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10 ways to use awk for hackers! 🚀 🧵👇 Image
1️⃣ Extracting Specific Columns from a CSV File

Quickly extract email addresses and phone numbers from a huge contact list.

#DataExtraction #EthicalHacking Image
2️⃣ Filtering Lines Based on a Pattern

Filter out sensitive information like passwords from log files.

#LogAnalysis #Security Image
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Let's take a deep dive into the intricacies of Internet Protocols (IPs) like TCP/IP, their history, and how these systems parallel to the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

This thread is technical - buckle up! #InternetProtocols #Ethereum
TCP/IP, the backbone of the internet, has its roots in the ARPANET project of the 1960s-70s.

It's a suite of protocols for data transmission and routing. TCP/IP is layered, each with its specific tasks:

Network Interface, Internet, Transport, and Application. #TCP_IP
The Network Interface layer (eg, Ethernet) takes care of the physical transmission of data.

Internet layer (eg, IP) ensures data packets are routed correctly

Transport layer (eg, TCP) guarantees reliable transmission

Application layer (eg, HTTP) is for user interactions
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The significance of #mathematics in #cryptography is immense. 𝐂𝐫𝐲𝐩𝐭𝐨𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐡𝐲 involves the process of transforming messages to ensure secure communication. In this thread, we'll explore the integral role of math within cryptography & present some relevant equations (1/9)
One of the simplest examples of cryptography is the Caesar cipher, which shifts the letters of the alphabet by a fixed number. The encryption function can be written as: E(x) = (x + k) mod 26, where x is the letter's position, k is the shift, and mod is the modulo operation.(2/9)
Public-key cryptography is a more advanced technique that relies on mathematical concepts. RSA, a widely-used public-key cryptosystem, involves the generation of two large prime numbers, p and q. Their product, n = p * q, is used in encryption and decryption.(3/9)
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Today, we @zama_fhe are releasing Concrete 1.0, our open source homomorphic encryption compiler. It can convert python code into FHE, while guaranteeing the exactness of the result. 🧵… #fhe #privacy #ai #cryptography #Python #mlir
Concrete converts Python code into TFHE circuits. TFHE is a homomorphic encryption scheme that support encrypted arithmetics and table lookups, using a new cryptographic operator called “programmable bootstrapping (pbs)”.
Homomorphic table lookups are a big deal, since any multivariate function can be represented as a linear combination of univariate functions (which is just a LUT!). This means we can now compute *any* function in FHE, without approximations: add, mul, div, comparisons, ReLu, …
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🔒 Understanding Zero Knowledge Proofs: A thread

🤔 Have you ever wondered how you can prove you know something without revealing any information about it? This is where zero-knowledge proofs come into play!

Continue reading👇👇👇 Zero knowledge proofs
1️⃣ Zero-knowledge proofs are a type of #cryptographic protocol that allows you to prove knowledge of something without actually revealing the info itself.

This is done by using complex mathematical #algorithms to check the validity of a claim without learning about its info.
2️⃣ One common use case for zero-knowledge proofs is in password authentication.

Instead of sending your actual #password to a server, which could be intercepted by an attacker, a zero-knowledge proof can be used to prove that you know your password without revealing what it is.
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#willwritesandcodes #100DaysofCode #Day31

Uninstalled and reinstalled @ProgrammingHero again, did the exam for #Cpp course, and it still crashed at the end.


It could be my phone. I'll have to try installing it on another device. Still a bummer screenshot of the error message as programming hero app cras
Also resinstalled the very different app, @Prghub, which has much shorter courses and as a result felt deceptive about how much you were learning. I haven't uses it in over a year for sure. They have a bunch of new courses. I'll try some-I don't know if I'll keep at it w this app
#willwritesandcodes #100DaysofWriting #Day23-#Day27, need to keep track of how much I write and where. I kind of write a lot, but not always towards the goals I want to write toward. So I'm writing this tweet to stand in for missing those days' record while noting that I do write
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Everyone is talking about #ZK proofs these days. But what if I told you that there is a superior tech to #ZKP, already integrated in an L1 #blockchain, which is not even launched on exchanges yet? It's $MPC #Partisia! More details below.👀
First of all, what are #ZK proofs and how do they work? In a zero-knowledge proof, one party (the prover) can prove to another party (the verifier) that they know a certain piece of information, without revealing what that information is.
This is possible because the proof itself is a mathematical statement that is easy to verify but hard to replicate without knowing the original information. So, one of the main benefits of zero-knowledge proofs in crypto is the ability to enhance #privacy.
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Google's chatbot panic; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ Tweedledee and Tweedledum, standing at the bottom of Humpty
This is the last day (Feb 17) of my #Australian tour for my book #ChokepointCapitalism with my co-author, #rgibli. We'll be in #Canberra at the Australian Digital Alliance Copyright Forum:… 2/
Google's chatbot panic: On the infinite insecurities of a self-styled creative genius who really just buys other people's ideas.

