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Jun 13, 2022 9 tweets 11 min read
1) A 🧐 #crypto🧵with #cbdc PoC breadcrumbs that leverage #Hedera #hashgraph between @PaymenowGroup @ZimbaliNetworks @HBAR_foundation @hedera 👀 2) What is @ZimbaliNetworks? It is a POS network payments ecosystem built on #Hedera. That delivers the digital token infrastructure needed for Central Banks to mint, manage, & distribute their #CBDC to banks, financial institutions, and the public. 💸
May 6, 2022 9 tweets 17 min read
1) A short 🧵 on why I remain very bullish on $HBAR. 🧐

Let’s recap just some of #Hedera network growth from 2021-22.

Do yourself a favor & watch @JeffBezos words of wisdom👇…

#crypto #cryptocurrency 🧠 Image 2) Infrastructure growth
✅ Smart Contracts 2.0
✅ Atomic swaps
@Swirlds explorer
✅ Partnered w/ @IntWorkAll @GBBCouncil @TexasBlockchain
✅ Multiple HTS projects
✅ New HIPs like HIP-410 👀👇
Jan 21, 2022 30 tweets 56 min read
1) #HBARbarians! Let’s talk #NFTs. #NFT skeptic? 🧐Read this 🧵. NFTs go far beyond #jpeg & are the future of #Web3, “gateway” to #crypto, & will be larger than #cryptocurrencies. This aims to educate #Hedera community & raise awareness to our #HBAR #NFTartists. Wallet flex 💪👇 2) #HBARbarians who think #NFTs are a bubble or do not want to buy an #NFT. That's fine. But #NFTs are vitally important for #HBAR to appreciate in value. See #Solana ($SOL) this year? Yep, #NFTs 🤯 (1)
Jan 19, 2022 7 tweets 5 min read
True leadership by @hedera. @leemonbaird cares about the future of #hedera decentralization so much. This is a necessary step to ensure @Swirlds has equality w/ GC members. Bullish #Hedera | #HBAR 🔥… @chasker
Jan 18, 2022 25 tweets 33 min read
1) @hedera "step function"...🧐 will #tokenize the 🌎 & shock the #cryptocurrency community via "Project Guardian" & when it goes to market, it will vacuum up more #HBAR & #DOV than you can imagine 👀

Learn how in this 🧵
Bullish on #HBAR & #DOV 🚀🌕 Image 2) The @UN has set a 2050 net zero carbon goal…

The @WhiteHouse has set a 50-52% reduction in GHG pollution by 2030.…

Many states set their own 100% clean energy goals.… ImageImage
Nov 5, 2021 39 tweets 33 min read
1) @hedera is going to be the🥇#cryptocurrency 💯. Disagree? Comment w/ 3rd party research to back your claims. Let’s open your 👀 & 🧠 to why $HBAR is the “best kept secret” in #Crypto & an undervalued, sleeping giant that the #blockchain community fears. Let’s dive in…🧐 2) INTRODUCTION - Hedera Hashgraph is going to be the “trust layer” of Web 3.0. It will be the foundation that everything will be built upon. It has solved the #blockchain trilemma, CO2 emissions, & the governance issues that plague other #cryptocurrencies.
Nov 3, 2021 6 tweets 2 min read
1) Shower thoughts about what @vccess_official is envisioning 🤔🚿. Intertwining physical & digital worlds…w/#NFT…hmm. What does this mean? Let’s see if I’m on the right track & examine a few collectible use cases & how metacores unlock utility in #metaverse built on #Hedera 🧐 Image 2) Metacore/Metaverse (Use Case) 👀
-Kryptonite/Constellation (Sports)
-Antimatter/Worlds (MLB)
-Gold/Cities (Chicago Cubs)
-Diamond/Shops (Signed Memorabilia, Baseballs, Cards, Jerseys/Hats)