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Signs of a new
COVID-19 wave🦠
Here in 🇮🇱 Israel
⬆️Quadrupling ➕of new cases in past week
😷Indoor masking mandate could return (source: Haaretz)… #CovidIsntOver #snrtg #serverless #openscience #COVID19 #rstats #Israel Image
🦠COVID-19 🇮🇱:
⬆️New daily cases had been in the 1,100 to 1,600
range for the past 3 months. Now a very dramatic,
very sudden upturn.
⬆️29.77% positive test rate today.
⬆️ROI at 1.44
Not particularly good signs.
Our 🇮🇱 Health Ministry is already recommending that people begin to mask again indoors.
😷A debate to require indoor masking again will commence in the coming days against the dramatic rise in new cases.
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I think we need to stop referring to these people as ‘experts’. Our immune systems are exhausted fighting against repeated infection with SARS CoV-2 and, in the case of long covid, chronic infection. @WHO @bbchealth 🧵1/3
From a medical perspective, nothing about this is the least bit puzzling.

What is concerning, is the moral compass of those in charge; leading politicians, scientists, medical professionals, who all play their part to deny #COVIDisAirborne & infection harms. #CovidIsntOver 2/3
I have two questions:

(I) When are we going to invest in #CleanAir? Air filtration systems must start to be installed in public buildings, starting with schools & hospitals.

(II) When are we going to stop breaking HSA legislation & equip patient facing NHS staff with RPE? 3/3
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THREAD (1/5)

Le variant XE progresse en Espagne et GB, où il représente désormais 20% des cas. En France, nous savons qu'il y a une diffusion communautaire nationale de XE mais, nous en ignorons la

#Covid19 #Omicron #XE #XEVariant #CovidIsntOver…

proportion, car c'est un recombinant de 2 Omicron, et notre criblage ne fait pas la différence entre kes Omicron. Les sequencages sont eux limitēs à 1000 per semaine

Nous devons attendre le rapport MENSUEL de SPF

#Covid19 #Omicron #XE #XEVariant #CovidIsntOver

sur les risques variants, qui nous presente generalement des données âgées de trois semaines.

Heureusement, une mission sur le sujet a été confiée au professeur @philippefroguel, qui suit cela de manière pls réactive avec

#Covid19 #Omicron #XE #XEVariant #CovidIsntOver
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Is this really still happening? I hope @OSHA_DOL was really listening. We tried our best to help HCWs and other essential workers in hospitals and ALL healthcare settings. It is crazy that the spread continues. My main mantra for nearly 2 years? (1/4)
Public health officials and experts need to make it clear #CovidIsAirborne. To those who fought, smeared, and denied it, shame on you. You have a chance at redemption right now if you will share that you were wrong and why it matters to add better airborne protection for all(2/4)
I won’t name names…but people in the infection control community who were upset at me for calling out their resistance, and virologists who said it not airborne and then airborne only under nuanced conditions…this is a call for you to stand up, own it, and help send a better 3/
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👉"El aumento impulsado por la subvariante BA.4 y BA.5 Omicron de nuevos casos confirmados de Covid en Sudáfrica da una buena idea de cómo será el equilibrio endémico: una ola significativa cada 6 meses con una mortalidad y morbilidad significativas.
👉Aquí se muestran las diferentes ondas variantes con los efectos de los días de semana suavizados y con una corrección para la intensidad de prueba variable aplicada...
👉Y también un gráfico del número real estimado de infecciones por variante a lo largo del tiempo, utilizando las estimaciones
de infecciones reales por día (incluidas las no diagnosticadas). Esto muestra lo que causó una ola de infección masiva Omicron BA.1+BA.2...
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Why isn’t there a #maskmandate in ON PS & daycares?


It’s a no-brainer

“ON will be extending #maskmandate in select higher-risk indoor settings for at least another month”…

More care with kids, not less

Ford 24/7 416-325-1941

#6ThWave ImageImage
The following have #maskmandate

Why isn’t there a #maskmandate in ON PS & daycares?

It’s a no-brainer

More care with kids, not less.

Ford 24/7 416-325-1941

#maskmandate NOW

#6ThWave ImageImage
Universities have them.

Why isn’t there a #maskmandate in ON PS & daycares?

It’s a no-brainer

More care with kids, not less.

