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En 2006 se encendió una polémica que aún hoy día sigue generando controversia. Se degradó a #Plutón a la categoría de planeta enano. ¿Qué pasa con Plutón y por qué no cualifica cómo verdadero planeta? Comparemos a Plutón con #Mercurio, el planeta más pequeño.
El diámetro de Mercurio es de 4.879 km, mientras que el de Plutón es de 2.360.
Si se trata de densidad, Mercurio se compone de roca y metal, mientras que Plutón es hielo y roca. La densidad de Mercurio es de 5,427 g/cm 3 , mientras que la densidad de Plutón es de unos 2 g/cm 3 .
¿Es entonces una cuestión de tamaño? ¿Acaso hay un límite debajo del cual te llaman "enano"? En realidad, no es así de sencillo. Según la Unión Astronómica Internacional #IAU, un cuerpo para ser considerado "verdadero planeta" debe cumplir 3 condiciones.
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Honest opinion on @Stepnofficial, 3month user experience, #bearmarket & future strategy. (thread)

I made my first investment into Stepn around 3 months ago when #sol was still around $100. #GST being $3-$9 made it possible to make an solid strategy & estimate on time for ROI.
Depending on how much you would have invested into #Stepn & what the strategy was: for most people it would have taken somewhere between 18 - 53 days to get their ROI back. From there on you would be running on house $. That sounds appealing to any investor.
Then came the #bearmarket. In short: #GST, $GMT, $SOL & #BNB all went down & so did the floor prices of Sneakers & Gems. As an example: a "Common Trainer 21SOL = $2100" is now priced at 9SOL = $315. For those who been here long enough UC's, Rare & Epics seen some sickening drops.
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¿Qué está pasando con Solana y su protocolo Solend, y toda la polémica que gira a su alrededor?

Abro hilo 🧵 1/
Empecemos por el principio…

¿Qué es Solend?

#Solend es uno de los protocolos DeFi algorítmicos más importantes del mercado, utilizado para el lending y borrowing (“plataforma de préstamos”) en el ecosistema de #Solana ☀️
El Lending y Borrowing (Préstamos), un sistema que ha demostrado ser clave en el mundo DeFi.

Y en el que Solend había logrado posicionarse por sus supuestas grandes ventajas, poder escalar hasta ser 100 veces más rápido y 100 veces más barato 🤔
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Solana-based lending and borrowing service platform Solend users voted to control a whale account, this is a typical unrealized market issue.
This whale owns 5.7 million SOL and each sol values $32, that’s equivalent to a total market cap of $180 million. #Solana
Due to an unrealized market cap, this $180 million market cap does not equal $180 million in real money.
However, thanks to crypto-backed lending, this whale was able to borrow $108 million in real funds against his 5.7 million Solana.
Please read:…
Creating an unrealized market cap, and then exchanging it for your real funds is a very common capital operation, moreover, most people seem oblivious when they get fooled.
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Aquí te lo explico

🗯 Psst… En el tweet # 10 encontrarás la versión corta Image
1/ ANTES DE EMPEZAR, quiero darle gracias a los cientos de nuevos seguidores.

Para mi es un honor estar en su timeline y compartir mis pensamientos con ustedes.

Ahora, entramos en materia...
2/ La Reserva Federal de USA subió los tipos de #interés ayer por 0,75%.

Esta noticia hubiera DESPLOMADO al mercado hace unas semanas.

Entonces, ¿por qué ayer tuvimos tanto verde en la bolsa y en las #criptomonedas? 🤔
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1/ There have been many amazing #threads about $stETH and $ETH, to complement that we will uncover the basis of #liquidstaking in our latest #visualguide

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #staking #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #NFT #Lido #LDO #trading #merge
2/ #LiquidStaking is one of the ways to generate a #yield from an asset by utilizing the #composability of liquid staking derivative (LSD) #tokens

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #staking #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #NFT #Lido #LDO #trading #merge
3/ #LiquidStaking is needed to reduce the barrier to become #validator and indirectly to increase #liquidity across the networks.

