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In the bear market, as I've always mentioned, it's the perfect time to expand knowledge, accumulate funds, and build a long-term investment portfolio.

So how can we effectively manage your crypto longterm portfolio?

Check out my tips as below:
🧵 👇🏻 Image
📌 This thread will conclude with:

Part 1: Project Selection Process

Part 2: Top 3 Portfolio Management Tools

Today, we will begin with Part 1. Image
Part 1: Project (PJs) Selection Process

▪️ The PJ selection process, done by the PJ #portfolio manager, evaluates PJs ideas in terms of benefits and ensures alignment with overall strategic goals.

▪️ Effective PJs selection for long-term investment leads to better #ROI Image
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The Weekly Recap 🧵

Missed out anything from a week full of #Macro & #Markets? Don't worry - we got you covered.

Below we share all the updates & opinions threads from last week. Make sure to follow @prometheusmacro for much more.
1. We started the week with discussing our view ahead for markets. Our systematic view is that we are headed towards a stagflationary recession.

2. Re 1, we further contextualised our view by sharing our systematic updates on inflation & growth.

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🧵→ Mega thread on
the manufacturer of :
💫Everyuth &
💫Nutrilite & much more.
It's Niche FMCG stock:
Zydus Wellness (ZWL) 💹
→ 🧵on 'WHY it can be a #portfolio stock for the long term !
💫→ Commands dominant market share in sugar substitute (96%), prickly heat powder (34.5%) & glucose powder (58.3%) categories !
💫→ ZWL has more than 1700 distributors with direct reach of > 5.5 lakh retail outlets & has a presence in more than 800 towns now & still expanding.
💫→ZWL has amazingly high gross margins at ~55% which gives it leeway to spend ~13% of sales on advertisement for new pdts (1 of the highest in industry) & has top Brand power
💫→ Despite various raw material issues, ZWL's profit growth is 24% & 23% & CAGR over last 3 & 5 yrs
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Here is this Week’s Market Wrap

'2023: The Year to Show Conviction' written by @shyamsek

A Thread (1/n)

#stockmarket #investors #marketwrap
The markets seem to be progressively losing steam. This would show up as weak sentiment, selling pressure, lower volumes on exchanges, and FII outflows. (2/n)

#stockmarketindia #FII #investors
But, there is also a section of domestic investors showing remarkable resilience and persistence in their investing. They are still buying every dip and gradually scaling up their portfolios. (3/n)

#investing #portfolio #equity
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#Value proposition. I would like to disclose how we #support our #portfolio companies, because I do believe that neither #investments nor market making are enough, if there is nothing else provided. Our #vision is to be a #partner and friend for our portfolio companies and…… Image
Market making (#MM)- it has three main parts: Market #depth - we add more #liquidity on bid and ask side across exchanges where a token is listed on. Spread - we reduce the spread between the best bid and ask offers by adding more quotes around the middle price in the order book.……
#PR and #marketing - the most powerful tool to boost projects on the #crypto market. We support projects with everything from #media to KOLs, and we can act as an outsourcing marketing agency (spoiler - we will extract our marketing department to an independent company very……
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#1 Decide Your Tax Regime

The new regime is no fuss and works well.

The old regime allows you to claim deductions and exemptions

If you choose the old regime finalise your tax planning strategy now! (2/7)

#tax #deductions #taxplanning #taxregime
#2 Restructure Your Payslip

Study your pay slip and optimise your EPF contributions. If you choose the old tax regime structure your allowances properly.

Talk to our financial planning team today if you’d like assistance. (3/7)

#salary #CTC #payslip #epf #providentfund
#3 Review Your Investments

2023 is a year that belongs to savers!

You will be spoilt for choice. And there’s no better way to take advantage of this than reviewing and restructuring your investment portfolio. (4/7)

#investmentreview #investing #portfolio
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1/19 @ttmygh of the wonderful Things That Make You Go HMMMM newsletter just wrote a scathing piece on the emerging #pension fund disaster in lagged marks from private #equity.
2/19 As he explains:
#PrivateEquity is taking down Pension Funds as they struggle to keep the game of hot-potato going. “Hot potato” being the business practice of selling slices of companies back and forth to one another at ever higher #valuations.
3/19 The “solution” appears to be PE firms building funds to buy #assets from themselves at possibly fraudulent valuations set by themselves.
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Almost every millennial aspires to retire early. But most of the time, this goal seems almost impossible to achieve.

Well, let us tell you... it's NOT impossible! Welcome to the world of FIRE! (1/n)

#financialplanning #financialgoals #retireearly #thread
So, what is FIRE?

FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early and it's all about achieving financial freedom so that you can retire early and live life on your own terms. (2/n)

#financialindependence #financialfreedom #retirementplanning
Can you achieve FIRE in India?

Yes, you can!

Firstly, you need to focus on your Savings Rate (SR). This means cutting back on unnecessary expenses and living below your means.

A high SR is key to achieving financial independence. (3/n)

#saving #investing #FinancialFreedom
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* Oracles
* We have developed a script that runs at any frequency to associate a Datum to an address
* We have found some restrictions: A Datum can write only integer information, but prices are floating. A conversion formula is needed.
* Exploration of MLabs libraries for contract testing. This will help us for a type of internal audit.

* Rebalancing current portfolio of Cardano Index
* AGIX valuation increased considerably
* Selling half to get profits and rebalance with other tokens
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📊 Hey Folks

✍ So Day - 2️⃣ on #powerbi
⚠ Today I Made a Awesome Finance Dashboard

🔰 ---> 𝐁𝐢𝐠 𝐒alute 𝐭𝐨 @codebasicshub for providing such a Great Content

#powerbijobs #powerbidevelopers #powerbihiring #Powerbibysk #datascience #dataanalytics #data #portfolio #GITHUB Image
📢 Github Project Link ( Request to every learners to must check for Complete Dashboards related Data )
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I recently conducted a poll to see how many #setups the average #trader employs.

Overall, four setups came out slightly ahead; let's look at why this can be useful to a trader.

Expand to know how to smooth out your equity curve:


Let's start with positive and negative correlations because they're crucial.

A positive correlation is a relationship between two variables that both respond positively to the same stimuli.

A negative correlation (which we will use) is the inverse(+-)
If you currently have four setups, we will need to ensure that they have been backtested and forward tested over a large enough set of historical data to prove that your setups have an edge.

We then can classify them. Assume we have two trend and two mean reversions setups.

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Entwicklungen in 2023, auf die man ein Auge haben sollte: ein kurzer🧵
#Aktien #Wirtschaft #Fintwit #Deutschland #Börse #Makroökonomie #Regierung #neujahr #portfolio
Die USA könnten weitere Handelsbarrieren gegenüber China errichten, was Auswirkungen auf die Handelsbeziehungen der beiden Länder haben könnte.
🇺🇸Es gibt Möglichkeiten, dass neue Öl- und Gasexploration gestattet werden, was Auswirkungen auf die Ölmärkte haben könnte.
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🚀 5 interesting #Python Projects with Source Code to start building your #portfolio 👨‍💻

Here are 5 #DataScience and #MachineLearning Projects that you can add to your portfolio :

1. WhatsApp Data Analysis using Python

2. Extract Text from any website using Python
3. Extract Text from PDF file using Python

4. Detect Emotion, Sentiment and Trends using AI

5. Generate Subtitles for YouTube Video
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Have you ever wondered how much you need to save for your retirement? Ever wonder if you will make it or fall short?

Over 600+ clients have benefited from our Financial Planning engagement!

Here are FIVE ways financial planning can help you! (1/13)

Before we begin, financial planning is a very personalised process. Every person's need is different. That is why we aim to craft tailor-made financial plans to meet each individual's needs. (2/13)

#financialplanning #personalfinance #savingstips
#1 Achieving Your Goals

Managing your finances in a way through which we can help you meet your goals is the crux of the planning process.

Proper planning can help you accomplish goals that you thought were far out of reach! (3/13)

#financialplanning #financialgoals
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Since everything I am doing right now is under lovely NDA, I decided to share my experience for #leveldesign portfolio demonstartion. Moreover, it is not a really well-known topic.

#Blocktober #gamedevs

Usually, people use principle "the better, the higher on the page", but I decided to start as I start in the real life:
-Level flow plan
Aaaaaaannnnndddd... Remember - no gameplay videos with comments.

I upload all my references, so people will be able to understand better my initial goal and how I think. This is a part of my #leveldesign #portfolio work:
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📢#MiCA is complete!

The landmark #crypto regulation sets out uniform 🇪🇺 requirements for offerors of #cryptoassets and service providers (#CASPs) to apply for authorisation in the Single Market.

👀🧵for a full dive on #MiCA and what it means for the #cryptoindustry.

Even though a better agreement was close last week, 🇫🇷 vetoed it during the 🇪🇺 MS intervention period & raised concerns on USD-denominated #stablecoins used as a "means of #exchange", suggesting a return to their restriction when used for #settlement purposes ❗️

The compromise was to at least clarify that USD-#stablecoins used for spot #trading would NOT be captured.

The final text was approval by #COREPER yesterday and @EP_Economics will do it on 10/10. Final adoption by Ministers and the Parliament’s Plenary will be end of Oct.

