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1./ We can use the vaults of @ApolloDAO for a while now and in my opinion everything is working fine. Why should we excited for their token? What does it add to the protocol?

A small thread:
2./ In DeFi we're familiar with auto compounders. Their services are great, but why would you want to hold their tokens? Not that much utility most of the times. But not for @ApolloDAO. Their auto compounding is great, but what you really should be excited about is the Warchest.
3./ 99% of the protocol's revenue will be redirected to the Warchest with the other 1% redirected to @angelprotocol. With these funds initially $LUNA, $bETH and $aUST will be bought (future allocation to be decided by the DAO).
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Bridge your assets to @SecretNetwork and get earning on these juicy rewards! 💦

Bridges to BSC, ETH, & XMR LIVE! More under construction 🏗️

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#USDC $USDC #PriFi #DarkFi #StableCoin #YieldFarming Image
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1/ Please see this link: As to why I love 🔥 @CelsiusNetwork Also, I earn Yield on $CEL 4.8% & around a 11% on $MATIC if you want to know where the $CEL is token gets it’s value & Y it exists, please see below 👇🏼
2/ This is where the $CEL token derives it’s value from + via Network Effects. I will discuss below 👇🏼 Why the $CEL token exists based on my own understanding.
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Getting some DMs whether #stock #market is going to crash.
Remember a few things.
#Bullmarket in midway when person like me without any #financialeducation / #stocks knowledge tweets regularly as expert!
When people R at fear of #Markets crash!
When everyone is putting (1/n)
Their #money into #LargeCap from #midandsmall #caps!

Sign of #impending #crash in #Markets :
People #invest in very high valuation stocks without any fundamentals!
#Deja_vu that bear market doesn't exist!
People feel to leave job as #Markets a better and regular place to (2/n)
People R buying #realestate as if there is no #Tomorrow!
#Ileterate people like #me feels they contol D #Markets!
#Asset #heavy #businesses R running #amok!
#bond #yield n #interest #rates all time high!
#Danger ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

U R on D verge of crash!
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1/ This is the largest issue with #Cryptocurency as a whole. This psychology. Scary as an investor. Price going up doesn’t make U a better project, company, tech etc. $CEL (LOW BETA) as it refers to pricing. Market Mechanics effect price. The project, company effects VALUE. 👇🏼
2/ Celsius #CapitalStructure & #Moat #6PlusRevenueStreams & VERY HIGH BARRIER TO ENTRY @CelsiusNetwork pays 80% of revenue back to depositor (married w/equity holder, so no conflict of interest as is case w/traditional Bank capital structures). $CEL © competitor 30% PROFITS lol
3/ Celsius didn’t or hasn’t listed on MAJOR exchanges, price is determined based on short term supply & demand. #MarketMechanics This effects the PRICE not VALUE. Not listing on Exchange allows them to give it back to community. Exchanges manipulate
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(1\27) Let’s discuss further about the #MaiarExchange as it nears its Official Launch $MEX $eGLD. The ability earn passive income is due to U the people getting to replace the greedy middleman.Powerful. Traditional Market Exchanges (CEX) have numerous problems #BTC #DeFi #Yield
(2\27)Groundbreaking elements of #DeFi has allowed new income streams to everyday individuals, leveraging #Blockchain.Tech Enthusiasts have experienced it. Thanks to #MaiarExchange & @getMaiar for the first time it will be accessible to the everyday person
(3\27)The ability to make money while U sleep is amplified, many have earned passive income by helping to secure @ElrondNetwork by #Staking The #MaiarExchange $MEX allows U to earn earn money normally reserved for #MarketMakers of Exchanges #PassiveIncome
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(1\13) The next time someone says #crypto is the one with #leverage tell them they have ZERO understanding of the existing legacy banking & financial system. Historically banks were required to hold 10-13% in reserves. Federal Reserve moved it to 0% on March 15, 2020 $EGLD $CEL Image
(2\13)… When I used to teach banking I would have my students perform #UBPR which are essentially an analytical tool for assessing banks health & performance. NEVER has the banking system allowed 0% reserve. Let me
(3\13) give you a mathematical example of how #FractionalReserves are essentially implicit leverage. If banks historically had to hold say 10% than the way you would understand how much leverage is by 1*1/R. You deposit $100 *(1/R) R=10% = $1,000, so they can lend out $900 for
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At yesterday’s #FOMC meeting, the Committee revealed more expected tightening and further steps toward #tapering #asset purchases than they had previously. We see these as steps in the right direction.
Yesterday’s @federalreserve statement and press conference suggest that the Committee believes progress has been made toward its goals, but that there’s still some room to go to hit the recently re-defined objective of maximum #employment.
Still, it’s now time to set up for the end of this long-running #EmergencyPolicy-focused movie.
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The #economy and #markets today present us with a type of confusing environment: a tremendous growth rebound amid concerns over different forms of #overheating due to policy being late to normalize, and then the uncertainty of an ultimately harsher policy unwind down the road…
… It’s in this kind of environment that we find that what #investors want to do can be very different from what they need to do – the opposite, or mirror image, in fact:
Over the last decade, the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. High Yield Index has traded in a #yield range of about 4% to 12%, and both those extremes have come during the pandemic period (the last 14 months).
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#Charts Fans, lets do this!
Thread time!

