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UK Representative of the National Council of Resistance of #Iran (@iran_policy) #FreeIran
21 Feb
Clips by MEK's network throughout #Iran show people #BoycottIranShamElections across the country. Today, the resounding message of the Iranian people is #MyVoteRegimeChange; "Down with Dictator"; “Down with Khamenei”
Clips by MEK's network throughout #Iran show people #BoycottIranShamElections across the country. Today, the resounding message of the Iranian people is #MyVoteRegimeChange; "Down with Dictator"; “Down with Khamenei”
Clips by MEK's network throughout #Iran show people #BoycottIranShamElections across the country. Today, the resounding message of the Iranian people is #MyVoteRegimeChange; "Down with Dictator"; “Down with Khamenei”
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21 Jan
Jan 21- 11:30 GMT Wilson Room, Portcullis House
Conference on #IranProtests
How Should UK Respond?

Panellists:@Offord4Hendon @BobBlackman @DavidJonesMP @amessd_southend @tobyperkinsmp Rt Hon John Spellar MP; Prof Lord Alton of Liverpool; Lord Maginnis of Drumglass; Rep. of NCRI
@Offord4Hendon @BobBlackman @DavidJonesMP @amessd_southend @tobyperkinsmp @foreignoffice @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @UKHouseofLords @HouseofCommons @bySamStevenson @Daily_Express @Telegraph @euronews @TheSun Conference in UK parliament:
Chairman Dr.Matthew Offord said in his opening remarks that shooting of #ukrainianplane showed the truth terrorist nature of Mullahs' regime.
Two reason wave of #IranProtests in #Iran showed Iranians are tired of this regime & want Regime Change.
@Offord4Hendon @BobBlackman @DavidJonesMP @amessd_southend @tobyperkinsmp @foreignoffice @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @UKHouseofLords @HouseofCommons @bySamStevenson @Daily_Express @Telegraph @euronews @TheSun @Offord4Hendon:
After protests against #Soleimani & malign activities of the regime in ME, showed #Iran ppl want democratic change for #FreeIran. Time has come for the @GOVUK & World Leaders to empower Iranian people & their Resistance Movement to achieve this goal.
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21 Dec 19
200 Parliamentarians of all parties from 14 European countries support #IranProtests for freedom, condemn suppression of protesters
MPs endorse call by @Maryam_Rajavi for UN 2 dispatch a fact-finding delegation
⚫️+1500 murdered
⚫️+12000 detained under brutal torture
@Maryam_Rajavi @DavidJonesMP @ScotNational @MetroUK @thesundaytimes @TheSun @MailOnline @Telegraph @Daily_Express @vickiieemma @bySamStevenson @thejonnyreilly MP's condemned repression of #IranProtests on Khamenei's order & underscored video footage show #IRGC firing guns from rooftops or close range at people, even using helicopters &tanks 2 repress them
Inaction of World Leaders is unacceptable
Regime leaders Must be held accountable
@Maryam_Rajavi @DavidJonesMP @ScotNational @MetroUK @thesundaytimes @TheSun @MailOnline @Telegraph @Daily_Express @vickiieemma @bySamStevenson @thejonnyreilly @TonyDuheaume @Raman_Ghavami @CargasacchiM @Ben_JS_Cooper @janelavvie @ryanmauro @leonardometalli @AnneBayefsky @sfrantzman @PamelaFalk The signatories of the statement called on @UN &Member States to:
➡️Condemn suppression of protesters
➡️Take urgent measures to stop massacre
➡️Release of detainees
➡️Provide Iran people with free Internet access
@FoxNews @AP @Reuters @WashTimes @thehill @arabnews
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23 Nov 19
🔴Death Toll reaches 285
🔴#MEK Announces names of 99 martyrs🌹
Rouhani’s Advisor threatens Protesters With Suppression Like #1988Massacre=Mass&Arbitrary Arrests, Firing into Crowd &Mass Public Executions
🌐GOV & @UN must INDICTMENT Khamenei 4 #CrimesAgainstHumanity
@UN @NorwayMFA @erna_solberg @audunlysbakken @FCOHumanRights @foreignoffice @PolandMFA @eu_eeas @BasBelderMEP @RichardGrenell @USAdarFarsi .@UN .@StateDept & .@Europarl_EN must hand down indictment against Khamenei, Rouhani, Mullahs' Criminal Regime for their Crimes against humanity for four decades against Iranian people, especially for their bloodshed in streets in the recent #IranProtests

