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An upcoming conference in Washington DC on April 25th and 26th puts paid to all the phony claims which American imperialism has put forward about #NATO's war aims in Russia. The conference posits building no less than 41! 'post-Russian' petty states! 1/7…
Who ARE these people?
Right-wing Lithuanian non-entity Andrius Almanis has latched on to a sinecure called #WWIII.
Rafis Kashapov, a Tatar separatist based in Kiev, has his sights on Mordovia, Chuvashia, Mari El, Udmurtia & Bashkortostan, via his CIA-backed 'Free Idel-Ural' 2/7 Image
Pavel Mezerin schemes to create a micro-state called 'Free Ingria' in the St Petersburg region, which would essentially serve Finnish (NATO) interests.
Inna Kurochkina is a Ukrainian who advocates Chechen separatism, under the postmodernist umbrella of 'decolonization.' 3/7 Image
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What’s stopping Trump from picking up the phone ☎️, or flying to #Ukraine for peace talks right now?

Why wait until January 2025?

Isn’t stopping #WWIII urgent?
At this point I think Trump is the only Western politician who HASN’T visited #Ukraine
I mean do a Zoom call FFS 🤦🏼‍♀️
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In his 1961 Inaugural Address, President Kennedy called the nuclear era he presided over the world’s “hour of maximum danger” — and he meant those words.

We never thought we would actually face a challenge like that again in human history, but alas, here we are.
Within a year of #JFK’s Inaugural, the United States and #Russia would find themselves eyeball-to-eyeball in a tense nuclear standoff over missiles in Cuba.
During those fateful Thirteen Days in October 1962, every human on the planet feared that the world as we know it could end at any moment; destroyed within seconds by the launch of nuclear weapons by the superpowers.
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Ukrainian militants took some footage (likely for donations & PR) in Plekhovo, the Kursk region of Russia. The militants are not yet eliminated.

#Ukraine #Ukrainewar #UkraineRussiaWar #SlavaUkraini #RussianArmy #Wagner #WWIII #Militants #Plekhovo
BTW - the fabrication of the city label is also the standard practice of Ukrainian militants. Do you remember Energodar (in our chronology)?

#Ukraine #Ukrainewar #UkraineRussiaWar #SlavaUkraini #RussianArmy #Wagner #WWIII #Plekhanovo
"Energodar" captured by Ukrainian tik-tok militants a few months ago

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The late Soviet leader Mikhail #Gorbachev warned — echoing President #Eisenhower — that the “greatest danger to the world is the military industrial complex.”

The first concentration camp: #Thalerhof — where thousands of Russians (and those merely suspected of Russian allegiance) were tortured, starved, and murdered in #WWI.

My full interview with Russia's Ambassador to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyanskiy @Dpol_un.

Posted in 3 parts. (See thread for links)

Part 1: End of the #ColdWar: #Reagan, #Gorbachev, Perestroika, Winds of Change, the fall of the #USSR.…
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There Will Be No #WWIII !!!

Headlines in the Western media suggest that the US is determined to impose harsh #economicsanctions on China for allegedly "planning to supply Russia with weapons."

This is actually great news. A 🧵 to explain why. (1/n)
China has denied the allegations, which only say that China is "planning to supply Russia with weapons," not that they have actually supplied weapons. But the US doesn't care about reality, only about its own decisions. Ask #Iraq . There were never any #WMD (2/n)
If China is not supplying weapons to Russia, why sanction China? Because China is an economic lifeline for Russia. China buying Russian energy and natural resources is what helps Russians get everything they need in return. As long as this goes on, sanctions will fail. (3/n)
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From E:
The Director of the CIA just went on national television and said that the United States needs to provide "Full material and intelligence support"for Ukraine in the coming months.

In other words, Unsurprisingly.

The CIA wants WWIII with the US...…

"They absolutely will try and start a full blown war. There are already plans drawn, on the table, and both Burns and his brain-dead stooge Biden have personally walked Zelenskyy the puppet through the expected paces."…

It isn't an "if".
It is a "when", and the answer is late spring, before the summer hits, and it will be appalling if early indicators are to be believed.
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Zelensky is making threats against Americans,

unless we continue to 💰💰💰support #Ukraine.

