time to say something serious.
Also not @lraitt's fault - she wouldn't have set the format, she's the moderator who has to follow the rules and keep candidates in line.
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Can't recall a four person question before in a leadership debate. Kind of odd. #cpcldr
Let's see how many times tonight we hear eight point plan, six point plan, etc
Meanwhile Derek Sloan... says there are not 72 genders and the Conservatives won a majority after cutting funding for foreign abortions.
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Conservative leadership candidate @PeterMacKay is promising he will weaken Canada’s firearm laws, but leaves the most important pledge he has made to the gun lobby out of his just released firearms platform. #cdnpoli #cpcldr #guncontrol 1/6
In his platform, MacKay promises to repeal Bill c-71 passed by the Liberals in 2019, which included provisions designed to strengthen background checks, record keeping, and gun transportation rules. He says he will replace it with something but provides no details. #cdnpoli 2/6
MacKay also promises to repeal the Order-in-Council issued after the #Portapique massacre by the federal government that prohibited a large number of mostly semi-automatic assault-style rifles, including the AR-15. #cdnpoli (image by @CH_Cartoon) 3/6
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This week on @TheWestBlock Fin Min @Bill_Morneau joins us promising no new taxes despite #COVID19 spending. Will he commit to a fiscal update before Parliament rises? What about protection for Cdn companies that Chinese and Saudi state owned entities want to scoop up? #cdnpoli
Plus @David_Mulroney talks about #China. He says the "mask" is slipping and we are seeing what China is really about following the Chinese Ambassador's interview on @TheWestBlock last week where a clear link as made between the two detained Canadians and Ms. Wanzhou #cdnfp
And @PeterMacKay joins us to discuss the Conservative leadership race. What's his big idea for Canada? Why has his campaign stumbled so much? Does he still want that fall election he was talking abt? Does he think the #CPCLDR team should have kicked out @jimkarahalios #cdnpoli
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On @TheWestBlock we have Employment Mi @CQualtro discussing how long the govt will extend programs like the CERB & wage subsidy, if conditions might start to be attached to those programs going forward and options on the table for paying down the massive coming deficit #cdnpoli
.@ErinOTooleMP joins us. Would he stop recognizing the One China policy? What his plan would be to get the economy back on track after COVID-19? And we'll ask about his swing right in the leadership campaign and whether the gloves are off against the MacKay campaign #cpcldr
Then with the current border closure only in place for a couple more weeks, former Ambassador to Canada and Governor of Michigan James Blanchard sits down with us on when the border might reopen and what happens if the President wants to do that before the PM does #cdnpoli
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Alberta Premier @jkenney has endorsed @ErinOTooleMP for Conservative leader. #cdnpoli #cpcldr Statement in next tweet
Kenney cites O'Toole's position on pipelines, ability to speak French, and his proposed legislation on critical infrastructure blockades and plan to designate pipelines as "Nationally-strategic projects."
Kenney also takes a shot a @PeterMacKay "No one will have their deeply-held beliefs dismissed as "stinking albatrosses" under Erin O’Toole’s leadership, " alluding to Mr. MacKay's criticism of @AndrewScheer's election performance on social issues #cdnpoli #cpcldr
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This has to be one of the lamest boasts I have seen in a long time. As one who feels big money should have less influence in Canadian elections, this is simply off-putting.
#cpcldr #cdnpoli 1/10
You are bragging that you managed to get more people to give you money faster. Big whoop. The CPC has a trained base. By now they automatically respond when they get a fund-raising email or phone call. $5 for this outrage, $5 for that outrage. 2/10
Your lot keep people's anger and blood pressure up so they will keep on shelling out the money. I wonder how many of them have any idea how this money they give the CPC is spent? Private school tuition, for example... 3/10
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#Wetsuweten Coles Notes (as I have been able to understand. It's really complicated.)
1) Elected band councils are 100% in favour of the LNG pipeline
2) Elected band councils are a construct of colonial policy and do not represent traditional Indigenous governance
3) There is some conflict within the Wetsuweten people as to who is actually a legitimate hereditary chief
4) Matriarchs in the Wetsueten people have been pushed aside by male claimants to the title of hereditary chiefs 2/25
5) Mowhawk groups from Ontario are in close conversation with the Wetsuweten hereditary chiefs and are launching supportive protests and blockades, (Remember OKA)
6) Other groups, some FN, some claiming to be allies, are launching protests 3/25
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These early #cpcldr polls of the general population do tell us a bit about what candidates might be viable and which are unlikely to compete, but I need to make a point about the “winability” measure that most are attempting to measure

Like the #elxn43 polls, I need to point out the importance of “where” instead of “how much”

An overwhelming approval or favourability in AB,BC &/or SK could make it appear one candidate has an advantage, while trailing among the remaining 2/3rds of the ridings in #cpcldr
So #cdnmedia should be cautious about #cpcldr polls that don’t provide regional breakouts

And Conservatives examining these with regards to “winability” should consider this same factor

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I must re-up this since John Baird is serious about running for #CPCldr and Prime Minister.

Baird and Jaime Watt threatened and coerced me into providing a false statement to Premier Eves after inappropriately touching me when I was a staffer for Finance Minister Janet Ecker.
I was advised Premier Eves was informed about the inappropriate behavior thru my office colleague in Minister Ecker's office, after I confided it to her.

I was told he was aware of similar incidents with other staff, and therefore was alarmed and angry.
Watt and John Baird told me that the premier was threatening to expel Baird from cabinet, and end his political career.

Watt told me if I did not beg for Baird's forgiveness for exposing him, and write a false statement to the premier denying it, they would ruin my life forever.
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