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Quiz: which 2020 candidate said this?

"We need immigration reform that will secure our borders & punish employers who exploit imm labor; reform that finally brings the 12mil ppl who are here illegally out of the shadows by requiring them to take steps to become legal citizens...
...We must assert our values and reconcile our principles as a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. That is a priority I will pursue from my very first day."

@ewarren? @JoeBiden? @PeteButtigieg? 🤔
@ewarren @JoeBiden @PeteButtigieg Trick question! That's Obama, in 2008, about a month after he promised to have an immigration reform bill introduced with his strong support by the end of his first term (about 10 years ago).

That didn't happen. And in that year he deported almost 400,000 immigrants.
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¿Recuerdan el #10yearchallenge? Pues ese tipo de tendencias sirven para entrenar redes neuronales y lograr cosas como el filtro de viejitos que está de moda.
La entrada de la red es la fotografía de cuando joven, la salida es la de cuando viejo. Con un dataset lo suficientemente grande y diverso para entrenar (como millones de personas en redes sociales de todas las etnias), se pueden lograr resultados muuuuy cercanos a la realidad.
Recordemos que al final, una red neuronal no es más que una máquina universal aproximadora de funciones. Y en este caso, la función a aproximar es el envejecimiento de una persona; o sea, nada más que valores entre 0 y 1 en una matriz.
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The BJP govt. believes Modinomics has outperformed all previous govt's, however, facts are clear. UPA II 2009-10, GDP growth at 8.84%, NDA II 2017-18 at 6.7%
#Budget2019 #AakhriJumlaBudget
FM @PiyushGoyal claims they will control fiscal deficit to 2.5% in FY20, highly improbable as CAG report said, that by using off-budget financing the Modi govt. is hiding the true extent of fiscal and revenue deficits.…

#Budget2019 #AakhriJumlaBudget
The FM who is also the Railway Minister claims that the Modi Govt put Mizoram & Tripura on rail map for the first time. He lied.…

#Budget2019 #AakhriJumlaBudget
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The #10YearChallenge made me reflect not so much about the differences in the way I look, but about how much my life has changed since then and all that I’ve learned. It has also inspired me to write my first ever thread!
Ten years ago this week my first children's book "Greetings from Kiwi and Pear" was published. I was also drowning deep in credit card debt that was spiraling out of control.
Most of it accumulated after launching a stationery & gift business in 2003 & quitting my day job shortly after. By 2009, my products were sold in 100's of stores nationwide, I rented office space to house inventory and hire help, and I was doing tradeshows all over the country.
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Harga Emas
2009 : Rp 308 rb
2019 : Rp 588 rb

Saham Unilever
09 : Rp 8.000
19 : Rp 48.000

Saham BCA
09 : Rp 2.350
19 : Rp 27.000

RD Schroder
09 : Rp 7.800
19 : Rp 40.000

09 : Rp 1 jt
19 : Rp 3,9 jt

Tanah di Bksi
09 : Rp 2 jt/M2
19 : Rp 8 jt

Dari data ttg 10 Year Challenge diatas kita bisa lihat dalam 10 tahun harga emas hanya naik kurang dari 2 kali.

Sementara dlm kurun yg sama harga saham Unilever naik 7 kali.

Saham bank BCA bahkan naik 10 kali lebih. Atau 1000%.
Artinya jika 10 tahun lalu anda invest saham BCA Rp 30 juta akan jadi Rp 300 juta.

Dibelikan saham Unilever yg bikin rinso dan pepsodent, uang 30 juta akan jadi Rp 210 juta.

Dibelikan emas hanya akan jd Rp 60 juta.
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150 KG ➡️ 80 KG

Zaman sekolah hingga aku berumur 20 tahun. Aku sering dicaci dan dikutuk. Dah banyak perempuan reject aku hanya dengan pandang rupa dan bentuk badan aku.

Life transformation!
Masa aku tingkatan 3. Tanpa aku sedar berat aku mencecah 150 KG 😭. Yelah, habit makan banyak. Dulu balik sekolah je beli makan dan janjan. Petangnya pulak pergi pasar malam. Exercise? Jangan tanya wehh. Dulu aku bukannya bersukan.
Aku bangga la jugak masa darjah 5 jadi pemegang rekod "Budak paling berat dalam sekolah." Time tu timbang sebab ada ujian subjek pendidikan jasmani. HAHAHA

Darjah 5 - 105 KG
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#10YearChallenge | People are using the viral '10-year challenge' as a stark warning about what's happening to our planet…
The top photo here shows the Rhone glacier in Switzerland now, while the bottom shows how much more ice there was in 2009. Glaciologists think half of Switzerland's small glaciers — and the streams they feed — will be gone within the next 25 years, according to Reuters.
Although many glaciers have shrunk dramatically in the last decade, juxtapositions that show their changes over a longer period of time are even more striking.
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I’m sure a few of you must have read the fear mongering being proliferated on the #10YearChallenge by our dear madam convict whose nose is usually in other people’s businesses. Everything in life has its light & darkness. We drink Coke & some use it as cleaning agents.
The 10 year challenge went viral across platforms especially on Facebook just to create content and share our seemingly unnoticeable changes as defined by life. These pictures or video clips as interesting as they are can also be used for far more sinister purposes.
It is indeed true that artificial intelligence could be trained through these enormous data for better understanding of the human aging process. The good in this may create opportunities for the development of beauty products or photo filters while the Criminal Justice System...
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1. Assalamualaikum.wr.wb sahabatku, Tgl 17 April 2019, u/ warga DKI #Jakarta di seluruh wilayah #jaksel #jakut #jaktim #jakbar #jakpus #pulauseribu mohon berkenan cari sy di KERTAS SUARA WARNA MERAH ya.. Sy ada di barisan paling atas, paling pojok kanan, nomor 29.. Coblos ya 🙏❤
2. Setelah KERTAS WARNA MERAH DIBUKA LEBAR2, Cari sy di deretan foto paling atas, paling pojok kanan. Boleh coblos dinding hijau atau jilbab putih atau selendang betawi atau muka sy😃 Terimakasih banyak sebelumnya. Smg sy msh diizinkan AllahSWT melanjutkan perjuangan. AamiinYRA🙏
3. Sahabatku, inilah contoh kertas suara sy, WARNA MERAH & ISINYA FOTO2 CALEG @DPDRI - Sy Alhamdulillah ada di baris paling atas, NOMOR SAYA 29, posisi foto ada di POJOK KANAN ATAS.. Salam hormat sy u/ seluruh keluarga.. Smg berkenan Coblos sy, agar bisa lanjutkan perjuangan ❤🙏
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Voy a ir poniendo acá algunos tips de Twitter que no son demasiado conocidos. Para guardar y consultar:

#1 - Operadores de búsqueda:

Si a tu búsqueda de Twitter le agregás estos operadores, podés refinar los resultados
#2 - Búsqueda avanzada

por alguna extraña razón que no entiendo, Twitter tiene escondida esta página, que funciona perfecto.

La URL es
#3 - Los operadores se pueden combinar

Por ejemplo, si quiero ver noticias sobre Venezuela tuiteadas únicamente por las cuentas que sigo, la sintaxis sería

venezuela filter:news filter:follows
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Here’s my favorite. #10yearChallange
These pictures will self destruct before she wakes up. #10YearChallenge
Shall will dig deeper into the beginnings? #10yearChallenege
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A party that cannot be trusted to not steal the Billions raised for its own HQ must never be trusted with the Hundreds of Billions belonging to Nigeria. #NeverAgain
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