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#Cardano requires scalability to achieve mass adoption

But scalability has to be achieved without compromising decentralization & security

Rollups are one of the best solutions we have now to achieve this goal

But which one?

Let's compare, "optimistic" and "zk-rollups"🧵👇
So what are rollups?

They are L2 solutions

•That bundle hundreds of transactions into a single transaction

•Rollup transactions get executed outside of L1

•But the transaction data gets posted to L1

•Which allows rollups to be secured by native L1 security
Rollups are general-purpose


•You can run a copy of L1 (eg: #Cardano) inside a rollup

•Allowing existing dApps & native assets to migrate to rollups

•With almost no need to write any new code
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This is my biggest thread so far, probably the most important too.

Here is why I think #Cardano will be the leading #NFT blockchain in the years to come. 🧵 1/18
2/18 Current Cardano activity

It has only been 9 months since the new era of smart contract capabilities on Cardano and there are already 5.3 million tokens on-chain and 1017 projects in development. Most related to NFTs, community & social, DEX, oracles, metaverse and gaming.
3/18 Current sentiment with other smart contract blockchains

ETH PoS should take longer than expected. Devs worry about lack of security and robustness.
SOL blockchain suffered multiple outages. Having an ‘off’ button is concerning for decentralization and store of value.
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Why Cardano isn't going to 0

[A Thread🧵]

#Cardano #CardanoADA $ADA #Cryptos
1/ Intro

At the time of writing, the crypto markets look worse than they have looked in a while. Crypto is likely, for the first time in its history, to experience an economic recession and increasing interest rates.

This has prompted critics to say that “crypto is dead!”
2/ The Apocalypse is happening

Now, I’m not gonna bullshit you, the markets are nuking and we’re in for a world of hurt. But the logical inference that because the price is lower it’s over for crypto, is a fundamental misunderstanding of the tech and its role in the economy.
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I have to make a public statement about the recent video from @IOHK_Charles and @Bitboy_Crypto.
Im not going to post the link to that video because i feel like we shouldnt give such fraudster even a bigger platform.

#Cardano #CardanoCommunity $ADA
I am a Cardano ambassador since 2020 and i was really honored and proud when i got asked to join that program. Every ambassador will give you a different answer if you ask them "what do you do as an ambassador".
For myself im mostly helping to moderate different channels like Telegram or our Cardano forum ( But the even more important part of my "job" is beeing critical and to question everything critically.
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What is Mithril @IOHK_Charles always mentions?
Short answer: It's Pyrros Chaidos and Aggelos Kiayias' proposal for a Stake-based Threshold Multisignature.

Long answer: Read more to learn wtf these words are

#cardano $ada #crypto #IOGresearch
First of all, what is a threshold multisignature?

It's a form of cryptographic signature, just like in wallets when signing a #cardano transaction, except it needs a threshold of say, 2/3 of owners to sign. A threshold multisignature for 3 owners can require 2 signers

This isn't limited to signing transactions, anything digital can be signed if that is useful in some way. For example, blocks in #cardano are actually signed by the stake pools minting them.

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There are over 1,000 projects #BuildingOnCardano and the ecosystem continues to grow.

That’s 1,000+ projects that believe in the Cardano blockchain and its community.

Let’s take a look at why some of these projects are choosing #Cardano. In their own words.

🧵 1/n
💬 @adahandle - ‘a standardized NFT project that devs & users use to associate Cardano addresses with custom, human-readable addresses.’

🧵 2/n
🌍 @Adanianlabs - ‘an AI, Blockchain, and smart technologies venture studio that builds nurtures, and scales impact-driven tech startups across Africa.’

🧵 3/n
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Since its inception in 2015, the Cardano project had one clear goal: to alter the way cryptocurrencies are designed and developed. Like many other open-source projects, #Cardano did not have a defined roadmap or an authoritative whitepaper.
Rather, it combined a range of scientific design principles and engineering best practices to produce a solid, pioneering, research-based blockchain. Such an approach positions #Cardano uniquely among other #blockchain platforms.
A set of the best practices, ideas & contributions formed #Cardano’s foundation for building a secure, decentralized, and scalable ledger. There is now a substantial body of research, represented by IOG’s extensive library of papers, which at the time of writing numbers 139
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Ouroboros is the consensus protocol for #Cardano, the first provably secure proof-of-stake protocol, and the first blockchain protocol based on peer-reviewed research.
🧵1/n Image
Combining unique technology and mathematically verified processes, Ouroboros guarantees and supports the security and sustainability of any blockchain implementing it.
The result is a protocol with proven security guarantees, able to facilitate the propagation of global, permissionless networks with minimal energy requirements.
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I got into a bit of a tiff yesterday with a bitcoin maxi.

The argument was staking #Cardano is idiotic b/c Charles and IOG will use us as exit liquidity, rug/dump/scam.

I used my rebuttals to build awareness and Ada respect in the btc crowd, hope it helps others too:👇
Argument points for Ada:

> One of the most fair launches for POS (fair launch was scoffed at).

