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Just A Monkey On Twitter. Nothing On This Page Is Financial Advice. DON’T expect FINANCIAL ADVICE FROM MONKEYS ON Twitter #CARDANO #DEFI JUNKIE!!! $greendildos
May 21, 2023 7 tweets 3 min read
@AadaFinance is trading similar 24H volume today 10 months before the #BITCOIN halving that @AaveAave #ETHEREUM ‘s NO.1 Lending protocol traded 8 months before the BITCOIN Halving in 2020. MIND BLOWN 🤯 Follow the thread 🧵🪡 & bookmark this post to see how I did come market top Image If you look at COLUMN A in the green box on Oct 9th 2020, 8 months before the halving, $AAVE ‘s 24H trading Vol was approximately $1 million dollars, In COLUMN C $AADA ‘s 24H trading Vol today, 10 months before the halving is approximately $1 million dollars.
Back in 2020
May 20, 2023 11 tweets 9 min read

If you pay attention, you will notice that #BITCOIN, #ETHEREUM & the general #cryptocurrency market is DOWN! However the emerging ecosystem inside CARDANO DOES NOT CARE! Cardano is having a mini bull run in Image its ecosystem. Wether you know it or not, these are the beginnings of A RIDICULOUSLY EXPLOSIVE 🧨 BULL MARKET FOR CARDANO this cycle. Most Of you can’t see it now, some of your have been misled or deceived to think you are late to the opportunity, you are DEAD WRONG.
May 19, 2023 17 tweets 9 min read
PRICE PREDICTION for @AadaFinance $AADA highlighting what value I think it’s token will attain this bull market & reasons why. I challenge you to BOOKMARK this post for reference to see how I did come bull market top. Follow the thread 🧵 🪡 Image In analysing potential price action for $AADA this market cycle, I will like to highlight the performance of the top lending protocol on #ETHEREUM, $AAVE & the top protocol on #BSC $VENUS protocol.

Last bull market $AAVE reached a MKCap of $7,953,335,447 Billion on
May 19, 2023 5 tweets 3 min read
@AadaFinance $AADA Double Bottom PROGRESS a Thread 🧵 🪡

If you followed me within the last 2 to 3 months, you will Remember when I first posted this DOUBLE bottom even before price action reached neckline. Our breakout candle to confirm this double bottom was April 11 2023. Image However it was very important that price consolidated after such a huge move to the tune of 400% from the lows of this double bottom hence the consolidation you notice in the chart. I want to remind you that these consolidations are VERY healthy for a blue chip asset such as
Apr 29, 2023 9 tweets 7 min read
A Play Book Of How Some Smart Investors In #CARDANO #DEFI Will Earn Millions Of #ADA Much Like How Some Folks Took Advantage Of #ETHEREUM defi In The Early Days to earn THOUSANDS of #ETH. I challenge you to bookmark this post & watch it Play out. Follow the thread 🧵 🪡 Image An illustration of how this will play out.
Blue Chip #CARDANO #DEFI tokens will move up against #ADA off the bottom of the bear market as illustrated in the photo above, as you can see ADA is up 3.47% in the past 90 days while @AadaFinance is up 275.33%, @MinswapDEX up 79.90%,
Apr 28, 2023 5 tweets 3 min read
@PetMM2 Highly upsetting. $MELD team shows up early days of #CARDANO development, pitches the community on an idea, collect $30 million worth of #ADA, promise the community a lending protocol. DELIVERS NOTHING, swap some of that ADA for USDC and delivers a protocol on AVAX 🧵🪡 Image What gets me is Some of you still don’t see what’s happening, some of you keep finding and making reasons for them, much less funded projects have delivers on #CARDANO and the $MELD team couldn’t find a solution to deliver with $30 million? Some of you want to say oh they are
Apr 28, 2023 7 tweets 4 min read
#CARDANO #ADA price prediction for this bull market top & my rational as to why I arrived at this number, a 🧵🪡

#CARDANO was launched in Sep. 2017. Amid the early days of development of the Cardano blockchain the cryptocurrency market saw a bull market that topped out in Image January 2018. #Cardano reached a MKCap of $30,577,013,248 on Jan. 4 2018 for a $1.34 #ADA. In the next bull market in 2021 #ADA’s MKCap saw an increase of 210.70% from its last all time high for a $95,003,730,488 MKCap or a $3.10 ADA price. Keep In mind all these appreciation in
Apr 14, 2023 7 tweets 2 min read
The ABSOLUTE BIGGEST opportunity In #CRYPTO at the moment is #CARDANO #DEFI #ALTCOIN’s a 🧵 🪡

Do you see this chart? If you hold ALTS you need to know this chart, it’s the #BITCOIN dominance chart AKA the on/off switch for #altseason. Focus on the chart labeled A, since Image May 17, 2021 every time #BTC dominance reach the red trend line of resistance above, BTC dominance takes a nose dive as indicated in price action labeled 1,2 & 3. (It’s a weekly chart by the way) If you pay attention to the chart labeled B which is the zoomed in version of the
Mar 22, 2023 4 tweets 6 min read
@MinswapDEX Dominance A Thread 🧵

In MY HUMBLE OPINION #MINSWAP has ESTABLISHED itself as the NO. 1 #DEX for #DEFI In the #CARDANO Ecosystem. Not Only Has $MIN had a beyond impressive performance against #BITCOIN & #CARDANO as stated below as per @CoinMarketCap with $MIN up Image 33.05% in the last 30 days as opposed to #BTC which is up 13.05% in the last 30 days & #CARDANO down 8.86% in the last 30 days (In other words if you want more #ADA & #BTC VALUE in your portfolio, HOLD $MIN) NFA. @MinswapDEX has also continued to maintain approximately 40%
Mar 22, 2023 7 tweets 5 min read
#CARDANO #Blockchain & it’s decisive growth through the bear market. A thread 🧵🪡

Many in the cardano community appreciated my post yesterday on the potential in price target for #ADA heading into the next bull market but some naysayers couldn’t resist. I got quit a few comments On how #cardano doesn’t have any partnerships with web 2 companies like polygon and a lack of such partnerships will ensure a slow death for #cardano. Cardano is a truly decentralized blockchain that doesn’t indulge in paying for partnerships and name dropping to get
Mar 21, 2023 7 tweets 8 min read
#CARDANO #ADA historical price action, a thread 🧵 🪡

I keep looking at this CHART. This is #CARDANO’S price action since inception, spanning from 2018 till date. Approximately 5 years of trading. I look at it and I’m still seeing a Cup & Handle pattern with a $14.38 target.

We in the #Cardano community have never witnessed #CARDANO in a bull market with a thriving ECOSYSTEM complete with #DEFI, #stablecoins & #METERVERSE as we have now in this bear market. Anyone here now is early and we are about to witness history in the making. Despite the