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Coalition of parents + teachers amplifying “VITAL” science for #FreshAirSchools in #ArlingtonVA: Ventilation/filters, 💉, Testing, 💻 Accommodations, 🌳☀️ Lunch
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#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

😡: Almost no students who are exposed are being told directly of exposures or quarantined.

We encourage parents w/COVID+ kids to DIY your own reporting to parents and families where you can; assume APS isn't going to notify exposed. It's up to you. Image #Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

The worst school, with >13% of its students catching COVID in Jan, is #Montessori Public School.

MPSA was found to be one of the worst schools for ventilation + parents reported a lack of implementation for outdoor lunch in Jan. for some classes. ImageImage
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CDC is recommending #TestToStay. But focuses only on the unvaccinated. Breakthrough cases of vaccinated people jumped 64% suddenly recently in Northern Virginia. We need to ramp up RAPID testing for ALL kids, vaxed and unvaxed, who are exposed to COVID. Short additional 🧵: There are important qualities of such a #TestToStay program that APS would need to emulate. Can't pick and choose, get same results.

#1 - The kid who got exposed limited exposure b/c both parties WORE MASKS. Eliminate masks, gotta quarantine 'cuz certain 🤮.
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1/ It would be easy to call out some of the schools that have done little for #APSOutdoorLunch, because they have a "can't do" attitude. But today, we're going to call out some of the bright points. Hope to see more of the "can do" attitude across APS, like these examples: 2/ Kenmore 2020-21: Cafeteria staff noted that #APSOutdoorLunch has turned out to be more organized, more relaxed, quieter, less stressful, and less restricted for them and for students. Thanks @apskenmore for keeping our kids safe!
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1/ Risk reduction in a room that has at least 5 air changes per hour. @APSVirginia, another study shows how layered mitigations work. We need to add True HEPAS to rooms *now* to #CleanTheAir, and boost filtration, because #DeltaVariant is far more infectious. 2/ The blue line👆 is where most APS rooms are, if not WORSE for about 1/3 of our rooms. APS chose the most minimal goal it could (4 ACH). We haven’t prioritized providing the same BETTER 6ACH ventilation for all kids.

@APSVaSchoolBd, please ask for #6ACHforAll & #AirEquity!
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1/ Regarding music classes, @APSArts, students who participate in indoor singing were 2.8 times MORE likely to get #COVID19 in Omaha schools study. Also, air samples from choir rooms contained virus, even w/ kids singing in masks.
2/ CDC: "High-risk extracurricular activities are those in which increased exhalation occurs…” CDC recommends activities be canceled or held virtually (unless ALL participants are fully vaccinated) when a community is in high transmission.
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1/ #CO2monitors: How cool! San Diego Unified put CO2 monitors and particle counters in schools to monitor #ventilation and #filtration — making sure it was adequate to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in every room.

Using science + data to target and actually fix problems!
👏👏 2/ Here's a great thread 🧵 explaining how this works.

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1/ This is why we need to #AlertTheClass, and the lack of mandatory #COVID19 #testing for all in place before opening #schools here may be a big mistake.

The #DeltaVariant is surging in #Arlington County, but the people who spread it "feel just fine."

nature.com/articles/d4158… 2/ #Delta's #KillerAdvantage:

Infected folks spread 🦠 for 1.8 days before they ever get first symptom.

Symptoms show up 5.8 days AFTER infection, on average, says Hong Kong research team.

Spreaders also have far higher viral load.
74% infections from presymptomatic spread
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1/ We have results from Illinois Institute of Technology lab that is evaluating electronic air cleaners.

They tested the Blueair 211 units (which APS bought).

Results are disappointing to us.

📌 Project:
📌 Report:
built-envi.com/wp-content/upl… 2/ There was some inaccurate information being put forth that these machines were not ionizers, because they were not listed by the California @AirResources Board as ionization devices.

But these machines do indeed have an ionizer. 👇
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1/ A lot of the #school contact #tracing and #quarantine policies, recommended by the @CDCgov for #COVID19, and adopted by @APSVirginia, just don't make sense to regular people.

Isn't this how we'd hope to handle these situations at work? 👇 2/ Worker 😨, calling boss: Hey, I sat next to someone w/ COVID-19 for 7 hours yesterday, but am vaccinated; can I come into work and wear a mask? Have lunch in the cafeteria?

