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$CTP token on MultiversX - Incubator⚡️ From an idea to a Project 🛠
May 2 4 tweets 4 min read
1/📢We got important updates for you!

🔥 Token Burning Phase V2 🔥

We just burned 704,605,633.73 $CTP from the ''To burn'' wallet.

💠Total supply: 286,626,994 $CTP
🌀 Circulating supply: 145,687,678 $CTP…

More details 👇

#MultiversX #EGLD #CTP #ESDT 2/⚠️We closed the mint for WATER & FIRE NFTs

🔥We burned all the unminted Water and Fire NFTs

New total supply for NFTs:

🌊Water NFTs: 1878
🔥 Fire NFTs: 792

🔏Both NFTs can be staked to win more $CTP or used as a booster in our future ranking system


Mar 30 8 tweets 5 min read
1/8 📢The list of Speakers is now complete!

We proudly introduce you, Vasile Radu, CEO of @arcstake & ARC Academy founder! He will be speaking at the upcoming SeedCaptain Conference!

Here are a few reasons why he is a must-listen🧵👇

#SeedCaptain #ArcStake #MultiversX 2/8🧑‍💻Radu is a seasoned Senior Software Developer & Systems Administrator with over 20 years of experience in Information Technology.

With pedagogical studies under his belt, Radu is skilled in explaining complex blockchain concepts to everyone.

Mar 29 6 tweets 6 min read
1/6📢 The list of speakers is getting bigger and bigger!

🫡 We proudly present you @Alexmarinca11 from @clapartofficial that will take the stage at our Conference!

Read more about him in this 🧵👇

#MultiversX #SeedCaptain #Clapart #MultiversXNFTs 2/6 💡Alex has 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship and management in various industries. He's also a speaker and trainer with over 10 years of experience in consulting and training for scaling businesses.

#personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #businessgrowth #business
Mar 29 7 tweets 8 min read
1/7 📢A new speaker will join our conference - @TaranuDaniel2, Co-founder verdon. | Co-founder Titan Stake @titanstake | Co-founder Entity

Read more about him in this🧵👇

#MultiversX #SeedCaptain #TitanStake #EGLD #CTP #EntityFinance 2/7 📚He is an entrepreneur with a great passion & concrete go-getting 10+ years’ experience for business development. After Daniel’s graduation from ULBS, he pursued a career in business development where he achieved a success after a success in various fields &industries.
Mar 20 7 tweets 4 min read
1/ 🔥 We're thrilled to announce that @Alex__Radu, Business Manager at @MultiversX, will be speaking at the upcoming #SeedCaptain Conference.

More about him in this🧵

#MultiversX #EGLD #ESDT Image 2/🌐Alex completed his Bachelor's degree in Finance & Technology. He has been active in the blockchain space for several years and is now focused on the expansion of the #MultiversX ecosystem.

#MultiversXCommunity #MultiversXtech
Mar 16 10 tweets 5 min read
📢 The long-awaited moment has arrived! We are thrilled to introduce you to Seed Investor SFT

💎 Seed Investor SFT is the foundation of the entire Seed Captain platform.

#MultiversX #MultiversXNFTs #MultiversXCommunity 📈 By owning this SFT, investors will have the opportunity to invest in all projects incubated on in the Seed funding phase (at the lowest token price).
Mar 14 5 tweets 3 min read
📢 We are proud to announce our @upgradinghealth is the third incubated project to join our program!

We believe that UpgradeHealth's innovative approach to digital health will revolutionize the way people manage their health and wellness.


#MultiversX #SeedCaptain #CTP 2/We're excited to work with Upgrade Health and support their mission of empowering individuals to live healthier lives 💚

They combine advanced analytics, motivational psychology & financial incentives to empower users to take charge of their health & well-being in the web3 era
Mar 7 8 tweets 3 min read
1/8📢Exciting news! Stefan Tanase, Senior consultant in Crypto Accounting will be one of the speakers at the upcoming #SeedCaptain Conference!

Don't miss his insights on the future of crypto and blockchain.

Check out more about his experience 🧵👇

#CryptoAccounting #MultiversX 2/8 💱Stefan works at JASILL Accounting Business. His work focuses on implementing fiscal policies and integrating them into the blockchain field. He has extensive experience in the emission and transaction of cryptocurrencies.

#cryptoregulation #Accounting
Feb 21 6 tweets 5 min read
1/6 Join us in welcoming @stefan_eduard_i, as a speaker at our Conference!

