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🧵| What lessons can the 🇺🇸#US learn from the 🇪🇺#EU's 🔆#EnergyTransition?

As states and the Biden administration move towards #electrification, the US needs to rapidly expand its electric⚡️#grid to tap the potential of 🌱#renewables and lower carbon emissions. Image
2/5 | New York recently became the first US state to require its public power provider to generate all electricity from clean energy by 2030.

This will require more connections between renewables and the 🔌#grid.

More from @aliyaute in @GuardianUS👇… Image
3/5 | Plugging in 🚙cars, 🏠homes, and 🏭factories to renewables is a cornerstone of Biden’s plan to cut emissions, which means electricity demand in the US could roughly double by 2050, even as overall energy use goes down.

🔗@PopovichN & @bradplumer👇… Image
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📣 New EU Gas Exit Pathway: EU can halve its #fossilgas use by 2030 & completely phase it out by 2050, with less renewable #hydrogen than planned in #REPowerEU while fully ensuring security of supply, without disruptive behavioral changes. Findings ⬇️ 1/9
An accelerated #fossilgas phase-out is possible through structural demand reductions in #energy, #buildings & #industry➡️ key measures: a quick ramp-up of #renewableenergy, electrification and energy efficiency. 2/9 Image
In the power sector, the fastest way to reduce gas demand is by ramping up wind & solar. Aim: 70% renewables-based power generation by 2030 & 85% by 2040. Deep geothermal & large-scale heat pumps will also help reduce gas demand in district heating generation. 3/9 Image
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Railway Opportunity - Ready to leave station

A Thread.

#indianrailways #capex #highspeedrail #vandebharat #bullettrain #electrification
The Railways received the highest-ever allocation of ₹ 2.4 lakh crore for 2023-24 — ₹ 1 lakh crore higher than the previous year.

6x in last 5-6 years, this figure was 25,000 cr in 2013-14.

The consolidated number to reach 30lac crore by 2030. Image
The railway investments moving towards
> dedicated freight corridors,
> network decongestion,
> bullet train,
> high-speed, and
> semi-high-speed train projects.

The “Atmanirbhar Bharat” initiative for the development of alternative high-tech machines
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💠 Scénario énergétique #TerraWater pour 2050 et au-delà - #éolien et #solaire : une contribution indispensable à un approvisionnement électrique bas-carbone sur la décennie 2030.
#BâtirlAvenirNetZero #ENRi
Toutes les énergies ont un rôle à jouer en fonction des objectifs que nous nous fixons et du contexte.
Les différentes sources d’#énergie et les technologies qui en découlent sont des objets techniques. Elles sont et doivent rester des instruments au service de nos objectifs.
Les Voix considèrent le #nucléaire comme le moyen le plus adapté à la France, comme à de nombreux pays ne pouvant se reposer sur une large part d’hydraulique ou de géothermie, pour servir de pilier central à son approvisionnement électrique.
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I have never been as positive about our #energy #future as I am these days. Not alone do we have the #technologies and the knowhow to #decarbonise but we have massive retooling taking place in #China and the #US around key future energy technologies
Such as #solar, #wind, #batteries, #digitalisation, nextgeneration #nuclear, as well as significant technology breakthroughs in #geothermal, #heatpumps #tidalenergy, #hydrogen
What we do need to change is the negativity around #climatechange. It was thus great to read this article from @greendig criticising the god father of #energyhistory Vaclav Smil…
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Just finished studying the July 2022 report "The Future of Copper":…

Here are some highlights:
It's predicting a 10 million mt shortfall in #copper supply by 2035, under its baseline scenario, which assumes a continuation of current trends in the capacity utilization of mines and recycling of recovered copper.
Copper—the “metal of electrification”—is essential to all energy transition plans. But the potential supply-demand gap is expected to be very large as the transition proceeds. Substitution and recycling will not be enough to meet the demands of electric vehicles (EVs),..
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🚨 #NewStudyAlert 🚨 #energytwitter

Today we release a new report: "Role of Electricity Produced by Advanced Nuclear Technologies in Decarbonizing the U.S Energy System". Below lies a thread (🧵🪡)
We deployed WIS:dom-P w/ augmentation to include: #endogenous learning, blended adv. #nuclear tech., yearly investment periods, @NREL #electrification, pilot projects, new #weather & load #datasets.
Two pathways were analyzed. First, "nominal", was where advanced nuclear had a lower first-of-a-kind (FOAK) cost & no delays due to permitting, labor, supply chains. The second pathway, "constrained", had a higher FOAK and there were delays in permitting, labor and supply chains.
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Biden's invocation of Defense Production Act to support US clean energy manufacturing targets heat pumps. Via DOE:

"Our nation’s buildings, homes, offices, schools, hospitals, military bases, and other critical facilities drive more than 40% of all U.S. energy consumption. (1/5)
To reduce the amount of energy needed in our buildings, leading to less reliance by the U.S. and allies on adversaries such as Russia for oil and gas, heat pumps are an important solution. (2/5)
Their use by the U.S. and allies can shrink Russian revenue for war and reduce climate instability. However, currently, U.S. HVAC manufacturers are not producing heat pumps at the rate needed. (3/5)
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Our new modelling report from @DavidSuzukiFDN shows that 100% zero-emissions electricity across Canada by 2035 is possible, reliable and affordable.