Ford 24/7 416-325-1941

#maskmandate NOW

#6ThWave ImageImage
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.@mrjamesob @LBC
Despite a significant drop in #COVID19 infections in the run up to the bank holiday, the marked increase in deaths is alarming.

I know there’s so much going on to discuss, but I implore you to not follow other outlets who’ve been silent. Links 👇

.@LawrenceGilder has thorough daily breakdowns that I’d urge you to look at when they resume today.

Linked are figures from Thurs 14th Apr:

#CovidIsntOver #COVID19

.@UKCovid19Stats also have a useful breakdown of daily infections and deaths in the U.K. as a whole, as well as for the 4 nations individually. These will resume today too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your holidays James, and a belated happy Easter to you and your team.


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Took my daughter on a rare shopping trip before the next Covid wave slams into Georgia.

Carts were parked in the accessible space. She said, “This picture pretty much sums up the whole pandemic.”

Yep. /1 #CovidIsntOver #AccessForAll Foreground: two red target shopping carts parked to the left
Her other commentary is a good deal more colorful…she went on to say that, “Democrats need to get their head out of their a** and Republicans need to stop pointing fingers and everyone needs to get something done. I’d kind of like to be able to live my life.” /2
For those just now tuning in: she turned 12 yesterday, is immunocompromised, and wildly observant of, well, everything. And while I wouldn’t have put it THAT way…she’s not wrong either. /3
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Breaking: The Biden administration extends the coronavirus public health emergency for another 90 days. This allows a range of health benefits for some of the most vulnerable Americans during the pandemic- including access to coronavirus tests and telehealth services.
As usual mofos: Republican lawmakers called on the administration in February to stop extending the emergency, which was first declared by the Trump administration, saying that its continuation at a time when the crisis was ebbing amounted to government overreach. #CovidIsntOver
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I am still fuming from this tweet 24 hours ago.

It leaves those of us that are still “Covid cautious” #CovidIsntOver with very little.

For at least a year now, my family has had to hold back while our extended family and friends moved on.

But we always had case numbers to fall back on.

We had the consensus opinion that this virus was one you didn’t want to screw with (vaccinated or not).

We had the promise that pediatric vaccines were imminent.

Then, seemingly overnight, @WHCOVIDResponse decided it was okay for everyone to be infected and dragged the @CDCgov with them.

It wasn’t because the country did a bang up job during the Omicron wave or that vaccines became available to ALL Americans.

It was just…because

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Our "Covid Doesn't Take Breaks, Neither Can We" Briefing #14 begins shortly! Please join @Protect_BC's livestream at the link below; no registration required.

We will livetweet the briefing here; please follow along & send in your Q for our experts. #bcpoli
Welcome to our 14th briefing! We are joined today by @Protect_BC's @DrFiliatrault and @DrBrendaHardie, and @UCalgary researcher and biologist @GosiaGasperoPhD. If you have Qs for them at any point in the briefing, please tweet them at us. #Covid19BC #bcpoli #CovidIsntOver
@Protect_BC is a grassroots group of healthcare professionals, doctors, teachers and other experts that shares its expertise with the province of BC. Image
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I was eating my lunch with my grandma, when our conversation topic went to disabled people in school settings, IEP being practically useless now, teachers and professors quitting, and not to mention Long Covid.

Grandma’s response was very much like she did not believe my words.
And then to top it off, despite having just had a “miraculous full recovery because of her faith in God,” she says, “I’m not going to continue wearing my mask, I’m going to stop eventually because…” I blanked after that.
I know my grandma is going to eventually stop wearing her mask in the middle of this flipping mess.

….She says that doctor told her, her lungs are clear and there’s no sign of the virus or Long Covid in her. But her coughing and phlegm, say otherwise.
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So I want to explain some terms today & put things in perspective. You hear the term Ro or R naught. What it is is the measure of an average of how many people 1 infected person spreads a disease to. Covid was originally about R2.4, it has increased to an astounding R12+ with BA2
What does this MEAN? This means that the virus is getting BETTER at spreading with each wave. Improving the ability to infect us. What can happen next is a mutation increasing mortality, or the percentage of people it kills. Fun times! #CovidIsntOver…
Unlike other viruses #COVID19 has the unique ability to spread before you even have symptoms. In other words this virus could have a 100% mortality rate & it wouldn’t matter. It would continue to spread. As it has already spread before it kills its host. Which is us. #MaskUp
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