Clearly, Biden is not the only one #Zelensky has by the balls
⚽️ ⚽️

Zelensky has on multiple occasions tried to bait America and NATO into #WWIII

these Blank checks need to stop 🛑
Biden committed an act of WAR when the U.S. blew up the #NordStream #WWIII

Jose Vega brilliantly confronts @RepJeffries #Ukraine

How about
- bridges not bombs 💣
- diplomacy not destruction ☮️

Watch till the end, Jeffries smiles arrogantly 🤡
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HISTORY REPEATS: "Propaganda is a truly terrible weapon in the hands of an expert." —Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (1924)

TAKE AWAY 👉In the end, propaganda could not prevent defeat.

#Russia #Ukraine #BigLie #Agenda2030 #KlausSchwab #GeorgeSoros #Nazis
"It sounds like the stuff of Kremlin #propaganda, but it’s not."

Exhibit A:
Image 1 : NATO Propaganda
Image 2 : The Truth (June 20, 2018)… #Ukraine #Russia #UkraineRussiaWar #Nazi
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The truth is nobody wins in wars except the #MilitaryIndustrialComplex and the #WarMachine financing banking systems sucking in billions of taxpayer dollars into the coffers of weapons manufacturers, infra builders and corrupt politicians.

A thread 🧵👇
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If you need a reminder (or know someone who does) of why #Russia invaded #Ukraine in the first place, my friend @tjmac87 is live-streaming #Putin's Speech from Feb 21 2022 right now, with an accurate English translation!

Tune in here 👇🏽…
Here #Putin is tracing the roots of the current war, back to what he considers #Lenin’s fateful error:

Making concessions to the Ukrainian nationalists (who fought for an independent #Ukraine during the Civil War) when #Ukraine joined the #USSR in 1922.
From my own research into this period of history, Putin is absolutely correct.

Lenin should have known the types he was dealing with — evil monsters, out to destroy #Russia — after all he’d seen from them between 1917-21.

They’d be back 20 years later, w/ Germany’s backing!
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Every night at 8PM Central this weekend, I’ll be showing episodes of my recent talk with two American #communists, Tyler McConnell @tjmac87 and @RealCalebMaupin.

In Part 2 of “Making Alliances,” we ask: “what do #libertarians and Communists agree on?”

Lol I know this show will trigger some folks who might say that libertarians and communists can’t agree on a damn thing, but watch and you might be surprised!
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Probably not because it was classified for nearly 60 years.

In April 1945 Churchill decided -- BEFORE #WWII was over -- that the Allies should team up with the #Nazis invade the #SovietUnion AGAIN and NUKE #Russia!…
It sounds too crazy to be true, but it is.

British PM Winston Churchill instructed his Joint Military Staff to draft an invasion plan of Russia using British, German, and American troops. (He hadn't told the Americans about this yet, or most of his own military staff.)
Imagine how this strategic meeting went:

