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Residents of #Mariupol who didn’t pass the so-called #filtration are taken to the premises of the former correctional colony #52 in the village of Olenivka, Donetsk region, or the infamous Izolyatsiya prison in #Donetsk. This is hell #genocide /1
In Olenivka russians keep the relatives of servicemen, former law enforcement officers, activists, journalists and even people who randomly arose suspicion, e.g. by having patriotic tattoos. As of today at least 3,000 people are detained there /2
The premises are overcrowded, there's no place to lie down. The detainees are forced to stand or crouch. One bottle of water is provided to the entire group of dozens of people per day. Food is provided only occasionally. Bathroom visits limited to one per day. No outdoor time /3
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"No matter how outrageous a claim may initially seem, we all need to consider the possibility that it might actually be true – just consider how many things that you never thought would be possible are now reality." -- Rebecca Sherry Eshraghi…
Sustaining Antimicrobial Stewardship in a High–Antibiotic Resistance Setting | Clinical Decision Support…
#AntibioticResistance, #AntimicrobialStewardship, #ClinicalDecisionSupport, #CohortStudy
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The next time someone denies the use of a portable air cleaner in a classroom on a (false) basis that it might spread infection by moving air, or interfere with the HVAC system, show them this paper. @amandalhu @sameo416 (HT @Poppendieck).… /1
When determining the amount of outdoor air provided to a space, ASHRAE Standard 62.1's Zone Air Distribution Effectiveness factors to account for the inefficiency of air delivery and mixing to provide outdoor air to the breathing zone. /2
For example, in heating mode, with a ceiling level supply and return, the effectiveness is only 0.8. So we need to provide 25% more outdoor air. (image: User's manual for 62.1-2010) /3
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🧵A thread - Same birthday gift three years in a row: a lesson in public health and politics
1/ It was the evening of Thursday, March 12, 2020. I was out shopping with my daughters. My youngest daughter had a gift certificate tucked in her purse. She was eager to find something to spend it on.
2/ Having turned nine years old, the day before, she was still bouncing with happy birthday joy.
Walking through the aisles of toys, I heard a notification on my phone. A text from a friend relayed the news that schools would remain closed after the upcoming March break.
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Highly recommended! Detailed summary of the main engineering controls for airborne infection control to reduce transmission indoors:
#Ventilation #Filtration #UVGI
#DoAllTheThings! Implement multiple engineering controls to reduce airborne infection and improve indoor air quality
#UVGI Image
If you want a partial data dump of my brain, the Time Magazine article is a great summary.…
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The air cleaner purchased by @nseducation for schools has a Clean Air Delivery Rate almost HALF of a common retail unit and may create secondary products by reacting with gas phase contaminants in a poorly ventilated room using photocatalytic oxidation #nspoli /1 Guardian Beyond Air F159E: ...
As seen in the photo, it's not running on its highest setting. For #ventilationequity in non-mechanically ventilated classrooms, should be a min 15 CFM per person, or 375 CADR for 25 people, AND at an acceptable noise level. How many per classroom? #DoTheMath! /2
Don't get me wrong, any filtration is better than nothing! But it's a mere band-aid over a gaping wound.
A DIY $120 #corsirosenthalbox will beat the air cleaners purchased by @nseducation AND can be used in STEM lessons! See /3 Screen capture of web site
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#Ford DIY air filtration kit that reduces COVID-19 in the air.

It requires an easy-to-assemble die-cut cardboard base,

a 20-inch Lasko box fan, and

a 20x20x4-inch air filter with a standard minimum efficiency reporting value of 13 (MERV-13).… ImageImageImage
#Ford also offers a downloadable template for the cardboard frame people can use to assemble their own #Scrappy #Filtration unit incorporating their own box fan and filter.

How to assemble a CoViD-19 air filtration fan box using the downloadable template… Image
Air filtration kit validated by peer-reviewed scientific research journal

He, R. (何瑞辰) et al., 2021.

Airborne transmission of COVID-19 and mitigation using box fan air cleaners in a poorly ventilated classroom.

Physics of Fluids, 33(5), p.057107.… ImageImage
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It is well past time @JustinTrudeau @CPHO_Canada convene with ALL provincial PHOs & get ALL on same page re messaging & implementation.
Enough of prov to prov mismanagement approach. We all need to follow NS; we all deserve this. We need consistency
I wrote this 11 mths ago; siloed approach still disasterous reality here. Are we not all deserving of NS's approach?? /2… Framework to describe how Public Health can gain Trust & Und
Whatever #Omicron brings (early info concerning), we are STILL keeping so many tools fr Canadians. Must get on same page across country:
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In this one image (@LakeyPascale et al) we can learn a lot about how to manage airborne pathogens: mask up, filter, and ventilate...

