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Having watched @BarnabyJoyceLNP today I wanted to talk about farmers. We come in all shapes and sizes and our diversity of production is as diverse as we are. Some are blessed with fertile dark soils and good rain, which is changing with the #ClimateCrisis, (that the...
2/ #LNP ignores). We have nearly 50 years of records on the farm thanks to my late FIL and husband. They have written a diary every day, noted weather, the daily work, rainfall, crop yield, right down to a new fence or the purchase of livestock. They noted the calves that...
3/ were born, in the good years that meant lots of twin lambs, the dry years and drought. The team of shearers, rouseabouts and woolclassers that came in for weeks each year and then how many bales went off to the sales and the price they were bought for. They also noted the...
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[Mini #Thread] Quelques pistes pour #farmer avec ses #stablecoins suite à la demande de @_Cryptique

Les plateformes qui vont être présentées sont celles que j'utilise moi-même pour farm avec mes stablecoins.

La plus complexe est l'une des préférées de @DocMarmott. Let's 🧵⬇️
La première plateforme qui ouvre le bal est @kava_platform by @DocMarmott. C'est aussi la plus complexe à mettre en place.

Taux actuel : 37%
Protocoles : @kava_platform & @BinanceChain
Blockchain : Kava & Binance Chain (#BEP2)

Suivez le guide ⬇️
La seconde qui présente un taux encore intéressant lié à son incentive est @StakeDAOHQ sur la blockchain @harmonyprotocol

Taux actuel : 22%
Protocoles : @CurveFinance & @StakeDAOHQ
Blockchain : Harmony…
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How, over the past 40 years, U.S food supply chain has become concentrated in hands of a few large multinationals, which serve as middlemen in everything from seed genetics to hog processing to supermarkets. Do we want such a business model in India; think hard, do we ?
~From 1975 to 2015, Market share of 4 largest beef packing firms increased from 25% to 85%.

~From 1988 to 2016, Market share of 4 largest soybean seed firms increased from 42% to 76%.

~From 1976 to 2015, Market share of 4 largest hog processing firms increased from 33% to 66% !
~From 1997 to 2018, Market share of 4 "top grocers" increased from 25% to 44%.

~~From 1988 to 2016, Market share of 4 largest corn seed firms increased from 59% to 85%.

~6 brands acct for half the global chocolate market, an asymmetrical market that favors only buyers & traders
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[#Thread] Après plusieurs jours d'expérimentation, c'est avec beaucoup de plaisir que je vous présente le projet @DefiKingdoms

Le coupable ? @DocMarmott

A cause de lui, j'ai été obligé de faire de la #DeFi, du staking, yield farming et #PlayToEarn... Voyons ça de plus près ⬇️
J'en profite également pour faire une petite expérimentation.

Ce #thread sera donc considéré comme un #guide ultime et complet autour du #PlaytoEarn @DefiKingdoms.

Je pense même en faire un deuxième thread qui serait plus orienté suite à mes tests, résultats et avis. Let's go !
@DefiKingdoms (DFK), c’est quoi exactement

DFK pour les intimes, c’est l’union d’un #PlaytoEarn et de la #DeFi.