BOSS: No, work from home. Some vaccinated people have spread COVID-19. Get tested. Then come back.
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1/ Thought-provoking 🧵 on how Delta variant may be more dependent on larger clusters of infection (super-spreading!) to surge. The “k” factor or variability could be more. But add a “super emitter” to a low air flow room and 💥, then multiply by how often this is happening… 2/ The obvious applicability is one would reduce the following:
📌Eliminate situations like indoor eating at schools, in community cafeterias, and improve airflow in rooms that are ideal for superspreading. (<1 ACH for sure; close to 2 ACH should be next priority, and so on).
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#MaskUp in #Schools

nytimes.com/2021/08/10/opi… 2/☝️This shows about a 1% transmission rate while all kids were wearing masks in this study.
The caveat (in the earlier data we reviewed) was surveillance testing wasn’t utilized to catch many asymptomatic kids. In places where testing was used, like Omaha, they found 6x cases.
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Who's #unvaccinated in #Arlington?

13,540 babies/preK <4yoa (100%)
20,181 kids (ALL <12 +teens to 19) (38%)
8,957 young adults, age 20-24 (56%)
25,156 age 25-34 (46%)
12,605 age 35-44 (33%)
15,892 age 45-64 (30%)
4,519 age 65-84 (20%)
1,115 of 85+ (35%)

TOTAL: 100,051 unvaxed There isn't a record of some of the federally distributed shots, so our amount of vaccinated could be greater for some of the adults. Maybe 5% more? 10%?

90,000 unvaccinated is still plenty for a virus to attack.

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Uh oh… APS Policy: Don’t notify kids/staff if they were near a COVID-19 case, if were wearing a mask? Hmmm…Confusing. An upset parent just sent us this APS note about contact tracing and asked us if we understood it. APS cites CDC… BUT a 3-minute search of CDC turns up a guide for what to do if you have COVID, which CLEARLY states people you were near while wearing masks ARE CLOSE CONTACTS and must be notified. Is it any wonder why parents are worried ‘bout back to school… especially for unvaxed kids < 12?
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One slide states there’s a higher risk among older age groups for hospitalization/death relative to younger people, regardless of vaccination status. Another estimates 35,000 (👀) symptomatic infections per week among 162-million vaccinated Americans.
washingtonpost.com/health/2021/07… Why is anyone saying breakthroughs are rare if CDC is estimating 35,000 symptomatic infections in vaxed people a WEEK?! with new variant??? How many — if asymptomatic infections were included? As contagious as chickenpox? More contagious than ebola?
Safety focus MUST be on AIR!
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We are all connected; the virus finds a way to vulnerable people, and congregate living situations. Without high-filtration, tight-fitting masks, vaccinated caregivers, and testing, people are put at risk of death. God help us if next mutant is worse. Unmasked vaxed also spread… Translation says about 10% of cases reported by Geneva were vaccinated individuals. In the Singapore cluster analysis, which was nearing 500 cases before government stopped reporting details, it was about 28% fully vaxed involved in 1st outbreaks of Delta variant.
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If we wore masks with people not in our households, maybe we would bend this curve before we get back to high transmission. As % of Delta cases ⬆️, cases are up, positive tests are up, even with a highly vaxed population. We have so many kids under 12 who need to get 💉. The charts… ImageImageImageImage
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1/ Time for the weekly report on stats and outbreaks in our schools. Here's a look by school and week. 2/ And here's a look at overall exposures and positive cases... We did have one week with over 100 people affected by needing to quarantine or being sick with COVID-19. Most of the weeks are hovering at about five dozen people affected.
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1/ When faced w/ uncertainty in a crisis, assuming best outcome can be a mistake. As @dgurdasani1 noted: "It's not alarmist to be cautious. In the face of uncertainty, when the losses can be large, the best strategy is to reduce risk as far as possible."
threadreaderapp.com/thread/1384778… 2/ This is @APSVaSchoolBd's plan for fall: Normal. Full buses. Normal lunch. (Full cafeterias indoors?) APS hopes that CDC drops its 3' guidance so there won't be any distancing, even among unvaccinated younger kids. (Contingency is 3' distance.)

Or anyone can choose virtual.
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We learned that teachers in APS are now allowed to remove Plexiglass barriers on desks because they muffle sound, make seeing kids harder.

Here are a few other reasons schools should remove this snake oil... Short 🧵.

📌 First, CDC deleted guidance to use them in March. 📌 Second, this, this, and this... examples where flimsy plastic barriers on didn't stop 🦠.

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arlnow.com/2021/04/21/two… 2/ Here's the breakdown of COVID-19 exposures and positive cases by school community as of the start of the week.