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No Mercy!

>They met Malt drink at #100 but now it is #250

>They met coca cola at #60 but now it's #200
They met cooking gas @ #150 per KG but today it is #800

>They met a bag of cement@#2000 but now it's #4000.
>They met met toothpaste (close-up) @#180 per one but today is now #450.

>They met matches @ #5 for one sachet bit now is #20.

>They met Pepsi @#50 for a bottle but now is #130

>They met camry 2.4 @ #800,000 but now is #2,700.000
>They met electricity tariff @#7 per a unit but now is #45

>They met a loaf of bread 🍞 @#200 but now is #600 for the cheapest.

>They met a litre of fuel ⛽@87 but now is #200

>They met a litre of Diesel @#150 but now is #800

>They met VAT @1% and increased to 7.5%
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My Friend landed a big money gig from this Dubai based company as a Copywriter 🤩🤩🤩

I've not gotten over the fact I was instrumental to his success story
Towards the end of July last year, this guy connected with me on WhatsApp through Twitter and indicated interest in getting a Copywriting product (by Andy Mukolo) I was promoting at the time from @expertnaire..

Honestly, Andy Mukolo really finished work in that course ...
cos that's what gave me my first few sales on @expertnaire....

I followed up everyone I gave that Copywriting course to and overtime we turned to Friends cos of the value I gave

Anyway, it was last two weeks when this guy happily slid into my DM and almost ran mad with joy.
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This narrative is quite misleading.

If Tolarams used to buy Yellow maize from it’s aggregator for #100k per metric tonne spending #5bn for instance in 2019, but now has to buy at #250k per metric tonne for instance, spending #12.5bn,

It has to raise it’s prices by at least
3 times to break even for it’s cornflakes business. Has it’s turnover for gross revenues gone up from higher prices on it’s goods, yes, but so has it’s operating expenses.

This is the foundation for the food inflation we see today, because while the secondary processors are able
to manufacture, they lack the inputs to do so from several reasons:

• Insecurity in the North
• Increase in prices of fertilizer, seeds, chemicals, lack of equipment to mechanize

This is why I said, everything you do is competing with food, becos while the income of Nigerians
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Verdrängte Fakten im 'Omicron ist mild'-Narrativ : #Impflücke bei #Ü65.
Wenn jetzt sich Welle wie in den Hotspots (Bremen, Berlin, SH) zur #OmikronWand wird und auf
>1% der EW pro Tag mit Sars-CoV-2 angesteckt, wenn beim Peak 1 von 10 SARS-CoV-2 Infektion hat, wird sich

#Impflücke Ü60 #schließen. Das sind zb in Berlin ~#100k Ü60, also wenn Durchschnittsalter dieser 100k ~70 ansetzt, wir eine #IFR für diese Gruppe etwas höher als #Wildtyp, wenn man also 30% Hospitalisierungsquote 3% tödlichen Verläufen ausgeht, einer #Attack #Rate der

Welle von ~2/3 der Bevölkerung, davon der #Hauptteil (#50Prozent*) der #Bevölkerung sich innerhalb der nächsten #2_Monaten* ansteckt, sind das 50kx0.3= 15.000 Hospitalisierungen
und 1500 Tote allein


*Prognose #WHO Euro Region, Reg-Dir Hans Kluge ⤵…
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The average #dividend yield of a typical dividend #Portfolio is 4% (non US citizens are taxed 30% on Dividends) this means as Nigerians we need to have a 6% yielding portfolio for a 4% yield (6%*70%=4%).

This is achievable by investing in a Portfolio of #diversified stocks
How much #investments to get paid monthly dividends
#Dividend #yield 6%(4% after tax)
Dividend #tax rate 30% (non US)
#Dividendgrowth rate 6%
#Share #price growth 8%
Duration #10yrs
1. #100k/mnth - #10million
2. #500k/mnth- #60million
3. #1million/mnth #116million
How many years invested to reach goal
with Monthly payments + #reinvested #Dividends

1.#100k/mnth - invest #50k/mnth for 10yrs
2. #500k/mnth - invest #250k/mnth for 10yrs
3. #1million/mnth invest #500k/month for 10yrs.
#onaijainvestor #dividendincome #naija #passiveincome
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#COVID19 is going to change everything in unimaginable ways in the months and years to come.

I no longer take seriously any predictions about election, including Biden's inevitability.

The best political work to do now is directly responding to this crisis.

This pandemic like a slow motion 9/11.

That event was like a gunshot wound. Localized and instantaneous. We reacted horrifically.

#COVID19 is like getting diagnosed with cancer.

We haven't even begun to feel the full effects of it, we certainly haven't begun treatment, hell we aren't even fully diagnosed.

If we survive, we will be fundamentally different.

Will we react as horrifically?

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