👨‍💼He is the CEO of GESP IT SOLUTIONS, a company specialized in developing software applications, games, mobile applications & web development.

More about him 🧵👇

#MultiversX #blockchain #EGLD 2/6 🛠As an entrepreneur and project manager, he has designed development strategies in the online environment and has coordinated the implementation of Web 3.0 projects to integrate and adopt Blockchain technology in the business environment.

#web3 #Web3StrongerTogether
Feb 20 7 tweets 4 min read
1/7 🔥Excited to welcome @MariusRacasan, Founder & CEO of PopuGames, to our Conference!

Marius has over 8 years of video game development experience and currently leads the development of PopuGames' flagship project, @thecursedland.

Check more details in this 🧵👇
@MultiversX Image 2/7 🫡 With a passion for technology, video games, and creation, @MariusRacasan has established himself as a respected figure in the gaming industry.

#gamedeveloper #BlockchainGaming #blockchaingame
Feb 17 6 tweets 6 min read
1/6 🔥Prepare to be amazed by Ovidiu Damian - @Ovcd27, Tech Lead at @itheum when it comes to everything #MultiversX related.

He will take the stage as a speaker at the upcoming #SeedCaptain conference.

Learn more about his background and presentation 🧵👇

#MultiversXNFTs 2/6 🏗He's got it all - from Smart Contracts and User Interfaces to Architecture design.

With a portfolio of tens of applications on #MultiversX already released, he brings a diverse range of skills to the table.

#TechLead #Web3 #Web3Development #UIUXDesigner #MultiversXtech
Feb 16 10 tweets 7 min read
1/10 📣We are delighted to announce that V. George, known by many as @MisterSpread will be joining us as a speaker at the upcoming Conference!

Learn more about him in this 🧵 👇

#blockchain #ParadigmShift #SeedCaptain #MultiversX 2/10 With over 12 years of experience in the classic markets and 3 years in the crypto space, he is highly proficient in trading & investing.

📈He has been an active participant in the financial markets & has a deep understanding of the nuances & complexities of the industry.
Feb 15 10 tweets 10 min read
1/10 We're thrilled to announce that @StatescuRazvan will be joining us as a speaker at our upcoming Conference.

He is a highly skilled #MultiversX builder who brings a wealth of experience from his work on the @GiantsVillage, @CoinDripHQ and @egldhub.

Check the entire 🧵👇 2/10
⚙️ With a deep passion for open-source initiatives, Razvan is committed to leveraging his technical expertise to help build cutting-edge, innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible.

#opensource #DEVCommunity #developers
Jan 15 13 tweets 4 min read
⚡️Attention all Captains! It's been a busy year in the cryptocurrency, and 2022 has been no different! Here's a quick rundown of our evolution and some of the biggest events that have happened so far:👇

#MultiversX #EGLD #Elrond #esdt #ElrondCommunity ⚡️When we first started out, we were a meme token looking to bring some fun and lightheartedness to the Elrond ecosystem.
As Elrond became MultiversX, we followed the same path.
Dec 20, 2022 9 tweets 3 min read
🔊 We want to empower great ideas to become successful projects.
⚡️Seed Captain offers a grant of 100k USD! (Excluding the first project that will be incubated, something that will amaze all of you with innovation and real life application)

#ESDT #MultiversX #EGLD Image ⁉️ Why are we doing this?

1️⃣ Skin in the game - the 100k Grant comes from our own funds, not from the community. We want to show the full involvement of our team and trust in our project filtering system, and confidence in our vision and platform.
Nov 19, 2022 25 tweets 6 min read
If you are an investor in SeedCaptain or want to become one, we invite you to read the following thread about what we will achieve:

💡 Incubator
🌱SeedInvestor NFT
🌊Water NFT
🔥Fire NFT
🏆CIP Points
💰$CTP token

#CTP #EGLD #MultiversX #ESDT
👇🧵 1/ What is an incubator?

An incubator is the place where teams with a very good project idea can get funding and advice and having this, they can create a functional prototype of their respective project.
Oct 14, 2022 18 tweets 4 min read
The Captain Incubator a @moonlorian core project

⚡️Over time throughout our communication with
entrepreneurs, startups, and developers, we managed
to identify"the missing puzzle" in the @ElrondNetwork 👇
#esdt #ElrondNFT #ElrondCommunity #EGLD #CTP ⚡️Many good ideas emerge, but in order to secure
funding (VCs, launchpads, etc.) teams must produce a MVP (Minimal Viable Product) a prototype that provesthat their idea is viable👇