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[VACATION BENCH HEARING: Arnab Goswami vs State of Maharashtra]

Supreme Court bench led by Justice DY Chandrachud to begin hearing appeal against Bombay HC order denying #ArnabGoswami interim bail in 2018 abetment to suicide case at 10.30 am

The plea by Goswami in SC states that his arrest was "illegal, mala-fide and politically motivated as evident from the multifarious proceedings initiated against him, his news channels, @republic and @RepublicBhart
at the behest of the
political dispensation."
Shortly after #ArnabGoswami plea was listed for today, Senior Adv Dushyant Dave raised questions on the selective listing of cases by SC Registry. In a rebuttal of sorts, Goswami's wife, Samyabrata stated why did Dave keep silent during @VinodDua7 & @pbhushan1 urgent hearings
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This tweet has now become the prime example of moronery, hypocrisy and utter distasteful bias by a PM of India.... @NarendraModi .... #Munger #PujariBurned #Palghar ....
Modi told Akshay Kumar that he reads tweets of Twinkle Khanna... and once at a meeting he said he reads tweets of Sagarika Ghose... So he reads tweets of highly intelligent Bollywoodia type people to keep himself educated... mostly on Bollywood news
Modi often behaves like a teenage schoolgirl obsessed with film stars... or with cricketers... his biggest worry recently was how Virat Kohli survives without Chole Bhature.... Hahahhaa....
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#BombayHighCourt to hear today @republic TV's plea challenging the @MumbaiPolice FIR against it in relation to the alleged #TRPScam

The plea seeks the quashing of the FIR against Republic TV and its employees, including Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami.
@republic seeks:

- Transfer of investigation to CBI;
- CBI probe against Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh, disciplinary proceedings against him for abuse of power;
- interim protection from coercive action by Mumbai Police

Read more:…
The plea was moved before the #BombayHighCourt after the Supreme Court dismissed it as withdrawn last week and asked #RepublicTV to move the HC first.

The matter is listed today before the HC Bench of Justices SS Shinde and MS Karnik
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@narendramodi Modi ji, probably you are not aware of the motives to serve humanity or its your compulsion to be seen as a secular politician makes you write the ode.
The so called Church head was directly responsible for conversion of lakhs of Hindus and Tribals of Kerala with unlimited ...1/2
@narendramodi Foreign funds. Probably you don't know how these church instruct their followers to vote for a particular candidate & against @BJP4India .
Every humanitarian effort to help someone has a hidden motive to get him converted.

I hope u had said few words about #Palghar as well.
@narendramodi @BJP4India Just some screen shots for forced or trapping/luring people to convert.
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Terror has no religion.
But rapists have a caste.

Popes & Mullahs can never be female.
But Brahmins worshipping Saraswati Ma are patriarchal.

English is not the language of slavery & colonialism.
But stuying Sanskrit makes you a casteist bigot. 1/n
Being suspicious of a long bearded man wearing skullcap is Islamophobia.
But saying Tilak dhari Bhagwa clad men are scary is not Hinduphobia.

Conversion by missionaries is not wrong bcoz upper caste is so evil.
But doing Ghar Wapsi suddenly makes you a bigot. 2/n
Calling you a ricebag is trolling.
But calling Hindus gau mutra drinkers is perfectly fine.

Outraging for climate change because you worship Greta Thunberg is progressive.
But worshipping Bhu Devi, Ganga Ma and all nature is so regressive. 3/n
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Sena leaders - led by the opportunistic Ms Chaturvedi commenting on #hathrascase is so amazing. Thousands have died of #COVID19 in #Mumbai, Jumbo centres are biggest scams, doctors, nurses not paid, oxygen cylinders in short supply, record no of cops have died due to covid 19
There are 47 #hathras like cases in Maharashtra and these new-age, North Indian leaders of Sena are playing politics to attack Yogi. What about their own incompetent CM? Where is his accountability? Shameful, disgusting lot that needs to be thrown out of power
Not one of this Chaturvedi gang members went to #Palghar where the Hindu monks were lynched. Don't be surprised she and compounder will end up on UP border and do a fake fall for cameras. Vultures
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Alert for Deadly #CongoFever Issued in Mumbai Metropolitan Region's #Palghar District…

(📸: J Jackson/BCCL Coimbatore)
Amid #covid19, authorities in #Palghar, a district in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, have issued an alert for the deadly Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF), or Congo fever, which is believed to spread from animals to humans, top officials said on Tuesday.

