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On the World Day against the Death Penalty, I salute the 120,000 champions of #Iran’s freedom slain at the hands of the ruling mullahs #NoDeathPenalty #NoImpunity4Mullahs #1988Massacre…
For 40 years, the executions of youths in #Iran perpetuated the mullahs’ theocratic rule. This created the suppressive atmosphere needed to preserve the decadent clerical regime. It was also a mechanism to prepare mercenary interrogators for taking on the helms #1988Massacre
Flagrant violations of human rights in #Iran, including incessant executions, by the clerical regime, are carried out to a large extent under the auspices of the policy of appeasement and silence of western governments. #1988Massacre #NoImpunity4Mullahs #NoDeathPenalty
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World day against #DeathPenalty, Hear Iranian People’s Call 4Justice.
#Children of parents who have been sentenced to death or execution.
Join Twitter Storm to call 4 End to Executions in #Iran.
Date: Oct 10, 2019
Time: 8 pm CET / 2pm EST
Follow @IranHrm
#HumanRights #NGOs @UN
#Iran top per capita executioner
Hundreds of people in Iran are sentenced to death annually.
#WorldDayAgainstTheDeathPenalty, reminds us of the thousands of death row prisoners lingering in jails in Iran
#DeathPenalty #HumanRights
@marthadelgado @eyad1949…
Executions in #Iran contrary to international law.
#DeathPenalty violates the most fundamental #humanRights, the right to life & the right to freedom from #torture & cruel, inhuman & degrading punishment.
@DRL_AS @D_Carlens @MITellado…
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#1988Massacre in #Iran
Iranian Resistance calls for justice & end of immunity of Iranian dictatorial rulers due to the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners.

On the world day against the death penalty
Twitter Storm- #NoDeathPenalty
Oct 10
21.00 CET
#Iran’s #1988Massacre
Testimony by MEK/PMOI witness Homa Jaberi

On the world day against the death penalty
Twitter Storm- #NoDeathPenalty Oct 10 21.00 CET @IranHrm
@CIDH @chiarasan @MBachelet…
Homa Jaberi - One of the hundreds of #women Political prisoner of the Iranian resistance(#MEK).
Her testimony from her five-&-a-half-year imprisonment in the notorious Evin Prison in #Iran.
@WebDPN @GloriaSacer @JadeDussart @DrJNGrimes
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#Iran is the first in the world in terms of executions per capita.
On the world day against the death penalty
Twitter Storm- No to execution in Iran & #NoDeathPenalty
Oct 10 21.00 CET
Follow @IranHrm
#Iran- Hassan Rouhani’s #HumanRights Record Marked by 3,800 Executions
Twitter Storm- No to execution in Iran & #NoDeathPenalty
Oct 10 21.00 CET
Follow @IranHrm…
Report on Executions in #Iran
In the summer of #1988Massacre, the Iranian regime summarily & extra-judicially executed more than 30,000 political prisoners.
Now the same crimes continue & the same criminals are at the top of the government
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The Int community must end 3 decades of immunity of the leaders of #Iran regime from responding 2 their crimes.
Dossier of human rights abuses in Iran, particularly the1980s executions & #1988massacres, to the UN Security Council.…
#HRC42 #HumanRights #UNSC
Former Italian FM Giulio Terzi Sep 20, 2019:
"We are committed to focusing on the 1988 massacre. This is a continuous massacre." #Iran #1988Massacre @GiulioTerzi #NoImpunity4Mullahs
7 NGOs demanding accountability over #Iran's crime against humanity in #1988massacre.
#Khamenei should be brought to justice.
The joint written statement was circulated to the #UN Member States on August 30, 2019.…#NoImpunity4Mullahs #1988Massacre
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3)Families of the victims of #1988Massacre organizing exhibition in the UK are urging @mbachelet the @UNHumanRights Chief to condemn atrocities of #Iran regime, refer its record to UN Security Council to end impunity & sanction perpetrators, all in key positions in mullahs regime
2) @BoumedraTahar: Special Rapporteur on #HumanRights @JavaidRehman must investigate #1988Massacre as crime against humanity.
#MEK #NCRI call on .@FCO .@DominicRaab .@BorisJohnson to take this matter to the #UPR & take #Iran regime accountable, Perpetrators must face Justice
1)Exhibition on the #1988Massacre of 30K political prisoners outside @OurCommons & @UKHouseofLords, organised by families of the victims calling on @BorisJohnson @DominicRaab @FCO to condemn this ongoing crimes committed against humanity by #Iran regime, taking it to end impunity
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1. @iran_policy respects freedoms of all #Iranian national minorities as stated in its finding constitution. #NCRI is built upon solidarity, therefore it does not hold the least interest of hurting this foundation.
#IranConferenceNYC opened this topic:
2. Ali Bahrami of Iranian Kurdistan Party (Khebat) at #IranConferenceNYC
He said, D only solution 4a #FreeIran is #IranRegimeChange
Khebat crosses out negotiations with religious dictatorship, believes unity is key among all Kurdish parties.
3. Farzin Hashemi, #NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee says thru sheer repression & terror mullahs try2 prevent flare-up of popular uprising in #Iran to stop spreads of explosive rage by compatriots in Kurdistan, Khuzestan, Baluchistan...

