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[Contempt Plea Against UP CM — YOGI ADITYANATH]

A #CJI led bench to shortly hear a plea seeking initiation of Suo Motu Contempt of Court proceedings against UP Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath — for his alleged statements made on Republic TV, in relation to #vikasDubeyEncounter.
Bench also expected to take up a plea, seeking reconstitution of the Commission set up by Court — basis apprehension of “bias” by a member of the Commission — Ex-DGP KL Gupta, for his alleged statement that
“police version of the encounter should be accepted on ‘face value’”.
The plea seeking contempt against @myogiadityanath alleges that the UP Chief Minister had given an interview before media on Republic TV where the heading being flashed, read


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[PROBE INTO GANGSTER #VikasDubeyEncounter]

SC bench led by CJI SA Bobde hearing a plea seeking constitution of a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe into the alleged police encounter of Kanpur gangster #VikasDubey and his aides, Amar Dubey & Prabhat Mishra.
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta before Court.

Says Justice BS Chouhan agreed to be part of Commission.

SG: Former DG Police KL Gupta also to be part of probe team. All background checks already done on DGP.
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Supreme Court begins hearing the #VikasDubey Encounter killing case.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta informs top court that former SC Judge (Retd) BS Chauhan based out of Allahabad was approached to be a part of the enquiry committe. Justice Chauhan has agreed

SG Mehta also suggests former Director General of Police KL Gupta to be a part of the probe team.

Mehta, appearing for State of UP states that all background checks have been conducted for the former DGP

Solicitor Genenral Tushar Mehta reads the draft notification putting into effect the reconstitution of the probe team and its revised terms of operation:

SG: The issue is that whether the gangster killed in the alleged encounter was genuine or not..
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विकास दुबे च्या एन्काऊंटर वर उत्तर प्रदेश पोलिसांना हे १५ प्रश्न विचारले गेले पाहिजेत. 👇

१) उत्तर प्रदेश पोलिसांनी विकास दुबे ची ट्रान्झिट रिमांड का नाही घेतली?

२) उज्जैन मध्ये विकास दुबे ने आत्मसमर्पण केलं होत, तर तो कानपूर मध्ये येऊन पळ काढण्याचा प्रयत्न का करेल?
३) विकास दुबे च्या हातात हातकड्या घातल्या होत्या का? जर हो तर मग त्याने पोलिसांची पिस्तुल कशी काय हिसकावून घेतली?

४) एसटीएफ च्या अधिकाऱ्यांनी आपली शस्त्रे सुरक्षित का नाही बाळगली?

५) मीडिया वाल्यांना रोखल्या नंतर दुबे ज्या गाडीत बसला होता ती गाडी कशी काय बदलली?
६) जर गाडी पलटली गेली, तर दुबे ला कोणत्याही प्रकारची इजा का झाली नाही?

७) सरळ सरळ रस्त्यावर कार कशी काय पलटली?

८) जर दुबे पळत होता तर त्याच्या छातीत गोळी कशी काय लागली?

९) काही बातम्यांनुसार दुबे ला एसटीएफ ने बुलेटप्रुफ जॅकेट घातले होते, ते खरं आहे का?
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आज जो विकास दूबे के एनकाउंटर पर भोले बनकर सवाल कर रहे हैं, वो एक साल बाद सरकार को कोसते जब वो जेल के अंदर बैठे हुए विधायक बन जाता। तब यही लोग बोलते की इसका एनकाउंटर क्यों नहीं किया गया? हाँ, एक बात जरूर है कि अंसारी और अहमद का भी यही अंजाम होना चाहिये। #VikasDubey
जो लोग रो रहे हैं कि विकास दूबे के साथ सारे राज़ दफन हो गए, नेता बच गए वो शहाबुद्दीन और अतीक अहमद का इतिहास पढ़ लें। किन नेताओं की शह पर ये बाहुबली बने, सबको पता है। सालों से जेल में बंद हैं, कितने राज़ खोले इन्होंने नेताओं के? कोई नेता नपा आजतक? नहीं.. #VikasDubey
कानून के हिसाब से सज़ा वहाँ मिलती है जहाँ क्रिमिनल जस्टिस सिस्टम प्रभावी होता है और त्वरित निर्णय देता है। इस देश में नहीं जहाँ 84 के दंगो के केस अभी तक चल रहे हैं। अगर सबको पता है कि अपराधी सच में अपराधी है और उसके अपराध अक्षम्य हैं, तो पुलिस ने आज जो किया सही किया। #VikasDubey
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Now in UP, with #VikasDubey killed, only Muslim gangsters can freely expand their empire. Even if caught they won't die in #FakeEncounter. But wait 1-2 decade when Muslims become IPS officers thanks 2 Modi.
UP Hindus won't face simply Muslim mobs but also Muslim cops & gangsters.
The above tweet was based on prediction & also I heard how M gangsters in Delhi helped M mobs to k!ll Hs during Delhi riots 2020. This tweet below also reiterates my stand:
Another one & this is from Ritu ji. Wow, the situation si even darker than I thought. Forget cops, even judiciary doesn't take his cases & no jail wants to keep this M gangster. But andhbhakts won't agree:
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What Are The SC Guidelines On Investigating Police Encounter Killings? [Read Guidelines]

