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US House Res 118 with 225 cosponsors supports Iranian people's desire for a democratic/nonnuclear Republic of #Iran; condemns rights violations & terrorism

Regime change in Iran by the people of Iran

The House "stands with the people of Iran" in their struggle against the regime & "recognizes the rights of the Iranian people & their struggle."

Regime's forces resorting to crackdown
On Nov 15, 2019, popular protests against the regime began & rapidly spread to at least 100 cities throughout #Iran.

Security forces used lethal force & about 1,500 people were killed during less than two weeks of unrest & thousands more were detained.
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In response to UN’s decision to elects Iran to commission on women's rights. Below is a brief timeline of the steps taken by the regime to gradually deprive Iranian women of their rights:
February 26, 1979: Khomeini’s office announced that the Family Protection Act was going to be repealed.

February 27, 1979: The Women’s Social Services Act was revoked
February 28, 1979: Gender discrimination was extended to the sports arena and women’s athletic tournaments were cancelled one after the other.
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Meet @hmajd, a known #Iran lobbyist who has very close ties with Tehran & their DC-based lobby arm @NIACouncil.
-IRGC not boogeyman
-Most Iranians don't care much about human rights
-Iran shot down Ukrainian jet by accident
Don't be surprised because Majd has very close relations with #Iran's officials and lobbyists.
-@JZarif (especially during the 2015 nuclear talks)
-NIAC founder @tparsi (currently at @QuincyInst)
-former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami
Majd praises the mullahs’ founder:
“Khomeini, had ezat & etemad — pride & self-confidence…”

-ordered the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners #1988Massacre
-sent children to clear minefields for brigades in the Iran-Iraq War
-is known for his disgusting remarks
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#Iran opposition NCRI's U.S. Office holds an online event titled "Policy Experts to Assess Prospects for Change in Iran"

Talks on
—Iranians’ aspirations for freedom & democracy
—Iran’s internal circumstances
—Tehran’s malign behavior
—Prospects for change…
Sen. @bobtorricelli
-We remember those who lost their lives in the struggle for freedom in #Iran.
-Iran's malign behavior will not be overlooked by the new US admin.
-The Iran of 2021 is not the Iran of 2015. The genie cannot be put back into the bottle.…
-The perseverance shown by the Iranian opposition MEK has garnered global support for a free, democratic, non-nuclear & secular #Iran.
-Your spirit & resolve remains untarnished.
-Your sacrifice is great inspiration to the youth inside Iran.…
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رشته توییت: خلاصه اظهارات شاهدین قتل‌عام۶۷:
1)گواهی شاهدین در رابطه با #قتل_عام۶۷ و نقش دژخیم #حمید_نوری نشان می‌دهد که موضوع محدود به زندان گوهردشت و نوری نیست. او یکی از هزاران جانی وقاتل و شکنجه‌گر دست پرورده این رژیم در۴۲سال گذشته است
#justice4IranMassacre #1988Massacre
۲)این گواهی‌ها مربوط به زندان گوهردشت وبرخی #اوین از سوی کسانی است که از #قتل_عام۶۷ جان بدر بردند
اما از بسیاری از زندانها درسراسر #ایران حتی یک نفر زنده نمانده تا روایتگر واقعه باشد
#justice4IranMassacre #1988massacre
۳) اگر ابعاد آنچه در آن ماهها در تمامی زندانها در #تهران و سراسر #ایران گذشت را در نظر بگیریم جای تردیدی نیست که #قتل_عام۶۷ بزرگترین #جنایت_علیه_بشریت بعدازجنگ جهانی دوم بود. جنایتی که مسئولانش همچنان در راس هرم قدرت در ایران هستند
#Justice4IranMassacre #1988massacre
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۱)دادستانی سوئدبانظارت دادستانی آلبانی طی۱۰روز باشاهدان #قتل_عام۶۷ وخانواده قربانیان،دراشرف۳مصاحبه وآنهارا استماع کرد.شاهدان مشاهدات تکاندهنده خود دررابطه بادژخیم #حمید_نوری وجنایات رژیم آخوندی رابازگو کردند که‌ تماما ثبت وضبط شد #Justice4IranMassacre
۲) ۱سال پیشتر چندین لیست اززندانیان که شاهدجنایتهای دژخیم
#حمید_نوری بودند وخانواده‌هایی که عزیزانشان در #قتل_عام۶۷ به شهادت رسیده‌ واکنون درخارج کشور یادرصفوف #مجاهدین_خلق در اشرف۳ بسر می‌برند، در اختیار مقامات قضایی ذیربط قرار گرفت
۳) شماری از شاهدین بطور مکتوب و تعدادی بطور حضوری و یا از طریق ویدئو کنفرانس توسط مقامات قضایی مسئول پرونده در سوئد استماع شدند
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#Iran: The 1988 Massacre of 30,000 Political Prisoners
Comprehensive reports about the massacre of political prisoners in Iran
#1988Massacre #Justice4IranMassacre #MEK…
2) #Iran: A Crime Against Humanity
The bloodbath was launched based on a dateless decree (fatwa) with the stamp and signature of Khomeini, Supreme Leader. In 236 words, he signed the death sentences for all prisoners supporting the #MEK
3) The 1988 massacre was rooted in a fundamental conflict between the people of Iran, demanding freedom, democracy, and economic and social development and a religious tyranny incapable of responding to their demands…
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Online event discussing the foundations of a comprehensive bi-partisan U.S. policy vis-a-vis #Iran in 2021