The collectorate has directed all meat and poultry sellers and consumers to remain on alert and take precautions as the Congo fever has a high mortality rate between 10-40 percent, even as no vaccine is available for treatment.

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Earlier I said, lshkaran Bhαndari is a bigger devil than Vibhor, its time for me to back my statement with all relevant sources to prove my point.

After exposing Swαmy, its time to write a #Thread on his Puppet lshkaran Bhαndari

See all his lies by urself & RT this thread.
He projects himself as a corruption crusador, and claims that he has filed several corruption cases in Court.

Lets see a case which Swαmy filed in Court in 2013 against Tony Fernandes of Air Asia, the case is still pending with CBI but let's understand why this case was filed
Not many of you know but great corruption crusador of India Shri Vijay Mallya ji was working President of Janta Party

Air Asia got DGCA clearance to operate frm Bangalore Airport & Kingfisher Airline was already grounded in 2012 due to financial debt…
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1.The Arfa /Rana/ Saba brigade are trying hard to find similarities in white supremacy and Hindus. Well there is NONE! Let me make it simple if to make them understand the difference-
2. Similarities in riots in India and USa- 1- Both by minorities 2-Both were funded /supported by hidden hands 3- both had heavy property damage and looting 4. For both, wanting justice was NOT a real motive. USA has elections coming , Cops were already charged and removed,
3. India- muslims were not done any injustice in first place with CAA. In USA, it was definitely heinous by all standards -what happened to George Floyd, but the last year's number DO NOT have blacks as the highest victims of police brutality !
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#SupremeCourt starts hearing a fresh petition by #ArnabGoswami for a stay on his prosecution in an FIR lodged against him over a TV show relating to #MigrantWorkers getting collected at Bandra railway station last month.
Veteran lawyer Harish Salve appears for the #Republic TV editor-in-chief through video-conferencing.

#SupremeCourt will also hear a #Maharashtra Govt plea to 'insulate' & protect its police officers from 'pressure & coercion' by #ArnabGoswami in its probe on #SoniaGandhi show.
Salve terms interrogation by #Maharashtra police as an "arm-twisting" tactic, says more questions are about why #ArnabGoswami allegedly defamed a certain person.

He adds out of two cops questioning him, one has been tested positive for #COVID19. Why can't they do it through VC?
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Lynching of those Sadhus in #Palghar made me think that why is this happening?

1. Today, I see most of my generation people either don’t believe in saints / gurus and even some who believes and trust in them - they are too ashamed to openly say this in public.

2. Past generation still believes in the tradition and culture but they try to force this on the young generation which nowadays doesn’t work.

3. There’s a big prejudice against saints, gurus and culture today.

4. What britishers did - they broke our education system - Gurukul System! Which was the most efficient one. Then they and after independence Congress maybe projected that these saints, gurus and culture is outdated, fraud, etc.

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Dang was the hotbed of missionary conversions.

1998, Swami Aseemanand did Ghar Wapsi of 40K Xtans in Dang.

It caused such a stir that Xtan leaders from Vatican went to Dang, Sonia went too!

2007- Swami was later framed in Samjhauta Blasts.

2019 -NIA court aquitted him.
Sadhus are a big roadblock for missionary conversions in tribal lands.

Names in #Palghar FIR won't tell u the entire story.

Because tribals don't change their names after converting to Christianity.
They keep their original names to continue taking reservation benefits!
Missionaries offer food & medicines in exchange of conversion.Hence long lockdown is a great oppurtunity.

Dr. Valvi was distributing ration kits in Palghar. He was beaten by the mob too.

Releif frm alternate sources wld hv hurt conversion targets?

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Supreme Court begins to hear petition filed by Arnab Goswami.

Justices DY Chandrachud and MR Shah are hearing the petition.

#ArnabGoswamiAttacked #SoniaGandhi #SupremeCourt #Palghar @republic
Senior Counsel Mukul Rohatgi with Advocate Siddharth Bhatnagar representing Arnab Goswami.

