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Dr Vernon Ross begins Fred Hehre Lecture at #SOAPAM2023
The first African American to do so. ImageImage
The Fred Hehre story 1.
#SOAPAM2023 ImageImageImageImage
The Fred Hehre story 2.
#SOAPAM2023 ImageImageImageImage
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We have reached a historic settlement with the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office today, officially ending OPDA’s years-long use of fake subpoenas and intimidation to coerce and jail survivors & witnesses of harm. #NOLA #Louisiana
In 2017, we joined @ACLU, @ACLUofLouisiana, @VenableLLP, SilenceIsViolence, and the plaintiffs to file a lawsuit against then-DA Cannizzaro for fabricating subpoenas to force folks into out-of-court interrogations. DA Cannizzaro's office was breaking the law in #Louisiana.
OPDA even went as far as putting its official seal on them to try and trick people into thinking they were real. As a result, #Louisiana jailed people who weren’t accused of a crime for days, weeks, and even months.
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The NHC explicitly states in their forecast cone it can multiple categories off days out in advance. That’s why the NHC makes the cone for 1-3 days and why it’s called the extended cone days 4 and 5. The 1st forecast explicitly called for a rapidly intensifying hurricane...
The forecast was very clear even 5 days out the potential for a major hurricane was very much increasing in likelihood. The messaging was clear as well along with models indicating a Cat 4 storm was possible. If u can’t understand how the NHC cone works I dont think you should...
be relaying the forecast. If u understood the frequency the NHC forecasts a near Major Hurricane 5 days in advance then it would have been clear a Category 4 was certainly possible. Or if u understood what kind of environment from a meteorological perspective Ida was moving into.
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This is why I took before photos. Building got wiped out by #Ida #NOLA
Not sure if this light is flashing from the rubble or behind it…
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During Laura last year, I cobbled together a little visual to monitor trends in the storm's track and distinguish steady trends from short-term wobbles.

Well the #wobbleplot is back for #Ida. Satellite fixes suggest the storm remains towards the eastern edge of track guidance. Image
Checking in on the #WobblePlot roughly an hour later, #Ida is still following the NE side of the ensemble guidance envelope.

I've penciled in the mental adjustment to ensemble guidance I've been making in light of these trends.

The core may get rather close to New Orleans. Image
12:05 PM 8-28-21 #WobblePlot update shows plenty of wobbling, last hour it was to the west this hour to the north.

But the general trend remains pretty steady. #Ida is still tracking along the eastern edge of forecast model guidance. Image
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The latest on #HurricaneIda, very serious situation for Louisiana:
* It is strengthening, quickly, and projected to be a Cat 4 by Sunday
* Devastating impacts for coastal La: surge up to 10-15,' destructive winds
* But for #NOLA this is not Katrina. (1/x)
New Orleans projected to see 8-12+" of rain, tropical-storm to maybe hurricane-force winds. Flooding, outages likely. But $14 billion flood protection system *should* protect it from Katrina-like surge. Also, Ida not as big as Katrina and peak surge will not come as close. (2/x)
Another development w/ #Ida: Landfall timing has shifted slightly earlier...reliable models showing landfall Sunday evening. Conditions will begin to deteriorate early Sunday morning in SE Louisiana. (3/x)
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🧵 Louisiana Emergency Alert System. #Ida

🚨 The following stations are key participants. These stations will broadcast emergency info.

📻 Alexandria
AM 970 (KSYL)
AM 580 / FM 96.9 (KZMZ)
FM 93.1 (KQID)

📻 Baton Rouge
AM 1150 (WJBO)
FM 102.5 (WFMF)

📻 Crowley
FM 102.9 (KAJN)
📻 Lafayette
AM 1330 (KVOL)
FM 99.9 (KTDY)

📻 Lake Charles
AM 1470 (KLCL)
FM 99.5 (KHLA)

📻 New Orleans
AM 870 (WWL)
FM 101.9 (WLMG)

📻 Northeast
AM 540 / FM 101.9 (KNOE)

📻 Ruston
AM 1490 (KRUS)
FM 107.5 (KXKZ)

