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THREAD | (1) Since 2015, a bipartisan consensus has prevailed: members of Congress across the political spectrum support non-nuclear sanctions—including terrorism sanctions—on #Iran.

Six years later, the #Biden admin appears to be on the verge of going against this consensus...
(2) @TzviKahn's memo compiles statements from the #Obama admin expressing support for terrorism sanctions on #Iran.

These quotes highlight the bipartisan support of terrorism and other non-nuclear sanctions—and the importance of maintaining them should the US reenter the #JCPOA:
(3) First up, President Barack Obama 👇
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Reports on #Iran-#SaudiArabia intelligence contact in #Iraq.

#Zarif leaves #Qatar. #Saudi FM lands in #Doha, invites Emir Sheikh Tamim to meet the King in #Riyadh.

#Tehran (& the #US?) appears to try to take the #Gulf on board.

This could isolate #Israel in a revived #JCPOA.
Some in #Vienna appear to want to isolate #Israel. But officials in #Gulf/#GCC face a difficult choice. They have to weigh if a compromise on #JCPOA and weakening Israel's position will resolve the problem of #Iran's malign activities? Or will it be a temporary solution?
The #US is directly engaging #GCC on #JCPOA, while FM #Zarif engages #SaudiArabia through #Qatar and #Iraq.

If the #Gulf comes aboard, #Israel and #Republicans will be effectively sidelined.

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🔴 Iran rejects sequential lifting of sanctions; says bans must fully be removed: Informed source

An informed source has told Press TV that Iran does not accept the sequential lifting of sanctions in the ongoing talks on the revival of 2015 #nucleardeal and the bans must be removed altogether.
The source said on Tuesday that the Islamic Republic would by no means settle for the suspension, easing or extending waiver of sanctions and that the bans should entirely be removed.
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'#Taliban as proxies in #Pakistan's endless war' is a cliché from the 2000s. It's outdated. Time to take stock of new realities in Pakistani military thinking because the #US #NATO & #Pakistan must prevent a new civil war in #Afghanistan. /1

No one can win in #Afghanistan. Not even the #Taliban. Some actors would love to see a permanent Afghan war of attrition that engulfs #America+#Pakistan+#Afghanistan. Make no mistake: a new #Islamabad+#WashingtonDC blame game will expedite such a war. /2

What's happening in #Afghanistan is by no means #Pakistan's proxy war. But it is the proxy war of multiple actors who want Afghanistan to be a permanent bleeding ground for #America #Pakistan #NATO. /3…
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"We're going to work together to demonstrate that democracies can still compete and win in the 21st century," says @POTUS of US and #Japan. Image
"You got a Japanese boy coming over here" to win @TheMasters, says @POTUS to @sugawitter.
"The United States is Japan's best friend," says @sugawitter. Image
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HAPPENING NOW: News conference with @NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg, @DeptofDefense @SecDef Lloyd Austin & @StateDept @SecBlinken
"We will start the withdrawal ... by May 1" @NATO's @jensstoltenberg says of the abt 10,000 mostly non-US troops currently in #Afghanistan

Says withdrawal will be completed "within a few months"
"This is not an easy decision & it entails risks" per @jensstoltenberg, saying the departure of troops is not the end of @NATO's relationship w/#Afghanistan
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On the planned Apr. 28th @POTUS address to a joint session of Congress, @PressSec says the office of @SpeakerPelosi is handling invitations amid expectations that attendance will be reduced due to #COVID19 restrictions.
"We can't look at things through the 2001 mindset," responds @PressSec to a question about the planned US troop withdrawal by Sept. 11 from #Afghanistan.
"He asked for that review not to be sugar-coated" and encouraged internal debate about US troop withdrawal from #Afghanistan, adds @PressSec. "The threats have evolved."
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BREAKING: @ODNIgov issues assessment on Worldwide Threats a day before intel chiefs testify before lawmakers

"#Beijing, #Moscow, #Tehran, & #Pyongyang have demonstrated the capability & intent to advance their interests at the expense of the UnitedStates...despite the pandemic"
"#China increasingly is a near-peer competitor, challenging the United States in multiple arenas...#Russia is pushing back against #Washington where it can globally, employing techniques up to and including the use of force" per Annual Threat Assessment…
"#Iran will remain a regional menace w/broader malign influence activities" per @ODNIgov report "#NorthKorea will be a disruptive player on the regional & world stages"
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Marking its 15th annual National Nuclear Technology Day, #Iran has unveiled its IR-9 centrifuge in further violation of the 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA).

This regime will not abide by any agreement & a U.S. return to the deal will only embolden it.

@iaeaorg @StateDept
#Iran has also begun injecting gas into cascades of advanced centrifuges, including one with (164) IR-6 centrifuges, one with (30) IR-5 machines, and another with (30) IR-6s centrifuges.