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #staking #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #NFT #Lido #LDO #trading #merge
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Let's take a deep dive into all things WadPay including what makes it different than any other project


#WeAreWadzPay #WeAreXDC
WadzPay is building an interoperable and agnostic blockchain-based payments ecosystem.

- Provides infrastructure for CBDCs, stable coins, and cryptocurrencies

- Executives have experience with SWIFT, MasterCard, Ripple, Visa, Fidelity, etc.
What problem is @WadzPay solving?

E-Commerce is exploding but our system only allows

- Fiat to Fiat payments (paypal, venmo, cashapp)
- Digital to digital payments (Exchanges, tip bots, wallets)

Wadzpay is bridging current and future payments with its technology
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#STEPN merakla beklenen yeni uygulama içi ekonomisini düzeltme planını açıkladı!

#MoveToEarn #GST #kriptopara #kripto
Ağlar arası enerji aktarımı kaldırıldı!
Artık Solana ağındaki ayakkabılarınız ile BNB ağında token kazanma kalkıyor!
Mintleme Cooldown 72 saate çıkarıldı.
Dinamik mintleme ücretleri getirildi ve Mintleme Ücretleri arttırıldı!
Beş çift aynı kalite spor ayakkabı sentezlenerek bir üst kalite spor ayakkabı haline getirilebilir.

Yükseltme gemleri aksine, spor ayakkabı sentezi başarısız olmayacak, ancak yine de GST ve GMT bazında ödenmesi gereken belirli bir maliyet olacaktır.
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Alright. @Stepnofficial have launched their action plan (…).
My first question, again.
Who's the communicator of this info? Not the official Twitter?
@shitirastogi did share a thread regarding the article:
Let's take a look 👇
"Cross-realm energy bridge"
I think this goes too far. If they want the other realms to succeed and satisfy partners, they'll need users.

My concerns:

One shoe on #SOL and one shoe on #BSC will suffice to have two energy in the new realm. No advantage to hold more.
1. Most users hold their highest amount of sneakers on Solana and will opt for Solana for #GMT earnings (as they're shared). #GST earnings in the newest realm will probably outperform #GST earnings in older realms (such as #BSC). Why would I stay on e.g. #BSC in that case?
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Let's take a step back and re-analyse StepN from afar based on what we know.

Should we be worried about #StepN moving into a death spiral or is this just FUD?

I'll lay out what I know and my thoughts. None of this should be taken as financial advice. 🧵👇
#StepN is an investment which has done extremely well during the BTC downtrend. Until recently. We must stay focussed & vigilant.

Investment is a process. A daily uphill battle. Patience is key.

We all want to make money without opening ourselves up to high amounts of risk.
We do so by working hard, finding bargains and claim any edge we can get.
As a result there is no easy money. It requires dedication and effort.
You want to do better than average and outperform others thus you need to think on a different level as well.
Be ahead of the game.
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1. 最近研究了下SOLANA上的NFT发行,发现在SOLANA上发行NFT也是比较容易的事情了.



2. 在SOL上的NFT,版税的比例以及收益地址都是写在NFT的信息中的,也就是NFT合约发布的时候就已经确定好了。


3. ETH上的版税设置是基于某一系列NFT而设置的,例如 #BAYC,版税比例以及收益地址都只能设置一个,也就是项目方来设置。

而SOL上的版税设置可以基于某一幅图,假如 #BAYC 是由10000个不同设计师画的,那么每一幅图的版税收益都可以独立设置受益人为该图的创作者。
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Hi everyone, today's testnet is about @KYVENetwork, which launched its #Testnet in May and will end in June. The team will #airdrop 2% of the supply to reward eligible participants. We'll see how to be eligible in the testnet presentation, but first :

What is Kyve ?

@KYVENetwork KYVE is a data storage and availability service that aims to create a flexible environment to classify and archive data in a decentralized and incentivized way. KYVE's solution will allow dApps and blockchains to store their data, while being able to access it at any time.

