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1/ Seems to me that $ADA completely failed this test of core values.
Say what you will, but all big crypto have clear values that have already been tested, and few actually holds them.
$BTC keeps the POW, saying f*** off to the biggest lobbies in the world (energy and politics)
2/ Correct me if I'm wrong, $ADA wanted to revolutionize the world of L1s by offering a high speed, efficient and permissionless blockchain.

Seems to me the late discussions shows how their core members have different views on their own principles.
3/ As another example, imagine if #Monero started getting soft because the media published articles about untracked transactions... The whole basis for the crypto would collapse due to faith disappearing.
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Thread: This Week's New Protocols! (Jan 26th, 2023 Edition)


Greetings friends - here's all the new protocols we flagged over the last week!

If you find this helpful please RT! 🐸🫡

1/x Image
Disclaimer: We highlight every new protocol we find once when initially found, and again if/when it gets added to @DefiLlama or @DeBankDeFi :)

We also don't include NFT projects, or Tomb forks/meme tokens/etc.

Also these are NOT vetted in any way so DYOR!!!

Let's dive in!

New protocol called @VetmeToken. Twitter bio states “VetMe is a platform providing users with an escrow service; OTC DEX on the blockchain and a vetting service with KYC AI system.” h/t @Only1temmy:

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📢 @Entanglefi announce that their Incentivized Testnet will be live on January 30th 🗓️

Deserve a thread 🧵

Users will need to be whitelisted to participate and spots are limited

(Jump to final message if you are only interested in the testnet 😅)

#airdrop #airdrops Image
What is @Entanglefi ?

A protocol that allows you to Earn Cross-Chain Liquidity Rewards and Borrow Stablecoins Simultaneously.

#DeFi need liquidity !
Users make low-slippage fair-priced token swaps on any DEX because of liquidity provided by users (Liquidity Providers LPs) Image
Enter Entangle:

Entangle allows you to gain exposure to high APY stablecoin & crypto LP yields across multi chains, without bridging funds or switching networks.

I.E. as an Arbitrum user you can trade, and earn fees on LP tokens from DEXs on Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche!
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Incredible 🔥 alpha dropped. Valuable insight into product development & strategy. A few personal notes from the recent spaces w/ @beniaminmincu. Everything rises and falls on leadership; @MultiversX is in good hands. 📚😎
Understanding MultiversX is understanding that #Elrond built one of the most exciting blockchain architectures. A first principle design means you can't just copy the EVM. After extensive research & thinking deeply, the conclusion becomes evident that there is an opportunity. [1]
An opportunity for a larger expansion to everything that #ElrondNetwork was. This is a #Multiverse to the power of X. An elegant positioning between the physical world and the #metaverse. The complete vision was unveiled at [2]
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⚡️Attention all Captains! It's been a busy year in the cryptocurrency, and 2022 has been no different! Here's a quick rundown of our evolution and some of the biggest events that have happened so far:👇

#MultiversX #EGLD #Elrond #esdt #ElrondCommunity
⚡️When we first started out, we were a meme token looking to bring some fun and lightheartedness to the Elrond ecosystem.
As Elrond became MultiversX, we followed the same path.
⚡️As we grew and gained more support from our community, we realized that we had the opportunity to do something even bigger and more impactful.

So, we made the decision to pivot and become an incubator for projects that want to build on the MultiversX blockchain.
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There's (another) new DEX on MultiversX and it's called @OneDex_X

Let's have a 👀 at what I know (and don't know) so far from having a go and following questions on their telegram group and some comparisons with the other new DEX Exrond 🧵

#MultiversX #elrond #DeFi
1) This is another AMM DEX.
The exchange is only currently available on devnet for testing & is in the process of being improved. Bear this in mind as anything I say below could soon be out of date if they make any changes to the system.

What's an AMM:…
2) This is a decentralised exchange. There's no input from the team to list a token, it's done via smart contract.
You can create a liquidity pool with any tokens that you own against a $EGLD or $USDC pair.
This is different to Exrond where you can create a pool for any token.
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The evolution & transformation of #Elrond to @MultiversX; some people have been critical or misunderstood the vision. Here is my take on why it's a more robust and expansive strategy than the original #Elrond #DeFi 2.0: The Era Of Autonomous Banking.


