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LTG. U S ARMY Ret.2008 as 33 Cdr First Army JTF Katrina Cdr.Leadership/ Public Speaker , 3 Books:Survival,Leadership In New Normal ,Don't Get Stuck On Stupid
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30 Jul
The South Shall Rise again, in COVID Deaths that is. Refuse to wear mask, fighting to prevent schools from mandatory mask , more of our people will die because of misinformation led six months by @GOP
Crying Damn Shame
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17 Jan
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Forgot See Something,
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17 Jul 20
Make a note, We need to forbid police and federal agents from using military uniforms . The camo uniforms are meant to blend into terrain, the want to be warriors should be in police uniforms 👮‍♀️ with names and badge numbers , this secret 👮‍♀️ police bullshit is misuse of @DHSgov
While attending a course of military instruction conducted by the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps, a civilian may wear the uniform prescribed by that armed force if the wear of such uniform is specifically authorized under regulations prescribed by the Secretary
Real Warriors, Soldiers , Marines ,Sailors , Airmen , Coast Guard Don’t Draw Overtime, Stay you ass out of our War Fighting Uniforms. I love a respect COPs , 4 nephews are Cops , but the para military operations is TV Bullshit gone wild in @DHSgov . Must have Badge Visable ,
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9 May 20
Wake Up #America You went batshit we had 2000 People Die During #Katrina , Now 15 Years Later we have over 2000 People Dying A Day . Watch much news shows today and datt line is not the Headline, Please Don’t Normalize 2000 Dead Every Day from #COVIDー19 . More talk about
#Economy as lead story . The @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump don’t have daily updates , they are Normalizing 2000 Dead each day , @WhiteHouse have not provided TestKits / PPE / Logistics a 50 state Solution will not work. We are loosing this War #COVIDー19 War , with Fires 🔥
Hurricane Season in the horizon, we are screwed . The only thing will save our ass if we use @DeptofDefense , to take over #COVIDー19 Testing /PPE Logistics , I Said this yesterday in Congressional hearing , That @DeptofDefense and @USNationalGuard position to respond to
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10 Apr 20
Blessed #Easter #Passover , @realDonaldTrump , Sir be aware of who you listen to , your friends on deck of their Yacht or flying In their #G5 Jet . To win a War require great Sacrifice, I saw after #Katrina #Maria the Rich Got Richer and the Poor Got Poorer .The Poor and Elderly
Seem to be dying in higher numbers. In a real Disaster you loose the first half , it’s up to You to Lead to Win the Second Half . Our Country is Resilient, we will survive . We need you to stay focused on Keeping People Alive as Priority Number 1 . You must get Testing Fixed
I believe we will have to Test all our people several times in the coming year as you Shape The New Normal . Don’t Rush to Failure Sir . Get testing as a normal part of our lives until the Vaccination is made . You must focus on the working poor they
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29 Mar 20
#CONVID19 #GFI List 29March : 1. Put @USNationalGuard LNO Team in every #hospital to count #PPE Supply , Report days of supply to #Governors /micro manage #PPE . 2 . Make All side walks oneway . 3 . Make all Store Aisles oneway : Grocery / #Lowe’s/ #Walmart’s / #HomeDepot /
Stores with Baskets, wipe basket handles /counters between customers.4. @USCoastGuard @USACEHQ Allow only daytime operations on #Mississippi River / River is hi levees are old ,if ship / barge crash the levee and it breaks #NOLA will Flood ,5 open the frigging #mississippi
River Spillways . One more frigging Time , If levee breaks , #New Orleans floods along with 100 Chemical Plants . @CONVID19 is attacking the river cities ,one disaster at a time , @Whitehouse @realDonaldTrump @LouisianaGov @USACEHQ @USNorthernCmd
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26 Mar 20
@WhiteHouse in war the Enemy Has Vote and right now the Enemy/#COVID is winning ! Right now we losing Battles in #NY #WA #LA with other states in its sites to attack . Stop Talking About Winning The War ,,You first must start winning Battles , Our Logistics Sucks , with lots of
Stock in route from @China we will loose many more battles , in mean time start mass testing , testing , testing to ID the infected , must isolate / treat the infected . Hospital send folks home telling them you have the virus go isolate , this is a failing tactic . We have lost
Battles Before : Pear Harbor , 911 / Katrina / but we can bounce back , with unified campaign , not one fought by each state , must assume every town / city have infected people come on Man @realDonaldTrump you loosing the battles you own this shit now like your predecessors now
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20 Mar 20
It’s time to stop bullshitting around and the @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump start using @DeptofDefense logistics command and control to manage #PPE . We need assessment of stocks on hand , days of supply on hand , for each state , the medical agencies can’t manage these critical
Supplies , Mobilizing @DeptofDefense logistics infrastructure to get supplies to states , if every one order 30 day supply , we can’t get there , states and cities hordes shit to , must put discipline in the supply system , @realDonaldTrump sign the frigging Defense Production
Act . States request must be figured to include the entire requirement not just hospitals , must include first responders and @UCAOA clinics , stop assing around open up production lines , must have numeration for days of supply based on population and hot zones , @DeptofDefense
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16 Apr 18
It has been 8 years since BP's catastrophic Gulf oil spill, and if you think the pain and suffering have been dealt with, think again. While BP’s oil remains a gigantic tar mat at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, tens of thousands of people are still sick and dying.
Scientific studies show that clean-up workers, coast guard citizen soldiers, and many others were poisoned. Tens of thousands of Americans have received nothing for their illnesses. The cancers keep coming and will keep ravaging communities.
These citizens were not evacuated when the toxic cloud of hydrocarbon gasses descended on land. They sought help from the government and from the courts and were turned away. Many have died; many more will die from the chemical exposure.
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