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The silence of the international community and in particular the politicians & #HumanRights organizations & @UNHumanRights regarding the appointment of a criminal offense Forty years is enough about #1988Massacre in #Iran.
#Raisi is a criminal.
Remembering 30,000 #politicalprisoners hanged in the summer of #1988Massacre by the Iranian criminal mullahs regime is still eternal.
We will bring the offenders and criminals to trial.
#Iran #NoImpunity4Mullahs #HumanRights @HMickevicius @AgnesCallamard
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@UANI session: Int’l Convention For The Future of Iran
Sen. Lieberman & Mayor Rudy Giuliani are participating

Iranian opposition groups participating in the event include:
-NCRI (@iran_policy)
-PMOI/MEK (@mojahedineng)
-Org. of Iranian-American Communities (@OrgAIC)
Other participants include:
Iranian communities from New York, Massachusetts, northern & southern California, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Texas.

In response, the regime in #Iran has designated UANI as a terrorist organization for cooperating with the PMOI/MEK.
Event organizer Amb. Mark Wallace launched the conference by calling for a minute of silence in solidarity with all those persecuted by the regime in #Iran.
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Mrs. Rajavi called on the international community to take the following actions in response to this most recent act of aggression by the Iranian regime...
Reinstate the previous U.N. Security Council resolutions on the regime’s nuclear weapons project and the ban on enrichment.
Evict the regime, its Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), and its mercenaries from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and Afghanistan.
#iran #FreeIran
Add Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, his offices, the IRGC, and the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) to the European Union’s terrorist watch list.
#MEK #WeSupportMEK
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I support the MEK in secrecy.
I cannot show my true identity nor my face because it has a heavy consequence living under a misogynist regime that doesn’t accept me as a woman in society.
Why do I write slogans against the regime on the walls of Tehran?
#1988Massacre #FreeIran
I heard Homa Jaberi's story, a supporter of #MEK. She was arrested at 18, put in solidarity confinement for 2 yrs & because she did not break, they took her to a torture compound called "residential Units" made only for women.
#1988Massacre #NoImpunity4Mullahs
@UNHumanRights 3
Days were spent in complete silence, to be broken only by the sound of a whip made of thick cable which indicated an order such as to eat or sleep.
#1988Massacre #NoImpunity4Mullahs
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The secret massacre of +30.000 Iranians by the theocratic regime
1) In the late summer of 1988, the Iranian authorities forcibly disappeared & extrajudicially executed thousands of imprisoned political dissidents in secret including pregnant women and minors and dumped their bodies, mostly in unmarked mass graves.
2)The authorities have treated the killings as state secrets, tormenting the relatives by refusing to tell them how & why their loved ones were killed & where they‘re buried. No official has been brought to justice. Many of those involved hold today key positions of power in Iran
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The Iranian regime has a history of cracking down on its opponents. Incommunicado detentions, arbitrary abductions, summary executions, torture and enforced disappearances are among practices commonly used against opponents.#1988Massacre #NoImpunity4Mullahs
#FreeIran @UNGeneva
Dissident intellectuals and students, ethnic groups and religious minorities, and members and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) have always been targeted.
#1988Massacre #NoImpunity4Mullahs
#FreeIran @UNGeneva @USUN
In summer 1988, a wave of intense killings began in Evin and Gohardasht prisons, in Tehran and Karaj, respectively. The mass executions then extended to other prisons all across the country.
#1988Massacre #NoImpunity4Mullahs
#FreeIran @UNGeneva @USUN
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as we mark #MEK54 anniversary-org which has grown &bloomed into unprecedented movement on its path2a #freeIran
MEK&its ideals have made major impact in lives of millions
2commemorate this day thought I'd share54values represented by MEK
love2hear ur thoughts+input
1st value each person learns when coming face2face w/#MEK is 'sacrifice'
they have paved the way in the darkest hrs of Iran's history with their sacrifice
MEK founders showed they're not after power but are fighting4 an ideal w/their execution by shah's SAVAK
#WeSupportMEK #MEK54
the #MEK have come to represent 'integrity' in #Iran's political realm
never bowing in face of the dictator be it the Shah or Mullahs
always standing their ground & principles
willing to defend their ideals any day and anywhere
#WeSupportMEK #MEK54
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Let’s talk about a recent Foreign Policy piece by @hmajd, a known & disgraced member of #Iran’s also disgraced DC-based lobby, @NIACouncil.

