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As a chemist, shall I tell you what annoys me in this #Watch picture? The graffiti. Not because there's 20th century spray-paint in—what ought to be—a pre-industrial setting, but because #TerryPratchett was fascinated by science & engineering & you KNOW that if he'd WANTED
spray paint he'd have carefully researched how spray cans work, how the pigments were developed, how solvents ensure a fine, even mist. He'd have looked up the original inventors (Francis Davis Millet & Edward Seymour, for the record) & read about how & why they
developed aerosol paint, AND THEN he'd have come up with something to explain it all, probably involving imps and the Alchemist's Guild, making clever puns on the inventor's names & undoubtedly somehow referencing the Chicago World Fair & Seymour of Sycamore, then he'd
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#BREAKING: State media in Lebanon reports a massive explosion in Beirut was caused by a major fire at a fireworks warehouse.…
#WATCH: Video captures the destruction on the streets of Beirut following a massive explosion Tuesday. Casualties reported by local media.
#DEVELOPING: Lebanon’s health minister says more than 25 people are dead and 2,500 injured in the Beirut explosion Tuesday. (Per AP)
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License plate: C47474R Ford Ranger

Driver description: White male, clean-shaven, lean, late 20’s/early 30’s

Help us find him!
#WATCH as he races to get away and then speeds through a red light! This man is a serious danger to everyone in Seattle — protesters, pedestrians, and drivers alike.
THE PLOT THICKENS: The man in this truck is a driver for @DoorDash and was making a delivery. The customer was literally watching the livestream as the silver truck pulled up outside their home.
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12,000 trees and counting🌳: Ecosia searches are planting trees in #India and @DeutscheWelle recently visited them and our partners at @ThinkSGI 🙌🏽✨ #Watch here:…
For more details on our work in India, visit the Ecosia #Blog ⏩🖱
In fact, you can find an updated list of all of Ecosia's tree-planting locations on the Ecosia #Blog 🌍🌎🌏…
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Don't think winning or losing Edo State is what will matter to some of us. Wait, @OfficialAPCNg my lose because of this & that.....So, how is that a bad News again?

When @OfficialAPCNg lost Zamfara through the Judiciary coup & @OfficialPDPNig took over Zamfara, it was disheartening. I said then that losing Zamfara does not affect my view about what will happen in Nigeria. Play your politics, some of us CARE LESS!
Get it clear, for some of us, @OfficialPDPNig as a party is a CONDEMNED party & it's a waste of time trying to think I care about them...THEY ARE CONDEMNED, QED.

Now, @OfficialAPCNg thought they have the floor within 6 years abi? No, Buharists will not support you to become PDP.
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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Before PM announced 20 Lakh Crore Economic Package

Feb-Apr: RBI injected Rs 8,01,603 Cr liquidity into the system

After lockdown, PM: Mahabharata was won in 18 days, the war against coronavirus vl take 21 days

Mar: In PMGKP, Rs 1,92,800 Cr was announced

What else?
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GOI revised it's borrowing by 53.85% to Rs 12 Lakh Cr frm Rs 7.8 Lakh Cr

Fiscal Deficit Target estimated earlier ws 3.5% of GDP. Increased borrowing vl expand FDT

A monthly Rs 1 Lakh Cr borrowing, now, is way above market's appetite

Where was India before the virus?
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Poverty, NPA, Unemployment, Inflation etc were High

Core Sector, GDP, Consumer spending etc were Low

Rupee Falling, Profitable PSUs on Sale, Banks Collapsing

☆But according to #Modinomics "Fundamentals of Economy were Strong"

What is self-reliant India mission?
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👀 (See Something, Say Something if it’s against the Constitution & our President.

Lets see what we got.

🚨Add yours as well.

😷All in one place.


