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10 Jan
#BREAKING: DOJ winds down Clinton-related inquiry championed by Trump, after finding NOTHING of consequence.

U.S. Attorney John Huber was tasked with reviewing the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.

The GOP will want to bury this story. Don't let them.…
#REMEMBER: After pressure from Trump, right-wing media, and Republicans...former-AG Sessions appointed John Huber, U.S. Attorney in Utah, to probe the Clinton Foundation and "Uranium One" conspiracy theories.

We now know he found nothing of consequence.

#REMEMBER: In a related effort to re-investigate Hillary Clinton, a politically-driven investigation against Trump's perceived adversaries...

In Oct., the State Dept quietly ended yet another probe into Hillary's email server.

They found no wrong-doing.
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23 Nov 19
#FACTCHECK: Republicans SUPPORTED the Biden-led effort to root out corruption in Ukraine, by seeking the removal of a corrupt Prosecutor General, Shokin.

Shokin was NOT prosecuting corruption. He was accepting and extorting the corrupt for bribes.

There was nothing to cover up.
#FACTCHECK: Zelenksy was PREPPED by Yermak, Volker and Sondland.

He was told he had to reassure Trump on the call that he was willing to work with Giuliani to investigate Burisma/the Bidens, and the 2016 conspiracy theory.

There are even text messages.

#FACTCHECK: The legality and legitimacy of the Impeachment Inquiry has been affirmed by the Chief Judge of the D.C. District Court, in a ruling one month ago.

Litigating every subpoena thru the courts is a delay tactic.

Dems are not playing Trump's game.
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6 Nov 19
#HUGE: Democrat Andy Beshear is the APPARENT WINNER of KY Governor race!

Republican Gov. Matt Bevin is one of the worst governors in the country.

Trump, McConnell, and Rand Paul ALL put their weight behind him last night.

And Bevin STILL lost in a state that Trump won by 30%!
#FTR: Just last night, Trump made clear what a potential loss in Kentucky would mean for him and the Republican party.

He'll soon claim the opposite.

DON'T let him forget it...

#PASTBLAST: My FIRST thread on Gov. Matt Bevin, who I've tracked since...

I may have misspelled his name back then, but it quickly became clear that he was ACTIVELY working against the interests of the people of KY in every way imaginable.

Good riddance!
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22 Oct 19
#WOW: Hillary DIDN'T say the "Russians" were grooming Tulsi Gabbard.

She said "REPUBLICANS" were grooming her for a 3rd party run.

"Mr. Merrill said late Friday evening that Mrs. Clinton’s initial “grooming” claim had referred to Republicans, not Russia, as initially reported."
#FTR: The article has been updated...but the reporter has NOT corrected her tweet.

Shortly after tweeting out the incorrect article, she retweeted the suggestion that Tulsi's primary challenger for her congress is not a serious opponent.

She's not even trying to hide her bias.
#PS: Hillary never even said Tulsi's name.

You should listen to the interview starting ~43 mins in.

The questions are about Republicans, who she refers to as "they."

She even says "they" and adds "and the Russians"...JUST before the misreported quote.…
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10 Oct 19
#TRUTHBOMB: Let's be clear.

Ken Vogel and the NYTimes ABSOLUTELY bought everything Giuliani and then-compromised Ukrainian prosecutor Lutsenko were peddling.

Two weeks ago, Ken Vogel claimed there was "more to the story," only to admit there wasn't any evidence, two days later.
#FTR: I have *NOT* favored a single democratic primary candidate in any of my tweets.

But the facts are clear...Ken Vogel and the NYTimes first reported the Biden-Ukraine "conspiracy," as if it were true.

I called out Vogel respectfully a few weeks ago.

#PS: I do NOT agree with the Biden Campaign's every move.

I called out their tone-deaf decision to tell networks not to book Giuliani.

But, despite most reporters' auto-defense of other reporters when criticized, the Biden Campaign is RIGHT in this case.
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7 Oct 19
@alicetweet, I used to think you weren't a partisan hack.

IK that this isn't a good way to start a tweet that you actually read, but frankly I'm upset I've defended you in the past.

Your appearance on ABC today was absurd and filled with lies. Which I thought to be beneath you.
Trump's actions are the definition of impeachable.

And Alice circa 2017 would've undoubtedly declared so.

Clearly, you've been hired by the RNC, or another conservative org since, which has sadly affected your "opinion."

But I thought you'd put country over party. I was wrong.
Stop pointing the finger at Schiff's prefaced dramatization of Trump's words.

He was clear...before and after...that he wasn't reading Trump's words, but suggesting the implicit meaning intended in between.

He bookended the hearing w/ a narrative.

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6 Oct 19
#UMM: Is now a good time to remind everyone that RON JOHNSON is the CHAIRMAN of the Senate Homeland Security Committee...?

You know, the committee that oversees DHS, the department in charge of SECURING OUR ELECTIONS...
#FLAG: In April, Sen. Ron Johnson was confronted about Russian election interference and DHS's primary role in election security and preventing it.

He claimed he cares about Russian election interference, but quickly downplayed it.