1) @beniaminmincu states, "for blockchain to become the fundamental settlement layer for the global economy, it must meet specific necessary criteria: (i) It must be able to operate at internet scale, (ii) it must be globally accessible, (iii) and it must offer simple enough UX."
2) Now, with a solid foundation. How has the vision of DeFi 2.0 progressed? Initially, Swaps, NFTs, Lending, Bridges, Stablecoins, Synthetics, ESDT, and Launchpads have become much more.
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@sense4fit aims to revolutionise the #Wellness Industry via a #fit2earn project on the @ElrondNetwork #MultiversX⚡️

They are helping their users to discover and maintain an active & healthy lifestyle using #Blockchain technology & their mobile app📱

Prepare for action! 🧵👇
The @sense4fit project is led by @AntonioEnache1 @mindru_ and a great team👇

Incubated via @BHeroLaunchpad by @BlackHatNetwork was a 🧨success. The NFT Legendary Collection sold-out in 7 mins & the $SFIT token oversold to $1.8M ($580k allocation)🤯

Their mobile app, available on Android & iOS, connects to @getMaiar wallet, uses their NFTs, rewards $SFIT token depending on challenges & more🔥

The $SFIT token can be staked to 4 staking pools with different APR rewards and is listed on @BitMartExchange & @MaiarExchange

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How to understand what problems @SaitoOfficial ( $SAITO ) fixes without spending 100’s of hours researching.

I spent the whole week making this the EASIEST #SAITO thread out there.

Let’s dive in ↓ 🧵 Image
What I’ll be covering:

1. What is SAITO?
2. Why Use Saito?
3. Partners, Backers, & Team
4. Tokenomics
5. Final thoughts
1. What is SAITO?

Saito is a Web3 Foundation grant recipient that allows blockchain applications to run directly on the browser. 

SAITO is set up to pay internet service providers (ISPs) directly.
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Let's say the #Elrond team announced a date and isn't able to deliver in time.

How would you prefer the team to act?

Other questions below ⚡

#MultiversX #EGLD $EGLD #MVXcommunity
About projects/integrations/ acquisitions about to be launched/announced.

How would you like the team to act prior to launch?
- Mex 2.0 followed the 4th point and other times pt.2
- Dex/cards/marketplace also are in the same place. With some vague timeframes and updates only after.
- NFT marketplace is pt.2
- Roadmap delays pt.2
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1/ The reason why you should NOT ignore #MultiversX

🚨 Before reading please know anything shared is NOT an opinion. It is fact and backed by data 🚨

The reason you may not have heard much about #MultiversX formerly @ElrondNetwork is 🧵

@egld_initiative #Elrond
2/ because they were primarily self funded. Their seed round July 15th, 2019 raised $1.9mill

Another $15mill in 2021 and $40mill raised in 2022

Let’s compare:

#Solana $400mill +
#DOT $300mill +
#Cardano $160mill +
#Avax $600mill 🤯
#Elrond $67 mill

Why does this matter? 👇
3/ Unless you have been living under a rock lately you know that VC’s manipulate markets *cough* #FTX #Alameda

They only care about hyping and pumping their own bags

To keep from being heavily VC controlled #Elrond limited their early investors 👏

#MultiversX 👇
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@HorizonIabs released an excellent guide on how to create #NFTs with on-chain attributes, which will become the next level for NFTs 🔥

Currently, the NFTs collections are using off-chain attributes, stored as a string of data in the .json file, the so-called “traits”.

🧵👇 Image
NFTs involving on-chain attributes are the ones used in games, staking etc.

Using NFTs with off-chain attributes for such use cases implies a lot more work for #Blockchain #Devs.

@HorizonIabs guide comes very handy for #Builders who consider creating NFTs for such use-cases.
The guide provides explanations, examples and reference to open-sourced #SmartContract, that can be tested and used for further development.🔥

It also raises a challenge for the NFT marketplaces to level-up the use and display of NFTs with on-chain attributes.📈

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1/ #NFTs on #MultiversX are unlike any other NFT’s 🚨

But why? Not because of the art or utility but because of the ownership aspect

You may have heard someone from the #Elrond community mention that #ElrondNFTs provide true ownership

What does that mean though?

