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I may hate what they stand for but at least I can respect the Democrats honesty. #DemDebate
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As an aside: I don't think it is possible to have a debate about the Obama record without also understanding that it was shaped and defined (confined) by structural limitations in our democracy that have only grown worse, not better, since then. #DemDebate #DemDebate2 1/
Structural limitations that, btw, got zero questions during any of the first two series of debates and that will hamper any future Democratic president be it Bernie or Biden or Buttigieg or Warren or Harris. #DemDebate #DemDebate2 2/
The Framers thought that democracy meant having democratic institutions that looked like and were representative of the nation as a whole - in Adams' words that were an "exact portrait, a miniature." #DemDebate #DemDebate2 3/
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The #KamalaHarrisDestroyed hashtag is primarily MAGA supporters and bots.

That, plus further researching Tulsi Gabbard has me pretty convinced that Tulsi is a plant for the right and the 2020 version of Jill Stein.
This isn’t to say that Marianne Williamson isn’t also potentially a plant.

I believe she is just as much a distraction and issue, especially since she’s growing in popularity.
Take a look at these Google Trends maps of most searched candidates from before the #DemDebate and #DemDebate2.

Clearly the Marianne Williamson and Tulsi Gabbard teams know what they’re doing.

Again, no different from Jill Stein in 2016.
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I couldn’t figure out why so many toxic males who live in their moms’ basements were making comments on my Instagram page, but then I remembered I’m the @NRA’s worst nightmare. #DemDebate
It’s pretty incredible that the @NRA is posting drivel like this. They’ve completely abdicated any intelligent position on guns.
The @NRA limited comments on their Instagram post about me because they don’t like it when I share the messages gun extremists send me when I’m targeted, but they still send me DMs.
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Twitter is censoring @TulsiGabbard from appearing in United States trends. I got her to appear on worldwide trends but with over 113k tweets she should have been on one of my US trends lists. Tulsi Gabbard needs to address this like she did with Google.
#Tulsi2020 #DemDebate
@Twitter wants us to believe that "Assad" is tending at #12 in the United States but Tulsi Gabbard doesn't make the list. It's very clear that someone at Twitter has specifically removed her name from the trends list. @jack @kayvz @leslieberland @vijaya @derella
This is clearly Twitter interfering with our elections. Removing a candidate like this is directly harming their electability. Tulsi just filed a lawsuit against Google looks like she needs to send one your way. @brucefalck @michaelmontano @nedsegal @TwitterSupport
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Live now on @MSNBC: Brian Williams leads analysis of Night 2 of the #DemDebate.
De Blasio cites question to Biden while responding to question on Garner case:

He was...the second most important person in that admin. when that Justice Dept. failed to act in the Garner case and they told us to not do anything...because they could bring higher charges.
Filmmaker Michael Moore to Democrats facing 2020 primary choice:

"The worst thing to do go to the center and to think that's how we're going to win. This is how we're going to lose."
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I can’t believe all these old white Libs are blaming our first African American President for all their troubles.

SMH, racist much, Dems?

#DemocraticDebate2020 #DemDebate2
Tfw old white Libs sold you out because Orange man bad.....

It’s super weird that Dems are just finding out tonight that Obama was a garbage President.

It’s almost like the entire Lib party are just grifters looking for money and power.

Imagine how they’ll feel when they find out Obama deported more illegals than any other President.
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The polls will show that it was a very bad idea for Senators Harris, Booker, and Gillibrand to attack Joe Biden with the ferocity they did tonight

They come off as petty and mean

#DemDebate #DemDebate2 #CNNDebate
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It takes Harris to bring up abortion. The Hyde Amendment refers to not spending taxpayer money on abortions (except for cases to save a life, rape, or incest).

A majority of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion:…

In a 2016 poll that describes the Hyde Amendment, 55% of Americans supported it and only 29% opposed it.
Yes, she has gotten a lot of facts wrong in this debate:
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Y’all legal illiterate people irritate me. Let me school you on how a DA’s office works:
1. The DA is an elected position. She executed and implemented programs and CURRENT laws.
2. The ADAs have a client which is the municipality they work for.
3. An ADA’s (Assistant District Attorney) job is to protect the state by making sure the CURRENT laws are enforced.
4. Many of the weed laws were on the books when Kamala won DA.
5. Her ADAs enforced the laws as they were written on the books.
6. Because those laws were already codified (on the books) her ADAs applies the laws to the facts and of the sentencing guidelines called for jail time, then they followed the guidance.
7. A DA DOES NOT MAKE LAWS. The state legislature does that.
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Remember, I was the first person who said this. Do you want to know why Ben Shapiro promotes him so heavily?

Now you know.