“Yes, splendid. We shall invade the country who just saved our arses from the Nazis! Let’s convince the Americans to drop that new nuclear bomb on the Russians! I mean, they have to try it out somewhere, let’s nuke a few Soviet cities!”
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Ukraine, NATO, the national security-Intelligence apparatus, CBDC’s, FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, The Bahamas, Money-Laundering, and the news campaign today regarding the missile from Russia landing in Poland, it’s all connected… What does it all have in common? (2)
To untangle this web, we have to start somewhere. This week: The second largest exchange in the world went bankrupt in a matter of days, the NY Federal Reserve rolled out their rebranded CBDC program, now called the “Regulated liability network”, and a Missile struck Poland.. (3)
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🧵A Thread On Who REALLY crashed #FTX and WHY
1) #SBF was owned and operated by Davos as a front for Offshore Dollar Market (ODM) money creation and laundering through Ukraine and beyond the jurisdiction of the Fed.
2) Davos used #SBF and #FTX as the tool for regulatory capture of the entire #crypto industry. They need to control the industry in order to control stable coins because stable coins are the replacement of the ODM/Eurodollar System.
3) The ODM is being destroyed as Powell raises rates and bankrupts Davos. Therefore Davos’s only hope was to capture the entire stable coin market so they can keep printing more money to fund wars and overthrow governments (and steal the midterm elections).
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'We'll put 10-15 million of people "under rifle" [mobilize] and we'll take a walk across Europe.
If they don't understand something - there's nuclear weapon to clarify." - warmonger Solovjev. #WWIII
Solovyov proposed to mobilize 10-15 million russians into the army. We would very much like such a decision to be made by the russian leadership. This is half of all russian men aged 18-65, including the disabled.
These 10 million russian men may not be clothed (they will go in their home clothes), but they will have to be fed (there will be enough homemade food for three days), armed at least with sticks (there will not be enough automatic weapons),
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I gave this report to the @SEP_US 7th Congress on August 1. It reviews the historical background the #COVID19 pandemic, the implications of the “forever COVID” policy & the fight for a #ZeroCovid global elimination strategy. #CovidIsntOver 1/…
The report was given to motivate this Congress resolution, which was unanimously adopted. As part of the @ICFI_WSWS, we are the only political party in the world fighting to stop the pandemic and massively expand public health & healthcare. 2/…
The other reports and resolutions focused on the #UkraineWar & the danger of #WWIII, the #January6 coup & the threat of fascism, and the fight to build the International Workers’ Alliance of Rank-and-File Committees in the working class. 3/…
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#US Navy ships led by the universal amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge was in the Baltic Sea days ago and was spotted following the Baltic Straits into the North Sea.

It was 30 kilometers from the site of the alleged sabotage on the #Nordstream gas pipeline. Image
A Sikorsky MH-60S call sign FFAB123 on 2nd september: the helicopter either flew along the Nord Stream-2 highway, or even between the points where the accident occurred.
Charges can be set to detonate later. Image
And of course, wherever there is problems, you find this B1tch.
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#narratif & stratégie d’influence :
1/n l’écriture de narratifs est-elle devenue indispensable pour maintenir le leadership ?
Dans un monde incertain voir chaotique où les modèles échouent, le recours à l’analyse prospective basée sur des scenarii plausibles devient nécessité 😎
2/n Les grands industriels 🇫🇷 réunis dans l’ @Afep_ , habitués aux risques géopolitiques & sociétaux, ont commandé au #thinktank fondé par @JMJancovici une étude sur les enjeux du climat, de l’énergie et l’importance de construire leurs narratifs business ImageImage
3/n Ce guide public explique l’importance d’une exploration de scenarii prospectifs (favorables ou pas) pour positionner chaque corporation proactivement face aux défis futurs et dépasser le conformisme des reportings « attendus » 😴… Image
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Xi Jinping right now #Taipei #Taiwan #WWIII Image
to all the chinese who are barking
These all account are propaganda accounts. They have no posts no followers. These all are bots.
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The @DNC @GOP #duopoly are a distraction.


“We must understand not only our forces, but the forces of the enemy we face – the capitalist class. We need to learn from them and about them and see not only their strengths, but their vulnerabilities.” ImageImage
“The #CFR is the Central Committee of the U.S. capitalist class. The rest of the book outlines in detail who the central players in the CFR are and have been, how the CFR works, and which organizations and corporations it works through.”…
I heard @JohnKiriakou describe the #CFR as the think tank for #WallStreet. John said every #WallStreet #CEO sees themselves as a Secretary of State. That was an epiphany for me.

The President of the #CFR is @RichardHaass (2003 to Present).…
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1/ from our first story in last week's newsletter:

"Construction of the Issoudun Aerodrome in rural France began in July 1917, and although the air base was still under construction, the first American flight students and instructors arrived for flight training in November. Image
2/ Among them was Harry Wingate, the 22-yr-old son of a GA tobacco farmer and an expert pilot. He was assigned to Training Field #8, one of 11 separate airfields, where he would teach advanced combat flight tactics-what laymen would call stunt flying- in a French Nieuport biplane Image
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The Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part 5 - The world is closer to witnessing the use of some type of #NuclearWeapons due to war in the Ukraine than during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 - by @TraderStef #TacticalNukes #WW3… Image
#LittleGreenMen #Russia #Ukraine #NATO #War - #TacticalNukes - a bunch of high-ranking Russian military suits were taken out by a Ukrainian hit in #Izium
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