"Let's not blow this thing out of proportion."
#NOTE: As Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Johnson has not held a single hearing dedicated to #ElectionSecurity this year.

Not after the Mueller Report.

Not after DHS leadership was gutted.

Not after reports that it's not a priority.…
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4 Oct 19
#REDFLAG: So, it appears, Barr has likely opened a DOJ investigation into the Bidens, as we feared...
#REMEMBER: In May, Trump said it would "certainly" be "appropriate" to discuss opening an investigation into Biden with Barr.

“Certainly it is a very big issue...I have not spoken to him about it. Would I speak to him about it? I haven’t thought of that."…
#REMEMBER: ALSO in May, Barr dodged answering Sen. Harris's question as to whether Trump, or any White House official, has ever asked or suggested that he open an investigation into anyone...

He couldn't quite "grapple with the word 'suggest.'"

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28 Sep 19
#REDFLAG: If Trump was deliberately withholding defensive aid to Ukraine, in exchange for fabricated dirt on the Bidens...

What is he willing to GIVE China in exchange for fabricated dirt on the Bidens...while he's in the midst of a failing Trade War that's hurting the economy?
#FLAG: Worth noting, Trump and his Republican defenders keep mentioning China...
#WATCH: About a week ago, I flagged my concern that Trump might ask China for help investigating the Bidens... China leverage in trade negotiations, or perhaps even, concessions in exchange.

Today, Trump asked for China's help from the WH lawn.
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20 Sep 19
#REDFLAG: The Intelligence Community whistleblower complaint about Trump’s communications with a foreign leader centers on UKRAINE.

Trump made a "promise" to the foreign leader that poses an urgent threat to our national security/intelligence interests.…
#REMEMBER: Ukrainian prosecutors dropped investigations into Manafort + Kilimnik, let Kilimnik flee to Russia out of reach, and withdrew their offer to cooperate with Mueller...

Then, Trump finally approved long-pending defensive weapons sales to Ukraine.
#REDFLAG: Trump pressured President Zelensky of Ukraine to investigate the Bidens EIGHT TIMES on a July 25th call.

He urged Zelensky to work w/ Giuliani.

Giuliani pressed Ukrainian officials in 2 meetings this summer; one set up by the State Department.…
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17 Sep 19
#FACTCHECK: Republicans are pushing the FALSE narrative that the FBI didn't warn the Trump Campaign of potential Russian Interference in 2016.

That's a LIE.

The FBI briefed Trump and his campaign in August 2016, once he became the Republican nominee, after Lewandowsi was fired.
#FLAG: After Gaetz and Lewandowski tried to push the LIE that the FBI didn't brief the Trump Campaign of potential Russian Interference in 2016...

Jim Jordan tried to hammer it home.

This is a false narrative that the GOP, Barr, and Trump have all tried to push repeatedly.
#REMEMBER: Both Trump and Clinton were warned directly by the FBI in August 2016 that Russia could try to infiltrate or spy on their campaigns.

Trump has lied repeatedly that he wasn't warned by the FBI...and Republicans have continued to push the lie.

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27 Aug 19
#FTR: Trump is suggesting that Puerto Rico is a burden on the United States...because it finds itself in the path of another storm.

It's also worth noting that Dorian will likely side-swipe Puerto Rico, and directly hit Florida...which he interestingly doesn't see as a burden.
#FACTCHECK: Yet again, Trump claims Puerto Rico has received over $90 Billion in disaster aid.

That's a LIE.

That's the estimated total they'll need to fully recover.

Congress has allocated $42.5 Billion.

ONLY $14 Billion has actually been distributed.…
#PREVIOUSLY: Trump has a long history opposing disaster aid to Puerto Rico.

Then taking credit when he had to give in...

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24 Jul 19
#WATCH: Mueller warns...Russia continues to attack our elections "AS WE SIT HERE."

Q: "Did you think that this was a single attempt...or did you find evidence to suggest [Russia will] try to do this again?"

MUELLER: "It wasn't a single attempt. They're doing it as we sit here."
#FLAG: Mueller fears that accepting #ElectionInterference is the "new normal."

Q: "Have we established...[that any candidate] aware of a hostile foreign power trying to influence an election has no duty to report?"

MUELLER: "I hope this is not the new normal, but I fear it is."
#REDFLAG: The NRCC, the committee to elect Republicans in the House, REFUSED to pledge not to accept/use hacked materials in 2020.

It wasn't a part of ANY coverage today, despite Mueller's warnings about #ElectionInterference and fear of the "new normal."…
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3 Jul 19
#REDFLAG: The case to KILL the #ACA by the Trump Administration and 20 Republican AGs will proceed on 7/9.

Oral arguments will be heard by a panel in the 5th Circuit.

In Dec, a judge in TX ruled that the ACA is now unconstitutional (b/c the GOP repealed the individual mandate).
#REDFLAG: The Trump DOJ is now arguing that Congress and Dem State AGs CAN'T DEFEND the #ACA in court.