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#WATCH: Thousands of people have congregated at Mumbai's railway stations to board trains taking them back to their respective home towns amid the #CoronavirusPandemic

#CoronavirusEffect #coronavirus #CoronaOutbreak #coronavirusindia #CautionYesPanicNo
A few glimpses from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, where presently, people wait in a huge crowd to board their respective trains

#CoronavirusEffect #coronavirus #CoronaOutbreak #coronavirusindia #LTT #LokmanyaTilakTerminus #CautionYesPanicNo
#WATCH: A packed train takes off from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, where presently, a huge crowd remains yet to board their respective trains

#CoronavirusEffect #coronavirus #CoronaOutbreak #coronavirusindia #LTT #LokmanyaTilakTerminus #CautionYesPanicNo
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#Corona Unmasked: Chinese intelligence officer reveals truth that it's a #BiologicalWeapon China developed and was to use to end Hong Kong protests but it backfired. If it's true, world must come together to end #biologicalweapons #CoronavirusOutbreak…
Disturbing questions about #coronavirus and China's role in #CoronavirusOutbreak how come 'all is well' in many parts of China while #WuhanCoronavius wreaking havoc world over? #CoronaKoDhona…
190 new cases of Covid-19 reported in Malaysia, almost all infections linked to an Islamic event in a Tablighi Mosque.
#Coronavid19 #coronapocolypse #WuhanCoronavirus…
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Shame on all humanity to see the suffering of the children of Yemen and continue to keep a defending silence.
It is a disgrace to all humanity to keep watching the children of Yemen in agony and dying from preventable diseases and man-made starvation without trying to
do something about it.

Enough is enough.
Please break the silence if you care.
#SaveYemen 🇾🇪
#StopTheWarOnYemen 🇾🇪
Western mainstream media will never report on these victims.
#Americans will never know that their government's support of the #Saudis is killing innocent children, but Ignorance is never an excuse for such sins.
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On the anniversary of #27FebSupriseDay when #PAF conducted a daring counter attack on #India with #OpSwiftRetort bombing them, shooting 2 #IAF jets & capturing #Abhinandan.

Let’s look at a hidden weapon of #PAF:
Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C Aircraft

#Indians were extremely scared of this weapon being in the use of a highly professional #PAF & desperately protested with Sweden not to sell.

But #Sweden still sold 6 of SAAB-2000 Airborne Early Warning Control Aircrafts to #Pakistan, 5 with AEW&C systems & 1 as transport.

#Pakistan became 1st customer in the world, with option to purchase 6 S-2000 aircraft with ERIEYE AEW&C, but due to #Kashmir earthquake we reduced order to 4.

When #PAF inducted 4 S-2000s ERIEYE AEW&Cs in 2009, #India sponsored #TTP terrorists to attack #Kamra Base in 2012.

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#WATCH: Check out these awesome #ToyStory character ice sculptures at Cripple Creek’s Ice Fest! This year’s theme is Carver’s Choice. All these carvers are competing to get YOUR vote for best in show! I’ll be featuring 3 more exhibits - Ice Fest is free & ends this Sunday! @KOAA
This next ice sculpture exhibit is themed after mythical creatures 🧚🦄✨! On top of fairies & unicorns, it features a dragon ice slide for the kiddos 🐉 (orrr the kids-at-heart, like me 😂). @KOAA
Hopefully this 3rd exhibit won’t bug you!😉 It features a giant scorpion🦂, tarantula🕷- but there’s a lil butterfly in there, too!🦋The artist behind this says his all-men team came up w/ the insect theme. I think they’re not that scary-looking - as long as they STAY frozen!😁
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Students of #Jamia just rang me up to say that a gun shot has just been heard near gate number 5 of Jamia university.

I'll share verified updates and video soon.
Video from Jamia.

Students say, "2 goons fired from a vehicle whose last 4 digits are 1534"

I'm trying to get a word from the Police. Will keep sharing VERIFIED details & videos.👇👇
According to students, "one of the gun attackers was wearing Red Jacket and driving a Red Scooty having Vehicle no. 1532."

Not 1534.

I'll keep sharing more VERIFIED updates & videos
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PFLP Hijacker #LeilaKhaled is not a model of #WomensRights. She is a violator of #HumanRights.

Her PFLP comrades also exploit human rights & were this year arrested for murdering 17 yr old #RinaShnerb

Where's Rina's picture?