Hosted by the Organization of Iranian American Communities (OAIC)
Prof. Kazerounian:
"We believe democracy in #Iran aligns with security in the U.S... We have to be vigilant on human rights violations & especially executions in Iran... There should accountability for the summer #1988Massacre of political prisoners..."…
Prof. Ali Parsi:
#Iran remains the leading state sponsor of terrorism & this regime uses religion as a weapon. This regime's victim of human rights violations & terrorism in the region are mainly Muslims. This is a religious fascism regime.…
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1)European foreign ministers met Monday and agreed to establish a European Magnitsky Act, designed to sanction serious #HumanHights abuses.…
#HumanRightsDay #FreeIran2020
2)The high representative of the #EU for Foreign Affairs and Security welcomed the decision as a landmark agreement, allowing the EU to target serious #HumanRights abuses &violations worldwide. Here are some valid questions:

3) In light of the recently published letter by7 #UN especial rapporteurs, who have detailed their valid concerns about #CrimesAgainstHumanity in the #1988massacre of political prisoners in #Iran &have demanded the Intl Community to investigate this, what will @eu_eeas do?
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I welcome the adoption of the 67th United Nations resolution condemning the grave and systematic violations of #HumanRights in #Iran.… Image
Once again, I emphasize that those responsible for the majority of the crimes to which the resolution has referred are the very people who turned the November 2019 uprising into a bloodbath, killing at least 1,500. #IranProtests
Despite failing to address many aspects of the flagrant violations of human rights in Iran, the UN resolution leaves no doubt that the clerical regime in #Iran is the world’s leading abuser of human rights today.
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Online conference weighs in on the threat of #Iran supporting global terrorism that continues to dangerously undermine global security.

For the past four decades, the mullahs have left nothing but death in their wake. This theocratic fascist dictatorship has wrecked #Iran’s economy and turned this once-great nation into an int'l pariah.
Rt. Hon. Theresa Villiers, MP
#Iran & its IRGC are a threat in many places around the world. It is shocking that the UN arms embargo on Iran is due to expire in just a few days.
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Today, on behalf of hundreds of victims, families & human rights experts, I wrote to @oberlincollege president @ctambar objecting to the employement of M.J. Mahallati, a man implicated in the coverup of the #1988massacre of political prisoners in Iran.
2/ For those who may not know, Oberlin is a prestigious liberal arts university in the US state of Ohio. It's known for its academics, but also its progressive politics.
On its own site, it claims to be committed to fostering a sustainable and just society.
3/ Why, then, does @oberlincollege employ Mohammad Jafar Mahallati?

Mahallati was Iran's ambassador the UN during the #1988Massacre of political prisoners. To learn more about those killings, read this Amnesty Report.…
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Rouhani not only does not represent the Iranian people, but she must be tried for crimes against humanity, and he has no place in the United Nations!
#No2Rouhani #NoImpunity4Mullahs
@USADarFarsi @JosepBorrellF @eu_eeas @StateDept @USUN @CanadaUN @CanadaONU @franceonu
The regime is showing every indication that they’re on their last legs. Everyone knows they are a regime of terror. From the late 1970s until now, every year has been terror and slaughter. They have the worst record in killing their own people.
#No2Rouhani #NoImpunity4Mullahs
EU has refused 2 support to the US. They claim 2 defend freedom & democracy & human rights. But they have abandoned those principles. They are doing business with a barbaric regime. They have abandoned methods of pressure that can free the ppl of #Iran from bondage.
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Please watch and RT ✌️🙏
Washington, DC | Summit to Support a #FreeIran2020 The Imperative to Sanction and Hold the Regime to Account #NoImpunity4mullahs #DisbandIRGC #UNGA
Six days ago, the execution of a courageous young man, a champion wrestler, enraged the people of #Iran and cast a shadow of grief and sorrow over the entire nation. His name was #NavidAfkari, a national hero in the uprising against the religious dictatorship.
His only crime was rising up to overthrow a regime which has devastated #Iran and drenched it in blood while plundering the nation. #StopExecutionsinIran…
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Online Conference | IRAN: Human Rights Betrayed Call on Int Community to Take Urgent Action to Save Lives of Political Prisoners Sentenced to Death in Recent Days #StopExecutionsInIran
.@HoAbedini: Iran's regime violates intl human rights laws. Yet the intl community has failed Iran's people & allowed the regime to enjoy impunity by not holding regime officials to account. #NoImpunity4Mullahs…
.@Offord4Hendon: Iran regime’s resorting to torture & execution is a clear sign of its desperation. It is a great regret that #NavidAfkari has been executed. I would like to see the UK reimpose sanctions on Iran. #StopExecutionsInIran…
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Major Parliamentary Conference by the Cross-Party UK, European MPs, and Prominent Jurists on #1988Massacre in #Iran…
What should the UK do regard the mullahs’ regime’s threats?
#1988Massacre Image
The British Committee for Iran Freedom (BCFIF) held an online conference on Thursday, September 10, over the #1988Massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran. Most of the victims were members and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of #Iran (PMOI/MEK). Image
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Online Event