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Here is what Kamala accomplished as CA AG....facts not smears. #KHive #DemDebate
Setting the record straight on the trash attacks on Kamala's record as DA/AG. Don't just take my word for it...I have contemporaneous sources included in the thread to backup what I say in videos. #KHive #Kamala2020
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#MedicareForAll #DemDebate

1/ I have seen how cripplingly high health insurance costs devastate employees, entrepreneurs and families. These middle men hoard profits that could be invested in payer higher wages. They are preventing innovation and stalling job creation.
2/ We need a true #MedicareForAll system -- not something that sounds like it, but really relies on private health insurance companies. A plan that would not remove health insurers, the middle men, from our health care payment system, is not the answer.
3/ My mom raised me by herself in Southern California and we lost our home to foreclosure when I was a teenager. My experience is the experience of tens of millions of other Americans and the experience of the nearly 8 out of 10 Americans who live paycheck to paycheck.
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Reality Check: Kamala Harris’ record on criminal justice #DemDebate

-Fought to keep inmates locked up in overcrowded prisons so they could be used for cheap labor.
-She “championed” a law that put the parents of truant kids in jail.…
-Fought to kill Proposition 19 in 2010, a measure that would have legalized marijuana for recreational use, though she now supports federal legislation that would do just that.
- As CA AG, she jailed thousands on marijuana charges and was against legalizing marijuana.
Harris also
-As San Francisco DA, Harris made increasing bail costs a priority. #DemDebate
-As California AG, she defended capital punishment.
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The candidates say they don’t want open borders, but say that they want to let everyone in. Sexual assault alone, though tragic, domestic violence, though tragic, are not valid asylum claims. Just as wanting a better life isn’t. #DemDebate
Dems step over our homeless vets, the addicted, the mentally ill, the feces, and the needles to welcome the illegals who Dems clearly believe deserve better lives than the citizen constituents they’ve given up on. #DemDebate
It’s a disgrace that the members of their own districts, sleeping on the streets, with the rats and sewage, don’t tug at Dems heartstrings or fuel their faux tears. Why? Because they are proof of the Dems’ incompetence at every level of government. #DemDebate
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1) #DemDebate part 2 - nasty fight between shiny Tulsi and Kamala
2) Tulsi is viciously attacking
3) Kamala you favor keeping cop killers alive you can rot
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@CoryBooker is right -- it's not enough to legalize marijuana... we must also:

1) clear marijuana records so people don't serve life sentences to poverty; and

2) reinvest savings from reduced incarceration into communities ravaged by the war on drugs.

@CoryBooker (and marijuana revenue, sigh character limits)
@CoryBooker An innovative @amprog idea for how to do this: a targeted job guarantee for distressed communities, funded by marijuana revenue…
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Okay, I've got an idea to improve #DemDebate2
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#DemDebate 😘 Keep it Simple, Stupid. The specific plan doesn’t matter. What matters is this: ONLY #Democrats plan to provide universal healthcare. Trump won’t do. In fact he’ll take it away. So we can go bold or not. All Dem plans are lightyears better than Dickensian GOP future
🎯@JulianCastro: “Open Borders” is a right-wing talking point.
#DemDebate #immigration #demagoguery #propaganda
👍😂@SenGillibrand: The first thing I’m gonna do when I’m President is Clorox the Oval Office! #DemDebate
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1/ I have over 8,000 pages of transcribed lectures by Tulsi Gabbard's guru. He says f*g or fa**ot 128 times. She didn't just grow up in a conservative home. She grew up in an #LGBTQ hate group & still serves this man. Hate lectures exposed here. #DemDebate2 #GabbardGayHateGuru
2/ Here's page 110 of 8,416 pages. This is the guru Tulsi Gabbard still deeply serves & worships in the Science of Identity cult, which is based here in my community, Kailua, HI. #DemDebate2 #GabbardGayHateGuru #LGBTQ hate group
3/ Pages 226-227 of the 8,000+ page lecture transcripts of Tulsi Gabbard's guru, Chris Butler aka Kris Butler aka Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupanda Paramahamsa aka Srila Prabhupad. #DemDebate2 #GabbardGayHateGuru #LGBTQ hate group
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Biden: "This is America and we are strong and great because of this diversity...not in spite of it" #DemDebate
Booker: "This pitting against progressives, against moderates...that to me is dividing a party and demoralizing us in face of the real enemy here." #DemDebate
Inslee: "It is time to give people adequate mental health care in this country" #DemDebate
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Biden: "This is America and we are strong and great because of this diversity...not in spite of it" #DemDebate
Booker: "This pitting against progressives, against moderates...that to me is dividing a party and demoralizing us in face of the real enemy here." #DemDebate
Inslee: "It is time to give people adequate mental health care in this country" #DemDebate
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Just woke up from a 2 hour nap, so I guess I am as ready as I am going to be for night 2 of the #DemDebate.

If I'm lucky, I overslept Jake Tapper's segment.
Just as bad, I turned on just in time for Biden.
Good: putting the question on screen during answers

Bad: having stupid wording on the questions you asked in the first place
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Princess NXVIM: Beating Trump is impossible. #DemDebate
Tulsi didn't make it 3 seconds before mentioning her service @PCNedStark #DemDebate
@PCNedStark Castro: Just wants us to like him, damn it...please. #DemDebate
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