Accessible sur la blockchain @harmonyprotocol ( $ONE ), c’est le mélange d’un jeu-vidéo et d’un DEX #crypto dans lequel de nombreuses interactions sont possibles.
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किसानपुत्र आंदोलनाचे वेगळेपन
💡साहेबराव करपे कुटुंबियांच्या सामूहिक आत्महत्येच्या दिवशी 19 मार्च रोजी 'अन्नदात्यासाठी अन्नत्याग' करण्याची सुरुवात किसानपुत्र आंदोलनाने केली.
💡18 जून ला किसानपुत्र आंदोलनाने 'शेतकरी पारतंत्र्य दिवस' म्हटले.
#19मार्च #SahebraoKarpe #18June
💡शेतकऱयांचा प्रश्न गरिबीचा नसून गुलामीचा आहे, ही बाब किसानपुत्र आंदोलनाने ठामपणे सांगितली.
💡शेतकरी या शब्दाची नेमकी व्याख्या करून शेतकऱयांच्या नावाखाली बिगर शेतकऱयांच्या 'कर्ज बेबाकी'चा विरोध केला.
#freedom #Farmer #poverty
💡अनुदान आणि कर्ज माफी न मागता शेतकऱ्यांसाठी संपूर्ण स्वातंत्र्य मिळण्यासाठी पुन्हा एकदा संघर्ष करणे हाच किसानपुत्र आंदोलनाचा एकमेव कार्यक्रम आहे.
💡शेतकऱ्यांचे वैयक्तिक आणि व्यावसायिक स्वातंत्र्य हिरावून घेणारे कायदे हे देशविरोधी कायदे आहेत, हे किसानपुत्र आंदोलनाने ओळखले #Law
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1. Scything grass by hand is an art, but unfortunately this is slowly being replaced by mechanisation. This farmer sharpened his blade regularly and kept his stone in a holster on his belt for easy access. #sustainability #grass #farming #Transylvania #scythe #hay Image
2. Hay making in Transylvania #sustainable #farming Image
3. The farmer was just finishing off here. He had a very efficient, fluid motion with a wide reaching arc. He was such a pleasure to watch. #scythe #scything #farmer #farming #makinghay #grass #Transylvania Image
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Not also from right-wingers, anti-migrant rethoric is also fueled from left-wing such Haiti, says if migrant (usually from US) work in Haiti it will looted Haiti resource and workers ("poor" Haitian is slave of "rich" US) #Haiti #US
Indeed. Haiti must empower local worker over migrant workers (mostly from US), prioritize local investment over foreign investment (as US and Haiti is "strategic" partner). Remember when American "investment" in Haiti displaced Haitian worker?
#Haiti #US #Imperialism
One of U.S. "investment" is Tchako SA, an rice company based in Haiti, actually a subsidiary of Riceland Foods of Arkansas, US. Says it is only benefit US farmer over Haitian Farmers. One of evidence is displacement of Haitian farmer.
#US #Haiti #Investment #Farmer #Rice
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"The Dry" could have been just another murder mystery film, but what made it interesting was how it weaved in the #ecological crisis in #Australia - #bushfires & #droughts - with the social crisis in #rural farming communities & small towns.
The swirling dust devils, the dried up #rivers & creeks, correlates with a societal collapse. The washing of a car with waste #water, the red crud that emerges out of shower heads, all narrating how a #rain starved society has hit its #ecological limit.
It is also about the decline of the farming community in #Australia. A telling comment in the film - an old #farmer worrying about how his #land will be tilled after he is gone: "Farms with no people. Imagine that. No need for towns. No need for any of us."
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In the #LongFoodMovement report, we're reminded that the world’s 30 million artisanal #fishers and workers provide nearly half of the #fish we eat (@IPBES, 2019).

But with #climatechange & island/ocean grabbing, small-scale fishers & their communities are in peril.

🧵Thread 👇🏾
Island/#ocean grabbing is likely to intensify as countries seek to solidify their influence, their #food supply chains, & their global sourcing and distribution networks. For example, in the #RedSea region, conflicts over fish & other marine resources threaten rich #biodiversity.
Meanwhile, in the South China Sea, said to
have some of the highest marine #biodiversity on earth, #China has been building airstrips, ports & other facilities on disputed islands & reefs, w/ the apparent aim of establishing military bases (cf. Ives,
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#WatchtheState: Our weekly update on patterns of State violence in India.

