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THREAD: The mediatic normalization of „Wacko Jacko”

A thread dedicated to how the medias - especially the tabloid press but not only - have contributed to bestialise @MichaelJackson in the public eyes over the decades #MichaelJackson #MJfam #Whoswacko
I dedicate this #Shameonyou thread to @TheSun and all tabloids that have actively contributed to spread the nickname #WackoJacko, among them the @TheNationalEnquirer, @theNewyorkpost @theDailymirror.
1) The roots of #WackoJacko : Jacko = M.O.N.K.E.Y

Let’s begin with the roots of the Jacko name with the story of Jacco Maccacco, the "accrobatic monkey" exhibited during animal fights in the early 19th century ⤵️⤵️⤵️

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WATCH: For 2-years the Democrats & Media have been lying to Americans about President @realDonaldTrump’s “Fine People” comments about #Charlottesville.

VIDEO: Sorry liberals, here’s the Charlottesville Hoax: DEBUNKED

via @YouTube
Video Credit: @rmead777 For more great videos and content follow this Patriot.
President Trump’s real comments from #Charlottesville prove the democrats and media have lied to you America.
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Okay- some of you are ready for this. Most of you are not. Regardless, Here it is:

The #Obama cabal was spying on virtually everyone (even Trump, yes).…
This included the #congress and more importantly, the Supreme Court of the United States. You are learning this now.

Makes sense yes? Wait, it will.

The #TRUTH always reverberates in your heart.…
One of the people caught up in the 'crossfire' was Justice #JohnRoberts. Roberts was totally compromised and threatened and went to #AntoninScalia for help.…

He confronted Obama and was threatened.…
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The Senate Appropriations committee is now discussion Senate Bill 7030 which would permit the arming of teachers. We'll keep you informed on this thread. You can also watch live here:
Sen. @SenMannyDiazJr is now introducing his strike-all amendment to the bill.
Diaz is still introducing the bill.

You can see his strike-all amendment here:…
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Gotta call this out.


The NYT tweeted that Barr said spying occurred on the Trump campaign...without any qualification, context, using "claimed' instead of said, nor a follow up correction.

And so this tweet lives on, misinforming the public.
The Washington Post did a better job...they provided context, conveyed the gravity of such an assertion, and used "thinks" instead of presenting the claim as a fact.

However, no follow up was issued when Barr clarified his claim.

And this tweet lives on.
#WATCH: Barr was ultimately forced to clarify.

First, he said that he meant "unauthorized surveillance" not "spying."


"I AM NOT SAYING IMPROPER SURVEILLANCE OCCURED. I am saying that I am concerned about it and am looking into it. That's all."
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1) Il ne faut pas commenter tous les tweets de #Trump mais celui-ci vaut son pesant de cacahuètes (de la ferme Jimmy Carter, bien sûr) Le président US s'y vante de discuter avec les chefs communistes du #Vietnam du passé militaire bidon de R. #Blumenthal, sénateur démocrate...RT
2)... tout d'abord, ce tweet apparaît surréaliste. #Trump est au Vietnam pour négocier un accord majeur avec la #CoréeduNord et en pleine journée, il n'a rien d'autre à faire que ressasser, en terre étrangère, 1 polémique avec 1 sénateur démocrate US sur 1 guerre il y a 50 ans...
3)... ensuite, alors que cette guerre du #Vietnam peut être encore 1 mémoire "vive" aux #EtatsUnis et que #Trump s'en est fait exempter pour 1 motif bidon, il ose jouer les patriotes de la 25e heure aux dépens d'un opposant politique qui, certes, s'est lui aussi peu illustré...
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Allez ça commence, on va tenter un live tweet / debunk en direct