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Doesn’t need to be vs #NHS can be “alongside”for a varied fulfilling #portfolio career. For me:
1. #Radiology: NHS (remote & onsite) & Tele-
2. Medical #Leadership NHS & Private Sector
3. #HealthTech NHS (#CCIO) & Commercial (#Consulting)
4. #Management: NHS & Private
A 🧵 1/n Image
Medical Leadership in the NHS can either be chore you got dumped into & have to serve your time or hugely rewarding
Sadly how goes depends on who you work with as much as your own personality
I was pressed into it but really enjoy it
Advocacy of colleagues
Strategic insights 7/n
BUT it can be an intensely lonely place
You dont belong anywhere
Peers see you as sold to the dark side - a management shill
Managers and Execs forever question your commitment if you pushback or dont toe the “party” line
The whole “Manager vs Leader” is intensely tiresome 8/n
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1/5 🧵

Is the #Fed still lagging behind its announced portfolio reduction plan?

Although it was announced that the balance sheet would be reduced by $47.5B monthly, in 12 weeks, the portfolio decreased by only $51.7B. U.S Treasury debt growth; Buying securities by Fed; SpendingDeposits with the Fed, $30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Average in the USUS Government Bonds Rates (10Y, 5Y, 2Y)
2/5 🧵

During this time, the #MBS portfolio even grew by $18.5B. If the Fed can't reduce the #portfolio even by half, how they will reduce it from September 2022 is a big question. Generally, before, the #Fed didn't allow itself such a hack.
3/5 🧵

The #US Treasury has again reduced its #holdings on deposits with the #Fed; now, $530B remains in the #accounts of the US Treasury, compared to $650B planned for the end of the #quarter.
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Out of 111 significant/major #discovery announcements on #ASX only 12% delivered returns greater than 200% after holding for 12 months.

Key learnings for #portfolio below ⬇️ Image
1. You need a good strategy for separating winners 🏅 from losers 💰.

2. You need to know what winners look like at an early stage. Know what size, grade, geology etc. you are looking for.

If you need help with this I run the course for non geologists.
If you are not good at above 2 points then the size of portfolio actually matters.

Check out analysis by @StrategiesQuant in the thread below ⬇️

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Your trusty ‘ol #EPFO (Employees' Provident Fund Organisation) has decided that they need more #equity in their investment #portfolio. This matters because of the sheer size of the corpus at EPFO’s disposal. (1/6)
Increasing allocation to equities will allow EPFO subscribers to participate in the #stockmarket materially. The large corpus under the EPFO will also raise the demand for equity and bring in added #liquidity. This is good for #Indian investors’ equity wealth. (2/6)
Currently, the EPFO can invest between 5% to 15% of their investible deposits in equity or equity-related instruments. They want to bring this number up to 20%. (3/6)
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It was evident. Interest rates would rise as #inflation started spiralling.

To ride through the rate hike cycle⬆️, #FloaterFunds were touted as an ideal #investment option.

But, so far, they haven’t done well.

A 🧵on why #FloatingRateFunds haven’t delivered yet.
First, some basics.

When #InterestRates rise📈, bond #prices fall📉. Why? Investors would rather buy new papers at a higher rate than old ones with lower yields.

#FloaterFunds are not impacted by interest rate movement. There’s a simple explanation.👇
As the #InterestRates rise, the yields on floating-rate bonds also increase.⬆️

So, #investors don’t need to sell them to buy new papers offering higher interest rates.

But the converse is true, too. So, when interest rates fall📉, #FloaterFunds become unattractive.
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Many who became a Full-Time #Trader in the last two years would be in a dilemma because of the volatility in this market.

Be a part-time trader instead of leaving it.

This #thread 🧵will be on what all #strategies, I personally use to generate active #income in the market.
We will discuss positional trading and investing in stocks and then about option trading.

In #Stocks, we don't take any leverage, so risk is lesser, whereas in #Options it is a leverage instrument, so risk is high and it can wipe out your capital.
#Investment #Portfolio:

This is basically my long-term portfolio, which I create for a horizon of more than 5 years.
There are certain criteria which I use to filter stocks in #Investment.

Mostly look for the sector where you know something.
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Latest #AI articles from our company.

Introduction to website categorization, which can be used for #content #filtering, #adtech and other purposes. Using #textclassification #ML model.…
#automated product #tagging is important for ecommerce websites as it leads to better #conversion, filtering and searchability.
More on this in…
A fast way to use #URL #categorization data is to have it available as #URLdatabase for direct integration to apps and services, e.g. content filtering. Introduction to URL database construction and use in…
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