Here's a quick review of reported instances of State violence. @project_polis

Follow the thread for more:
#AllIndiaRadio Has Downgraded National Languages to Regional Ones: The decision to shut down the central news units of #AIR in several Indian languages in Delhi & shift them to their state capitals is in line with the hegemony of Hindi. @thewire_in…
Following Assault on Muslim Boy Outside UP Temple, Hindutva Groups Harden Communal Rhetoric: Emboldened by Police not opposing bail to prime accused, right-wing groups are using the situation to fuel hatred. @thewire_in…
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The whole plot seems to have written a ‘Lame PR exercise’ all over it planned by Congress, and the critical meeting with PR agency could’ve happened in RaGa’s quick Europe trip, seeing the timing. Aim is to generate anti Indian gov feeling across the world. #Farmer’s protest
protest issue is now being taken across the world to hit the popularity of PM Modi and present government. The PR agency handling this must’ve been paid to only focus on biggest Handles on social media, irrespective of what they do. Porn stars, IG influencers, climate activist,
musician, singer ...doesn’t matter. If you have followers, just go ahead and tweet. The language itself is a direct giveaway. Various tweets from these celebs are using words like ‘ Bhakts, Media censor, paid actors’ etc etc which doesn’t happen unless you’re deeply engaged and
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The "food basket of the nation” has indeed become empty. Those who have been around long enough will not agree any less. Those who were there in 80s and 90s.
So over the holidays I had a course to visit some rural areas around Benue ImageImage
“the food basket of the nation”. As we drove by, I could see un-nourished stands of Sorghum crop left after harvest of probably Soybeans or Yams. What caught my attention was the dwarf nature of the Sorghum crops due to lack of nutrients and the sparse population of the stands. Image
Am not going to go into why this is like this.
Again, during the harvest of Yams in December and January, I saw on social media when y'all displayed your plenteous harvest, or so you taught. But from the few farmers I talked to that harvested Yams, all said that the yield was Image
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#VoicesFromHaryana #LetTheNetWork
#Haryana Government in its order stated that #Internet along with SMS services are being suspended to control fake rumours and disinformation during the ongoing #farmersagitation. The internet however is much more than social media.
The Internet has become a means of livelihood for people especially during the pandemic where the majority of citizens are still working and studying from home. Internet is used to verify information as well.
#pandemic #letthenetwork #keepiton #farmersrprotest
Internet shutdown cannot be used as a tool to suppress dissent. This is a violation of the right to freedom of speech and expression as well as the right to life. The impact of such shutdowns on citizens and the economy is huge.
#FreeSpeech #RepublicIndia #FakeNews
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BREAKING: #Updates on the killing of #farmer Navneet Singh at ITO.

An eyewitness told The Caravan that he saw the police firing from behind the grills of the Andhra Education Society. A group of police officials led by ACP HSP Singh have taken charge of the CCTV footage.
Eyewitnesses said they saw police personnel fleeing from the spot after Navneet was shot. An police official at the spot (name withheld) later said that his colleagues “ran away out of fear.” #farmerprotests #TractorRally
At around 4pm, the few farmers gathered around the body outside the AES, headed to the basement of the Andhra Education Society, along with an inspector from the IP Estate PS, to secure the CCTV footage of the shooting. #farmerprotests #TractorRally
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BREAKING | Updates on the killing of #farmer Navneet Singh at ITO:

An eyewitness told The Caravan that he saw the police firing from behind the grills of the Andhra Education Society. A group of police officials led by ACP HSP Singh have taken charge of the CCTV footage.
Eyewitnesses said they saw police personnel fleeing from the spot after Navneet was shot. An police official at the spot (name withheld) later said that his colleagues “ran away out of fear.” #farmerprotests #TractorRally
At around 4pm, the few farmers gathered around the body outside the AES, headed to the basement of the Andhra Education Society, along with an inspector from the IP Estate PS to secure the CCTV footage of the shooting. #farmerprotests #TractorRally
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#Breaking | Navneet Singh, a 34-year-old #farmer protester from Uttarakhand, was shot and killed at ITO this afternoon, acc to an eyewitness. The shooting took place outside the Andhra Education Society on Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg, he said. #FarmerProtest
Harmanjit Singh said he was walking alongside a tractor that Navneet was driving when the latter was shot. The tractor overturned. Harmanjit added that the Delhi Police attempted to take custody of the body but the protesters stopped them. #TractorRally #FarmerProtests
Harmanjit and Navneet were part of the sit-in at the Ghazipur site. "We were proceeding peacefully," he said. "The police fired tear-gas shells at us, lathi charged us."

The Andhra Education Society has two CCTV cameras outside the entrance that would have caught the incident.
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Just in: Farmer’s tractor Parade on Republic Day | After 5-6 marathon meeting with #farmer unions, Delhi police has come to an in-principle understanding with them which will be a peaceful win-win situation for all.

- @Jaideepdeobhanj reports
@Jaideepdeobhanj Three circular routes from Ghazipur, Singhu, and Tikri borders have been proposed by the Delhi Police.

Rally will start after the #RepublicDay parade ends on Rajpath.
@Jaideepdeobhanj We estimate that 12,000-13,000 tractors are present right now at Delhi’s borders. The number is likely to go up in the couple of hours : Delhi Police
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Vedic significance of Makara Sankranti

This day also has a reference in the Hindu epic of Mahabharata, according to which Bhishma had declared his intention to leave his body today. He kept lying on a bed of arrows till this day and then left his body on Makar Sankranti. Image
In the Holy Scriptures it is believed that Surya Bhagwan visits the house of his son Shani on this day. Despite some differences between each other, lord Surya makes it a point to meet his son on sankaranti. Thus, symbolising a special bond between a father and his son. Image
Sankranti is a Hindu festival celebrated in various cultures in almost all parts India & Nepal.
This Harvest festival has different names in different states but the essence of this festival is same accross the country. Respect the #Farmer,
Farm Animals & the Farm Harvest. ImageImageImageImage
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The farmer is not our saintly anadata!