$SPY $QQQ $DIA $TRAN $IWM $SOX $IGV $XLF $XLI $JETS $GLD $XLE #Yield #McClellan #Insiders #PanicEuphoria

$DIA #DJIA has been absolutely buzzing this year, Value vs Growth continues to sky rocket as Value was beaten down pretty hard during pandemic and growth rose exponentially, so far the story of 2021 has been Value! This is very very bulish still, lets see how far this extends!

Spy continues to ride this channel and holding the bottom channel, very range bound so far, lets see if it takes off and breaks the upper channel, target 420 in 6-8 weeks
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1/ #RealYield is the ultimate driver for #Gold price; to be exact, it's the #negative #realyield that had been driving the gold price!

An important historical fact was during the 1975 - 1980s hyper-inflationary period, #gold went parabolic due to #realyield going "negative"...
2/ Look at the above chart closely, #gold price started to bottom in tandem with #realyield dropping below 0%; conversely, #gold price peaked ahead of the #realyield turning positive.

In other words, gold price can be a leading indicator prior to the #realyield turning positive!
3/ Today's #gold price action (since Aug2020) is reminiscent of the period during #Year2011's peak where #gold price was dropping in tandem with #realyield prior to the bottoming in #realyield;

Gold price then turned decisively lower as #realyield finally bottomed.
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1/ The only time during past 10+ years when #realyield was positively correlated with #gold was during #gold's peak in Year2011 where the yield was down together with it initially;

#RealYield then bottomed & #gold continued dropping as it resumed the normal negative relationship
2/ The question is, are we in the same shoes now? (This is #GDX vs. #realyield)
3/ One more important observation, while #realyield was heading down from Sep 2011 to Sep 2012, #gold did not go up for the period as #dxy #usd was on the way up!
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1. Today's first thread is for governance. Let's buckle up!
$ftm #fantom #fgovernance
2. Firstly i want to talk about a quote of one of the greatest man in Turkish History. His name is M.K.Ataturk. Image
3. He spends his life mostly to build a nation that can stand forever. Even without him. Even without his guidance. And he said :
"One day my mortal body will turn to dust but the Turkish Republic will stand for ever.”
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The last several weeks have provided abundant drama for #markets to digest, but in our latest @BlackRock Market Insights commentary, we suggest that it’s two recent #publications that might prove more instructive for #portfolio #allocation in 2021:
First, @jasonfurman and @LHSummers make a strong case that lackluster #growth and #inflation in developed #markets may be boosted by targeted #fiscal spending. Over long horizons, the #cash flows that accrue from productive #investments render the #debt incurred sustainable.
Second, @RobertJShiller published a significant update to his widely followed #CAPE model: subtracting the real #yield on #USTs from the reciprocal of the CAPE ratio to show what an #equity #investor may expect to earn over #risk-free #bonds, in real terms based on #market price.
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(1) Why DeFi needs @ReefDeFi?

🌈Reef Finance not only makes #DeFi easy, but is also essential for the progress of the DeFi industry.

The first @Polkadot project on @binance, #Reef solves the 3 biggest problems which plague DeFi today.

Read on to know more👇
(2)1️⃣Liquidity Problem

Both CEX & DEX suffer from unique problems
- Prone to hacks
- Contain isolated silos of liquidity for different coins
- List selected coins

- Difficult to use
- Unstable liquidity
- Trades are slow
- Usually suffer from congestion on #Ethereum
(3) 2️⃣Yield Farming's Technicalities

- High technical barrier of entry
- Users have to understand projects technicalities first
- Difficult to stay well diversified & keep funds safe simultaneously
- High gas fees on #Ethereum eats away profits
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2020 was an unprecedented year for the world and for crypto.
Before we fully plunge into 2021, let me share a brief recap of the major industry events of the past year and the lessons learned.