> Staking is self-custody, goes to your wallet (not Charles), no lock

> All early miners and adopters are whales, less relevant over time.

> Btc has centralization concerns too:
> btc minimum attack vector (MAV, or 51% attack) is ~3, Ada is ~22, Ada more dec. in pools

> btc chip makers will lock up deals for best chips with big contracts from big $ miners only

> btc MAV of 3 easy to co-op, concerns of centralization by miners themselves
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#Cardano ' s biggest upgrade!

How cardano could emerge as #1 ,
Compared to other (L1's) ! $ada

Vasil hard fork is about to happen on 29th June, this year !

These upgrades would unleash the sleeping beast! $ADA

Major Upgrades explained in this thread! 🧵👇
Cardano devs are working on Upcoming scaling solution Hydra !
(After Vasil Hard fork ) $ada

Each Stalking pool would make it possible to process 1000 trns/sec !

With Cardano implementing 3000 stalking pool Hydra scaling would process upto 3 Million trns/sec !
Now what's major change would be implemented to Cardano with Vesil Hard fork ?

Cardano Improvement proposal $ada
CIP 33
CIP 31
CIP 32
CIP 40
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How Cardano could realistically reach $200 per ADA (Yes, really!)

A Thread....

#Cardano #ADA $ADA $GOKEY Image
2/ Intro

At the moment, as we’re sitting with ADA comfortably below $0.70, it might seem like an absurd notion to even consider ADA potentially reaching $100, let alone $200.

But today we will be exploring realistic and sustainable ways that this can happen.

#realfi #proptech Image
3/ Setting the Scene

Crypto today is a $1.25 trillion industry. But compared to other industries it remains tiny.

For instance, research by @zillow suggests the aggregate residential real estate market in the US is $43.4 trillion

To equal this, #crypto would need to nearly 40x Image
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#Vasil HF update📢

🏃We’re now into the final mile as we head towards the #Vasil upgrade and HFC event. Work is proceeding well and our operational focus remains on delivering the H/F by the most efficient route BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY to the right quality.

1/n 🧵
✔️It is IOG’s responsibility to execute a successful upgrade / hard fork that is safe and secure. It also requires minimal disruption to exchanges and ecosystem partners - from #Dapp developers to 3rd party tools providers.
2/n 🧵
👌The integration program towards Vasil is the most complex to date from a number of angles. It's a process that requires not only significant work, but also close coordination.
3/n 🧵
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So you're finally willing to explore #Cardano

I get why you have/had doubts, there's a lot of misinformation out there.

Thanks for coming around and reconsidering.

This community is unmatched; welcoming, intelligent and willing to help.

A thread to help you get started:
Let's start with the basics.

Proof of Stake and staking.

Cardano allows for safe, non-custodial staking. This means that you can hold your $ADA in your own wallet, w/ no locking mechanism, and delegate that to a stake pool of your choice to earn rewards (3-5% APY) every 5 days.
PoS allows for greater throughput/decentralization, and less power consumption.

There are thousands of stake pools minting blocks for the network, and you can move your delegation at any time to another if you choose.

You can also spend the ADA in your wallet at any time.
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#Ethereum's account-based model & smart contract based on Solidity is a marriage made in hell

Vasil-HFC Event is on the horizon

& its time to unleash synergies of #Cardano's EUTxO model & Plutus

Here's a thread on why EUTxO model & functional programming is what DeFi needs🧵👇
The ultimate goal of #Blockchain

Is to replace the corrupt & centralized traditional financial system

To create an inclusive global financial system to bank the unbanked

But are we going to do it with a system that is more problematic than what we have now?
#Crypto in general & DeFi has seen massive growth in the last decade

DeFi-exploits have also seen proportional or even bigger growth

This makes us realize the fundamental requirement of the system we want to be a part of

A blockchain architecture that offers safety & security
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1/Right now is an exciting time to be involved in #Cardano

I’m seeing an insane amount of activity, and like a good decentralised ecosystem it's hard to keep up

Thought it might be beneficial to summarise the top 20 things I personally am eagerly anticipating. Lmk what I missed
2/June hard fork brings: reference scripts (point to script on-chain instead of constantly reloading it)

Also improvements like reference inputs, inline datums, collateral, core interpreter speed increases, diffusion pipelining

TLDR: L1 throughput becomes one of best in crypto
3/P2P + gossip protocol is coming. Today the network consists of SPOs, end users, IOG relays. Latter facilitate routing between SPOs, end users, new nodes

After: new nodes and end users discover nodes without relays, network becomes entirely organic and self-regulated
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A beginner’s overview of Catalyst (Cardano’s Treasury and innovation lab)

[A Thread🧵]

#CardanoCommunity #CardanoADA #Cardano $ADA Image
1/ Intro

Catalyst is often jokingly referred to as Cardano’s VC, as it aims to collect a portion of fees generated from each transaction and use that money to fund projects that are beneficial to the community.