Senior Counsel Kapil Sibal for State of Maharashtra.

Manish Singhvi for Rajasthan and Vivek Tankha for Chhattisgarh @KapilSibal @VTankha #ArnabGoswami #ArnabGoswamiAttacked #SoniaGandhi
Senior Counsel Rohatgi begins making his submissions, starts with taking the Court through the details of the recent #Palghar lynching incident.

It was during a live debate on Palghar that Goswami made the alleged defamatory statements against Congress President Sonia Gandhi
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#SupremeCourt hearing on petition by #ArnabGoswami begins.

For #Congress-ruled states, Sr adv Kapil Sibal, Vivek Tankha, Manish Singhvi appear although Goswami's petition is yet to be admitted for hearing or notices issued.
Sr adv Mukul Rohatgi commences his arguments on behalf of #ArnabGoswami, starts with narrating the facts of the #Palghar lynching.
Rohatgi laments killing of two sadhus in #Palghar by 200 men even though 12 policemen were present there.

"It is shocking somebody took a video of the sadhus being lynched while the police is standing by & is virtually complicit," adds Rohatgi.
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THREAD: Step in Beating #COVID19 is to address the hunger & starvation it has entailed. Our reporters have travelled across the country to find stories of people struggling for food. Help us catch the attention of respective governments by sharing these stories👇#IndiaStarving
1/ "If we don’t get rations, should we hang ourselves?”
The promise of free rations does not assure food on the table during the Covid-19 lockdown for domestic workers and municipal staff, many of them migrants, living in Pune's Kothrud neighbourhood.…
2/ “Many are without food for a week now. The authorities do not even allow the vegetable lorries to come from outside. Some people do not even have water in their house"…
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१/ कोणाला वाटली पाहिजे लाज???

प्रत्येक हलगर्जीपणाचे खापर इतरांवर फोडणाऱ्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,

लोकांना घरातुन उचलून, कायदा हाती घेऊन मारहाण करणाऱ्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,

३० दिवसानंतर सुद्धा,अजूनही एकट्या मुंबईतील गर्दी न हाताळत्या येणाऱ्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,
#Palghar #मराठी
जनतेला धारेवर धरून, पैसेवाल्यांना VIP treatment वाटत फिरणाऱ्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,

सपशेल यंत्रणा तोंडघशी पडताना, प्रत्येक गोष्टीत केंद्राच्या नावाने बोंब ठोकणाऱ्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,

गुंड मंत्र्यांवर कारवाई न करता, व्हाट्सअप्प वर ठराविक मेसेज केला म्हणून अटक करणाऱ्यांना
लाज वाटली पाहिजे,

४० दिवस सुध्दा लोकांना सांभाळता येत नाही म्हणून निधीच्या नावाने बोंब मारणार्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,

जनतेला विश्वासात कमी अन दहशतीत जास्त ठेवणाऱ्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,

५ किलो तांदूळ घेण्यासाठी मरमर करणाऱ्यांवर, AC त बसून भाष्य करणाऱ्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,
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1. When are Hindus going to realize that the Indian state will NEVER DEFEND THEM? NEVER. The police will not defend them. The judiciary will not. The politicians will not. They have no incentives. It is upto us. Just us. Together.
2. But I don't think it will happen. Because for most Hindus, voting for a Hindutva party is enough to bring the change., No it isn't. The govt at centre is a Hindutva party. The govt in MH is supposedly a Hindutva party. Neither one did what they were supposed to do.
3. So Hindus, stop living in a dreamland of justice in Democracy. Neither this democracy will save nor any other constitution based on such modern institutions. Unless we Hindus are ready to fight at every level, we are doomed to be finished.
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1. Every time I speak about Govt control of Hindu Temples, I am told "but our Dharmagurus must speak up more, must take on the Government more, must go to Courts more, must reach out to ppl more". Really? Agar woh sab kuch karenge, to tum kya karoge? Twiddle ur thumbs? #Palghar
2. U think u are alone as a Hindu? Put yourself in d shoes of our Dharmagurus.They r utterly alone in practicing Dharma day in & day out,dealing wid Govt encroachment day in & day out,dealing with Hindu factionalism day in day and day out which, by the way,facilitates Govt entry.
3. Every third rated pedophile or rapist from other groups is shielded by his followers & is actively provided cover both against the law and criticism. In stark contrast, our Dharmagurus,who represent 2500 yr old institutions,are arrested on Hindu holi days in full public glare.
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After #Palghar its #Nawada now. Mohan Ravidas, a Mahadalit in Nawada, Bihar's Warsaliganz was killed Irfan Khan. His crime? He just asked Irfan and his gang to follow #SocialDistancing.

