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1/ The $OP airdrop was worth $50k at it's peak, and the same will happen for @arbitrum 🪂

Here's EVERYTHING you need to know to be eligible for the $ARBI Airdrop 🔥

🧵 THREAD 🧵 Image
@arbitrum 2/ TL;DR 🎙

@arbitrum still doesn’t have its own token, so we're expecting one anytime soon 👀

Here's what one of the co-founders of @OffchainLabs that builds @arbitrum tweeted after #OP airdrop was announced 👇

@arbitrum @OffchainLabs 3/ What I'll cover in this thread:

◼️ What is an Airdrop
◼️ What is Arbitrum #ARBI
◼️ Eligibility Checklist 101

Let's get started! Buckle Up 💺
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截止到今天中午11点的 #Bitcoin 持仓价格分布,从昨天上午10点到现在历时25个小时的 #BTC 链上地址变化。今天因为一些突发情况导致了更新有些晚,本来是可以继续用13小时的数据,但是想了想,几乎没有用过24小时的数据,而且可以完整的看一下整个周末中流通力最低的这段时间发生的变化。
依然是从持仓超过半年的获利筹码以及高位套牢的 #BTC 开始,可以看到整体的减持量不到970枚BTC,平均每小时的减持不到40枚,即便是在周末也是较低的范畴了。而持仓超过一个月并且价格在25,000美金上方的整体亏损筹码的减持在3,500枚BTC以内,平均每小时的减持在140枚左右,这也是较低的数据了。
所以仍然可以得出的结论就是虽然 #BTC 的价格一直在19,000美金左右震荡,几乎每天都有跌破近期新低的可能,但是较长时间持有的筹码依然没有参与换手的迹象,这就说明了一方面中短期操作为主的散户手上套牢筹码已经不多了,另一个方面可以发现长期持有的筹码包括对于政策和宏观的变化几乎是完全没有兴趣
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Now that the merge is behind us, let's explore some options on how to participate in #ethereum staking 🧵
First option: only staking, without running a node.
Here you have several alternatives:
1. Staking through CEXs (@binance , @coinbase etc).
I don't recommend going this way, since
a. It's making #ethereum more centralized.
b. Not your keys, not your coins
2. Staking through decentralized services/pools, biggest ones being @LidoFinance or, my personal favorite, @Rocket_Pool .
Full list here:…
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截止到今天上午10点的 #Bitcoin 持仓价格分布,从昨天晚上22点到现在历时12个小时的 #BTC 链上地址变化。从直观的筹码增加的数量就可以知道,随着周末的到来整体的流通性在一次陷入到近乎于枯竭的地步,即便是争端价格的筹码都显得有气无力。而发生这种局面的原因很简单,有钱的想等更低的价格。
持仓的想等更高的价格。结果就变成了有筹码的不卖,没筹码的不买。尤其是周末这种做市商都在休息的时候。所以周末其实是展现出 #BTC 真实流通量的时候。从持仓超过半年的获利筹码和高位套牢的BTC来看,总减持不到300枚,而持仓超过一个月且价格在25,000美金上方的整体亏损筹码仅654枚。
平均每小时的减持甚至不足55枚 #BTC ,这流通量也算是近期很低的数据了。这份数据仍然表明了即便是加息后BTC的价格继续在低位徘徊,但较长期持有的筹码仍然没有离场的兴趣,反而有更多的BTC加入到了长期持有的行列中,从今天长期持有的数据可以发现,在155天内没有过移动的BTC又突破了历时最高点。
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Billions in crypto stolen. If we can't stop the thefts, can we reduce the harmful effects?

Over recent months, a couple other @Stanford researchers and I drew out and prototyped ERC-20R/721R to support reversible transactions on #Ethereum.