A funding round for Project Catalyst happens around every 6 weeks.
2/ Purpose

Catalyst is still in an experimental phase where its operating procedure is subject to change considerably

But it ultimately seeks to be a means by which to fund projects that help the Cardano ecosystem, irrespective of whether or not they’re necessarily profitable
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@WeissCrypto Read the thread but @NeblioTeam has done even better tech wise, considering it started the same time as #Cardano

Look at what has been developed infrastructure wise on #Neblio over the same time, with fewer devs and funds, no VC cash or institutions backing them
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#terraluna, The Most Centralized Protocol Out There,

Crashed Last Week Wiping Out $400 Billion Of Crypto MarketCap Along With It.

Why Is Decentralization The Most Important Metric To Evaluate Crypto Projects?

A Beginners Guide to Project Selection Based On Decentralization🧵👇
The traditional financial institutions that prevail in the world are known to be notoriously centralized.

It is the advent of cryptocurrency that ushered in an era of decentralized finance (DeFI).

The underlying technology for this new area of finance is the blockchain.
Many assume blockchains are decentralized by default,

but decentralization is a spectrum,

and some platforms are more decentralized than others.

Let's dig into the decentralization of crypto projects and how it can be assessed. 👇
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ZK-Rollups represent the future of Layer-2 #Blockchain scaling

@orbisproject is building the first ZK-Rollup on #Cardano

& Orbis plays an indispensable role in scaling #Cardano

Here’s a breakdown of the ZK-Proof Orbis is using to build its scaling solution on #Cardano: 🧵👇 Image
So what is a zero-knowledge proof?

It is a cryptographic technique,

where one party (The Prover) can prove that a specific statement is true to the other party (The Verifier)

without disclosing any additional information

apart from the fact that the statement is indeed true Image
When it comes to computational zero-knowledge, there are 2 types of ZK-Proofs

- Interactive ZK-Proofs
- non-interactive ZK-Proofs

So let's try and understand the major differences between the two

and why non-interactive ZK-Proofs are superior to the former?
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On poursuit l'analyse technique cette semaine avec $WNK $ADA et $SOL !

Des configurations intéressantes nous attendent... Les supports font leur job 👌

$WNK poursuit son interminable descente aux enfers en trouvant un nouveau support à 0,0037$ !

Attention, le support long-terme n'est plus très loin, ce n'est donc pas impossible qu'on aille le chercher vers les 0,003$.

$ADA se rattrape de justesse après une cassure de son support long-terme.

Cette réintégration montre la volonté des bull a gardé un certain niveau de prix.

Nous avons aussi réintégré la tenkan ce qui peut nous ramener à la kijun à court-terme, à 0,65$.

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'Parallelism' is a core feature of #Cardano's EUTxO ledger model
This is one of those features that enable the  creation of scalable DApp on #Cardano
So let's dive in and explore the concept of 'Parallelism':🧵👇
So what is ''Parallelism'' ??

In the context of computation

The term Parallelism refers to techniques to make programs faster by performing several computations at the same time
Why is parallelism important in the context of #Blockchain?

A blockchain architecture that allows transaction parallelism is a requirement to have high throughput on-chain

and it allows for the building of scalable Dapps on top of the #Blockchain
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Almost to the day 3 yrs ago here is our chance to get hilariously rich see this article then come back here…

/2 Pulsechain a copy of ethereum is launching and here is how to get in day 1
/3 for us that did not know about this launch you already missed the opportunity because outsiders cant buy on day1 but there is a secret way in
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1/ A full guide for anyone who wants to use #Cardano. This thread will be a follow up on my last educational thread on Cardano's infrastructure. I'd like to thank @TobiasFancee for the idea. Please comment any questions below. Also feel free to share.
2/ Glossary of the Thread:
3-5: Wallets
6-8: Decentralized Exchanges
9: NFT Marketplaces and Minting
10-11: Lending/Borrowing dApps
12: Other Great dApps
13-14: @Milkomeda_com EVM sidechain
15: Explorer Tools and Infrastructure
16: For Developers
17: Cool Tech
3/ First off, wallets, easy ones first. My personal favorite light wallet with immense power, @eternlwallet. It is an extension/web wallet with detailed UI and strong development. The simple and OG wallet is @NamiWallet.
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$DJED vs $UST, a thread 🧵⬇️

With the crash of $UST / $LUNA, unsurprisingly, much doubt has been cast on #algorithmic stablecoins. #Cardano is launching its own #stablecoin as most of us know - $DJED, which is already on testnet, but how is it different? 🤔
2/ $UST and $LUNA could be burned/minted in exchange for the other such that $UST = $USD, theoretically; one of the dangers here was that as $LUNA price dropped, more would have to be minted to maintain the peg - leading to the dreaded “death spiral"
3/ The algorithm in place to restore the peg couldn't do so at a faster pace than it was dropping, within the contract and blockchain parameters in the #Terra ecosystem, which included caps on on-chain withdrawals, among other contingencies and reserves
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