But also heed a cautionary tale about the known (and yet unknown) hazards of using chemical reactions to "clean" our indoor air. 🧵1/ Image
How long and how far do gas molecules and airborne particles travel through indoor air?

It depends on the fundamentals of physics and chemistry, combined with the complexity of buildings. Let's explore a bit... 2/

Inspo from this very nice paper:…
Some indoor chemicals (like hydroxyl radical) go away really fast - they are doing very rapid transformations to our indoor air quality... not always for the better.

When we "clean" air with reactive chemicals, we unleash a wide range of outcomes to occur 3/
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Today I am asking the @niexecutive, the @UKgovcomms who fund them and the @IRE_Govt who we have a leaky border with to consider my mental health. And that of many others. Almost two years now of no normal life. You may say ‘but we opened up, you can do everything’ - but do I want
to do everything when it’s not safe? No. Therefore I’ve forgotten what it’s like to casually call into a friend’s house, to work in an office, to travel, to have hotel breaks, to nip into a shop without a mask and make a takeaway tea and sip through the lid without cleaning it!
To try clothes on in a changing room. To eat out in a restaurant, inside where it’s warm! To hold my baby nephews, to hug and comfort a good friend. To have my husband able to visit me after surgery. To have in person meetings and appointments and feel safe. To be a leader in
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“One study…found…#schools that required #masking had…37% lower incidence of #COVID19…Another study…found…high levels of #mask wearing among students helped keep…rate of in-school spread…to under 1%…as…cases were surging in the wider community.”
@mgodoyh goes on:
“Not masking could be disastrous for schools, says Julie Swann, a department head and professor at North Carolina State University who leads a #COVID19 forecasting team funded by the @CDCgov
Adding handful (4) of tweets from experts on #Masks in #Schools 🧵here:
1st, former @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD reminds us #PPE good enough for doctors in the hospital can help mitigate spread in our schools, including high quality, fitted & authentic #N95 #masks.
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Great work on a new report by @JHSPH_CHS via @polsiewski et al:…

Listen to the wide collections of experts -- improve ventilation schedules & add room #HEPA filters to back-to-school safety checklist.
Highlights of exec summary recommendations in 🧵 below.
1. School administrators and decision makers should improve #school #ventilation now by bringing in as much outdoor air as the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system will safely allow and upgrading filtration.
2. School administrators and decision makers should purchase #HEPA air #filtration units to be placed in classrooms and common occupied spaces.
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1/ #CO2monitors: How cool! San Diego Unified put CO2 monitors and particle counters in schools to monitor #ventilation and #filtration — making sure it was adequate to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in every room.

Using science + data to target and actually fix problems!
2/ Here's a great thread 🧵 explaining how this works.

3/ We asked @APSVirginia and @APSReady to strengthen reopening plans, to rise to challenge of #DeltaVariant. Conference of 1,000 experts + education advocates this week outlined best ideas.
(@kprather88 describes San Diego effort.👇)

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Top of the fold! Thank you @SaraMojtehedz & @maywarren11 at @TorontoStar bringing school #ventilation & #filtration to the forefront.
I wrote the attached thread on #ventilationequity after the interview. /1
Continuation of the excellent Toronto Star article. /2
To approach #ventilationequity in non-mechanically ventilated classrooms with their ventilated counterparts, would need 3 units of the unit pictured running on Medium speed.
(1) on High: 65 dBA, 250 CFM
(3) on Medium: 60 dBA, 375 CFM /3
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2/☝️This shows about a 1% transmission rate while all kids were wearing masks in this study.
The caveat (in the earlier data we reviewed) was surveillance testing wasn’t utilized to catch many asymptomatic kids. In places where testing was used, like Omaha, they found 6x cases.
3/ Other studies found COVID-19 infected many more kids than known. Serology in MS found >10x COVID-19 cases in kids as known. (Many MS kids getting reinfected; devastating outcomes.)

INOVA/GMU study: HUGE undercount here.
Any known exposure = kid ~3x more likely infected Image
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The @Telegraph released an article claiming "we're still not completely sure how coronavirus spreads or how to stop it", muddying the waters re. Airborne Transmission.
If I were a hostile foreign state, with a goal of prolonging the Pandemic in the West, I would write this.
I'm not surprised that the usual WHO IPC Consultant suspects, continued to preach the biased tenets of #DropletDogma via their interviews in this article.