#EnvoyéSpécial #FactCheck #glyphosate
Bon pour l'instant je suis pas très réactif, pas de grosse conneries à part l'habituelle opposition entre le bio naturel et le conventionnel et ses pesticides "chimiques".
"Dans un système bio ya pas de pesticides"
Bon là on est dans une fausse information.…
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Bonsoir à toutes et à tous, Bienvenue dans ce #LT de l'émission @EnvoyeSpecial sur le #glyphosate !
On va suivre le naufrage journalistique en direct...
C'est parti !
@EnvoyeSpecial Inutile de préciser, mais quand même : je n'ai aucun conflit d'intérêt avec aucune industrie que ce soit, bio ou #Monsanto and co. Je n'ai même aucune sympathie pour eux. Je n'utilise pas le glyphosate moi-même.
@EnvoyeSpecial On commence direct avec la dichotomie entre défense du glyphosate et autre agriculture : "les deux agriculteurs n'auraient jamais dû se croiser".
Spoiler : il n'y a pas une seule agriculture possible, vouée à ne jamais emprunter d'autres méthodes.
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So yesterday, I read this article shared by our egbon @Olusegunverdict and I registered my personal opinion as a Nigerian.
Today, I hope to compile everything I said in a thread for easy accessibility.
#MyRebuttalToHisVerdict issa thread👇👇leggooo🕺🕺🕺
This may take a little time, the reason is simply because I might have to be away from my PC once in a while to attend to some network issues (Na that one dey feed my family for now😜😜😜).
But as much as I can update this thread, I will be quick to do so #MyRebuttalToHisVerdict
No, any view to any article or thread by anybody is not personal & that does not reduce the regards we have for those we look up to.
Just that during election season like this, we must all come to a conclusion that the best of men, are still men at their best. We can disagree!
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Sometimes some private conversations need to go public before speculation becomes the order of the day. We have seen where a Prof/Vicar transmogrified into a liar & vote buyer in the most primitive of markets just to maintain insecurity, bad policies & incompetency.
Suffice to say that the true integrity of incoming cum potential VPs MUST be scrutinized. They MUST answer burning questions just in case they emerge. We are tired of propaganda. For the records there are 8 things alluded about @PeterObi just to impugn his credibility. #FactCheck
People who take responsibility even when no one see,s to be looking prepare themselves for greater responsibility. Use the same yardstick for other candidates and you will be amazed by what you find.
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Just finished reading @DerSPIEGEL's report on how Claas #Relotius duped them, and all I can say is #factchecking clearly means something different in Germany, because most of what he got away with never would have flown at a US magazine with fact-checkers.…
"Every text printed in DER SPIEGEL," they say, "goes through a thorough fact-checking and vetting process to review the accuracy of every fact stated in an article." As far as I can tell from their mea culpa, this vetting process is limited to what can be Googled from Hamburg.
I've been preparing fact files for 19 years, and they always include phone numbers and e-mail addresses for all my sources, copies of any documents I cite or relied on, and often photos of signs I describe. Translators and fixers? They get called too.
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.@MatthewTPage can't take what he gave. U made a mistake and they called you out. Should we also assume you are also PAID to dish out false information? Are you part of the cambridge analytical modeled analyst? again you accuse those who call you out as PAID. Who is PAYING YOU?
On one hand you tag those who called your Fake info out as "paid" and then you use the other hand to advise against "personal attacks"

@Google now makes it easy for Nigerians to #FactCheck those we have always assumed have superior information even on matters relating to us.
Folks don't have any problem calling out the Nigerian government, particularly the @MBuhari government and thier are many areas you can hold this government to account, broadcasting gossips and assumptions as facts does not do your credibility any good. Back $600M waka with facts
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I will start this thread called #LieObiLity
I hope to update it till Feb 2019.
Lie+Obi+Ability= #LieObiLity🤣🤣🤣
It's a mental illness that's peculiar to COMPULSIVE LIARS.
Example of a compulsive liar in Nigeria is Saint Peter Obi when he said "I have only one wrist watch"😂😂
Peter Obi while displaying his #LieObiLity 2 years ago at the Platform event said he has only one wrist watch.....A compulsive liar deputising a crook is dangerous to planetary body🤣🤣🤣🤣
Saint Peter Obi in stage in 2018 while displaying his #LieObiLity on FDI🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
A compulsive bold liar with figures😂😂😂😂

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So before we move on let us clear the air of some of the misinformation or slips at the #BON #NEDG #VPDebate before untruths become a reference point. The debate was alluded to have been won by the PDP candidate @PeterObi but here are some clarifications:
The VP @ProfOsinbajo claimed that Nigeria is producing 7000 Megawatts of Electricity but this is NOT True. According to the umbrella body of the electricity distribution company in Nigeria Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED)...
...While there is an available capacity of 7,000MW, what Nigeria presently generates is no more that 5,000MW. This is because there is insufficient gas to power the thermal plants due to gas line limitations.
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I think it would be appropriate for the enlightened with the moral obligation to intervene in the plight of the masses under suppressive falsehood by the one alleged to be a vicar & professor of Law, who blatantly lied in Berlin that “Nigeria is feeding the World.” #FactCheck
To most historical scholars our Democracy is in Danger but that may not make much sense to the people unless demassified and elucidated appropriately for clarity. Human Rights are more endangered under the identity politics of hate pedestalized as a religion under this admin.
We have seen the spate of Extra-judicial killings at all time high, terrorism/insecurity, impunity of security forces and the defence of same, road accidents, suicides and the growing conditioning to the towering incidences of domestic and gender based violence.
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AS YOU WATCH THIS👇🏽video of a Border Patrol agent pouring out water that was left for migrants, know that the body of a 7 year-old girl is lying on a table right now. SHE NEEDED WHAT HE POURED OUT. Her death is a direct result of the hateful policies of Donald Trump & the @GOP.
For folks informing me that the video is from 2013: Look at #FactCheck & #Verify in my profile. I purposely included the time stamp but used the video because it was used in a story from THIS YEAR because the practice continues. Not only that; the BP arrests those who leave water
For those saying; If it continues, why not use newer video? THINK!🤔The BP "officially" stopped the policy after the outrage when the video originally surfaced, but unofficially, it continues. Do you honestly think they'll allow themselves to be filmed now? There is no NEW video.
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Before you take the propaganda "deeplineng" briefcase website registered in 2018 to hoodwink those who will not #FactCheck make sure you open the so called data provided to @thecableng to justify the screaming headline.