See post & 🧵:…
2/ The major hacks we've seen are undeniably thefts with strong evidence. If there was a way to reverse those thefts under such circumstances, our ecosystem would be much safer.
Our proposal allows reversals only if approved by a decentralized quorum of judges. The steps:
3/ Step 1: Upon realizing theft, victim requests to freeze the stolen funds. To freeze means to disallow the funds to leave the account they currently are in.
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#CardanoCommunity is the most active out there

To further spread the word about #Cardano & #Decentralization, we need to make fundamental comparisons

Cause u only understand a blockchain's value by comparing it to others

Here is an analysis of fundamental metrics of #Polkadot
Crypto is an emerging asset class of the 21st century.

And when making investment decisions in this particular asset class,

it is important not to base them on hype or ever-changing narratives.

So let's take a look at 3 metrics areas of #Polkadot

to better understand it's

1/ Decentralization

2/ Security &

3/ Scalability
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As a dev, have you ever had difficulties borrowing funds from a LP whose assets are on another chain?

As an investor/LP, have you ever experienced difficulties lending assets to a dev on another chain?

Join me as I discuss @RDNTCapital’s Solution to Fragmented Capital in #DeFi Image
The fragmentation of capital across multiple chains has been a major hurdle for lenders and borrowers seeking to lend and borrow fund/assets.

Lenders have to choose a chain to provide funding from, and their assets must remain in that chain. For instance, a lender whose assets…
… are on the #Eth chain can only provide funding to a borrower on the same chain. This results in an inefficient lending and borrowing system in #web3.

@RDNTCapital solves this by developing the first true cross-chain lending protocol, where users can deposit any asset…
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1/12 #Cardanovasil phase one is done! Do you want to know what's next?

Here's what it means for #Cardano!

A thread by @esatoshiclub! 🧵
2/16 First of all, let's all take a moment and congratulate both @IOHK_Charles and @Cardano on this historic performance.

The #cryptocommunity is with you!
3/16 Now, to the business.

What's all this buzz on the new #Cardanovasil? Well, it's literally the biggest and most important #crypto event this year but #EthereumMerge.

Now, we're sure you all know that. Let's get to some insides and interesting facts on this upgrade.
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#Ethereum demand has yet to turn a corner despite a spike in usage metrics over the past week, fueled by merge-related activity. We don't expect to see the price improve until the bleed in priority fees stabilizes.
#ETH Adoption Overview🧵
There was a Merge-related Spike as Demand-side metrics increased in our #Ethereum fundamentals dashboard this past week vs -22% price decline
Active addresses & transaction count ⬆️ 17% and 12%; 87th & 64th percentile of the past 3Yrs.
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#Cardano just embraced the #Vasil upgrade

Its the right time to look back at the groundbreaking successes of #Cardano

A novel consensus protocol based on Proof of stake (PoS) is one of them

So let's compare & contrast the PoS of #Cardano with PoS of #Ethereum 🧵👇
Since the #Shelly upgrade in 2020,

#Cardano is running on a PoS-based consensus protocol named Ouroborus

It is the first provably secure PoS-based consensus protocol

and the 1st blockchain protocol based on peer-reviewed research

Running without a glitch for the past 2 years
After years of development,

the Ethereum Merge happened on September 15, 2022

The transition from PoW to PoS was enabled

by merging the old PoW Ethereum mainnet with a separate PoS-based blockchain called the Beacon Chain

Which now exists as one chain
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#Mainnet2022 announcement alert @twobitidiot

Colleagues in @MSFTResearch published this #ethereum #evm #blockchain scaling research

Net/net 6x speed increase of EVM execution ...…
Tested live #Ethereum Mainnet transactions, so it's based on real data, not synthetic data & achieved 6x improvement in execution time Image
No changes required to #ethereum consensus ... Image
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Hello #Crypto Twitter!

Waiting for #blockchain #adoption to simply materialize is not good enough.

In this 🧵, I offer some thoughts on how to onboard people to the opportunities of Web3 and why a small chain like #Elrond might be uniquely positioned to do so.