Read on 👇 Image
2/ #NFTs on #MultiversX are issued as ESDT tokens with metadata on top

#Metadata is what gives the #NFT the traits, name, rarity, etc.

Having the NFT’s issued as tokens in this manner allows them to be stored and transferred same as any token in your wallet, ie. #Eth, #BTC 👇
3/ How is this different?

Well #NFTs on #Ethereum and most ⛓️’s are issued basically as data in a smart contract

So that #BAYC you “own”, well it is just info added to the SC and ⛓️ saying you are now the owner 🤔

Ever wonder why #Metamask doesn’t always show your #NFTs? 👀
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We are super excited to announce our upcoming launch of #FIFAWorldCup Brazil #NFT Art Collection X Daniel Alves @DaniAlvesD2 Authentic, Digitally signed Autograph cards!🇧🇷🐍🔥

#Elrond #MultiversX #ElrondCommunity #Brasil #CopaDoMundoFIFA #EGLD👇
As Club Gorgon team, we are proud to step up the Digital Collectibles game on the entire #MultiversX, thus representing our #Blockchain & bringing value to our clubs members!❤️

@ElrondNetwork #ElrondNFTs #Qatar2022 #GoodCrazy #EGLD👇
After all, we havent got awarded “Most Creative Project” for nothing.😎 Before diving into collection details, We would like to thank our team member & Most Decorated Player in the football history for making it happen! Thank you Dani❤️

#ElrondCommunity #MultiversX #GoodCrazy👇
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In today's edition of the bi-weekly selection of the best threads, we'll have:

▪️ 10 lessons to take from the FTX collapse
▪️ A deep dive on MultiversX (Elrond)
▪️ A presentation of Web3 companies that could take a share of the cake from Web2 companies

And much more!
The #FTX collapse was probably the biggest event of 2022 for crypto.

Lessons must be learned, a thread by @milesdeutscher

If you follow this space closely, you probably know already that #Elrond rebranded to #MultiversX.

Along with this new name comes new products and new narratives.

A deep dive in MultiversX, by @TheDeFinvestor

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[THREAD xExchange Analysis/ #MultiversX

Hello everyone, today we attack a big piece. 

MultiversX took 1 year to create this new Dex and we understand why ! 

I am not going to represent the improvements, we are going to see further

 #ExploreMEX2 (Disponible en Français🔽3/?) @beniaminmincu @lucianmincu...
I advise you ABSOLUTELY, to read this thread via the medium article, it will take you 10 min against 30 here, I just count on you to share it as much as you usually do and to come and comment your feedback, thanks a lot 💛
Vous pouvez retrouver l'article en français sur @EGLD_Community via ce lien, la majeur partie est traduit en automatique, ça se lit bien, mais c'est pas du grand art désolé !
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The new xExchange and LKMEX 2.0 are almost upon us.

Lets break down 5️⃣ strategies to consider before lkmex 1.0 is gone forever on 📆Nov 24th.

We're got something for everyone, whether you're bullish, bearish or just a simple farmer.

Lets dig in 🧵

#MultiversX #Elrond $EGLD
As you form your thesis on $LKMEX consider these factors

🏪 Sell pressure from lkmex unlocking
🛠️ Value of lkmex utility
🪙 Thesis on Metabonding program - # coins, token value
🔟 Value of Metabonding 2x-10x boost
🔋 Value of energy APR boost
Also consider

💪 Value of lkmex earning (swaps, energy removal fees)
👩 What do you value?
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 What will others value?

Lets get to the 5 different strategies you could use 👇
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LKMEX is getting a HUGE upgrade soon, with changes to:
💸 Supply and inflation
🚀 Metabonding Rewards
💪 Real Yield
🔋 Energy
🏛️ Governance

Buckle up for are read all about the changes below and when you can use the new xExchange!

#MultiversX #Elrond $EGLD Image
💸 Supply and Inflation
MEX will be 3x less inflationary!

