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1/ @PhotonsHedge leads the financial revolution with tokenization, bridging liquidity gaps between traditional assets and on-chain finance. Here, sensitive data are replaced with tokens, ensuring security and efficiency for our investor’s assets.

🧵A Thread
2/ @BCG predicts a $16T business opportunity by 2030 through tokenizing illiquid assets. However, @PhotonsHedge is prepared to empower its investors with access to untapped markets, diversifying portfolios, and unlocking new investment opportunities.
@BCG 3/ As a financial service provider, @PhotonsHedge leverages platforms like Liquidity Hub by @Ripple that can unlock real-world opportunities with usability and interoperability. This will help provide a seamless bridge traditional fiat system with the new world of crypto.
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What is @pendle_fi you may wonder?👀

Pendle Finance is a DeFi protocol built on @ethereum & @arbitrum that allows users around the world to manage and trade #yield. It's a #permissionless platform, open to anyone with internet access.💯

🧵 Image
@pendle_fi @ethereum @arbitrum In traditional finance, #yield is the income from an investment, like interest from a bond or dividends from stocks.✍️

In #DeFi, yield often comes from #ProvidingLiquidity or #staking tokens. @pendle_fi introduces a novel approach to treating yield.🔥

@pendle_fi @ethereum @arbitrum Pendle wraps yield-bearing tokens into "Standardized Yield Tokens" (SY).📝

These #SY tokens are split into two components:👇

1️⃣ Principal Token (PT)
2️⃣ Yield Token (YT)

Representing the original investment and expected yield, respectively.☑️

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Perp DEXs have been a hot topic this year due to their ability to profit even during a bear market.

GMX showed us the possibilities 🤑💰

An opportunity to get in at the earliest price (#presale) of the latest #PerpDEX@_aiPX – has presented itself 😊

Not RT 🧵 = #NGMI Image
💠What is @_aiPX?
💠Benefits of @_aiPX?
💠Risk Management for LPs
💠AIPX Emissions
💠Yield Rewards
💠 Other Ways to Earn
💠WHAT IS @_aiPX?

aiPX is a decentralized, non-custodial perpetual DEX on Arbitrum with a focus on risk management and an innovative liquidity solution for liquidity providers. Image
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Get an exclusive inside look into @autoscale_!🕵️‍♂️

We sat down with their CTO @gfusee33 this Wednesday and delved into the inner workings of Autoscale Vaults, the "Zap" module, and the platform's future.

Here are the top 3 key takeaways from our conversation🧵
#MultiversX #DeFi Image
Q: Could you delve into the inner workings of Autoscale Vaults (aVaults), elaborating on their primary characteristics, the variety of #assets they support, and the advantages they offer to users in terms of yield optimization?
A: Autoscale Vaults, or aVaults, are smart contracts that form the core of Autoscale's platform, serving as the foundation for its #yield optimization strategies. There is a dedicated vault deployed for each asset, which means aVaults has the potential to encompass all assets……
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1/10 🚀 ANNOUNCEMENT: Taking LCX Earn to the next level: Earn a 7% fixed yield on Euro $EUR, #Bitcoin $BTC, #Ethereum $ETH, or LCX Token $LCX and experience the future of investment with tokenized bonds. #LCXEarn #Crypto… ImageImageImage
2/10 🌍 Our offering is based on an approved security prospectus, available to verified retail users in 30 European countries. Dive into a transparent and secure investment process with LCX Earn. #Europe #EEA Image
3/10 🌕 EURt7 (Moon) - Invest in a stable and familiar asset with a 7% fixed yield. EURt7 is denominated in Euro $EUR and represents the security and reliability of this widely-used fiat currency. #Yield #Crypto #Investing ImageImageImage
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Last PART on @pendle_fi !

After the first two THREADs :
Part 1 :
Part 2 :

where we saw the principles of the protocol, let's see the last part on the Tokenomics of the @pendle_fi project.

So let’s dive into it !

Let's start by watching TVL on @DefiLlama, we see a strong increase in this TVL from December 2022.
Surely the beginning of the #LSD narrative.

Logically @pendle_fi takes strength on this narrative because it allows to trade Yields from #LSDs.
Logically, the price has also had the same evolution as the TVL (narrative LSDs).
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🔥Project Overview - Horus Exchange

Read my research about @Horus_Exchange - AMM #DEX with ve3,3 mechanism | Lock, vote, bribe and earn with maximum Yield. Join the future of Defi on #CORE

#CoreDao #IDO #DEX #Yield

Threads below🧵

💡Follow me for future update! Image
1/ What is the @Horus_Exchange ?

Horus is ve(3,3) DEX that adapts Andre Cronje's initial vision of Solidly aims to provide large liquidity, low slippage and become the base liquidity layer in Core, pushing the growth of Core. Image
- @Horus_Exchange is front running resistant, low fees, near 0 slippage on correlated assets. Horus is the governance token for Horus Exchange.

