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Here's a compilation of 6 testnet currently open, which could bring you a few dollars to invest in larger projects such as zkSync, LayerZero or Starknet

#airdrop #airdrops Image
I've selected these projects because they don't require an entire thread for each one

Tutorials are already available, so I've provided the links so you can farm easily

🧵Here we go 👇
1️⃣ @FactorDAO

Factor is a powerful foundational layer that interconnects DeFi protocols by providing the necessary tools and framework for protocols, builders, treasuries, and enables the creation and management of robust financial instruments Image
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In a world where

#Haskell fuels a mere 0.65% of internet projects & #Python dominates with 25%

the need for a #Python-based SC dev platform becomes increasingly pivotal for any #blockchain

Enter @OpShinDev: a game-changing tool for onboarding new developers to #Cardano🧵👇 Image
@OpShinDev is a Python-based solution,

leveraging one of the most commonly used programming languages

Its ambition is to enhance the accessibility & usability of blockchain development

without compromising the intricacies required for SCs on #Cardano
The defining feature of OpShin is its grounding in Python 3

Python's compatibility allows seamless integration with off-chain Python-based tools such as PyCardano

and lets developers utilize existing testing frameworks and IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) Image
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🔍If you want an idea of how big #Cardano can be, read this!

Despite price fluctuations, bearish sentiment, and many people exclaiming $ADA is over, TVL can be a leading indicator of things to come, especially when compared to the success of Ethereum. 🧵
1/10 Cardano's DeFi ecosystem is nearing a TVL of 600M ADA. This shows growing trust and usage of Cardano's DeFi platforms. As I've mentioned many times, this is only the beginning.

Note: USD TVL is around $162M and $ADA market cap is around $9B ImageImage
2/10 It is important to remember that in the early days of Ethereum DeFi, and around 1 year before the 2020 Bitcoin halving, Ethereum TVL was only around $400M TVL and $25B market cap ImageImage
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As it stands, the Haskell-Plutus platform serves as the primary tool for developing & deploying smart contracts on #Cardano

However, a novel programming language "Aiken" is emerging as a superior alternative

Discover what sets Aiken apart & why it's a game-changer for #Cardano Image
What is Aiken?

It is a pure functional programming language

tailored to offer developers a modern & efficient environment for constructing smart contracts on #Cardano

It is specifically designed to enhance UX by simplifying the process of creating dApps on #Cardano
Created specifically for the Cardano ecosystem,

Aiken simplifies SC development and deployment while focusing on accessibility and user-friendliness for developers

So let's take a look at the Key Features of Aiken👇
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⚡️ Minting a token on #Cardano seems complicated without coding skills?

Not anymore!💥

@TMinusOneProject is here to make it secure, simple, and seamless. 💎

Curious? Let's explore together 👇 Image
1️⃣ What is @TMinusOnePro (T-1)?

T-1 is a decentralized token creation platform

aimed at simplifying & improving the baseline quality of launching tokens on #Cardano.
It's designed to make token creation and sales

- accessible

- secure &

- transparent

for both innovators looking to launch projects

& investors seeking easy access to new opportunities.
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In #Crypto, everything happens at lightning speed, and sometimes we miss very important news that could affect our portfolio.
So, here is a list of all the important news of the past week, which I have compiled 📰🗞️

#CryptoNews #cryptocrash Image
🚨Nigeria regulator says local Binance operations 'illegal'.

🔔 #TUSD temporarily stopped issuing TUSD through Prime Trust.

🔔 #Robinhood will no longer support #Solana, #Polygon and #Cardano after June 27, 2023.
💥 #OKX burns 5.5 million #OKB exchange tokens — worth roughly $244 million.

🔔 Binance_US suspends all USD deposits following SEC lawsuit.

💥 #Kraken launches its NFT marketplace on #Polygon.
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Thanks Sherrie. Great point. Just like Hinman said that leaving the Ethereum ICO aside the current position of #Ethereum (as at June 2018) was that it was not a security, /1
so too can one say that leaving the ICO of #Cardano to one side how are current day sales of #ADA on @coinbase exchange a security . How long has the Cardano blockchain been functional. /2
So what if the Blockchain like software is improved. Forgetting the 75 year old case that is the law in just one country for a moment, we can just marvel at the illogically absurd market reality being created in the US /3
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Why does the SEC thinks that #ADA is a security.
Imagine you create a product and then you add some feature or capability that makes it better. This happened a lot in the history of smart phones. You announce this improvement and how it will increase demand for your product/1
Then you post on a blog a description of your efforts to add more functionality and features to your product. You may be a software developer improving a software application. Nothing more, you just share that information on your blog./2
Lastly, you post on a blog about how your product is being distributed in 30 new markets, and outline your plans to improve the performance of your product to support growth in its adoption /3
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1/ At Pavia we are building a Virtual World for Virtual Communities. With the soon-to-be launched Pavia Playground, the time has come for Pavia to open its doors to all the vibrant, passionate and creative online communities and invite them into our 3D world .. Image
2/ Those following the Pavia project will know that we have decided to share our workings and experiments, by releasing our dev environment, the “Playground” so we can build more transparently and openly, whilst figuring out what works and what doesn’t ..
3/ Our vision for Pavia has always been a project that opens its doors to everyone. As tempting as it has been over the last 18 months, we have largely declined partnerships and collabs in order to stay as neutral as possible whilst we build out our platform ..
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🌐1/10🌐 Let's discuss the nature of $ADA, the native token of the #Cardano blockchain, and why it isn't a security. Despite various debates, the distinctions are clear when we consider its structure, function, and underlying principles. 🧵
2/10 To understand $ADA, we must first understand the purpose of #Cardano. Cardano is an open-source, decentralized platform, utilizing a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. The value of Cardano is inherently tied to the network's utility and the collective efforts of its users
💱3/10💱 $ADA is essential for the operation of the #Cardano network. It serves as a means to participate in consensus (staking), to use services on the platform (transaction fees), and to vote on protocol upgrades (governance). Its value comes from its use within the ecosystem
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Cardano Whales Move 313 Billion $ADA 🤯