Law Relating To Encounter Killings By The Police

16 Guidelines Issued By Supreme Court In The Matter Of Investigation Of Police Encounters

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60++ Cases of Murder, Robbery etc has been registred against #VikasDubey including murder of a BJP leader & UP minister inside a police station in 2001. He was arrested previously on many occasions

For 2001 murder case he was acquitted in 2005 for lack of evidences.
In 2017 #VikasDubey was arrested by UP STF. He was booked under Gunda Act & Gansgter Act but after his arrest got immediate relief from High Court.

He was out in each & every case within few days

Today people want his arrest again so that his political connection comes out
Do U think, he wud hve remained in jail 4 life & exposed all his connections?
How innocent?
He wud have been out in few days, Investigation will continue, with no conclusion & expose

Today who are trending #FakeEncounter wud then outrage & abuse Judiciary

So stop ur drama.
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Vikas Dubey killed 8 police officer.

What would have happened after his arrest...long court proceedings spanning over many years, some loop in the law and he would have got bail or may have got out of jail.

Lakhs would have spent on security, legal process and with no guarantee of jail.

Remember, money not spent is money saved (Tax payer in me says, well done!)

as per the history, high chances of him sitting in jail with luxury and running his business.

people saying that now, criminal- politician nexus will never be known. Really, so gullible.
Nothing would have come out in point- Sahabuddin, anant yadav, anant singh, pappu mota. Many are in politics right now..thats a reality check for you

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Two incidents happened today;
a) Wasim Bari, BJP leader brut@lly k!lled today
b) #VikasDubey, the Gangster who k!illed 8 policeman

One was a Muslim and other was a Hindu.

Let see how some people reacted to it.
#VikashDubeyArrested #WasimBari

1) Rana Ayyub This so called eminent Journalist has not uttered a single word for #WasimBari who though being Muslim was k!illed in #kashmir.

On the contrary on she wrote an article on WA Post claiming that CRPF had k!illed Bashir Ahmed last week in Kashmir
She wrote articles on releasing #safoorazargar, wrote against Section 370, wrote for Anti- CAA, wrote articles on destruction of Indian Judicial independence

If she is so concerend abt #Kashmir WHY cant she write about #WasimBari ?WHY?

Because he was a BJP leader.
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Popular culture matters. Rangbaazi is the dominating culture in large swathes of the Ganga belt. Guns have glamour and goons power.

In this @DailyO_ piece, I argue why this culture is the curse of the region and must be flattened like #VikasDubey's house…
#VikasDubey is on the road, with armed security, as gotta travel all night. He must be wishing it was day time. It's the longest bleedin' night of his life.
I didn't foresee it. You foresaw it too. Like we can predict a morning every night, you too knew the sequence of events. You can only blame me for writing that yesterday…
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Just an observation-- #VikasDubey
1⃣Policemen wr brutally executed in MAOIST style.
DSP's head and t0es wr severed, and SI ws shot at point blank range.
2⃣Angle of attack was 60-45 deg.
Policemen wr hit frm rooftop to cause max damage. Something I hv witnessed in Nagaland.
3⃣Leak of info happened through POLICE.
Vikas Dubey's team ws twice the size of Police team which hd gone to arrest him. 60 : 30, for every 1 Policeman they hd 2 team members ready.
2007-- Maoists wr located towards the periphery of UP 2010--they moved to Urban areas.

Present-- Maoists hv managed to penetrate into Political parties.

Reason I mentioned Nagaland-- I've a vague memory of an attack on a convoy outside Dimapur cantt, when terrorists hit the soldiers frm roof top. Many wr injured that day.
This happened 2 decades ago.
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THREAD: What's happening in the #VikasDubey case shows how 'thok denge' policy adopted by @myogiadityanath was a complete political failure. You cannot supplant rule of law with rule by gun & hope for a positive result. The UP CM is responsible for this disastrous policy [1/n]
In fact @nehadixit123's tireless reporting on police encounters in UP points to the widespread breakdown of a criminal justice system. The state has tried to compete with killers & criminals by becoming like them. State govt should ensure that Dubey is arrested, tried... [2/n]
...convicted and punished for his crimes (as would be the case with any justice system bound by a Constitution).This shouldn't be just another encounter. #VikasDubey case is a personal challenge for Yogi, whose 'thok denge' culture failed to reduce crime &possibly fostered it 3/n
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