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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

46.66% BA.2.12.1**,
23.33% BA.5^^,
12.15% BA.4^^,
7.64% BA.2,
4.24% BA.5.1^^,
1.29% BA.2.9 and
1.17% unassigned

**S:L452Q; ^^S:L452R/F486V

#OmicronUpdates 6/27/22 Image
#OmicronVariantUpdates #UnitedStates 06/27/22

Top 5 lineages:
BA.2.12.1, ⬇️ (Spike: L452Q)
BA.5, ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)
BA.4 ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)
BA.2 ⬇️
BA.5.1 ⬆️👀 (Lineage prevalent in #Portugal)

* includes recently designated BA.2.x.y and undesignated BA.2s Image
#SARSCoV2 lineages in USA (#15DayTrends)

Circulating #BA5*/#BA4* sub-lineages:
BA.5, BA.4.1, BA.5.2.1, BA.5.1, BA.4, BA.5.2, BA.5.3.1, BE.1, BF.1, BA.5.3

Assignments via: #Nextclade #PANGO - Image
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

50.65% BA.2.12.1**,
19.90% BA.5^^,
10.46% BA.4^^,
9.83% BA.2,
3.30% BA.5.1^^,
1.21% BA.2.3 and
1.09% BA.2.9

**S:L452Q; ^^S:L452R/F486V

#OmicronUpdates 06/26/22 Image
#OmicronVariantUpdates #UnitedStates 06/26/22

Top 5 lineages:
BA.2.12.1, ⬆️ (Spike: L452Q)
BA.5, ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)
BA.4 ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)
BA.2 ⬇️
BA.5.1 ⬆️👀 (Lineage prevalent in #Portugal)

* includes recently designated BA.2.x.y and undesignated BA.2s Image
#SARSCoV2 lineages in USA (#15DayTrends)

Circulating #BA5*/#BA4* sublineages:
BA.5, BA.4.1, BA.5.2.1, BA.5.1, BA.4, BA.5.3.1, BA.5.2, BE.1, BA.5.3, BF.1 Image
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

47.60% BA.2.12.1**
22.33% BA.5^^
11.44% BA.2,
10.48% BA.4^^
3.61% BA.2.12,
1.08% BA.2.9 and
1.05% BA.2.3

**S:L452Q; ^^S:L452R/F486V

#OmicronUpdates 06/25/22 Image
#OmicronVariantUpdates #UnitedStates 06/25/22

Top 5 lineages:
BA.2.12.1, ↔️ (Spike: L452Q)
BA.5, ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)
BA.2 ⬇️
BA.4 ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)

* includes recently designated BA.2.x.y and undesignated BA.2s Image
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Thread : To persuade young #lawyers to sacrifice something in order to get long term benifits.

1/ Are you willing to sacrifice something for a better future? Then the following example may inspire you.

#lawyers #lawstudents #students #lawtwitter
2/ It was around 1991. I was preparing for AOR Supreme Court Exam. It was my first attempt at this exam. I had rented one room at about 200 feet distance away from my house.

In this room, I used to go to read for about 8 hours a day.

I used to study alone.
3/ (In 1975 around, I had picked up a quote from a book, "Isolation and Discipline are essential for progress of an Individual". I used to follow this concept wherever I can.)
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#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

1/ Unlike Omicron wave, the BA.2 & BA.2.12.1 surge has produced a sustained high level of illness impacting @APSVirginia in May, especially as the system reduced isolation and guaranteed that identified contagious people would return to infect others.
#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

2/ North Arlington schools saw largest % of their student bodies infected w/COVID. (CDC estimates actual cases 2.3x-9x higher than reported in VA, so these are undercounts.)

Largely unmasked #Discovery, #Taylor, and #Jamestown lead % infected.
#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

3/ By numbers, #Yorktown High School has many more cases than its peer high schools among students.

High schools also have more staff, and had the most staff cases. Shocking numbers of staff at elementary schools have also gotten sick this year.
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#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

VDH outbreak list now reports 78 linked COVID-19 cases, the result of attending or working at #Taylor elementary school in late April and May. It’s one of the larger documented school outbreaks in Virginia since they began keeping track.
#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

VDH outbreak list now reports 41 linked COVID-19 cases, the result of attending or working at #ArlingtonTraditional elementary school in May.