Outstanding Performance🚀

Could this significant level of whale activity skyrocket $ADA to ONE Dollar?

Dive into my thread 🧵 Image
1/ In a demonstration of #Cardano's remarkable performance, a staggering 313 billion ADA tokens have been moved in large transactions, highlighting the cryptocurrency's significant market activity.
2/ Amid this flurry of large-scale transactions, the overall volume of these transactions exceeded 70,000, underlining the network's substantial throughput.
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Do you struggle to keep up with the latest news or research projects?

We got you covered!

We highlight some of the best #Cardano content from this week:

1/7 Image
DeFi Report Q1

Check out our comprehensive report that delves into the analysis of the current state of DeFi.

It compares the different protocols and what's working and not working for them. Divided by sections - DEXs, Lending, and Stablecoins…

An exclusive interview with @F_Gregaard, CEO of @Cardano_CF

He discusses the future of #Cardano, community, governance and the role of CF

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CIP-1694 is a discussion proposal for the Cardano community about on-chain governance to shape a sustainable future for Cardano and bring another major upgrade to the network.

🧵Let’s dissect #CIP1694 and see what it means for Cardano ADA holders! Image
The Cardano blockchain has developed its ecosystem over the past several years, and now the focus is moving to Cardano’s decentralized governance policies to ensure its future sustainability.
As a decentralized blockchain, Cardano was meant to eventually be governed by its community including ADA holders, devs, SPOs, academics, and others.
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It's here! Well - almost.

#Cardano's #ProjectCatalyst Testnet is coming soon to computers near you. Here's a quick thread about it and what to expect next.

Come explore with me below and let's dive in.

🤿👇1/n Image

Firstly, to re-orient, the Catalyst team started sharing the information about upcoming changes to tech stack within the context of Catalyst few weeks ago. Namely, ideas around Deployability and Auditability. You can catch the original thread here to catch up:

Which brings us an opportunity now to introduce the Catalyst Testnet from concept into reality. You can catch the entire video presentation delivered by @SJCatalyst , Catalyst lead architect, at Town Hall here:…
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Alright #Cardano community, here we go - a simple change that will solve the pledge problem completely with no change to a0 required. 1/n
2/n Terminology that I will use:

Flat MinFee = the currently 340 MinFee that SPOs have voted to lower to 170, this is the amount of ADA reward every block-producing epoch that the SPO receives before distributing rewards to delegators.
3/n SPO-set Fee% = usually 0-3%, and 99% for private pools or ISPOs, which is the reward taken by the SPOs from the pool’s total reward.
MinFee% = currently 0%, but there’s been some talk of raising it if flat MinFee is to eventually go to zero (big if).
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When discussing Cardano parameters, most of us are familiar with k and minpool fee by now

but have you heard of

"a0" ?

This parameter governs how an SPO's locked pledge (their personal commitment) affects the reward rate they and their delegators earn.

Let's dig in! 🧵 Image
a0 is a variable in Cardano's staking reward equation

which can be any number between 0 - ♾️

and defines the degree to which an SPO's pledged stake affects the amount of rewards their pool earns with each produced block. Image
For example, if a0 were high, you might see:

A saturated pool with 50k ADA pledged by the SPO earn 2.5% ROI
Another saturated pool with 1M ADA pledged by the SPO earn 3.5% ROI

Both produce roughly the same # of blocks, but the protocol pays the pool with high pledge more Image
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Of #Cardano's three main scaling strategies,

Hydra will most likely be the first we see really improve Cardano's user experience since it's been in active development for a while now

So, where are we at, and what's coming next?

Here's the TLDR, and some unexpected Alpha 👀🧵 Image
Whatever the IOG's Hydra team has been doing, they've certainly been very busy

Consistently within the daily top 1-3 in Cardano-related Github commits.

And GitHub is where we can see what they're working on NOW and what's in their ROADMAP


The team recently announced the first iteration of Hydra is mainnet compatible, but its use cases are still limited.

So, right now they're exploring use cases so they can tailor their approach to fit those needs
working on communication security Image
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👉🏻 Mucho se está hablando de la Layer 2 Hydra

📌 Que si hará que #cardano sea mas rápida que solana....que si es infinitamente escalable...
🤪 Que si millones de Transacciones por segundo...

