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Amazon is a perfect #enshittification parable - platforms subsidize end users until they're locked in, then make life good for business customers at users' expense, until *they're* locked in, then claw back all the value they can, leaving just enough to keep the lock-in going.
1/ A desert ruin. In the foreg...
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In a new report for @SOMO, @margaridasilva2 describes how the end-stage enshittification of Amazon is playing out in the #EU, with Amazon repeating its US playbook.

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So Zeit mal wieder die Aluhüte auszupacken.
Sie fragen sich warum viele Unternehmen weiter auf der #Wokeness Welle schwimmen obwohl es nach hinten losgeht?

Die #Schufa kennt ja wohl so ziemlich jeder - aber kennen Sie auch den #CEI?

Den was? Den Corporate Equality Index.
Quasi der "Wokeness-Schufa-Score" welche von der "privaten" NGO Human Rights Campaign (HRC) vergeben wird.

Welche Kriterien man für einen "guten" Score erfüllen muss kann man hier einsehen:…
Die Kriterien unterliegen dabei keiner wie auch immer gearteten staatlichen Kontrolle - man legt selber fest was die Unternehmen denn bitte jetzt zu leisten haben, gern wird der Katalog auch erweitert.

Spannend wird es dann wenn man sich mal die Finanzierung dieser NGO anschaut.
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Sheriff: Suspected #Texas #gunman caught hiding under laundry | May 3
- Francisco #Oropeza, 38, was captured without incident near Houston and about 20 miles (32 kilometers) from his home in the rural town of #Cleveland…
Francisco #Oropeza.
Man suspected of killing five neighbours in #Texas found hiding under pile of laundry | -47min
- Acting on a tip, authorities said they found the suspect hiding underneath a pile of laundry in the closet of a house.…
#Texas Mass Shooter Was 5-Times-#Deported #IllegalAlien | May 2, 2023
- a repeatedly deported Mexican illegal alien will probably not see saturation coverage by the press the way the immigrant-hating fiend who shot up an #ElPaso mall in 2019 was covered.… Image
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With the #IRSFiles, @propublica ripped away the veil of performative complexity disguising the scams that the ultra-rich use to amass billions and billions (and billions and billions) of dollars, paying next to no tax, or even no tax at all.

1/ A dilapidated shack. A sign...
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Each scam is its own little shell game, a set of semantic and accounting tricks used to gussy up otherwise banal rip-offs. The finance sector has a cute name for this kind of complexity: #MEGO, which stands for "#MyEyesGlazeOver."

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#Enshittification is platforms devouring themselves: first they tempt users with goodies. Once users are locked in, goodies are withdrawn and dangled before businesses. Once business customers are stuck, all value is claimed for platform shareholders:…

1/ A complex mandala of knobs ...
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Enshittification isn't just another way of saying "fraud" or "price gouging" or "wage theft." Enshittification is intrinsically digital, because moving all those goodies around requires the flexibility that only comes with a *digital* businesses.

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What important messages would Jesus share if he found himself resurrected at Walmart?
#HappyEaster #JesusChrist #Church #Christianity #WorshipAI #HealthyLiving #Walmart #AIArtCommunity #MidJourney #MindJourney
🧵Thread - Share your thoughts on AI merging with religion and…… Image
Would he have anything to say about kosher food? Image
What would Jesus think about plastic Easter eggs? Image
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In a @TheProspect op-ed, "What Comes After Neoliberalism?" @rkuttnerwrites writes "we’ve just about won the battle of ideas. Reality has been a helpful ally…Neoliberalism has been a splendid success for the 1%, an abject failure for everyone else":… 1/ Air Force One in flight; dr...
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Kuttner's op-ed is a report on the @Hewlett_Found's recent "#NewCommonSense" event, where Kuttner was relieved to learn that the idea that "the economy would thrive if government just got out of the way has been demolished by the events of the past three decades." 3/
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: The Golden Rule (them what has the gold makes the rules); and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ A kraken strangling a coin-operated judge automata whose rob
I'm kickstarting the #audiobook for my next novel, an anti-finance finance thriller about #SiliconValley scams called *Red Team Blues*. #Amazon's #Audible refuses to carry my audiobooks because they're #DRM free, but crowdfunding makes them possible:… 2/
The Golden Rule (them what has the gold makes the rules): Dobbs, SVB, the Internet Archive, antitrust and the law's foundation in norms, not consistency.