3/  Image: Cryteria (modified)
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ZK proofs to be embedded in EU law! The European Parliament has officially included use of zero-knowledge proofs in its negotiation positions for the trilogues with the Council on the regulation of digital identity & related 🇪🇺 apps #privacy #digitalidentity #ZeroKnowledgeProofs Image
Unless the Council firmly objects, zero-knowledge proofs will be in EU law on digital identity & future EU apps, giving individuals greater control over their personal data, increasing trust in digital transactions, & facilitating cross-border interoperability of EU eID solutions
Zero-knowledge proofs allow the validation of a given statement based on electronic attestation of attributes held in a user's digital identity wallet without revealing any data related to those attributes to the relying party. #cryptography #digitalprivacy
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#capitalism requires what people call "magical thinking". it requires people to believe that impossible things aren't merely *possible*, but can be done routinely, and turned into a dependable cash flow. #AI / #AGI of the @fchollet / @JeffDean sort is a perfect example.

the very name "#AGI" gives the game away: the #programming boys daydream that they've invented a "general intelligence", a universal thinking machine capable of solving literally any problem—and #capitalism is willing to gamble on that. it's just what #business wants.

remember that the ideal corporation in #capitalism *does nothing*. it produces nothing, it provides no service, it solves no problems for anyone not in the ownership hierarchy—because producing things *costs money* and capitalists hate all expenditures for any reason.

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more #cryptocurrency talk. it seems that there may be (another) #cryptocrash developing; there's been so many of them.

to reiterate my earlier point: the allure of #cryptocurrencies is instant #money in vast volumes, and that's why $BITC and @ETH have a million copycats.

#cryptocurrency (and the related #blockchain money-making gewgaw, the #NFT) are in a sense nothing new. there have been untold millions of #investment scams and #business tricks and other shifty clever ways that at least *pretend* they can guarantee an effortless #profit.

this is an artifact of the extreme #wealth inequality encouraged by #capitalism: once you've got a bunch of elite capitalists *hoarding* all the #money, that means you've got big enough piles to *steal*. all get-rich-quick schemes are ultimately acts of disguised _theft_.

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I do feel there's something more to be said (while the iron is hot, so to speak) about #cryptocurrency and the question of how presumably intelligent #computer and #programming professionals (not to mention the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi crowd) could possibly have fallen for it.

the *allure* is obvious enough; it's the same allure that's in looking for legendary pirate treasure, or prospecting for gold. you're hoping for more than just some #money—you're hoping that for enough to *set you up for life*. all monetary worries, permanently erased.

that's one of the reason that it's so important to interrogate the #ElonMusk crowd about Musk's blood-emerald dealings, and what the *truth* was about Musk's family striking it rich—it's likely that Musk simply lost the ability thenceforth to think in realistic terms.

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at some point, *someone* is going to have to investigate THE question of the age, which is...

...just *why* is @elonmusk as disastrous as he is?

why is #ElonMusk a phenomenon? how on Earth did practically everyone in corporate #media and #journalism fall for this man?

@mtaibbi or @lhfang might have inquired into this matter, at some hypothetical time in the past when they cared about #journalism rather than careerism and selling out to whoever offered the sparkliest vision of the future—maybe that time was *never*, truth be told.

what does it even mean to be a "real journalist"? how can that be defined? one can be tolerably certain, at any rate, that whatever @mtaibbi or @lhfang or @Timcast or @bariweiss ever *used* to be in the past—if that dream was ever noble, it's long ago dissolved into smoke.

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A #Bitcoin bed-time story 🧵😴

In a distant corner of the universe, a small group of enterprising beings had discovered the power of #cryptography & used it to create #Bitcoin, a new type of currency that could revolutionize their society.

👇 Image
As word of this new currency spread, more and more people began to adopt it. It was fast, secure, and could be used to buy and sell almost anything. And because it was based on #cryptography, it was virtually impossible to counterfeit or steal.
But with great power comes great responsibility. The creators of #bitcoin knew that they had to be careful about how they managed the currency. They created a #decentralized network of "miners" who worked to verify and validate every transaction that occurred. Image
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covering a lot of #cryptography and #privacy stuff lately. Time to revisit some of my older privacy-related threads

find below

- the #privacy bull case

- @SecretNetwork and its TEE infrastructure

- @MantaNetwork and zk-tech

- @DuskFoundation and zk-enabled #RegFi


🥷 ✨
1/ the privacy bull case


2/ TEE infrastructure on $SCRT network

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0/ What is Public Key Cryptography? 🧙‍♂️✨

(0/16) 🧵👇
1/ Public key #cryptography is a cryptographic system that uses a pair of keys, a public key and a private key, to secure communication between individuals, entities, or nodes in a network.
2/ The public key is made available to anyone and is used for verification purposes, while the private key is kept secret by the owner and is used to sign messages or transactions within the system.
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cryptographic primitives like digital signatures and hash functions are the core foundation of #blockchain technology

over the next few days I will introduce some of these primitives and gather the posts here

bookmark & learn about the magic of #cryptography 🧙‍♂️✨
1/ Public Key Cryptography 🧙‍♂️✨

2/ Digital Signatures 🧙‍♂️✨

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WTF Is...#DeFi

🏦 Finance penetrates all areas of our lives, but traditional finance (TradiFI) often lacks transparency, accessibility and accountability.