What shocked me is the lack of scientific fact-checking from the so-called "Science Editor" @sarahknapton.

Two egregious things stick out, which amount to journalistic malpractice.

1) Citing the interviewees biased, failed review as evidence that Airborne Transmission isn't occurring

2) Referencing year-old, obsolete comments from Dr. Klompas, without mentioning his recent work

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For those following this HEPA filter thread – this is a really important acknowledgement. It’s clear from the thread, and this particular tweet, that many Infectious Disease experts still doubt that aerosol transmission is an important/mitigable transmission route for SARS2🧵 1/
While they acknowledge aerosol transmission can occur, they believe it is a rare event occurring in special circumstances, and is therefor not worth the $ to mitigate.
Eg. re HEPAs: "We need to resource by best impact", "Changes need rigorous justification and business case".
See my pinned tweet for a thread summarizing the overwhelming evidence that Aerosol Transmission is an important and mitigable route. At the end, I provided a reference list and posed a question to the ID holdouts - no responses yet.

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Few days back, came across the thought that future generations will be surprised that we could manage a vaccine for a pandemic so quickly and yet could not manage equitable distribution for the vaccine. A 🧵 on potentially what else about the pandemic would surprise 1/
2) That it took so long for public health bodies to accept the fact that a respiratory tract infection, that can be exhaled by infected individuals, can also be inhaled by vulnerable individuals.
3) That the idea of #filtering the air we breathe (#masking) could be so controversial
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1/ Public Health @cityofhamilton, to stamp this out fast, you should issue an order requiring off-site air-gapped isolation/quarantine accommodation for those with an active infection.…
2/ Off-site air-gapped isolation can take the form of individual trailers, or a newer hotel that has been tested for dwelling unit compartmentalization.
3/ We know from decades of building science that there is significant unintentional air transfer between suites, especially in older buildings.
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U of T is making all classrooms achieve 6 ACH with #ventilation and #filtration, the same as for health care patient exam rooms. They measured air flow.
THIS should be the target for all Ontario daycare, elementary, and secondary schools too.…
Children will be the last to be vaccinated. Schools & daycares will benefit immensely from reduced cold, flu, seasonal allergies by upgrading to 6 ACH. The time to start was a year ago. The next best time is tomorrow.
Big shout out to @ShellyMBoulder and the UC Boulder team that led the way on this last summer.
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New pre-print: “Respiratory aerosols and droplets in the transmission of infectious diseases”

Happy to contribute to this deeply detailed review paper by Mira Pöhlker et al. & colleagues at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry.


A 🧵summary (1/x)
2/ Preprint review is very detailed: 50 pgs, 20 figures, 7 tables, >360 references.

☑️Reviews literature:
- Respiratory particle size distributions (rPSDs)
- Physical properties
- Emission & shrinkage mechanisms
☑️New multimodal parameterization of rPSDs
☑️Practical perspective
3/ The review ends by showing a parameterized size distribution of respiratory particles & the risks in different parts of a room using #masks, #ventilation, and #filtration. Broad application to SARS-CoV-2 other respiratory viruses.

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Das Robert Koch-Institut (#RKI) und die
"wissenschaftliche #Evidenz" in der Corona-#Pandemie
Ein Jahrhundert vor der Corona-#Pandemie leistete Dr. #Wu Lien-teh Pionierarbeit: Er erkannte, dass sich die #Lungenpest über die #Luft ausbreiten konnte, und mahnte, Menschen sollten zum Schutz #Masken tragen… Image
#Mesny, ein bekannter französischer Arzt, verunglimpfte Wu und weigerte sich, eine #Maske zu tragen. Er starb an den Folgen der #Lungenpest. 60.000 Wu-#Masken halfen die #Epidemie unter Kontrolle zu bekommen. Die heutige #N95-Maske ist ein Nachkomme der Wu-Maske
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Reducing #COVID19 #Airborne #Transmission Risks on #PublicTransportation Buses
Wearing of #facemasks reduced the overall particle count released into the bus by an average of 50%, the dispersion distance by several feet and #aerosol particles by 84.36%. Image
🔝#SARSCoV2 Infects Human Engineered Heart Tissues and Models COVID-19 Myocarditis
#COVID19 can kill heart muscle cells, interfere with contraction. Details of how #coronavirus infects #heart: models of tissue damage may help develop potential therapies. Image
High-content screening of coronavirus genes for innate immune suppression reveals enhanced potency of SARS-CoV-2 proteins
196 protein products of seven coronaviruses: the genes encoded by #SARSCoV2 are generally more potent immune suppressors than others Image
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