The supply will be capped, with emissions decreasing yearly to zero in 8 years. There will be a governance vote in 5 years to decide whether to adjust the emission schedule
2️⃣LKMEX 2

LKMEX will no longer be transferrable.
You'll be able to convert your LKMEX 1 to LKMEX 2 to

✅ Earn 2x to 10x Metabonding rewards
✅ Secure a guaranteed launchpad ticket
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1/ As requested, a 🧵 on Adaptive State Sharding developed and used by #MultiversX formerly @ElrondNetwork

Adaptive State Sharding is a complex but groundbreaking advancement in blockchain architecture which I will try to simplify below 👇

#Elrond @egld_initiative ⚡️
2/ We will go over:

🔸What is sharding?
🔸How is it used in blockchain?
🔸Why is it important?
🔸The types of sharding
🔸What does "adaptive" mean?
🔸Why #MultiversX method is so groundbreaking

So let's get into it...💪
3/ To begin we need to understand what sharding is...

The word "shard" means "a small part of a whole" and was 1st introduced as a way to break up computer databases into smaller and faster parts

Ex. Imagine a database with 10k records and you need to find 1. 👇
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A lot of ink has been spilled on the subject, but I still want to give you my opinion, some like, some hate, some applaud the strategy but not the name itself

RT/Like very appreciated ⚡❤️
First of all, from a marketing point of view, a rebrand is never easy and the recent slow descent to hell of Facebook aka Meta, does not help. I think this is one of the reasons why the market reacted badly, a rebrand around the Metaverse, it has already worried a lot
But in my opinion, the rebranding has attracted all the attention, without most people understanding it really.

Of course, there were problems with Tolkien, but that's not why it happened, far from it.
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#XDAY quick summaries


Jean Barrot, french minister, talking about the metaverse alluding to an European official one and the potential to change internet from web2 to web3.
@Beniaminmincu coming to the stage.

New products that will bring new utility for people, to put Elrond at the center of this new change, enrich people's lifes in the years to come.
Elrond quick story recap

From a small company with a little team that could build rockets.

Going beyond difficulties building something no one have done at that time, overcoming unsolved problems.

Building the Elrond protocol, from prototype to testnet.
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Bonjour tout le monde !

⚡️ Apres un an d'exploration et d'interactions sur @ElrondNetwork , j'ai envie de vous partager avec vous les outils, sites, projets et acteurs que j'utilise et que je suis sur le réseau !⚡️

⚡️ Un tweet, un lien, une explication ⚡️

⚡️ ⚡️

Site officiel du réseau, vous y trouverez le White Paper, ainsi que toute la documentation technique pour les développeurs qui voudraient développer sur #ElrondNetwork

Bon comment s'intéresser a un projet sans en lire le White Paper ? Du coup, j'vous le remets la !
Comme ca, pas d'excuses, vous l'avez sous le nez !

D'ailleurs, qui ici n'as jamais lu le WP de Bitcoin ? J'suis curieux 👀
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As always, I will give you a little dig in the new Launchpad proposed by @ElrondNetwork which may be a major point for the evolution of the ecosystem 

RT/Like very appreciated ❤⚡ 

#ElrondCommunity #ElrondNetwork @ELROND_INITI
@ash_swap @ElrondNetwork @ELROND_INITI 1/ Defi Market Introduction

2/ AshSwap
     - What they want solve ?
     - Liquid Liquidity Provision and $AOC Stablecoin
     - Trading/Minting fees
     - Adoption & Listing Partner

3/ Social Mining and NFT

4/ Roadmap and Tokenomics

5/ Team & Partners

6/ Further Reflexion
@ash_swap @ElrondNetwork @ELROND_INITI 1/ Defi Market Introduction

- What they want solve ? 

#DeFi has been a driving force behind the BullRun of 2021, from its creation in 2017/2018 to today, we have gone from 40k$ deposited on smart contracts, to more than 180 Billions $.
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What a week from Eldar!

We are so proud for our work but we need your support as always. #Elrond has insane community and we want you by our side. We are building for you , for us , for everyone in the lovely ecosystem. #egld #mex

The week so far 👇
1/ We introduce JEXpress Swap

The only and the best aggregator for @jexchangeP2P in the Elrond Ecosystem. With one click access multi-offers and your average buy price
2/ We listen to your voices and created the Custom Portfolio inside #Eldar's-Cost Averaging Dapp

DCA in Elrond Ecosystem and @MaiarExchange tokens with one click whenever you want

Select up to 5 tokens for your daily/weekly/monthly DCA
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