📻 Shreveport
AM 1130 / FM 94.5 (KWKH)
NOAA Weather Radio covers all areas and alerts issued directly from National Weather Service.
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After watching @maddow this evening, I immediately canceled my trip to #NOLA next week to see my son @CallahanGoldBen at @Tulane. It is the first game of the the season for @GreenWaveMBB - the 🏀 team he plays for. I wanted to be there with him more than anything - as I (1/4)
have not seen him since June. As we all know, it is heart wrenching to be away from your loved ones for so long, but I do not want to risk getting my asthmatic lovah @Elysadawn sick, as well as those with whom she regularly interacts - including her parents. This was not (2/4)
an easey decision to make, albeit the right one. I will have to wait hug my son, take a photo with him in his uniform, or lay on the sofa with him watching hours and hours of #TheOffice. But that's okay. What's not okay is @Airbnb charging me $445 for canceling my trip (3/4)
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Under mandatory evac.

The entire East Bank of Plaquemines Parish
West Bank: from Phillips 66 Alliance Refinery to Venice.

Evacuation Shelter
Plaquemines Parish Gov Pavilion
333. F. Edward Herbert Blvd
Belle Chasse

#Sally #HurricaneSally #NOLA
Pre-Registration for transportation assistance is encouraged. To pre-register call 504-934-6940 or 504-934-6690.

* Westbank Parish Pick-Up Location *

Port Sulphur Government Building
Boothville Elementary School
Buras Auditorium

#Sally #HurricaneSally #NOLA
Pre-Registration for transportation assistance is encouraged. To pre-register call 504-934-6940 or 504-934-6690.

* Eastbank Parish Pick-Up Location *
Percy Griffin Community Center

#Sally #HurricaneSally #NOLA
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For anyone getting ready to sandbag [from #Louisiana thru #Mississippi. I'm going to walk you thru...step by step, how to make your home or business as waterproof as possible.

#Sally #HurricaneSally #NOLA
Step 1
Start with heavy black plastic sheeting. What you lay down in landscaping? Its ok if you don't have that, cut garbage bags length wise and use those. Next....duct tape.

#Sally #HurricaneSally #NOLA
Once the plastic is cut to size [doors/garage] duck tape it about halfway up, leaving at least a ft or more laying on the ground.

#Sally #HurricaneSally #NOLA Image
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#Sally has certainly expanded over the last hours.

Latest update from #NHC

About 125 miles ...ESE of the mouth of the Mississippi
About 160 miles ...SE of Biloxi Mississippi
Max sustained winds ...90mph

#HurricaneSally #NOLA Image
#Sally seems consistent. Nothing has changed for the watches and warnings.

#HurricaneSally #NOLA Image
Here's the storm surge info for #Sally. Anyone living in the bayous please look thru it. It's important to know what could be expected in your area. This covers from #Florida thru Louisiana into #Mississippi.

#HurricaneSally #NOLA Image
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For any guests/visitors visiting New Orleans, here's some important info you might miss while out sightseeing....

#NewOrleans #TropicalStorm #TSCristobal #NOLA Image
Info on potential Storm Surge estimates.

#NewOrleans #TropicalStorm #TSCristobal #NOLA Image
And estimates of the expected flooding rainfall.

#NewOrleans #TropicalStorm #TSCristobal #NOLA Image
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#CONVID19 #GFI List 29March : 1. Put @USNationalGuard LNO Team in every #hospital to count #PPE Supply , Report days of supply to #Governors /micro manage #PPE . 2 . Make All side walks oneway . 3 . Make all Store Aisles oneway : Grocery / #Lowe’s/ #Walmart’s / #HomeDepot /
Stores with Baskets, wipe basket handles /counters between customers.4. @USCoastGuard @USACEHQ Allow only daytime operations on #Mississippi River / River is hi levees are old ,if ship / barge crash the levee and it breaks #NOLA will Flood ,5 open the frigging #mississippi
River Spillways . One more frigging Time , If levee breaks , #New Orleans floods along with 100 Chemical Plants . @CONVID19 is attacking the river cities ,one disaster at a time , @Whitehouse @realDonaldTrump @LouisianaGov @USACEHQ @USNorthernCmd
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Thread/ Lousiana #COVID19 Yesterday I spoke with healthcare workers in Chicago, New Orleans, Iowa, and NYC - public health officials, nurses, paramedics, medical assistants all increasingly alarmed at the lack of response to #COVID19 and startling lack of protocols in place
This is about #NOLA my home for several years my daughter attended school in the French Quarter in the days before Katrina and disaster tourism and the city caring more about infrastructure for the Superbowl than the cracking concrete in the Lower 9th Ward…
Text yesterday from person working @OchsnerHealth in #Louisiana and #COVID19 "in the shit" "call after work" -- as a reporter I get calls and texts and DMS from around the country about many things - and now re: COVID19.
(Up front apologies for any/all spelling errors, etc.)
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From a reporter friend in #NOLA:

Louisiana climbing the rankings of worst outbreaks in U.S., even with REALLY low testing rates.…
33 presumptive coronavirus cases as of Friday morning, according to the governor's office.

Some concern that Mardi Gras (Feb. 25) could have been a vector.

In need of test kits/federal resources.
Outbreak in a New Orleans retirement home too:…
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First stop in New Orleans, @MothersNOLA for their Famous Ferdi special: A ham and debris po' boy. Debris being "the roast beef that falls into the au jus gravy in the pan while roasting in the oven"
Tons of pictures of military members on the wall @mothersnola @VisitNewOrleans #MothersNOLA
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#i2 1/17 It's that time of year again - the national conference of @AmerAcadPeds is this weekend in #NOLA. Once again, there's a "session" with a misleading title: "Common Problems of the Genitalia in Newborns and Infants." An ethical practitioner would read that title & think...
@AmerAcadPeds 2/17 the session will cover diseases, deformities, other adverse penile conditions & their diagnosis or treatment. After all, that's what the ethical practice of medicine in general, & #neonatal #pediatrics in particular, is all about: patient presents w/problem, pediatrician...
@AmerAcadPeds 3/17 diagnoses and appropriately treats problem. But this is @AmerAcadPeds, where no one in charge gives a #flyingflamingo about their ethical duties to their child patients, & where a surgeon's Toyota #Camry won't pay for itself. Read the blurb & you'll see this session isn't...
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Guys are you ready? #FortWorth City Council returns from their summer break. I know you've all missed my live tweets filled with typos and jargon.
Work session is getting started.
We're being introduced to Reggie Zeno, the new #FortWorth city finance director. He comes most recently from #Cincinnati but before that he was with the city of New Orleans and the #NOLA school district. He's been here about 6 weeks and is excited to be here, he said.
He was apparently the finance director during Katrina, per city manager David Cooke. Mayor Price says she's a fan of his accent.
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Day 1 of #LaHEC2019 is underway! Excellent opening remarks from Dr. @KimHunterReed & Dr. Janice Petersen.

Followed by results from our 2019 Core Survey results by Dr. Laura Rowald of the Core Institute.
What are your policies for missed or late payments from a G.I. Bill? Are we penalizing students by kicking them out of classes for paperwork mishaps? - @dclosn #LaHEC2019

Excellent info to consider as our institutions & @LouisianaGov prioritize campus resources for #veterans.
Be sensitive to all disabilities #studentveterans may have.

Some disabilities are visible and some are not, especially for those who have had traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). - @dclosn #LaHEC2019
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Spending my 30th bday in #NOLA w S. She planned:

-Big Freedia concert
-NOLA Jazz Festival
-Brunch at Court of the Two Sisters
-Dinner at Mr. B’s
-Loose Cattle concert
-Cafe du Monde
-Staying right in French Quarter

Get you a woman who loves you this big. 🎉
I’ve also seen a picture of my pile of wrapped birthday presents, know there are more “birthday surprises” planned, and know she’s throwing me a birthday party in Nashville before we drive to New Orleans.

Y’all, she is so filled with joy. I feel so spoiled and so loved.
This has obviously been an extremely hard year with a lot of loss and hurt. But having a partner who values celebration and joy and sweetness turns every day into a tiny miracle, and I’m just really damn grateful.
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