Hooman Majd goes the distance in this piece to praise the mullahs’ regime in Iran.
Majd begins his piece through an advisory approach to provide a window into Iranian culture and history. He praises former Iranian prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh.

Contradiction: The mullahs (Majd’s bosses) welcomed & facilitated the 1953 coup d’état that ousted Mossadegh.
“… the clergy itself played a major role in toppling Mosaddeq.”…
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On June 5, 2013 #Canada recognized #1988Massacre of political prisoners in #Iran as #CrimeAgainstHumanity &
Sept. 1st as Solidarity Day w/ Political Prisoners & Martyrs Families in Iran
Free All Political Prisoners in Iran #NoImpunity4Mullahs…

Thank-U #Canada 4condemning D mass-murder of political-prisoners #1988Massacre in #Iran as a crime against humanity &honoring memory of D victims by establishing Sept.1st as Solidarity Day w/Political-Prisoners &Martyrs Families in Iran
Perpetrators of #1988Massacre 2Face Justice
Iranian-Canadian mark Sept.1st as day of solidarity with Iranian political prisoners, and #NoImpunity4Mullahs Justice for victims of #1988Massacre…

.@OurCommons .@ParlDiplomacy .@CdnHumanRights .@DominicRaab
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Just ran into .@ShakdamC's article in .@CitizenTruth_-newest hit piece in the smear campaign against #MEK
w/Zarif blacklisting guess desperate times call4desperate measures-regime's been forced to bring puppets like Catherine to the scene
just a few fun facts which show the irony
since I'd never heard ur name before .@shakdamC decided to check to see who u are, & wow!u've been published by Khamenei himself-very impressive, that really makes you fit to be discussing US policy vis-a-vis the ruling theocracy in #Iran…
in ur article u state:
"At height of1979 #Iran Rev the group cheered storming of US embassy in Tehran,&subsequent hostage crisis that followed.52 American diplomats were held hostage for a period of 444 days."
ironic how u fallow one of the hostage takers&Khomeini's Id Masoumeh Ebtekar AKA Niloufar- spokesperson of hostage takers
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Als Iranerin,in der Schweiz geboren&aufgewachsen,bin ich von diesem Art.extrem enttäuscht.Das iran.Regime demütigt,foltert&tötet seit 40 Jahren das eigene Volk und sie geben diesen Mördern eine Plattform.Schande über euch. #40yearsoffailure…
Das ir.Regime unterstützt finanziell den ganzen #Terrorismus im Mittleren&Nahen Osten, während das ir. Volk hungert. Was ist eure Antwort dafür?! #IRGCTerrorists