These measures are all in violation of the 2015 nuclear deal.
#Iran has also started testing IR-9 centrifuges.
Initial tests have been completed and the machine is now entering the mechanical testing phase.
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Lawmakers accuse the U.S. administration of already violating the 2015 #Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (INARA), which required the president to submit any agreements with Iran to Congress for a vote before any sanctions are removed.
Interesting #Update

U.S. State Department: #Iran's missile program, human rights violations & support for terrorism are a challenge to us & we will continue to pressure Tehran through sanctions.
#Iran not budging. This won't be easy.

“In our view, U.S. has to take its actions in one step, then we’ll verify, and then Iran will follow with its own actions,” Deputy FM Araghchi said. “How verification will happen is another point of our discussion.”…
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Tomorrow, American and Iraqi delegations will sit down for Strategic Dialogue talks.

This is a big moment for the #US-#Iraq relationship with a new Biden administration and accumulating security concerns in Iraq.
The talks are intended to cover shared #US and #Iraq mutual interests across a range of topics, such as improvements in trade, development, aid, Iraq’s education, industrial, and health sectors, climate issues, and of course, the elephant in the room: security.
The #Biden administration has not been very clear on their #Iraq strategy, despite campaign trail commitments to defeat #Daesh and the US missile strike on a Kataib Hezbollah (KH) and Kaitaib Sayyid al-Shuhada (KSS) compound near the #Syria-Iraq border over a month ago.
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1)#Iran’s Foreign Ministry reporting that Raab spoke with Zarif ahead of this week’s #JCPOA talks in Vienna

Iran’s MFA reports Raab told Zarif “London will do its best to help negotiations bear fruit”.But #UK’s changing posture toward Iran should noted

Reflections on UK-JCPOA👇 Image
2) Two weeks ago, the #UK published its Integrated Review (IR) – the biggest review of UK defence, security & foreign policy since cold war - where it outlined overarching international policy objectives until 2030.

Rising concerns about #Iran’s regime featured throughout 👇
3)The most noteworthy change in relation to #Iran policy was the absence of any reference to JCPOA.

Since 2015, the #UK has explicitly defined its Iran policy through the #JCPOA & its commitment to upholding it. So the absence of any mention of the JCPOA in the IR is important
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#Iran rejects any meeting with the US in Vienna during next week’s session with the remaining #JCPOA participants.
"Participants agreed to resume this session of the Joint Commission in Vienna next week, in order to clearly identify sanctions lifting and nuclear implementation measures, including through convening meetings of the relevant expert groups."…
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#Iran president on reviving the #JCPOA: Let's not waste time. wasting time does not benefit anyone. If time is wasted, the US will be responsible. We've announced readiness...JCPOA won't be renegotiated...Those who favor diplomacy...need to know the path goes thru lifting sancxns
#Iran president: E3 needs to know that @IAEAOrg is not a place for political games. Let us continue our technical work with the agency. We've reached a good understanding with it in recent weeks. US should lift sanctions so that IAEA inspectors can monitor without any difficulty.
#Iran president:We've left the way open for new US admin [to return]. Some friends had demanded compensation before talking to US. US direct damage to us in past 3yrs has been over $200B, but we told our friends to leave it for later stages & that US can return by lifting sancxns
Read 3 tweets in a sense I am happy to be able to finally define a @wsj article as "cringeworthy". They were besmirching the journalist profession with their insightful thought and careful analysis.(/) @nglinsman @amlivemon @RobertMCutler @michaeltanchum @shaun_riordan… now, the link to the #ODNI report is down for me, but the #BBC article states
"The intelligence report lists three reasons for believing that the crown prince must have approved the operation:
His control of decision-making in the kingdom since 2017(/)
"The direct involvement in the operation of one of his advisers as well as members of his protective detail ;
His "support for using violent measures to silence dissidents abroad".
I.e. let me tell you how much proof there is: (/)
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Today on @AmericaNewsroom, NCRI-US Dep Dir Alireza Jafarzadeh (@A_Jafarzadeh) discussed #JCPOA & #Terrorism:
"The Iranian regime definitely wants to get the Bomb because that's their tool for their survival. They are very weak and vulnerable, isolated in the region and... 1/4 Image
... "also inside Iran. Over the past 3 years, there have been several major uprisings in Iran's all 31 provinces. #IranProtests have been going on this week in city of #Saravan in Southeast Iran. The regime has killed 40 people, injured a 100 more just in the past 2 days... 2/4 Image
... "So, this is a weak regime, but they seek to portray themselves as though they are in the driver's seat by threatening everybody else in order to gain concessions and have the #sanctions lifted without changing their behavior. When you deal with #Iran's regime... 3/4 Image
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Destabilization by #Israel+#SaudiArabia+#UAE in the Middle East is equal to the destabilization by #Iran. Is it?