Dare hue samuday vishesh ki ek aur dari hui kahani. #Secularism

@DivyaSoti @VikasSaraswat @DimpleAtra सूचनार्थ 👆
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जमातवादाच्या द्वेषाणूमुळे स्मृतीभ्रंश झाला असेल तर हेही आठवून पहा!

पालघर जिल्ह्यात दोन व्यक्तींची झुंडीने हत्या केली आहे. त्या हत्येचे राजकारण करून काही ट्रोलभैरव, भाट आणि सध्याच्या विरोधी पक्षाशी संबंधित लोक उद्धव ठाकरे आणि त्यांच्या सरकारवर टीका करत आहेत.

#पालघर #Palghar
विरोधी पक्षांनी टीका करायला हवीच पण, टीका काय करत आहात? हेही पाहिले पाहिजे. पालघर मधील मेलेली दोन्ही लोक हिंदू आहेत. म्हणूनच त्यांची हत्या झाली असे पसरवले जात आहे. त्यातून, उद्धव ठाकरेंच्या कालावधीत हिंदू सुरक्षित नाहीत असा प्रापोगंडा चालवून सरकारला बदनाम केले जात आहे.
विरोधी पक्षातील लोक सुद्धा धार्मिक रूप देत आहेत.

पण,आज जे विरोधी पक्षात आहेत तेच लोक २०१८मध्ये सत्तेत होते. त्याकाळात महाराष्ट्रात आणि देशात जवळपास हजाराच्या वर लोकांची हत्या अफवेमुळे झाल्या होत्या. धुळे ह्या शहरात तर पाच भटक्या समाजातील गरीब लोकांची दिवसा हत्या करण्यात आली होती
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2 Sadhus and 1 driver in presence of police got lynched by a bloodthirsty mob at #Palgarh Maharashtra.
No outrage like Dadri
They are HINDU saints & not a Muslim Mohammad Akhlaq or Chor Tabrej
Maharashtra is governed by Sonia Sena ImageImageImage
Entire incident is caught on camera. Cops are witnesses but not a single prestitute is gone to cover their story.
Nobody has met the families of Sadhus OR the driver.
No one has named and shamed the mob.
Why are HINDU lives so cheap?
What is the missing link?
The hand that was supposed to protect him pushed him in the centre of blood thirsty mob.
There was a whole battalion of cops. Not a single policeman came to the defence of a frail 70 yr old sadhu.
Let's us all hang our heads in shame.
Police are as culpable as the mob
#Palghar Image
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So here is the story why so much silence @ReallySwara @anuragkashyap72 and other Leftist twitter handles.

Dhabadhi, is a townlet which is part of constituency Dahnu, also the only seat CPI secured in 2019 MH elections.
Vinod Nikole is a ricebeg, got his due through Naxal- Missionary support.

Population here is mostly baptized and is involved in Armed loots in and around Dahnu.
These people found two men in Saffron and their hate aggravated started pelting stones and killed the driver first.
Two old Sadhus (70+) had no clue what to do as they can't drive, got beaten brutally. Small unit of police was informed, intervened but couldn't handle the bloodthirsty communists on killing spree. 100+ are arrested.
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Series of 5 tweets to
#ThanksToNehru fr being too vain, pompous and deluded. And that screwed up the nation's future.
Thread 👇
2. During the Indo-Pak war of 1948 when India was gaining back the Kashmir captured by the invaders, he prematurely went to the UN Security Council. This was a great strategic mistake.
All #ThanksTo Nehru
3.#ThanksToNehru fr a total impractical approach to integrating Kashmir with rest of India. He didn't allow Sardar Patel to deal with Kashmir issue.
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