@egld_initiative Image
While an overwhelming majority (93% of Americans, according to a recent @HarrisPoll) have heard of #Cryptocurrencies such as #Bitcoin and #Ethereum, few are familiar with the foundational blockchain technology that they are built on.
Of all its applications, from supply chain management, voting & governance mechanisms, peer-to-peer marketplaces to secure data handling, crypto finance is just one use case of blockchain technology.
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After The Merge │ Part 2: The Verge 🏔️

#Ethereum #TheMerge #TheVerge

The Verge in a nutshell:

- Replaces the state Merkle tree with a Verkle tree...
- ...which allows for builders to attach Verkle proofs to their blocks...
- ...allowing validators to statelessly verify blocks.

What does this word salad mean?

First, some context:

A lot of information goes into the block header of a block...

...including something called the *stateRoot*, defined as:
- the hash...
- of the root node...
- of the state Merkle tree...
- after all the transactions included in the block have been executed.

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🚨 If Layer 1 Blockchains were the narrative of this last bull market, then Layer 1 DAG’s just might be the narrative of the next, and @AlephZero sure does have a good shot at leading it, here’s why...🧵
/1 So what's a DAG?

-Directed Acyclic Graph, another form of Distributed ledger technology like #blockchain
-There are no blocks of transactions in DAG networks. If blockchain is a linked list, a DAG is a tree, branching out from one transaction to another
-DAG = Faster
/2 So what is Aleph Zero exactly and what are its core features?

- Privacy-enhancing public PoS blockchain with instant finality (and 100k tps)
- Built for enterprise, Web 3.0, and DeFi
- Near Free Transactions
- Private Smart Contracts
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I read all the documentation on scaling solutions, so you don't have to.

The #Ethereum community is working on making Web3 scalable and more accessible. Learn how they are doing it.

1)How does Ethereum needs to scale?

As people join Ethereum, it has reached some capacity limitations, which leads to higher costs & congestion.

Obviously, this is a "good" problem as it means that many people are using the network.
2)What are the goals of scalability?

-Faster finality: increase transaction speed
-High transactions per sec: increase throughput

While scalability is important, it shouldn't come at the cost of decentralization.

The requirements to run a node should remain low.
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How are whales playing the $CHZ rallye? 🧵

#Crypto #Chiliz #CHZ

1/14 Image
Whales still hold large amounts of $CHZ.

🟢 Whales = 67% (6.0B CHZ)
🔵 Investors = 16% (1.4B CHZ)
🟡 Retail = 17% (1.5B CHZ)

It obviously matters what they do.

2/14 Image
Historically, the # of large transactions >100k USD, of course, strongly correlated with the $CHZ price.

Large T/Xs caused high volatility.

We saw peak large T/Xs at $0.90 ATH Apr 21 and at $0.55 Oct 21.

3/14 Image
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It’s #ClimateWeek! Supporting sustainability efforts is a central part of Chia’s mission and we believe our work sets us apart. Our partnership with @IFC_org on the Carbon Opportunities Fund is just one example of the ways we're contributing to climate action. 1/5
The Carbon Opportunities Fund will source, tokenize and sell high-quality, verified carbon credits, via the @WorldBank @ClimateWarehous metadata layer – operated on Chia public blockchain to build trust and transparency in the carbon trading market! 2/5

We’re developing an open-source platform with the government of Costa Rica to improve the management of #climate and #carbon inventories, software which will be shared feely with other nations. 3/5
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Are you a newbie looking to transition into blockchain development with no coding skills or experience?

Do you want to build that DAPP, Cryptocurrency & NFT?

Congratulations this “PAGE” is for you!

Walk with me as I guide you on steps to become an expert solidity developer! Image
A short video:
Our Journey is a little bit long and detailed but I will break it down into multiple sections.