Thread below 👉
1/ Bitcoin's Big Year: 2020 was a rollercoaster year for #Bitcoin. We experienced halving, extreme lows on Black Thursday, followed by a robust recovery📈that led us to a parabolic rally and high volatility still going on today.
2/ DeFi Summer: This year was an insane frenzy of action for #DeFi as new protocols and yield farming initiatives were announced seemingly every week. By end 2020, TVL (total value locked) in DeFi grew more than 23-fold from under $700M to $15B.
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Woohoo first results are in! Glad the @THORChain_org community is making use of the script :)

$RUNE #CrossFi #DeFi #LiquidityPools #yield
@THORChainHammer starter-pack-thorchain-stakers
@THORChainHammer snapshot-liquidity-pools
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The average #dividend yield of a typical dividend #Portfolio is 4% (non US citizens are taxed 30% on Dividends) this means as Nigerians we need to have a 6% yielding portfolio for a 4% yield (6%*70%=4%).

This is achievable by investing in a Portfolio of #diversified stocks
How much #investments to get paid monthly dividends
#Dividend #yield 6%(4% after tax)
Dividend #tax rate 30% (non US)
#Dividendgrowth rate 6%
#Share #price growth 8%
Duration #10yrs
1. #100k/mnth - #10million
2. #500k/mnth- #60million
3. #1million/mnth #116million
How many years invested to reach goal
with Monthly payments + #reinvested #Dividends

1.#100k/mnth - invest #50k/mnth for 10yrs
2. #500k/mnth - invest #250k/mnth for 10yrs
3. #1million/mnth invest #500k/month for 10yrs.
#onaijainvestor #dividendincome #naija #passiveincome
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#dividends #yield

With interest rates depressed and likely to remain so for years, stocks with ample and secure dividends could benefit as investors search for yield.
One approach is to consider companies whose dividend yields nicely exceed their bond yields
This can be a good way to find high-quality stocks because low bond yields are often a sign of financial strength & dividend stability
The stock of any company whose safe dividend yield is materially higher than its own 10 year bond yield may have a compelling risk/reward profile
The approach doesn’t predict that a stock will outperform, but it has been very effective at identifying stocks with limited risk
Let’s take an example Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), whose dividend yield of 2.7% is more than double the about 1% on its 10-year debt.
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We’ve seen near a 20-basis point backup in long #bond #rates since the beginning of the month, which has come alongside many #economic data prints that have surprised to the upside, as well as firmer than expected #inflation. Image
One question to consider, then, is how much of this #economic improvement is due to restocking dynamics versus more permanent/structural gains to #economic activity? The answer to that is likely to become more apparent in the months ahead.
We foresee a gradually rising range for long-end #yields in the year’s second half, as @USTreasury issuance will remain robust. Image
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So biggest casualty of #Fed warning on #US #economy y'day, was #Gold,which dropped 3% to $1951.90 an ounce,within minutes of #FedMinutes

Silver too fell below $28

Rout was not limited to precious metals--#Nasdaq sold off despite #Apple hitting $2 trillion market cap

#CrudeOil whipsawed in tight range with #WTI at $42.83

#Fed's take on economic downturn was nothing new&yet markets collapsed

Only asset which saw aggressive buying was US #Tbills,with 10 yr #bond #yield@ 0.665% Vs previous close of 0.685%

#Dollar had its best day in 2 months
So what does y'day's frenzied buying in #bonds indicate?Is the #RiskOn trade over?

Well,not quite--With $9 trillion of excess global #liquidity sloshing around due to coordinated Central Bank rate cuts,since #Covid_19, equities will move up,albeit with severe bouts of volatility
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In our latest @blackrock Blog Post, we contend that in the tug-of-war between the #economic damage stemming from the #coronavirus lockdowns, and the fiscal and #MonetaryPolicy response, it’s the latter factor being underestimated by #markets:
Still, while #policy is clearly supportive of #markets in the near term, we’re concerned that the longer run #asset class returns of the 2020s might end up being considerably more meager than we’ve come to historically expect. Image
Clearly, this has a lot to do with our valuation/#yield starting point today, and we expect @USTreasury Bills to return close to 0% and longer-term government #bonds are not likely to return more than 2% annually. #Inflation rates will be lower too. Image
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1. The Dividend Connection, #GeraldineWeiss. Cómo los dividendos crean valor en el mercado de acciones.
#Hilo abierto que iré actualizando conforme avance en la lectura.
2. La #paciencia es la mejor amiga en el mercado de acciones. Si se la respeta, al inversor le serán dadas seguridad, independencia y dignidad financiera.
3. La primera parada hacia la prosperidad financiera es comprar acciones que hayan demostrado #fortaleza en distintos ciclos económicos sin reducir o suspender el dividendo, y que continúen generando ventas, beneficios y dividendos estables y crecientes.
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