@KYVENetwork Data storage in the cryptocurrency sector is a major issue as it's becoming increasingly heavy over time. Two recent examples of this problem :
- #ETH and EIP4444 :

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#STEPN with #AlchemyPay AMA 27/05/2022:

* Mission
* Why?
* How?
* Who are they?
* Why #AlchemyPay?
* Recent achievements
* Situation today
* Future
* #AlchemyPay and #STEPN
* How to onramp
* Off ramp
* #STEPN and its competitors
An AMA done with:
* Jonathan CEO of @AlchemyPay
* Yawn Rong (@yawn_rong) Co-founder of @Stepnofficial
* Barndog (@Barndog_Solana) Ambassador of #STEPN

Not sure if a recording is available. If so, I'll post later on.
* Drive global adoption of cryptocurrencies.
* Take cryptocurrencies from investment instruments to actual currencies that consumers can easily use in the real world to pay for goods and services.
* Help DeFi penetrate into mainstream.
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Lo prometido es deuda.

Como superar el miedo a DeFi de una vez por todas!!

Cuando decidimos invertir en criptomonedas nos llama la atención la parte de que es descentralizado.

Pero todos compramos Bitcoin en Exchanges que registran nuestra información.
La ventaja es que puedes reclamarles en caso de que pierdan tus fondos.

La desventaja es que tienen ciertos poderes sobre tus tokens como congelarte los fondos.
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Without buying more NFTs, how can you help make an impact on the project you are a part of?

Ask not just what the project can do for you, ask what you can do for your projects.

🧵 to create value to the communities you are a part of.
1. The Welcome

Impact of how people feel when they first join leaves a BIG impact on their purchase.

On twitter, when you see someone new joining the community, at minimum, LIKE the post and if you feel bold, go ahead and say congrats in the comments.
One of the top projects on #SOL @DeGodsNFT understands this impact and has come up with this innovated approach of "The Welcome".

Smart. Very Smart. @frankdegods gets it the importance. Do you?

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You may have heard of "Solana Summer" the past few weeks & may be wondering what it is. From OpenSea integration to topping the charts in volume, SOL NFTs have been gaining traction like never before, & we don't want you to miss out! 👍

Here's a 🧵to guide you (by @egsnft)
@egsnft 1/ Blockchain Technicalities

Solana (SOL), just like Ethereum, is a blockchain platform that allows for and supports building scalable applications. Its prime difference with ETH is its mechanism. SOL mainly uses Proof of History while ETH currently uses Proof of Work. 🤓
@egsnft 2/ Blockchain Technicalities
This is how SOL is able to process 50k transactions per second while ETH averages only about 30 transactions per second, making for congestion in ETH. With this SOL is able to boast its extremely low, and negligible gas fees. ⛽️
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On poursuit l'analyse technique cette semaine avec $WNK $ADA et $SOL !

Des configurations intéressantes nous attendent... Les supports font leur job 👌

$WNK poursuit son interminable descente aux enfers en trouvant un nouveau support à 0,0037$ !

Attention, le support long-terme n'est plus très loin, ce n'est donc pas impossible qu'on aille le chercher vers les 0,003$.

$ADA se rattrape de justesse après une cassure de son support long-terme.

Cette réintégration montre la volonté des bull a gardé un certain niveau de prix.

Nous avons aussi réintégré la tenkan ce qui peut nous ramener à la kijun à court-terme, à 0,65$.

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🧵 $30B in TVL wiped out by the $LUNA and $UST collapse. Total #DeFi TVL slashed in half over the last month.

What does the future hold for DeFi on the major #Layer1 chains and protocols? My thoughts in 10 tweets. 1/10
#DeFi exploded from $19B TVL at the start of 2021 to $280B by the end of 2022, holding steady until April of this year.

It now stands at $128B with the majority of that over 50% drop coming in the last month as investors rush for the exits. 2/10 Image
Why? A negative global macro outlook with inflation and rising interest rates leading to sell off in traditional markets.