- Improved the Solidly codebase to guarantee that the protocol will function as Andre intended.
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I did a first THREAD to present the @pendle_fi protocol to achieve level 2 comprehension.

I complete this THREAD (to level 4) by finishing the presentation of this wonderful protocol !

Let's dive into it !

In the last THREAD I talked about:
- #Yield Tokenisation
- PT (Principal #Token) Strategy

In this THREAD we’ll talk about :
- YT (Yield Token) Strategy
- Yield Trading
On the same principle of the previous THREAD, I will try to be as simple as possible and will put a lot of examples to facilitate understanding.

Let’s GO !! 🔥🔥
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One of the protocols that I appreciate the most and which is also one of the most technically complicated : @pendle_fi

I think a lot still don't understand the principle of this amazing protocol.

Let’s dive into it !

@pendle_fi is a technically quite complex protocol, it took me a while to understand it.

In this THREAD, I will do my best to be as simple as possible so that as many people as possible understand.
There is 4 levels of understanding on @pendle_fi, at the end of this THREAD my goal is that you are at level 2.

I will probably do another THREAD to complete.

Let's GO!!
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Finance and investing can be overwhelming, confusing and sometimes just mind-blowing.

One such concept recently on-trend was Rehypothecation.

So last week I spent some time learning about what it is, how it works and also some of the risks it imposes.

🧵 👇


The goal of this thread is to highlight and simplify the concept of rehypothecation.

In comparison to other threads I've written, I found this one especially challenging due to its complexity, but learned a huge amount while researching which is always an amazing feeling.

A brief rundown of what we'll cover;

🔘 The concept of 'hypothecation'

🔘 Rehypothecation in TradFi

🔘 Rehypothecation in crypto

🔘 The risks and outlook
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Recap on all current pools and vaults for #RealUSD.

Farming $USDR is the highest #yield option for stables on three of the four chains below 🚀

❗️If you plan to add liquidity, check our pinned post❗️

Going forward we'll share this thread once a week, after the epochs refresh.
Our @VelodromeFi pool is currently the highest yield stablecoin pair on @optimismFND.

Add liquidity:…
Similarly our pool on $BAL is the highest yield #stablecoin pair on @0xPolygonDeFi.

Add liqudity:…
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@ryskfinance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that offers uncorrelated, competitive yields in all market conditions through its innovative financial engineering solutions. #RyskFinance #DeFi #crypto #blockchain #Staking Image
The platform leverages the power of its Dynamic Hedging Vault (DHV), a self-governing #options vault, to generate delta-neutral #yield for its liquidity providers.
With its clear #transparency on the risks involved, @ryskfinance enables its users to access high yields with #confidence and clear boundaries, how much you can lose and how much you can earn.
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Hi everybody📢

Welcome to ADA Digest - a mega thread where every day I deliver news from the #Cardano ecosystem and beyond.

In case you missed something I am bringing highlights of the day 🧵👇🏼

#CryptoNews #Crypto
1/ @DjedStablecoin had an amazing launch yesterday, but today there were some hiccups - the site went offline but now everything is working

#Djed #StableCoin
2/ I haven't read much about @COTInetwork, but it seems like they have a lot of development plans up their sleeves. I will look closely into this

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Looking for promising small caps on Arbitrum? Look into @contango_xyz.

It's a DEX for expirables - same degen trading, without the funding rate.

Great instrument you can use in trading, and a good way to engage with Arbitrum in case of a future airdrop.

Read on for details:
@Contango_xyz Expirables are similar to perpetuals, allowing for speculation on future prices, except with a set duration.

Widely used in tradfi, this type of contract has yet to be replicated on chain, until @Contango_xyz entered the scene.
@Contango_xyz Through a series of flash swaps on @Uniswap and lends/borrows on fixed rate #yield markets, Contango is able to create synthetic expirable instruments.
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1/ #Yield generation for $USDC, $USDT, $DAI or other #stablecoins has been pretty much dead after #FTX and the #Mango hack. However, there is still a very nice opportunity to generate high yield in #Defi:

#Acumen, home on #AVAX @avalancheavax. A short 🧵 shows how to get it:
2/ #Acumen generates #yield from real world #microfinance activities. It is based in #ElSalvador and that is also its first market. The team genuinely wants to improve lives of the people who live there and they just launched on #AVAX.

How does microfinance generate the yield?
3/ In #ElSalvador, a lot people and small businesses do not have access to traditional banking. Worse, even if they now get a bank account, they lack a "credit history", so the bank is not willing to lend to them. To build a business and invest, they turn to loan sharks.
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1/ #GM
Let’s talk DeFi yield. What are the types (and sources) of yields in DeFi? How we are headed towards a more sustainable model, with #realyield. In this #visualthread, we will discuss all you need to know about DeFi yield.