@UN @NorwayMFA @erna_solberg @audunlysbakken @FCOHumanRights @foreignoffice @PolandMFA @eu_eeas @BasBelderMEP @RichardGrenell @USAdarFarsi @StateDept @Europarl_EN @SecPompeo @unhcr @francediplo_EN @GermanyDiplo @HeikoMaas @10DowningStreet @UKUN_NewYork At least 285 protesters killed by Mullahs' Regime during nationwide #IranProtests
Actual number is much higher &regime is doing its utmost 2 hide the scale of its savagery
Majority of those killed are youth/teenagers, mostly shot in head & chest.
#MEK identified 99 of the victims
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12 Nov 19
Mass uprisings in Iraq,Lebanon,#IranProtests &activities of Resistance Units,intl sanctions,visit to Ashraf3 by 350MPs &polititians undermined regime’s strategic pillars,Mullahs grasping at BBC straws 2survive
@bbcpersian @BBCWorld @BBCRadio4 @Ofcom @bbcworldservice What kind of a deal has #Iran regime offered 2 BBC 2 secure such inexplicable & vulgar hit-piece, churning out Lies & Evil Propaganda of Iran's notorious Terrorist Ministry of Intelligence #MOIS?
#FakeNews #StopYellowJournalism
@BBCWorld @BBCRadio4 @Ofcom…
@bbcpersian @BBCWorld @BBCRadio4 @Ofcom @bbcworldservice BBC Linda Presley shamefully chose despite a 5.5 hour meeting with Iranian Resistance incl. myself in Oct 10, 2019
I told her she could interview anyone in Ashraf3
BBC is pursuing mullahs' plan 2 whitewash MOIS cooperatives under pretext of MEK members
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4 Nov 19
Thanks to #Canada 2 condemn & recognize #1988Massacre in #Iran as Crime Against Humanity.
The motion adopted unanimously by @OurCommons on June 5, 2013.
Now, it’s time 4 @CanadaFP & @UNGeneva #UPR34 #Iran to form investigative Committee to hold Perpetrators accountable
In 2013, Foreign Minister John Baird:
We wish 2 extend Canada’s deepest sympathies &condolences 2 families of 1K innocents fallen victim 2 #Iran regime
Canada grieves alongside all those whose loved ones suffered on orders of Iran’s past &present rulers…
@Baird: The persecution of dissident voices & systematic stifling of democratic freedoms stem from the highest levels of this regressive clerical-military dictatorship in #Iran & its terrorist operatives in #IRGC & Hezbollah.…
@mbachelet @JavaidRehman
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2 Nov 19
#1988Massacre were a series of state-sponsored executions of political prisoners across #Iran.
The majority of those killed were supporters of #PMOI.
The killings have been described as a political purge.

@JavaidRehman @mbachelet
Between July & September 1988, #Iran'ian authorities forcibly disappeared & extra-judicially executed thousands of imprisoned political dissidents in secret & dumped their bodies, mostly in unmarked mass graves
None of the regime’s official have been brought to justice, on the contrary, those involved hold top positions in mullah’s regime in #Iran
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11 Oct 19
1) Rouhani’s remarks acknowledged mullahs’ terrorist regime meddling in #Iraq & the fact that #IRGC is dispatching forces 2 this country under the pretext of providing security & protection 4 a so-called religious ceremony
@DebbieAAldrich @KennyFarq…
2) #IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani has established a “war room” in Baghdad & is campaigning units of Asaeb al-Haq, Iraqi Hezbollah & Badr Corps –all militia groups associated directly to the #Iran|ian regime – 2 confront #Iraq'i demonstrations.…
@Ben_JS_Cooper @HKesvani @Mo_IRAQ1 @Raman_Ghavami @BenjaminHallFNC @CargasacchiM @RuthieGledhill @sanyaburgess @janelavvie @ryanmauro 3) In addition to the unusually large number of #Iran regime's armed forces personnel in #Iraq, a large number of #MOIS officials are based in regime's embassy & consulates.
They work closely with #IRGC commanders under diplomatic cover!…
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4 Oct 19
3)Families of the victims of #1988Massacre organizing exhibition in the UK are urging @mbachelet the @UNHumanRights Chief to condemn atrocities of #Iran regime, refer its record to UN Security Council to end impunity & sanction perpetrators, all in key positions in mullahs regime
2) @BoumedraTahar: Special Rapporteur on #HumanRights @JavaidRehman must investigate #1988Massacre as crime against humanity.
#MEK #NCRI call on .@FCO .@DominicRaab .@BorisJohnson to take this matter to the #UPR & take #Iran regime accountable, Perpetrators must face Justice
1)Exhibition on the #1988Massacre of 30K political prisoners outside @OurCommons & @UKHouseofLords, organised by families of the victims calling on @BorisJohnson @DominicRaab @FCO to condemn this ongoing crimes committed against humanity by #Iran regime, taking it to end impunity
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1 Oct 19
After #JCPOA in 2015,#Iran terrorist regime spent 150billion$ on corruption,theft,arming #IRGC #MOIS plain cloths 2 suppress Iranian ppl's demonstrations, arrest&murder protesters,develop its Ballistic-missiles,arm its terrorist forces&proxies 2 wage war against the region, EU&US
It would be too naive of EU3 leaders to trust Rouhani, Zarif & Khamenei ruling #Iran.
Why would you wait for an outlaw regime to take the 4th step in its continues lies, cheating and breaching of International law?…
To continue appeasing the terrorist #Iran regime is an strategic mistake for the world vital interest. EU3 must impose sanctions on Iran regime & pull out of so called #JCPOA NOW
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2 Sep 19
On June 5, 2013 #Canada recognized #1988Massacre of political prisoners in #Iran as #CrimeAgainstHumanity &
Sept. 1st as Solidarity Day w/ Political Prisoners & Martyrs Families in Iran
Free All Political Prisoners in Iran #NoImpunity4Mullahs…

Thank-U #Canada 4condemning D mass-murder of political-prisoners #1988Massacre in #Iran as a crime against humanity &honoring memory of D victims by establishing Sept.1st as Solidarity Day w/Political-Prisoners &Martyrs Families in Iran
Perpetrators of #1988Massacre 2Face Justice
Iranian-Canadian mark Sept.1st as day of solidarity with Iranian political prisoners, and #NoImpunity4Mullahs Justice for victims of #1988Massacre…

.@OurCommons .@ParlDiplomacy .@CdnHumanRights .@DominicRaab
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