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Building layer 2 zk-rollups on #Cardano for superior scalability & privacy Enter Orbis ▶️ https://t.co/RvaqMC34RU
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Aug 17 28 tweets 12 min read
There's a general consensus in the #Blockchain industry about the long-term viability of L2 scaling solutions...

#Bitcoin embraced lightning network

#Ethereum & #Tezos embraced rollups

And #Cardano focuses on Hydra

A thread on #Hydra & how it measures up to a zk-rollup: 🧵👇 Image If you look at the broader #blockchain landscape

#Cardano is more similar to #Bitcoin

than to any other #blockchain out there

• Ledger models (UTxO & E-UTxO)
• L2 scaling approach (Lightning & Hydra)
• A similar approach to "Inclusive accountability"
Aug 10 26 tweets 9 min read
A mission-critical financial application must be safe & secure.

When the #Crypto industry goes through multi-million dollar hacks,

building a robust financial platform has been the core driving principle of #Cardano

So here's a thread on Functional Programming: 🧵👇 Image The public blockchain sphere has been growing rapidly over the past decade

If we reflect on that growth,

it has mainly been on the valuation side of things

and not that much on the utility or user side of things

So why is it that way?
Jul 27 26 tweets 14 min read
#Bitcoin gave us the first glimpse into the future of sound money

#Ethereum showed us how to program money

#Cardano showed us how to program money securely with functional programming

Orbis is showing us how to scale #Cardano

Here's a thread on Rollup-Centric Future: 🧵👇 Currently,

there is no single #Blockchain in existence that can accommodate the financial traffic of the entire world

And there will never be such a blockchain

because it's practically impossible

due to the limited block space, any blockchain can offer
Jul 20 24 tweets 9 min read
We are now going through a very defining period in the history of blockchains

where the era of monolithic blockchains is ending and

the era of modular blockchains is starting

marking the first step towards mass adoption!

🧵 A thread on Consensus mechanisms: 👇 Image Since the inception of #Bitcoin,

the blockchain industry only had monolithic blockchains

where one #blockchain is designed to not outsource components to external networks

and is burdened with too many tasks to perform Image
Jul 6 32 tweets 16 min read
Solving blockchain trilemma is the holy grail of #crypto

Mass adoption won't happen if a #Blockchain cannot scale WITHOUT compromising #decentralization

Orbis provides a key piece to #Cardano in solving this puzzle

🧵 Here's a thread on Blockchain Trilemma: 👇 The blockchain trilemma is a term coined by Vitalik Buterin

To address the trade-offs developers of #blockchain must make

To achieve scalability

As we see very often in the #Blockchain space, developers are forced to sacrifice one ‘aspect’ for the sake of the other two
Jun 22 22 tweets 8 min read
#Cardano requires scalability to achieve mass adoption

But scalability has to be achieved without compromising decentralization & security

Rollups are one of the best solutions we have now to achieve this goal

But which one?

Let's compare, "optimistic" and "zk-rollups"🧵👇 So what are rollups?

They are L2 solutions

•That bundle hundreds of transactions into a single transaction

•Rollup transactions get executed outside of L1

•But the transaction data gets posted to L1

•Which allows rollups to be secured by native L1 security
May 20 5 tweets 2 min read
📢 We're officially launching #Orbis Academy, our 5 months-long educational initiative consisting of a weekly thread + Twitter Space.

🎙 Set your reminders for the #1 Academy Call on Sunday @ 2pm UTC: bit.ly/OrbisACall1

More info ⤵️
blog.orbisprotocol.com/p/orbis-academ… 1/ Zero-knowledge Proofs 🧵
May 18 23 tweets 9 min read
ZK-Rollups represent the future of Layer-2 #Blockchain scaling

@orbisproject is building the first ZK-Rollup on #Cardano

& Orbis plays an indispensable role in scaling #Cardano

Here’s a breakdown of the ZK-Proof Orbis is using to build its scaling solution on #Cardano: 🧵👇 Image So what is a zero-knowledge proof?

It is a cryptographic technique,

where one party (The Prover) can prove that a specific statement is true to the other party (The Verifier)

without disclosing any additional information

apart from the fact that the statement is indeed true Image
May 11 19 tweets 7 min read
#Blockchain space has seen a lot of progress in the past decade.

But its goal to be a decentralized financial platform, empowering billions of people is not yet a reality

But there is one piece of tech that could scale blockchains to achieve this

Let's talk about zk-Proof 🧵👇 Image zk-Proof (ZKP) is a cryptographic technique which was proposed by MIT researchers—Silvio Micali, Shafi Goldwasser, and Charles Rackoff—in the 1980s.

Micali along with Goldwasser later received the “Turing award” for their outstanding contributions in the field of #cryptography. Image