🤔 ¿Cuanto de verdad hay en esto?
👀 Vamos a verlo! Image
👉🏻 En este hilo vamos a hablar sobre los temas:

1️⃣ ¿Que es Hydra?
2️⃣ ¿Canal de estado Isomorfo?
3️⃣ Seguridad en la cabeza de Hydra
4️⃣ ¿Token?
5️⃣ ¿1 M de TPS?
6️⃣ Resumen y conclusion

⏳ Tiempo de lectura: 7 Minutos
🧵 Dentro hilo! Image

📌 Para quien haya estado dentro de una cueva, hydra es la capa 2 de cardano, lo cual hará a la red muchísimo mas escalable y la acercará casi a su "forma final"

👉🏻 Como todo en #cardano , esta capa 2 es algo... "Diferente" Image
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🧵Staking Baskets

Staking Baskets are a new way to stake $ADA to decentralize #Cardano.

Staking baskets are created by @atrium_lab, in collaboration with @MLabs10.

Anyone can create a Staking Basket on Âtrium, to delegate to any x number of pools! 👇 Image
Our first Staking Basket is called Diffusion.

Diffusion will delegate to 50 different #Cardano single stakepool operators chosen by the $ADA community!

For delegating through Diffusion, users will earn their $ADA rewards + $Atrium tokens.
A small % fee will be taken from Staking Basket $ADA rewards and a portion will be paid back to users that stake the $Atrium token.

Another portion will be paid to the Âtrium treasury. $Atrium token holders will be able to vote on where those funds are spent. Image
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BREAKING: #Cardano activates Hydra Head on the mainnet, promising faster and cheaper transactions. 🚀🤯

This is a game-changer for the entire Cardano ecosystem. 💪

Let's dive in.🧵

#ADA #HydraHead Image
1/🐉Hydra Head is part of #Cardano's suite of products aimed at improving performance. Each Hydra Head operates as an off-chain mini ledger for a group of participants, allowing for quicker transactions and better efficiency.
🌐Hydra Head isn't just about speed;
it's about affordability.

With this new tool, #Cardano's network is set to become much more cost-efficient, a huge development for the network.
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@AadaFinance is trading similar 24H volume today 10 months before the #BITCOIN halving that @AaveAave #ETHEREUM ‘s NO.1 Lending protocol traded 8 months before the BITCOIN Halving in 2020. MIND BLOWN 🤯 Follow the thread 🧵🪡 & bookmark this post to see how I did come market top Image
If you look at COLUMN A in the green box on Oct 9th 2020, 8 months before the halving, $AAVE ‘s 24H trading Vol was approximately $1 million dollars, In COLUMN C $AADA ‘s 24H trading Vol today, 10 months before the halving is approximately $1 million dollars.
Back in 2020
although closer to the halving at 8 months before, AAVE was $46 per coin it’s trading volume was EXTREMELY low at 1 million dollars for a $46 coin. $AADA at $1.80 cents pulled the same 1 million dollar volume today. Most investors didn’t CAPITALIZE on the opportunity in AAVE
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If you pay attention, you will notice that #BITCOIN, #ETHEREUM & the general #cryptocurrency market is DOWN! However the emerging ecosystem inside CARDANO DOES NOT CARE! Cardano is having a mini bull run in Image
its ecosystem. Wether you know it or not, these are the beginnings of A RIDICULOUSLY EXPLOSIVE 🧨 BULL MARKET FOR CARDANO this cycle. Most Of you can’t see it now, some of your have been misled or deceived to think you are late to the opportunity, you are DEAD WRONG.
Take another look, our top dex @MinswapDEX still has a market cap of $24 million dollars, our top lending protocol @AadaFinance still has a MKCAP of $24 million, our top synthetic @Indigo_protocol has a MKCAP of $10 million, Our top #memecoin @snekcoinada $SNEK is under
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PRICE PREDICTION for @AadaFinance $AADA highlighting what value I think it’s token will attain this bull market & reasons why. I challenge you to BOOKMARK this post for reference to see how I did come bull market top. Follow the thread 🧵 🪡 Image
In analysing potential price action for $AADA this market cycle, I will like to highlight the performance of the top lending protocol on #ETHEREUM, $AAVE & the top protocol on #BSC $VENUS protocol.

Last bull market $AAVE reached a MKCap of $7,953,335,447 Billion on
may 19th 2021, that very day #Ethereum the layer 1 it is built on reached a market cap Of $390,227,141,901 Billion Dollars. AAVE’s MKCAP reached approximately 2% of #ETH’s MKCAP at ATH.
In the same Bull market VENUS PROTOCOL, #BSC’s NO.1 lending protocol reached a MKCap of
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Input Endorsers will make Cardano one of the fastest L1s.

eUTxO enables concurrency through optimistic parallel algorithms that unlock ballistic throughput.

IE enables tiered fees all while decentralizing #Cardano further!

Five good resources on Input Endorsers are 1/6🧵 Image
@_KtorZ_'s excellent thread on Input Endorsers 2/6
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