British parliament hosts conference focusing on the horrific 1988 massacre in Iran & seeking justice after 32 years

#Iran is planning new charge against Nazani Zaghari-Ratcliffe. From Nazanin’s life to nuclear weapons, we cannot negotiate with this regime. Lifting of sanctions encouraged the mullahs to think we do not care where they buy weapons from.…
Obviously, this must change, and the UK should respectfully reject the EU’s approach on #Iran and join our American ally in exerting maximum pressure on the regime in Iran.
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Iranian exiles hold DC photo exhibit condemning regime’s human rights violations
#FreeIran2020 #NoImpunity4Mullhas #1988Massacare…
Holding this exhibition is particularly inspiring and effective on the 32nd anniversary of the #1988Massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in #Iran, one of the most horrific cases committed by the clerical regime on Khomeini’s fatwa.

The international community must adopt a firm policy and apply maximum pressure on the regime, including by referring its #HumanRights record to the UN Security Council. #1988Massacre ImageImage
#NoImpunity4Mullahs #DisbandIRGC #IranProtests
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WATCH LIVE: Photo Exhibition & Rally on the U.S. Capitol Hill Grounds - #1988MASSACRE IN #IRAN, A Call for Justice & Accountability
Speaking now @LBJunior speaking on the #1988Massacre.
Those who committed this crime they are still in power in #Iran @JoeBiden @SenateDems @AmnestyIran @SpeakerPelosi @ReutersIran @SenKamalaHarris @ReutersIran @AP
It’s important to look into this says @LBJunior Khomeini ordered the massacre himself @JoeBiden @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @AP @AP_Images @IranIntlbrk…
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Photo Exhibit on US Capitol Grounds

Four Decades of Human Rights Violations in Iran

Dr. Rahileh Sadeghpour, sister of a #1988Massacre victim

"The regime severely tortured my brother. They drove nails into his feet... After he endured seven years in prison and torture chambers, he was killed by the regime."

Gholam Torshizi, brother to three #1988Massacre victims

"One day, my father was summoned to the prison. He thought his son was released. But instead, they informed him that Reza was executed and they gave him a bag with his belongings."

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1988 Massacre in Iran
A Call for Justice & Accountability

Short video of an interview with Mr. Mostafa Ahmadi, a survivor of the #1988Massacre in Iran, during which the genocidal mullahs' regime executed over 30,000 political prisoners in the span of a few months.
.@86Ehsan, the son of a #1988Massacre victim, explains his story, the arrest of his parents and his father being executed.

Prison guards literally tortured his mother before the eyes of his sister in prison.

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Ruhollah Hosseinian, a senior political & intel official in #Iran, has died of Covid-19.

He was a staunch advocate of the mullahs' use of executions & the #1988Massacre of over 30,000 political prisoners in just a few months.

His words are quite telling.
Hosseinian had once specifically said:
Believe me & I swear to God, we were murderers ourselves once!

This individual was selected (not elected) as a member of the regime's Majlis (parliament) from the Iranian capital Tehran for two terms in the past.

Very telling credentials. ImageImage
This is a thread containing videos of #1988Massacre survivors & victims’ loved ones sharing their heartbreaking stories.
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#Iran’s genocidal regime executed over 30,000 political prisoners in the summer of 1988. There has been no accountability to this day.

Eyewitnesses & victims’ loved ones share their heartbreaking stories.

Behrooz Maghsoodi, son of former political prisoners

Three of my uncles were executed from 1981-1988.
I’m very proud of my uncles who chose to stand up against the mullahs’ regime despite the heavy price.…
Razieh Parandak, mother of a #1988Massacre victim

In 1982, [my son] Mehran was arrested for participating in a demonstration & sentenced to six months in prison. Authorities even demanded money in return for information about where he was buried.…
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