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1/10 🌟 Let's explore 🔟 Fortune 100 companies and how they could potentially benefit from building dApps on @Conste11ation $DAG. Get ready for some exciting use cases! #Constellation #Fortune100
2/10 🚘 #1 Walmart $WMT: The retail giant could build a dApp on Constellation for supply chain management, tracking products from source to store, ensuring transparency, and reducing inefficiencies. #Walmart #SupplyChain
3/10 ⚡ #2 Amazon $AMZN: Amazon could leverage Constellation for a decentralized e-commerce platform, creating a secure, transparent, and efficient marketplace for buyers and sellers. #Amazon #eCommerce
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Giving workers modest sums to prevent them from starving during the lockdowns enraged #inflation hawks, who insist that improvements to workers' material lives will transform America into an amateur Weimar revival, with wheelbarrows of useless bank-notes. 1/ An old general store. Inste...
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"Democrats" like Larry Summers - a Clintonite ghoul who is on record as saying that women are biologically incapable of doing science - insisted that preserving workers' living standards was a terrible mistake. 3/
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1/ Who is to blame for America’s gun madness? The answer is simple… "GOP politicians on the take, greed driven gun manufacturers without a heart or soul, #ALEC, the #KochNetwork and a small minority of truly sick #gun addicts all have blood on their hands"
2/ "When #Koch became a leader of #ALEC back in 1995, ALEC's publications proudly touted its #gun agenda and the #SecondAmendment right to bear arms, in contrast to it's recent attempts to distance itself from this agenda."…
3/ In 2005, #NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer pushed the "Castle Doctrine" bill to create legal immunity for shooters claiming self-defense. It was "unanimously adopted by the private and public sector members at that meeting."

The bill came to be known as "Stand Your Ground" Image
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1/#Walmart is the world’s largest company in terms of Revenue.

It delivered $573 billion revenue in FY22(JanYE) which is larger than several countries’ GDP (only 25 countries have a higher GDP).

Market cap of ~$382 b (18th largest globally)

Here is a thread looking at Walmart
2/ Walmart operates 10,500 stores and clubs in 24 countries and online

Employs 2.3 million associates worldwide (1.7 million in the US)

Each week ~230 million customers visit Walmart
3/ Its ecommerce business is $73 billion.

As a comparison, Amazon North America is $316 billion turnover (total Amazon Revenue including AWS is $514 billion) Image
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Abro hilo 🧵
Cuantas veces has tratado de comprar en #Amazon #Target #Walmart y otros online y te sale este mensaje que no envían a Puerto Rico 🇵🇷? Hoy te vengo a contar por qué esto pasa y por qué los políticos no hacen nada. 1/ Image
Pues resulta que diferente a lo que muchas personas piensan esto no tiene que ver nada con los retailers y el supuesto de que tratan a PR como ciudadanos de segunda. Pues no, esto como todo en PR se reduce a la política. 2/
Tan lejos como en el 1964 se creó la ley 75, y en 1990 se creo la ley 21. Estas leyes muy sutilmente le conceden exclusividad a los distribuidores de los productos. Básicamente dicen que si tu tienes el contrato de distribución de X producto, nadie más puede venderlo. 3/
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FTX's collapse left a million creditors holding the bag for a chaotically managed, corrupt enterprise that created vast personal fortunes for the conspirators who ran it, even as it stole the life's savings of retail investors who bought into its lies. 1/ A vintage trustbuster carto...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Could the unsuspecting public have been shielded from the FTX Ponzi scheme? Hindsight is 20/20, but there's good reason to believe that FTX could have been brought down in a controlled glide, rather than a nose-first crash landing and ensuing fireball. 3/
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#ConferenciaPresidente | Martes 18 de octubre de 2022 a través de @FacebookWatch
@FacebookWatch Señala el subsecretario de Hugo López-Gatell que #México suma 14 semanas consecutivas en descenso de contagios, hospitalizaciones y decesos por #Covid

"Y cada vez están en los números mínimos", afirma.
@FacebookWatch Informa @AlexSvarch de la @COFEPRIS que ha detectado 33 sustancias en #vapeadores y cigarrillos electrónicos, pese a que las etiquetas sólo refieren que contienen 3. en el estudio se ha detectado veneno para cucarachas y otros insectos, los vapeadores son una “invención perversa”
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Sigue, #EnVivo, la Conferencia Matutina Presidencial, a través de nuestras redes sociales | 📱 @MxPlayTV…
@MxPlayTV #ConferenciaPresidente

El presidente @lopezobrador_ adelantó que hoy, durante la Conferencia Matutina, se informará sobre "el tremendo daño que causan los vapeadores", pues son más dañinos que el cigarro. Además, se expondrán los avances del programa #IMSSBienestar. Image