READ THE ATTACHED and jump to your own conclusions
Data can be interpreted to suit political narratives, the reality of the data is that all the states controlled by both @OfficialPDPNig and @APCNigeria had abysmal returns regarding the none use of biometric identification, if you remove population and zero on %.
To further understand the intentions of the propaganda website created in 2018 to mislead @thecableng and Nigerians you need to check @inecnigeria results here, take note of vote returned in Rivers State and compare with data provided by the brief case website deepdiveproPDPNG
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Good morning Sir, @MoghaluKingsley
Here's what you said: "I am yet to see one killer herdsman brought to book. This shows the gross incompetence in the handling of National security in Nigeria"...
So I'll try to #UnmaskMoghalu in the light of this MISLEADING STATEMENT.
Since we are in the election campaign season, and the fact that you are also coming forth to lead us in the highest elected office in Nigeria, it is pertinent to #UnmaskMoghalu so as to see you within the context of your statement.
Let's #FactCheck what you said on herdsmen Sir.
"I am yet to see one killer herdsman brought to book"...@MoghaluKingsley
Checking English Dictionary so as not to misrepresent what you said, "To bring to book" as an idiomatic expression "To confront or question one about one's wrongdoings, often as a precursor to punishment".
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I’m glad the joke was taken on a lighter note without hatred most probably because it came from a Westerner. Imagine the kind of hatred it would have attracted if done by Nigerians just to show how much the President don’t value talking to Citizens he is Demanding VOTES from.
It shows the wickedness and the evil of the identity politics of hate being propagated in our clime. Where citizens’ expression of their discontent in any form is deemed hate speeches followed up by partisan police’s indiscriminate arrests with trumped up charges of defamation.
It is not a waste of energy to extract the truth out of any funny joke. It is funny because there is a great element of truth in it. The Presidential seat is not for Fiefdom, it is a position of service our politicians must never occupy with a morbid sense of entitlement of gods.
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Buhari did not order Deji’s Arrest. Even the IGP or Force PRO did not know he was arrested until briefed later. We were informed later and we engaged. Police complied & the court granted him bail. #FactCheck
Bail conditions couldn’t be arranged because of time. A level 14 civil servant who must come with a letter from his employer - FCT jurisdiction; and a businessman within the court's jurisdiction.) so this will be sorted tomorrow morning. Keep you updated.
We will jump through hoops to make the impossible happen and expect fair play by the authorities. The Magistrate should make a believer of the People by ensuring he is available to sign the papers for his release tomorrow. @PoliceNG @NPFSpokesPerson should make sure of this.
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#Trump And I have heard for many years -- what's the worst trade in the history of sports? Babe Ruth,19-year-old pitcher, for $100,000 and a 35-year-old third baseman

He was 24 not 19
He cost $125,000
No 35 year old third baseman was included in the deal.

Babe Ruth was "drafted" as a pitcher.

#FactCheck There was no draft in Ruth's era.

Ruth hit his home runs in the "dead ball" era.


The dead ball era famously ended with Ruth's emergence as a slugger.
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It is very ignorant for anyone to say they took people out of poverty just because they gave them handouts that the high cost of living and economic downturn will devour in a matter of weeks. Poverty is lack of productivity, purpose & fulfillment not lack of money. #FactCheck
There are many people in government who are suffering from abject poverty going by the above construct. They have conditioned themselves to stealing public funds in billions through inflation of contracts and budget padding. All they have is money but poor still.
Such people are known by their attachment to power and public office. They can not be productive in anything but grafts and heists, they are not fulfilled despite all they have stolen and fruitfulness is not in their dictionary in any ramification. We should be saved from them.
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Kindly pardon me henceforth if I don’t respond to partisan jibes and rhetorics. The acronyms have no meaning to me. The political elites, enlitened (educated) elites, upper class with generational wealth & the people in general are the known classes in Nigeria in the real sense.
So permit me as usual to provide the missing perspective on national issues void of partisan coloration. I’m well aware that those whose sentiments are not caressed will always scream blue murder but my tweets will hit the conscience of those it’s meant for (HNIs & the Rational).
A few colleagues abroad were briefing me on the #Amistice and I notice a few citizens were wondering why our President wasn’t in the picture with other world leaders. No worries. We weren’t invited period. Our President was only invited to the Paris Peace Forum. #FactCheck
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