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11 Aug
Today afternoon, in the Subhash Mohalla locality in north-east Delhi, a group of men and women assaulted three staffers of @thecaravanindia@Prabhtalks, @shahidtantray and a third staff member—to stop them from reporting.
The mob physically assaulted the staffers, threatened to kill them, and used communal slurs. One among the mob, dressed in a saffron kurta, claimed he was the “BJP general secretary.”
Upon learning @shahidtantray’s name, the attackers, including the man who said he was from the BJP, beat him and used communal slurs against him. They threatened to kill him.
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28 Jul
Thread | Today, the National Investigation Agency arrested Hany Babu, a Delhi University professor, in relation to the #BhimaKoregaon case. Eleven other public intellectuals are currently in jail in connection to the case.

Our coverage of the case:
Varavara Rao, a poet and one of the #BhimaKoregaon11, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Despite Rao's family raising an alarm over his health, the jail superintendent had claimed, "His condition is normal and stable, the issue is regarding his old age."
“Is this the reward he gets for writing and publishing scores of books that the world appreciates, just because the establishment is uncomfortable with these?"

From March, an open letter by Anand Teltumbde’s daughters:

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25 Feb
#DelhiViolence | Updates from our reporters on the ground in northeast Delhi.

An account from a 21-year-old photojournalist, who is at the Al Hind hospital in Mustafabad:
“When I reached Al Hind at around 11.30 am this morning, the only patients here were those injured yesterday. After that, as today's violence took place, patients began coming in."

#DelhiViolence #DelhiBurning
“Initially, only those injured in stone pelting were coming, but all of a sudden, people with bullet wounds began coming in. Soon, only people with bullet injuries began coming in. And they were injured in such a terrible condition, I cannot describe it.”

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24 Feb
#DelhiViolence | Updates from our reporters on the ground in northeast Delhi.

An account from a 26-year-old photojournalist, who was at Chandbagh:
“At around 1.30 pm, a Hindu right-wing mob of around 200 men came near the protest site carrying stones and everything. They started stone pelting. They burnt the petrol pump.”

“They were chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ ... They burnt the petrol pump—there was a truck nearby, they first burnt that, then they burnt the petrol pump.”

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17 Jan
Four years ago today, #RohithVemula, a Dalit scholar, took his life after he and four students from the Ambedkar Students’ Association were suspended from the University of Hyderabad under pressure from Bandaru Dattareya, then a BJP MP, and Smriti Irani, then the HRD minister.
Replug | For around a month, there had been protests against the administration’s decision to bar these five young Dalit students from using their hostels and the university’s public spaces. But support for the protests was flagging.
On the evening of 16 Jan 2016, the mood on the campus was mellow. Two days earlier, the students tried to step up their demonstrations by occupying the administration building. But they were outmanoeuvred by the VC, Appa Rao Podile, who rallied some of UOH’s staff against them.
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5 Jan
Thread | A doctoral research scholar at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, who lives in the varsity's Sabarmati hostel told The Caravan she first heard ruckus outside the room between 6.30 pm–7.00 pm today. When she looked out, she saw a mob running directly towards the hostel.
She said that people in the mob were carrying rods and lathis and all had their faces covered. The scholar could not identify who they were and said that the mob was not of people from #JNU.

According to the scholar, the mob first entered the common area of the hostel, located on the ground floor. They started breaking the furniture and glass there. She and other girls then saw the mob move the boys wing of the hostel and enter inside.

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27 Aug 19
Today, the DDCA announced that the #FerozShahKotlaStadium will be renamed the Arun Jaitley Stadium in memory of the former finance minister who served as the association's president.

A #thread on our coverage of the alleged corruption in the DDCA under Jaitley's leadership:
Rajat Sharma, the DDCA and the perks of a close friendship with Arun Jaitley.

An extract from our December 2016 cover story, "Our Man in the Studio," by Atul Dev and Praveen Donthi:
The Sound of Silence: External special audit of DDCA reveals gross irregularities of over Rs 14 Crore; Jaitley left unnamed.

From October 2017, @SagarChoudhary_'s report:
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21 May 19
As we approach #resultsday, a thread of our coverage of the #LokSabhaElections2019:
Dharmendra Pradhan may be the BJP’s money man in Odisha but his rising star could cost the party

@SagarChoudhary_ reports:
Election Commission lies in affidavit before SC in VVPAT case filed by opposition parties.

@rag_ps reports:
#LokSabhaElections2019 #ElectionCommission
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10 Apr 19
Today, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the review petitions against the #Rafale verdict on merits, dismissing preliminary objections raised by the centre.

A #thread of our investigative reports on the #RafaleDeal:
From September 2018, @SagarChoudhary_'s cover story on how the #RafaleDeal benefits the Reliance Group despite its lack of aerospace experience, poor reputation for wealth management, and severe debt.
The government’s lies and procedural amendments to obscure Reliance Group’s part in the Rafale deal. @SagarChoudhary_'s October news report:
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6 Sep 18
A five-judge bench of the Supreme Court has unanimously passed a historic verdict decriminalising #Section377. A reading list:
#Section377 | From January 2014, @Suhrith on why the Supreme Court's decision in the Suresh Kumar Koushal case was profoundly anti-democratic.…
@suhrith #Section377 | From February 2016, an interview with Anjali Gopalan, the founder and executive director of the Naz Foundation…
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