The knock on effect on $BTC compounded by the shock from the $LUNA and $UST fallout has nervous investors going risk off. 3/10
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Quick thread on @CryptoEQ Fundamental Ratings as we get TONS of questions around them.... especially in a bull market when XYZ coin is pumping and outpacing #BTC and #ETH
We list ~50 crypto assets but only have a Fundamental rating on ~30. Why so few?

Because that's all that ACTUALLY matters in the #crypto ecosystem.

And, if we're being honest, probably just 15 but we feel a bit obligated to cover the crap/scam coins in the top 30 as warnings Image
The top ~15 assets make up ~90% of the market cap.
With ~5 of those being #stablecoins and 2 are wrapped assets (#stETH and #WBTC)

So, by and large, we may seem selective but we cover 90%+ of the MC and 99%+ of what is actually legitimate, innovative, or intriguing.
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[THREAD] Où placer ses #stablecoins ?

J'ai toujours privilégié la diversification et la sécurité au rendement. Voici la répartition de mes stablecoins👇

⚠ Cela ne représente absolument pas la répartition de mes actifs sur ces blockchains.
⚠ Aucune solution est sans risque. Image
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There's been so many DAOs Coming Up lately.
In light of this, I decided to give a brief explanation on what DAOs really are.

A thread 🧵on DAOs

-Walk with me-
DAO has become a popular trend. In fact, in the past year, we have had many DAOs come
up. But what exactly are DAOs and how do they impact other narratives?
DAOs are simply Decentralized Autonomous Organizations run by a group of people with
collective interest.
On the other hand, decentralization is taken to mean that there is no central body that runs
the show in terms of funding, decision making and implementation, etc.
Well, that is the essence of a DAO or DAOs, which is why it is commonly associated with
Decentralized Finance.
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Herkese merhaba. Fed dün akşam faizi 50bp arttırarak beklentileri karşılamış oldu. Peki asıl bundan sonra kripto piyasasını neler bekliyor, opsiyon ve vadeli tarafta veriler bize ne gösteriyor gelin inceleyelim. #BTC #ETH 🔽
Vadeliler tarafında fonlama maliyetlerine bakalım. Hem #BTC hem #ETH için genellikle pozitif yani bir süredir long poz.'lar baskın durumda. Yatırımcılar belirgin olarak #ETH'ye göre #BTC için daha bullish'ler.
Yalnız BTC'nin 40K üzerinde kalamamış olması vadeli işlemler için kısa vadede bir tasfiyeye sebep olabilir. Aynı zamanda 40K #BTC için Max Pain seviyesi.
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بررسی پروژه #استپن #STEPN با موضوع #MoveToEarn #M2E
این #رشتو فقط جهت آموزش می باشد و جنبه تایید یا پیشنهاد #سرمایه‌گذاری نیست. Image
تمامی اطلاعات بر اساس استفاده شخصی من بوده و اعداد و ارقام بر اساس واقعیت با مشخصات اسنیکرز (کفش) من می باشد که این ارقام با توجه به مشخصات کفش شما متفاوت است.
توکن پاداش پروژه $GST می باشد و نرخ لحظه‌ای آن اکنون حدود ۶.۵ دلار است
توکن اصلی پروژه $GMT می باشد و نرخ آن اکنون ۳.۳ دلار است
پروژه بر بستر بلاکچین #سولانا و #بایننس اجرا می شود.
توکن‌ها در صرافی‌های معتبر مثل #بایننس، #کوین‌بیس، #هوبی لیست شده است.
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Para gente que busca invertir con sentido común en #cripto buscar en algo que está cambiando la propiedad digital: los juegos Play-to-Earn. Estos ya pueden ser monetizados de forma escalable.
Las redes de criptomonedas en las que los usuarios pueden jugar a juegos, ganar NFT y luego venderlos a cambio están creciendo en todo el mundo.
Con los juegos NFT , los jugadores tienen un medio para adquirir NFT al pasar su tiempo jugando. Sin embargo, no es suficiente que los jugadores de juegos NFT puedan ganarlos, también deben poder venderlos.
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