I listened to @PeterBeinart on @FareedZakaria's show. He used this contrast to justify rejecting the idea of a #JCPOA rethink to include Iran's malign activities. /1
Are #Israel #KSA #UAE destabilizing the Middle East equally to or more than #Iran? This juxtaposition is used by Iran govt and sympathizers who suggest Tehran's wide network of proxies & operations in the region is not unique. Rather, it's normal. /2
Keeping #JCPOA intact is a legitimate goal but not on the basis of a fallacy. Moral and political equivalency that @PeterBeinart suggested [b/w #KSA/#Israel/#UAE and #Iran] is worth discussing. In short bursts, just key points, for the sake of informing. /3
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#Iran's Deputy FM Araghchi: The body of evidence shows that #Biden team has not been able to reach a conclusion & an alternative policy on the #JCPOA... They do not seem to have been able to overcome their internal challenges and reach a single united policy on the #nuclear deal.
#Iran's Deputy FM Araghchi: #Europe was unable to compensate the withdrawal of the US from the #JCPOA... The survival of the nuclear deal has been due to Iran's policies in the past 4 years. Just in one case Europeans stood against the US in the UNSC.
#Iran's Deputy FM Araghchi: Implementation of the Additional Protocol will be stopped... As a result, there will be a new situation... @IAEAOrg Director General @RafaelMGrossi asked us to visit Iran & his visit is aimed at establishing a new order in Iran & IAEA cooperation.
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Deputy FM Araghchi on Iran TV says it seems that Washington is still preoccupied with internal debates on how to approach JCPOA, and has no unified policy.
Says in response to US withdrawal and EU failure to meet our expectations overtime we suspended all our technical commitments, as a means to protect our interests and provide opportunity for diplomacy.
Says E3 are not in a position to blame us to endanger the diplomatic path or jeopardizing the #JCPOA. Adds that their only positive role was at the UNSC (when they rejected US snapback). Says if Iran suspends AP implantation, IAEA inspection capacity will be reduced 20-30 percent
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#Iran government spox:Easing restrictions on Iranian diplomats' movements in NY & rescinding Trump admin claim that UN sanctions had been reimposed on Iran, are small steps & insufficient signs of maybe US goodwill.These steps are extremely insufficient to satisfy Iranian people.
#Iran's govmnt spox: Now, we can confidently predict that diplomatic initiatives will work well to achieve the desired outcome, despite diplomatic ups & downs that are a natural prelude to the return of all parties to their commitments, inclu lifting all sanctions in near future.
#Iran's government spokesman: It is too early to make a final judgment, but the hope that rationality will return to US government decisions has visibly increased comparing to past months.
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Biden said the U.S. will not lift sanctions against Iran unless the country stops enriching uranium, continuing a standoff with #Iran's dictator has demanded that sanctions be lifted before the country returns to its nuclear deal obligations.
"Will the U.S. lift sanctions first in order to get Iran back to the negotiating table?" O'Donnell asked.

"No," Mr. Biden responded.

"They have to stop enriching uranium first?" O'Donnell asked.

Mr. Biden nodded affirmatively.
Sen. Graham:
"If I were President Biden I would keep the sanctions on until #Iran changes its behavior. I would not want to go into an old deal with Iran because they've been up to no good for too long."
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#Iran’s supreme leader says the U.S. must lift all sanctions if it wants Iran to return to its commitments to the nuclear deal with Western powers, state TV reported Sunday.…
Televised comments mark Khamenei’s first since Biden's inauguration. #Iran is threatening to expel UN inspectors, increased uranium enrichment closer to weapons-grade levels & ramped up military drills, including firing cruise missiles.…
My takes:

-Khamenei needs to appear strong, especially domestically.

-This ends all talk of @JZarif hinting a solution, saying a top EU official could “synchronize” or “choreograph” moves. He has a @CNN interview today with @FareedZakaria.

-No fast solution. Impasse continues.
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1- Do you know this man ?
Many of our fellow Iranian do not know this man!
@hmajd is one of the most influential communicator between the Islamic Regime of mullahs and the United States .
Majd has played a pivotal role on the nuclear negotiations ( #JCPOA ) . Image
2-Born in 1957 in Tehran, Majd is an American Iranian dissent journalist & a political social writer.He is the author of several books: “Ayatollah has a different opinion”, “Democracy of the Ayatollahs”, “The Ministry of Guidance asks you not to stay: an American family in Iran” ImageImageImageImage
3-Majd’s father was Iran's ambassador in Japan.He studied in UK & later on migrated to the U.S. On his Mother’s side, Majd’s grandfather was Ayatollah Mohammad Kazem Assar,an Iraqi Iranian, who is one of the authors of the Mullah’s regime civil laws. His relatives are all mullah. ImageImage
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#Iran's "moderate" President @HassanRouhani:
-No article of the 2015 nuclear deal (#JCPOA) will be changed.
-No individual (party) will be added to the JCPOA either.
-The Americans should know that to this day they
have been in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231.
Former Iranian diplomat Amir Mousavi
-#Iran doesn’t need nuclear weapons to “put an end” to the Zionist entity [Israel]
–However, @khamenei_ir might resort to changing fatwa banning nuclear weapons.

@SecBlinken @jakejsullivan @StateDept
"We haven't... had any discussions with the Iranians, and I wouldn't expect we would until those initial steps go forward," said U.S. State Department spokesperson Ned Price on the #Iran nuclear deal.
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