After refusing to defend the #ACA as 20 Republican AGs try to kill it...the Trump Administration is trying to block Democrats from defending it instead.
#FFS: One on the arguments Trump's DOJ is using to block Dem State AGs from defending the ACA... by claiming that even if it's struck down in the red states suing, doesn't mean that it'd be struck down nationwide.

That's not how FEDERAL laws work.
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29 Jun 19
@RealTimers - Are you aware the Tulsi Gabbard is the ONLY "Democratic" candidate being promoted by Russian trolls/bots? Are you comfortable giving her a platform, as it seems you are not aware of this?

Why do you think that is? #RTOvertime…
@RealTimers - She called that reporting about the Russian trolls/bots promoting her as "Fake News."

So if you believe her Trumpian response, did you know that Putin allies and apologists have ALSO been promoting her?

Why do you think that is? #RTOvertime…
@RealTimers - Her FIRST interview following the #DemDebate the other night was with Breitbart. Druge LOVES her. So does Fox News.

Why do you think that is? #RTOvertime…
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27 Jun 19
#REDFLAG: After a setback in the Supreme Court, Trump asks his lawyers if he can DELAY THE CENSUS

The census is constitutionally-mandated to begin in April 2020, under Article I, Section 2.

Trump is asking if he can IGNORE the Constitution b/c he doesn't like a SCOTUS decision.
#RELATED: The Supreme Court ruled against the Trump Administration's proposal to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census...for now.

It would've led to a severe undercount, which would've rigged elections and resources in favor of white Republicans.
#HUGEWIN: The Trump Administration will begin printing the 2020 Census WITHOUT the citizenship question.

After missing their deadline, some feared Trump may actually try to defy the Constitution and the law.

This is an incredible victory for democracy!…
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27 Jun 19
#DemDebate: Night One.

Candidates Tonight: De Blasio, Ryan, Castro, Booker, Warren, O'Rourke, Klobuchar, Gabbard, Inslee, & Delaney.

I might live tweet. I'll could also just pop-in here & there. I may not pop-in at all. Full disclosure, I've been drinking since 5PM.

Let's go!
#DemDebate: SO surreal to watch this right now...
#DemDebate: Castro is lucky. He may have a chance to shine tonight. In any other year w/o 25 candidates or if stakes weren't so high, his resume/story would make him the PERFECT candidate.

I'd love to see him become a real contender & fight for our vote.

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25 Jun 19
#FTR: Sheryl Gay Stolberg is HELL-BENT on taking Biden down.

I don't really understand why. But even if any of her "reporting" presents some valid points, we must keep her clear bias in mind.

Unfortunately, the @NYTimes bills her as a correspondent...not an opinion columnist...
@nytimes #FLAG: Oh, and for the record, I don't criticize journalists easily. Feel free to search my Twitter history.

In the meantime, remember some of Sheryl's recent reporting on Biden...and it's timing...
@nytimes #FTR: I've said it before, I'll say it again...I do NOT have a favored primary candidate yet.

I just won't stand for the primaries to be influenced by biased reporting...or for the nominee to emerge damaged, based on "scandals" that were blown out of proportion.

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18 Jun 19
Trump sees everything as a zero-sum gain.

Just like he conducted his businesses, in his mind, a "good deal" is one where he wins by any means necessary...and the other party loses.

Trump thinks a "win-win" means he's losing something.

That's NOT how diplomacy and trade work...
#FACTCHECK: Now onto the substance of his claim...

Trump fails to grasp the idea that the U.S. benefits greatly from the success of our European partners...especially Germany, which produces an large proportion of its cars HERE in the U.S....

#FACTCHECK: Furthermore, following the "stimulus remarks" by Mario Draghi Trump claims "unfairly" benefited Germany...U.S. stocks are up.

Moreover, Trump has called for the U.S. Fed to cut rates, but is angry when the European Central Bank does just that.
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7 Jun 19
He's so, so, so dumb...

He knows that NASA is going back to the Moon, as a part of their long-term goal of sending astronauts to Mars.

But he thinks talking about it is a bad PR move, I guess, because it doesn't sound "big"? And to Trump, it's all about size and superlatives.
#FTR: NASA is being clear. They're calling it the "Moon To Mars" program.

They must remaster human spaceflight, practice for extended stays (b/c going to Mars is a long trip/stay), placing tech in the Moon's orbit to "pick up" on the way to Mars, etc...…

Let's laugh at other sh!t he says. He was referring to the MISSION to Mars (which includes the Moon).

It's called the "Moon to Mars" program. The new Moon missions are essential to the missions to Mars.
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6 Jun 19
#FACTCHECK: The Disaster Relief bill was held up for months because Trump REFUSED to sign it if it included aid for PUERTO RICO.

It finally passed both houses, despite several attempts by loyal Republicans in Congress to block it.

Now Trump is trying to take credit for it...
#PREVIOUSLY: On June 3rd, the House passed the disaster relief bill.

58 loyal House Republicans voted against it.

#PREVIOUSLY: There were THREE other attempts to pass the Disaster Relief Bill in the House prior to the Memorial Day recess.

Each time, ONE HOUSE REPUBLICAN blocked the $19.1B package, out of loyalty for Trump.

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