#Blockchain #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum $ETH $BTC
2/ Disclaimers.

Before we move forward, please note that this thread merely aims to share our understanding of the topic, and should not be taken as financial advice.
3/ Patron and Support

We also would like to say appreciation and thanks to our patron, @Candlestick_io analytics platform.
If you want to join, you can use this link to get $25 discount…
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Crypto #options must overcome a massive demand gap for it to be a meaningful on-chain sector, and we are nowhere near there.

Here is a simple mental model to ponder over the demand for crypto options. 🧵 👇

#Options have traditionally played second fiddle to the spot and futures market in crypto.

However, we are witnessing an increase in interest in options lately as protocols like @dopex_io @ribbonfinance @lyrafinance @opyn_ @PremiaFinance are gaining traction within CT.

The #options market in #TradFi is massive, with daily volumes in the billions.

Options volume on single-name stocks soared during 2020 and 2021, exacerbated by the rise of retail investors.

/3 Image
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1/ We are BLOWN AWAY by the Across community. Let's review what your support has looked like for Across.

First: Across' mindshare has skyrocketed, and this was only possible due to the consistent support of our community.
2/ Second: Volume has followed suit, making Across the most used decentralized fast bridge--Even more than @arbitrum's native bridge!
3/ Third: Across' liquidity and TVL continues to grow. This represents a market validation of Across' security model.

As a team that has operated in the space since 2018, we are grateful to see others recognize the design benefits of the Across bridge.
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1/ What is LandX ($LNDX)? How does it work? How does it bring sustainable yields, and how does it overall increase financial inclusivity? Today’s #visualguide, in collaboration with @landxfinance, will answer all the above questions.

#DeFi #RealYield #RealFi #Agriculture Image
2/ You’re probably not that familiar with the problems of traditional farmland financing. The difficulty and opaqueness of the process hinders the farmer’s maximum productivity. Image
3/ @landxfinance involves three main actors: (1) investors, (2) validators and (3) farmers/landowners. Validators act as a bridge between (1) and (3), investors are those who seek exposure to yield-bearing commodities. Image
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Lending and Borrowing is now live on @onchaintrade 's beta
The first ever DeFi platform on #APTOS to offer yield from Trading and Lending + Borrowing to it's users : Image
(1/3) You can lend (Deposit) Or borrow assets by heading to and selecting the asset you wish to borrow Image
(2/3) After selecting your chosen asset you review various informations about it before lending or borrowing it such as the Utilization rate, borrow and lending APR, 24h history, rewards..etc Image
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A Thread on @synthr_defi.

A deep dive into #DeFi
1/9. We all Agree that #DeFi has Brought to us a unique financial system,

We see DeFi as a decentralized finance which means having the control of your finances.

DeFi as of today has gone beyond store of value, staking, validation, exchanges, etc.
2/9. I will open your eye more on what DeFi can offer, but first.. What is @synthr_defi?

Synthr is a synthetic asset protocol being built on ETH, Sui, Aptos and Sei layer 1 blockchains that enables users to mint and trade on-chain derivatives of various financial assets using
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3 different ways to max your #yieldfarming on @y2kfinance Image
What is y2k? It is basically a prediction market on @arbitrum that allows users to bet on will the #stablecoin remaining in the peg within a certain timeframe.
Buying “Risk” = Earn #yield if the coin stay pegged, taking the “Hedge” pot -5% fee

Buying “Hedge” = Earn yield if the coin depegged, taking the “Risk” pot - 5% fee

Y2K is currently doing a IFO, user can deposit their “Risk”/ “Hedge” NFT position to farm Y2K Image
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Earlier this week the @federalreserve raised #policy rates at an extraordinary 75 basis point increment (its fourth time doing so this year), in an attempt to moderate excessively high levels of #inflation.
Still, if the central bankers were hoping to see signs of slowing in the persistently solid #LaborMarkets, as an indicator that policies were slowing growth and in turn #inflation, they may be somewhat disheartened by today’s data.
Indeed, nonfarm #payrolls increased by 261k jobs in Oct, with private employment rising an average of 262k/month over the past three months, which does not yet imply that the slowing that policymakers believe we’ll need to see to tame #inflation has arrived.
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1/17 Cycle 7 of #Optimism grant has ended few days ago with a total of 3,3m $OP granted to some very interesting protocols that will continue shaping Optimism Blockchain.

Let’s go through these 9 projects and how you will be able to ear extra #yield : Image
2/17 If you want to know more about past cycles and who benefited from $OP Grant, where you can catch some extra yield, check my previous thread on it:
3/17 @iearnfinance is the leading yield aggregator on #ethereum
Grant: 1million $OP

Distribution: 100% to yVAULT depositors!

In Addition, as co-incentive, Yearn said “with the introduction of $veYFI there may be an opportunity to provide additional incentives in the future”
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