🌐 Decentralised Finance or simply 'DeFi' aims to solve these and other issues...but WTF exactly is DeFi? 👇
In Traditional Finance today, people are forced to keep their money in banks and other centralized institutions, having very little control over how those assets are actually custodied and managed.

Enter #DeFi:
• Self-custody of your assets
• True digital ownership
DeFi uses #blockchain technology to make sure there is no single party in control and no single point of failure.

Additionally, everyone with a device connected to the internet can interact with #DeFi 24/7 from any point of the world.

#DeFi banks the unbanked.
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Why the FTX drama is not the end of crypto, but rather a beginning. 🧵

(1/21) For those who don't know me, I guess I should start by just saying I've been in this space for a while. I was here before #MtGox imploded. I met Vitalik before #Eth was a thing. I remember exactly..
(2/21) exactly where I was when #Bitcoin hit $100 & $1000. I remember when the engine driving Bitcoin was a philosophical and ideological one, when the space was a bizarre hybrid of gold bugs, libertarians, anarchists, hackers & OG #cryptography evangelists.
(3/21) I've been here for a while & the recent/ongoing drama involving FTX & #SBF is probably the worst I've seen to date.

Lately we've all heard the same question. "Do you think the FTX debacle is the end of #crypto?". I understand the question, but as somebody who knows...
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Strong, effective, and efficient cryptography comprises a core pillar of #Sui.

Let’s dive into the first blog post in the #Cryptography in Sui series, which takes a look at best practices and why Sui supports certain algorithms and primitives.

As a core pillar of Sui cryptography, we created fastcrypto, a library published as an independent #Move crate making it easy for developers to implement strong security across their applications.
The reference Sui Wallet and Typescript SDK share the same cryptography backend utility implementations, ensuring standardization and common cryptographic implementation.

Along with the Rust SDK, devs can use the reference Sui Wallet implementation and toolkits for integration.
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A l👀k into the #Algorand Blockchain

💚 Historic Overview & Team
🌱 How it Works / Specs
🪙 Market Cap, etc.
💻 Ecosystem Review
Algorand is a 2-tiered, public blockchain founded in 2019 by Dr. #SilvioMicali. The grandfather of #cryptography, and co-inventor of zero knowledge proofs.

Additionally, technical leads John Wood & Dr. Dan Boneh support & contribute to its growth.
Algorand launched to solve the #trilemma, a theory that believes a blockchain can only have 2 of 3 -- Decentralization, Security, and Scalability.
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Hey guys, I'm starting a #100DaysOfCrypto #Tweeseries (Tweet Series).

Purpose: Awareness & Education
Theme: Short & Simple
Scope: Basic to Advance

All of the tweets will be here, chronologically.
Share with your friends and Colleagues!
Day 1: What is #Cryptography?

A method to secure information or hide the real meaning and vice versa.

Eg. Msg: "I AM LAXMAN" 🙋🏻‍♂️

Let's hide real meaning by applying a rule: Replace letters with 2nd successive letter.

Secured Msg: J BN MBYNBO

#100DaysOfCrypto #Tweeseries
Day 2: What is #Blockchain?

It’s like a bank’s database with Credit & Debit records stored securely forever, and no one can delete these records

You send money with a private key here as you do with OTP for Bank.

Money is called Cryptocurrency here
#100DaysOfCrypto #Tweeseries
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Human beings always had two inherent needs −

1️⃣ To communicate and share information
2️⃣ To communicate selectively.

Thus, the rise of #cryptography.

Origins of cryptography – a thread 🧵 Origins of cryptography
The word ‘cryptography’ was coined by combining two Greek words, ‘Krypto’ meaning hidden and ‘graphene’ meaning writing.

Cryptography can be defined as the art and science of concealing the messages to introduce secrecy in information.
The art of cryptography is considered to be born along with the art of writing.

As civilizations evolved & human beings got organized, the ideas of power, politics & secrecy emerged.

These ideas further fueled the natural need of people to communicate #privately.
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(1/19) Crypto 101: Wallets

What actually is @MetaMask? Is my $ETH inside my @Ledger? Why does everything involving crypto have to use a wallet?

A very high level discussion of #cryptography and #smartcontracts
(2/19) Do you ever wonder why this whole thing is called “Cryptocurrency?”

There’s a lot of things Satoshi gave us, but critical to everything are the properties of cryptography.
(3/19) Number Theory was the hardest class I’ve ever taken. Just trust me, the “Operation” section of this Wikipedia page mathematically proves this truth of cryptography:

You can create private messages between two parties over a public network.…
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