The new variants are so contagious spread to family members is extremely common after exposure at school.
#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

VDH outbreak list now reports 19 linked COVID-19 cases, the result of attending or working at #Discovery elementary school in May.

Why are we tolerating so much COVID in schools and putting infectious kids & teachers back into schools every week?
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1. Relating to the approval/start of emergency #COVID19 vaccine dose - 4th #dose and vaccinating lower age groups of children:

Is there any #emergency now?

Global #Deaths are now all-time low since the start of mass #vaccination. #Cases are also not rising. (plots attached) ImageImage
2. For #India #COVID19 Deaths and Cases are now all-time low since beginning of #pandemic (plot)! Hence not at all an #emergency; instead, heading towards normalcy after two years.

There is indeed not an emergency for US too (plot).

Then why any emergency approval/#rollout? ImageImageImage
3. Israel began vaccinating 5–11 years old in Nov, 2021 and initiated the fourth #dose during Jan, 2022. Israel in fact is leading/ guiding the vaccine rollout strategy.

For #Israel, the recent peak not only in Cases but also for Deaths reached an all-time high (plot). Image
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#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

😡: Almost no students who are exposed are being told directly of exposures or quarantined.

We encourage parents w/COVID+ kids to DIY your own reporting to parents and families where you can; assume APS isn't going to notify exposed. It's up to you. Image
#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

The worst school, with >13% of its students catching COVID in Jan, is #Montessori Public School.

MPSA was found to be one of the worst schools for ventilation + parents reported a lack of implementation for outdoor lunch in Jan. for some classes. ImageImage
#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

So far, YTD, two dozen Arlington public schools have had more than 10% of their student body test positive for COVID-19.

In such an environment, removing masks when community transmission is so high seems like the ultimate folly. Image
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My Lord, things change RAPIDLY with #omicron.

And they are not changing for the good.

Your 12/22 #COVID19 update.

#Cases and #Hospitalizations.

As always, Florida-centric with some national context.

Brace yourselves.

Purview of 7-day avg daily cases over the past 8 wks.

In the first 6 wks in this window, <2000 per day.

Last wk, 2702 per day.

Most recent wk of reported data, 10,904 per day.

# of cases in today's report (20,194) exceeded the WEEKLY TOTAL over any of the past 7 wks.

To appreciate the rapid rise, here's a map showing change in avg daily cases compared to just 2 weeks ago.

FL - 499% increase (3rd highest: DC, Hawaii)

Detailed #Florida numbers at bottom right of figure.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/02/2021…
From Tragedy to Hesitancy: How Public Health Failures Boosted COVID-19 Vaccine Scepticism…

#PublicHealth #COVID19 #vaccines #skepticism #LessonsLearned
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Why and how Karnataka can control Corona easily as compared to other states?

A thread. A must read. A must RT. It make sense.
Looking at top 5 states in #cases , KA is at 3rd. Let me show you how MH and UP cannot control soon but KA definitely can. Lets look at MH and UP first. Image
MH : Corona is spread across the state and putting effort at all districts at once isn’t easy when 10+ cities have more than 10k cases. Lockdown cant be implemented as cities except Mumbai/pune aren’t well equipped . Image
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43/gpc Effectiveness of different #vaccines, & range of uncertainty (chart)
44/gpc This 🧵👇🏼is consistent with what I have said in my tweet 🧵☝🏼 since august 2020
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1/ A thread about Canada's #EmergenciesAct from a lawyer. It is important to discuss this now. The deadlier & faster-spreading #COVID19 #P1 #Variant is spreading across #Canada & something needs to be done to save lives (including against #LongCovid).
2/ The federal Emergencies Act allows the federal Governor in Council (i.e., the prime minister & cabinet) to declare 4 types of emergencies.

This thread will focus on the type of emergency called the #PublicWelfareEmergency.
3/ A #PublicWelfareEmergency is an emergency caused by a real or imminent disease in human beings, in the context of #COVID19.
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1/ It’s Good News Tues!

