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Lawyer & Senior Advisor on International Law, Human Rights, Conflict Mediation. @Sydney_Uni scholar. Formerly @ICRC @UNPeacekeeping @UNDP. Recently 🇲🇲🇪🇹🇸🇸
Mar 17, 2020 • 9 tweets • 12 min read
The UN #HumanRightsCouncil’s recently concluded its 43rd Session (truncated due to #coronavirus), and appointed 19 new Special Procedures mandate holders. Below I highlight a few new thematic and country mandate holders. 👇🏽

#HumanRights #HRC43 @UN_SPExperts @UN_HRC Image Thomas H. Andrews (#USA) is appointed Special Rapporteur on #humanrights in #Myanmar. He served in the US #Congress as a Representative from #Maine, and was previously Senior Advisor of @NDI. @TomHAndrews succeeds @YangheeLeeSKKU. Image
Jan 17, 2020 • 8 tweets • 12 min read
We @ICRC surveyed more than 16,000 millennials in 16 countries and territories about their views on #conflict, #warfare and the values underpinning international humanitarian law. There are both encouraging and worrying findings- see thread. #IHL #IntLaw… 47% believe it's more likely than not that there will be a third World War in their lifetime. #WWIII

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Sep 11, 2019 • 16 tweets • 105 min read
I am excited to arrive in #Melbourne to take part in the first-ever Asian-Australian Leadership Summit, which aims to highlight and address the under-representation of Asian-Australians in political, business, government and civil society leadership. #AsianAusLeadership @Asialink_au @PwC_AU @OrgAALA @Austrade @BankofMelb @Committee4Melb @dfat @AusUnlimited @asiacapable @AsArticulations The Leading for Change report highlights the lack of #CulturalDiversity in senior leadership. While Anglo-Australians represent 58% of population, they hold 76% of senior leadership positions. Those from non-European background are under-represented by 16%. #AsianAusLeadership