Erst vor Kurzem wurden wieder zwei Frauen hingerichtet. 93 Frauen wurden seit Rouhanis Zeit hingerichtet.Sie geben diesen Mördern eine Plattform. Sie fallen uns Iranern in den Rücken. Schämt euch. Das ist nicht MEINE SCHWEIZ!
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.@Offord4Hendon tells the #FreeIran London rally: “The Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) & the regime of Iran should be held to account for their atrocities. These organizations should be proscribed in their entirety under the UK Terrorism Act.” #IStandWithMaryamRajavi #WeSupportMEK
@Offord4Hendon .@Offord4Hendon: “@Maryam_Rajavi represents an opportunity for the future of Iran. She seeks peace in the region. Recent events in the Persian Gulf show Iran's regime is engaged in state piracy.” #IStandWithMaryamRajavi #WeSupportMEK
@Offord4Hendon @Maryam_Rajavi Anglo-Iranians are rallying in London in solidarity with the uprising in Iran for regime change. The London march supports @Maryam_Rajavi's 10-point plan for a future #FreeIran. #IStandWithMaryamRajavi #WeSupportMEK
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#FreeIran rally in London, Angelo-Iranians gathered in Trafalgar Sq. to support #Iran's democratic alternative, led by Mrs. #MaryamRajavi, & people's uprising for #IranRegimeChange
"We will take back Iran & rebuild it"

Hon. @Offord4Hendon at #FreeIran rally in London:
“We were convinced during our visit that Ms. #MaryamRajavi represents an opportunity for the future of Iran. She seeks peace in the region,”
He continued:
“Today our response should be firm against IRGC & #Iran's regime,"
@Offord4Hendon @TIME Dr. @Offord4Hendon concluded:
“We should recognize that the greatest asset for us is the bond of friendship between the people of Iran, the #NCRI & the rest of the world...The people of Iran are ready to stand up for change & they are ready to see a #FreeIran"
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#MEK will fight Iran regime from new Ashraf-3 base in Albania
#FreeIran #IStandWithMaryamRajavi #WeSupportMEK - @washtimes
@WashTimes World leaders, don’t turn your backs on these mass murders
#FreeIran #IStandWithMaryamRajavi #WeSupportMEK @RudyGiuliani - @washtimes
‘We will stand with you every step of the way’
#FreeIran #IStandWithMaryamRajavi #WeSupportMEK @JoeLieberman - @washtimes
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Iran's regime executed some 30,000 political prisoners in the #1988Massaacre. We'll be live tweeting a panel in about 15 mins that will urge the world community to hold the perpetrators accountable.

#FreeIran #WeSupportMEK
In the summer of 1988, Iran's regime summarily and extra-judicially executed tens of thousands of political prisoners held in jails across Iran. The #1988Massacre was carried out on the basis of a fatwa by the regime’s Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini.
#FreeIran #WeSupportMEK
Death Commissions sent 30000 political prisoners to the gallows. The vast majority of the victims were PMOI (MEK) members. Perpetrators of Iran's #1988Massacre have never been held accountable. Worse still, some have been promoted to top government & judiciary positions #FreeIran
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Today lawmakers & human rights activists from Europe & Australia flock to Ashraf-3 in Albania, home to #Iran’s democratic opposition the MEK (PMOI), & declare their solidarity with the uprising by Iran’s ppl for regime change & a #FreeIran. #IStandWithMaryamRajavi
European & Australian lawmakers & activists join @Maryam_Rajavi to tell their Govs: Appeasement of #Iran’s terrorist regime would embolden the mullahs & lead to war. To avoid war world powers should support the democratic opposition to achieve a #FreeIran. #IStandWithMaryamRajavi
Australia’s Sen. Meredith Burgmann, ex-President of @nsw_upperhouse, commends Iran’s democratic opposition MEK on their new home in Albania. “What you have done in just 12 months in Ashraf-3 is extraordinary.” You are “proud, confident & strong.” #FreeIran #IStandWithMaryamRajavi
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"Bahram Tajic was very clear about his reasons for wanting to commit suicide in the Karaj prison, citing excruciating prison conditions, torture, and other pressures,..."

"Ms. Biyani who has been held by IRGC intelligence for over a year now said the ‘confessions’ had been made under physical and mental torture and intense psychological pressure..."

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has used torture and suppression to stay in power..."

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