Here I compiled a roadmap of how this program will be:

• Introduction to Solidity
• What are Smart-contracts?
• Tools needed
• How Build a Simple Smart Contract (video)
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1/ @kunalgoel & @dunleavy89 have chronicled @ethereum's 3rd quarter performance with over 25 charts in their FREE State of #Ethereum Q3 report. 👇 Image
2/ Crypto markets rebounded in Q3 2022, partially recovering from the meltdown in Q2.

#ETH outperformed from a price perspective in anticipation of the changing tokenomics and users accumulating spot assets on the potential for airdrops stemming from The Merge. Image
3/ The protocol’s revenue was brought down by the combination of another crypto bear market, increased volume on L2s, and the upgrades in protocol contracts for gas efficiency.

Consequently, total fees fell off a cliff in Q3, dropping to their lowest levels since 2020. Image
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The curious case of #EOS is the BEST proof that #Web3 is more than just buzz🧵:

In case you forgot, in 2018 B1 raised more than $4Bn to build an #Ethereum killer.
In short, it failed miserably. But this failure was the 1st cornerstone in a much bigger story.
EOS BPs have elected one of their own @BigBeardSmaurai to lead the community. This came after they felt B1 isn't holding on to their promises and basically neglecting the ecosystem, from the tech side and the BizDev side.
Since then, the @EOSnFoundation has managed to unite the community, with a clear vision. They also tried to negotiate with B1 and the ongoing payments to B1. The negotiation failed and the community made a very ballsy move to stop the B1 funding:…
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截止到今天上午10点的 #Bitcoin 持仓价格分布,从昨天晚上22点到现在历时12个小时的 #BTC 链上地址变化。直观的看上去,在美国加欧洲主力时区内这段时间的BTC增加量提升到了将近85,000枚,主要的抛压仍然是来自于当前的争端价格。相比于昨天同期的数据有了较大幅度的提高,更多的短期筹码参与到换手中 Image
而持仓超过半年的获利筹码和高位套牢的 #BTC 依然没有太大的变化,总减持量维持在500枚附近,持仓超过一个月且价格在25,000美金上方的整体亏损筹码减持量约为1,950枚BTC,平均每小时的减持为162枚,都是处于非常正常的周末数据中,这也意味着中长期持仓的筹码经过洗礼已经对于短期BTC价格已经几乎无视 Image
这也体现在越来越多的筹码变化更加紧密的围绕在当前的争端价格,短期持仓者的耐心越来越少,尤其是在风险市场处于宏观情绪变化前的时刻。从数据中可以明显的看到,离场的更多还是在最近两天抄底的 #BTC ,尤其是周末的价格本身就不稳定,更多的还是受到情绪的影响,而且距离公布加息数据已经不足64小时
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This week's @Algorand related #TwitterSpaces.

A thread. 🧵
Expand all 👇
Set reminders ✅
Let's chat about life, DeFi, NFTs and $ALGO.

Cross chain NFT discussions with @might_be_genius. #ALGO #TEZOS #ETH. 🌈 🤝…
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🌊Sui Ecosystem - Weekly Recap #2:

A complete summary of Sui ecosystem & projects building on Sui (🧵)

17 September 2022

#Sui #SuiEcosystem #Suinami #MystenLabs
1-What is Sui?

If you are new to #Sui, I have made an introduction to it just here:

2. An updated infographic of Sui ecosystem:

According to, @SuiEcosystems there are now more than 50 projects being built on #Sui⬇️
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$KASPA coin use case

There is a confusion regarding this topic and I will try to remove this confusion
A thread 🧵
1/ It’s a coin not a Token

First of all, I want to clarify that $KAS is not a token but It is a coin. I have seen many on CT calling it a token.

The CoinMarketCap also mentions it as a token but it is a error!
2/ difference between token and coin

key distinction between coins and tokens is that crypto coins are the native asset of a Blockchain like #Bitcoin or #Ethereum. In Simple terms coins have their own blockchain!
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