Yes they deserve respect for what they do but it's fact that he doesn't do anyone else a favour by growing foodgrains. Remember farming is his occupation that earns him a livelihood that provides for his family. Just like the rest of us.
No one is forcing a #farmer to carry on farming if he can't make it pay for itself.

We have witnessed farmers migration for better life in states like Bihar, Jharkhand and UP.

We know that farmers are given free power, free water, subsidies on seed, subsidies on fertiliser, MSP, and others. Farmers are not even charged income tax.

Even after all this benefits if "Large Farmers" can't be profitable there is something wrong in their intention!

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In IPES-Food's latest report, 'The Added Value(s) of #Agroecology', we focused on a series of obstacles that prevent the transition to agroecological #foodsystems.

🌱 One such obstacle is the *access to #seeds & #organic inputs*. Here's a quick thread on why this matters! 👇🏿

#Farmer seed systems - through which farmers select, multiply, conserve & exchange a wide range of reproducible varieties - are an essential component of #agroecology, which relies on diversity at all levels (including crop genetic diversity). 🌱🌿🌾

#DidYouKnow that these systems account for up to 90% of the seeds used in some African countries? And in #Mali, peasant seed systems make up 75% of the varieties grown in the country.

❗️ However, these systems are lacking in legal recognition and policy support ❗️

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१. नए अध्यादेश में एमएसपी का कहीं जिक्र नहीं है.
यह प्रश्न उठाने वाले यह शंका जाहिर कर रहे हैं कि व्यापारी किसानों से मनमाने कीमत पर उनके घर जाकर उनका माल खरीद लेंगे. ऐसा कहते हुए वे मानो यह आभास दे रहे हैं कि कृषि उत्पन्न बाजार समिति में होने वाले सौदों में पहले #Farmersbill2020 Image
एमएसपी की कोई गारंटी हुआ करती थी. सच्चाई यह है के देश के किसी भी राज्य का कोई भी कृषि उत्पन्न बाजार समिति कानून किसी व्यापारी को एमएसपी से नीचे माल खरीदने के आरोप में कोई सजा नहीं देता है और ना ही किसानों को ऐसी कोई गारंटी पहले उपलब्ध थी. #APMCAct
केंद्र की सरकार एमएसपी पर अपनी एजेंसी के मार्फत कृषि उपज की खरीदी करती रही है. केन्द्र सरकार पहले ही जाहिर कर चुकी है कि उसकी खरीदी पहले की ही तरह शुरू रहनेवाली है.

#antifarmerlaws #FarmerBill #NoMSP
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Defanging #APMCs mean👇

Farmers can sell directly to processors,at price they wish to,with no middlemen

Farmers can sell beyond Notified Mandi

#MSP to continue

#TradeCartelisation to end

@narendramodi gov creating single #AgriMarket
My Oped @firstpost…
While @HarsimratBadal_ has politicised the issue,#Punjab,an @INCIndia ruled State,is one of the few States that already allows #ContractFarming,in select commodities,to farmers,via separate State legislation..So opposition to #FarmBills by Congressis&Akalis,is not about Farmers!
Are #Akalis opposed to #FarmBills of @narendramodi govt,as these Bills once they become Acts,will strip Mandi Traders,wily Commission Agents,Food Processors,Exporters&Marketing Committees of #APMCs,of the brazen power they wield,forcing farmers to sell their produce,dirt cheap?😑
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NEW REPORT 📰 The Added Value(s) of #Agroecology: Unlocking the potential for transition in West Africa 🌱

🌍 West #Africa has all the ingredients to become a “global frontrunner in agroecology,” according to experts at IPES-Food. Discover why!

👉… Image
The report underlines the vast challenges facing West African @FoodSystems today: temperatures rising 1.5 times faster than global averages; 70-80% of the population living on less than $2 a day; & #COVID19 threatening to plunge millions more into poverty and #foodinsecurity.
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