#WomensMarch (1/n)
#WomensMarch isn't the 1st time that #WomensRights are perverted w/ #HumanRights violators like #LeilaKhaled

Female #terrorists are regularly glorified as role models for women by Palestinian NGOs, many funded by European gov'ts. #WATCH (2/n)
See #Thread on #LeilaKhaled's 5 PFLP comrades arrested for murdering 17 yr old #RinaShnerb. They worked for European-funded NGOs & claimed to promote #HumanRights. (3/n)

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Eyewitnesses said the 50-odd goons entered #JNUCampus and beat up students and teachers. #JNUSU #JNU

Updates |…
#Update | Secretary, HRD Ministry has called the Registrar, Proctor and Rector of #JNU to his office, today: news agency ANI. #JNU #JNUSU

More here…
"The violence and brutality faced by students, while protesting, is worrisome": Shiv Sena's Aaditya Thackeray on mob attack on #JNU students, teachers.

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Lead story now on

The cities where protests have so far not been disallowed include Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata and Bhopal.…

#NDTVLeadStory #CAAProtests #CitizenshipAmendmentAct
Road No. 13A between Mathura Road and Kalindi Kunj is closed for traffic movement. People travelling from DND or Akshardham to reach Delhi: Delhi Traffic Police.

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[#WATCH] Meet Khangelani Sibiya from Newcastle in KZN. He’s a Maths and Science who was awarded the ‘Best Global Teacher’ title at the weekend in Dubai. He incorporates traditional music and art during teaching and learning. VIDEO SUPPLIED. @NkoRaphael
The 33-year-old Sibiya currently works as a teacher in the Richardsbay area. He runs an NPO called KWV Tutoring, which he founded in 2008. On weekends, he grants extra classes to learners from different school. He says he’s reached over 25k learners since he started he NPO. ND.
At study camps organized by his NPO, Sibiya says the subjects of Maths and Science are ‘broken down for ease of understanding and vernacular language is incorporated in teaching and learning’. @NkoRaphael
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This is my 1st Tweet of my Dallas Trump Rally Thread!!
@xSTYMIEx @PainsAngels @TexasWhiteHats are 3 for sure I know will be there!
God Bless Everyone
Prayers for Safety
See Something, Say Something
Patriots Protect Patriots
ThanQ @realDonaldTrump 202Q
Looks Like Brick Suit Guy Is Ready in Dallas Already!!
God Bless All
See Something, Say Something..

The Line Is Growing In Dallas!!
Trump Rally 10.17
ThanQ @realDonaldTrump 202Q
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#UMM: Is now a good time to remind everyone that RON JOHNSON is the CHAIRMAN of the Senate Homeland Security Committee...?

You know, the committee that oversees DHS, the department in charge of SECURING OUR ELECTIONS...
#FLAG: In April, Sen. Ron Johnson was confronted about Russian election interference and DHS's primary role in election security and preventing it.

He claimed he cares about Russian election interference, but quickly downplayed it.

"Let's not blow this thing out of proportion."
#NOTE: As Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Johnson has not held a single hearing dedicated to #ElectionSecurity this year.

Not after the Mueller Report.

Not after DHS leadership was gutted.

Not after reports that it's not a priority.…
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#REDFLAG: Trump just admitted he's trying to find out the identity of the Whistleblower.
#WATCH: Trump: "We're trying to find out" who the Whistleblower is.

Outing their identity would be a felony, punishable by up to 3 yrs in prison.

As a matter of fact, his suggestion alone and threatening tweets are witness intimidation. Also impeachable.
***As Whistleblower protections are a hodge-podge of overlapping is unclear what the *specific* penalty would be for revealing their identity.

Doing so would certainly be illegal, as well as reprisal and witness intimidation.

All are undoubtedly impeachable offenses.
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#REDFLAG: If Trump was deliberately withholding defensive aid to Ukraine, in exchange for fabricated dirt on the Bidens...

What is he willing to GIVE China in exchange for fabricated dirt on the Bidens...while he's in the midst of a failing Trade War that's hurting the economy?
#FLAG: Worth noting, Trump and his Republican defenders keep mentioning China...
#WATCH: About a week ago, I flagged my concern that Trump might ask China for help investigating the Bidens... China leverage in trade negotiations, or perhaps even, concessions in exchange.

Today, Trump asked for China's help from the WH lawn.
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