Yesterday, the United States @CDCgov issued new guidelines stating that 👏🏼 fully 👏🏼vaccinated 👏🏼 people can safely:

1️⃣ Visit other #vaccinated people indoors--without wearing masks or physically distancing! 😷
2/ 2️⃣ Visit unvaccinated people--without wearing masks or physical distancing, as long as the unvaccinated people (& the people they live with) are low risk for severe #COVID!
3/ 3️⃣ Skip #quarantine & testing if they are exposed to someone who has #COVID19! But, do monitor for symptoms for 14 days, get tested, & start quarantining if symptoms develop. Remember, symptoms can be all over the map, & might be quite mild (especially after vaccination).
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Inspired by this #thread on #lockdown and #cases in several countries by @tomyhub :
I replicate the same excercise but add 'tests' and hospitalizations along with 'cases'
Here is Lithuania
Here is Poland
#COVID19 #lockdown
Here is France
#COVID19 #lockdown
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Louisiana now tracking the source & #cases of #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 outbreaks:…

Very nice to see the breakdown of # outbreaks & # cases as we can also take a look at how 'super-spread-y' different settings possibly could be

We can sort this by # outbreaks & # cases to have a quick look at what ends up on top - it's perhaps not surprising - industry, bars, restaurants, food processing. (Retail surprising?)

But another interesting aspect - casinos & uni had small # outbreaks but large # cases...

We can add avg # cases per #COVID19 outbreak to look at how big an outbreak might be in different settings. Unis & casinos float to top here, along with food processing.

Worth thinking about impacts of places w many small outbreaks vs fewer larger outbreaks.

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There's a big difference between HAVING data at this level of #granularity, and PUBLISHING it.

Providing #age, #sex and street #address is not "#anonymised"; more like mildly #deidentified - and almost certainly still #PersonalData.

What the UK's "getting wrong" is a failure... adequately #test - and further, a failure to get (positive) test results to where they are NEEDED.

Would you prefer your #COVID19 #diagnosis to be #published, or to get to you, your #GPrecord and to the #PublicHealth teams who are the ones having to manage things locally?
Data is not magic, and to be useful it must be done right.

Greater #transparency of the #systems, their #performance, and the people who are #using our data (and for what) would inspire greater #trust than putting 300,000+ people's on the web.

Assuming things were working, ofc.
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UPDATED: 13 April 06:30 IST
- Cases rising however growth rates reducing
- Doubling every 6.5 days instead of 5 (all curves flattening, falling slopes)
- Kerala flattening. Early success in the battle.
- MH, DL, RJ, GJ, TN📈

@COVIDNewsByMIB #IndiaFightsCorona
Mumbai: 1400+ cases
NCR: 1300+ cases
Jaipur, Indore, Ahmedabad: 300+ cases = new hotspots
Pune, HYD: 250+ cases
Chennai: 200+ cases
Kasaragod, Thane: 150+ cases
Bhopal, Coimbatore, Agra, Vadodara: 100+ cases = rising hotspots
Kurnool, Guntur, Bengaluru: 75+ cases = BLR stable
High #cases in last 3 days (50% of total)⚠️
Vadodara: 79/92
Banaswara: 40/53
Tiruppur: 35/60
Tonk: 32/59
Ahemdabad: 140/259
Jaipur: 173/322
Coimbatore: 59/118

High violations of lockdown likely cause in TN, RJ, GJ
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Growth rate is key during a disease outbreak. The rate of growth in the the total confirmed #cases in #Canada seems to be showing signs of slowing and pulling away from the continued steep trend line seen, for example, in the United States (Green). #COVID19 #coronavirus 1/25
This is a +ve sign, but still very early to tell, esp. with an est. 1M+ #Canadians having just returned from travel, and #COVID-19 #testing only targeting >severe cases (due to rationing & backlog in lab testing), we don’t have a good grasp on the level of community spread. 2/25
The number of total cases is what we want to know, but the true number of these is not known. Not by us epidemiologists, nor by any other research, governmental or reporting institution. 3/25
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#COVID19 press briefing at @WHO starts with Tedros noting more than 210,000 #cases have now been reported to WHO, more than 9000 deaths. "Every day #covid19 seems to reach a new and tragic milestone."
@WHO .@DrTedros notes that Wuhan reported no new cases for the first time since outbreak started. "Wuhan provides hope for the rest of the world, that even the most severe situation can be turned around."
@WHO @DrTedros "Of course, we must exercise caution, the situation can reverse”, @DrTedros says on Wuhan. "But the experience of cities and countries that have pushed back this coronavirus give hope and courage to the rest of the world"
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