El presidente @lopezobrador_ reiteró su compromiso de que antes de que termine su Gobierno se tendrá un Sistema de Salud universal, que brinde atención médica y medicamentos de calidad y gratuitos. Image
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The Fortune Global 500 is the list of the top 500 corporations in the world based on their revenue. In the 2022 edition of the list published by Fortune magazine, nine companies from India have found their place. LIC led the pack at the 98th position.…
Being included in Fortune Global 500 list is a prestigious accomplishment for corporations. Indian companies have fared markedly better this time with LIC breaking into the top 100 & Reliance Industries, the country's biggest company by market capitalization, jumping 51 places.
The 2022 #fortuneglobal500 list saw a surprise with LIC making its first appearance. The Indian insurance giant, which launched its IPO earlier this year, posted revenue of $97.26 billion with a profit of $553.8 million. It surpassed Reliance which is placed 104th on the list.
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#Apple #BNPL #Goldman #Walmart

Apple launches its own 'buy now, pay later' service in Apple Pay. This is a big deal especially since how much Inroads Apple has into the US…
This was highlighted by @mikulaja back in Dec 2020
In fact @mikulaja latest Fintech letter which discusses many new developments in FINTECH especially with @Walmart getting aggressive in Fintech as well as the Layoffs in Fintech. VERY GOOD READ…
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#Newfoundland & #Labrador's Liquor Corporation has for a long time, set some of the highest alcohol sticker prices in #Canada. And they're rising again! As much as 5 per cent per bottle, from wine to beer to coolers to spirits.…
Last year #NLC brought in about $363M dollars in revenue, posting earnings of about $200M "the
highest in NLC’s history." #nlpoli This is from CEO & President Bruce Keating.
As per #Newfoundland & #Labrador’s Compensation Disclosure agreement, about 18 (management) members of #NLC 600 employees were paid more than $100,000 in 2020.
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What’s going on at this Indianapolis Walmart distribution center…? ImageImageImage
What in the world happened inside WalMart — or even could be warehoused by Walmart — that could obliterate the interior of this building like that…? Was there an explosion…? ImageImageImageImage
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Crypto in the court: In US v. Lichtenstein & Morgan, now in DDC Court DOJ puts in a chart of #Bitfinex hack laundering they allege - including through #Uber, #WalMart, Hotels [dot] com and #PlayStation. Inner City Press remains on the case…
Among Ilya Lichtenstein's Passport_Ideas files, this: "real russian passport from Lugansk. Must pick up in person." Also, "eu doc fakes."
More from the DOJ filing in DDC: "Morgan posted photos to social media during her trip indicating
that she was staying at a Hilton hotel near the 11 Mirrors Design Hotel. Document titled “ukraine_package,” explains “how to anonymously receive a parcel in Ukraine”
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多維新聞: #Walmart is accused of completely delisting #Xinjiang products in its stores in #China, as per the US "Prevention of Uyghur Forced Labor Act" (in effect Dec 23). Chinese consumers are calling for a boycott 沃爾瑪被曝下架新疆產品,會員紛紛退卡抵制…
Reports on #China's #Weibo claim that when the "Sam's Club" app is keyword searched using "#Xinjiang," relevant products do not display after being clicked on (inc. Xinjiang cantaloupe, Hotan dates, raisins, etc.) 疑似下架新疆产品?沃尔玛旗下山姆超市回应…
Just prior to the exposure of Sam's Club "quietly removing #Xinjiang products," an open letter from #Intel demanding that suppliers to ban labour, products and services from #Xinjiang circulated on social media in #China, drawing strong reactions...
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An exciting story of Doctor turned Entrepreneur💯

A thread🧵on Medplus #IPO 👇

#sundayvibes #stockmarkets Image
"Find your passion & do it for a living"

Excellent advice, only problem is that it reminds people to narrow down their passion to a marketable skill & focus on that🤦‍♂️

Not so for 𝗚𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗮𝗱𝗶 𝗠𝗮𝗱𝗵𝘂𝗸𝗮𝗿 𝗥𝗲𝗱𝗱𝘆

Fitting in a box that limits who u are, not his cup of☕
It all began in 2006 when a doctor by profession & a #MBA in healthcare management from @thewhartonschool was assigned a class project📝
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Worldwide implementation in different industries and daily usage give the financial market participants confidence to integrate and build their products around the strongest cryptocurrency #BTC, #ETH.
I am sure that this is coming to $TRAC, and here are facts why!
$TRAC is in forward to global company standard. Companies and international organization that build on #ODN are #BSI, #GS1, #Oracle, #SBB, #SCAN, #Homedepot, #SmartAgriHubs, #NGIAtlantic, #Walmart, #EVRYTHNG, #Halal
#ODN currently covering many use cases from different industry: food traceability, certifications, fashion, entreprise data interoperability, international trade, industrial data marketplaces, sustainable agriculture, financial flow, pharma industry....
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