Buckle up for a #CleanElectricity thread 🧵…

#Climate #energytwitter #cdnpoli
This is the first modelling report of its kind in Canada. It goes beyond #NetZero to reach #ZeroEmissions by 2035, primarily by relying on:

☀️#Renewables like wind & solar
🌊Existing #Hydropower
🔌More grid connections between regions
Overall, Canada's electricity capacity grows by 2.8x by 2050, and the amount of electrical energy we use grows by 1.8x

All #FossilFuels on the grid are phased out by 2035, including all #NaturalGas. And no nuclear or fossils with #CCUS are needed.
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Is humidity control just for warm-humid weather? Or can you grow mold in winter?

A little thread for the part of #energytwitter that hasn't seen the bigger picture of #buildingscience.

First, if you think you're immune to moisture & mold problems because your climate is dry in summer, let me invite you to take a look inside your fridge. What's inside that container in the back that you've forgotten for a couple of months.

Extreme example: Family in Kansas had a poorly insulated building enclosure. They kept the inside relative humidity at 50% while outdoor temperature was -5 °F.

Yes, that's ice on the walls & ceiling inside the house. Here are the details:

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Feb 2022 update - #Nordic new personnel car registrations #BEV #PHEV #ICE per country 🇳🇴🇸🇪🇫🇮🇳🇱.

BREAKING: 🇳🇴&🇸🇪 12-month BEV% accelerating! Monthly % well above 12-month moving average. 🇫🇮&🇳🇱 slowing down for Jan-Feb 2022, below the trend🙁 1/x
For the 1st time I need to make different linear predictions per country for the middle part of the #BEV s-curve.

According to this 🇳🇴 will reach 100% by Dec 2023! 🇸🇪 will reach 50% early 2024, 🇫🇮 mid 2025 and 🇳🇱 by the end 2025. 2/x
🇳🇴 new personnel car market growth has stopped, but it looks very different to all other markets! This has helped 🇳🇴 car fleet #electrification, >16% is already #BEV.…

#ICE decline is a clear trend for both #diesel & #petrol, in that order. 3/x
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ZBF release finally draws closer ( We have been working to get the data/report out & understandable. Here is a short thread with some interesting observations that we made. First, here is a cheat sheet for our scenarios (a wide spread of possibilities)
First, we find that scenarios have huge amounts of #wind & #solar. We also find that deployment rates for these (& #storage) must dramatically increase to reach our goals (with and without novel generation).
This becomes increasingly important for limited technology cases & huge for #storage in terms of energy capacity.
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1/ On the "energy transition" and geoeconomics:
My experience, including e.g. lobbying for #electrification of #transport before it was cool, is that govts prefer the path of least resistance, which helps the incumbent #oil and #gas industry.
2/ So what you get is a compromise of #green policy goals (lower CO2, but not too fast, plus nuclear exit), slow-exiting of #oil and increase in #gas (good for incumbent industry), promotion of #hydrogen (helps gas industry survive), and of course #Russia.
3/ Liberal economic principles, and foreign policy idealism, are brought in just in time to prevent heavy geoeconomic measures to cut dependence on Russia. And so, Europe will do a slow energy transition with Russia guaranteed major benefits for the next few decades.
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Our take on the @EU_Commission’s second part of the #Fitfor55 package aimed at re-designing the EU’s internal #gasmarket rules and governing a future European #hydrogen pipeline network. 1/12
1️⃣ gas market: The proposed revisions to the internal gas market rules do not address that Europe’s #climatetargets imply a rapidly shrinking market for #fossilgas use already this decade. 2/12
The need to scale down #fossilgas and replacement by #electrification and only partially by non-fossil gases must become the underlying narrative of the gas market rules. Here is why! 3/12
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Getting the whole world to #netzero #GHGs rapidly is going to be incredibly difficult. But given how strong and organized the #climateopposition is, we must distinguish #thesignalfromthenoise on which pathways are the most likely to succeed. A 🧵 on how I think about this 1/14
2/ First, we cannot rely on social and lifestyle change governed by new paradigms like degrowth to deliver in time for this #climatedecade. But if the movement delivers small reductions in energy or meat consumption, we need it…
3/ #Technologyandpolicy (and politics) need to do the heavy lifting. Can they deliver? Yes, but to effectively channel our efforts and fight off the opposition, we need to distinguish between main courses, side dishes and poison pills (frequently buried in the side dishes)
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We have published an English summary of our hydrogen report:…
Key messages:
Hydrogen is necessary for #climateneutrality, but needs to be used in an efficient manner. Only #greenhydrogen produced from #renewable power can be produced sustainably.
Blue hydrogen is currently discussed as a bridging technology. In our opinion, it is not sustainable due to residual GHG emissions, insufficient short-term #CCS capacity and the risk of #fossil infrastructure lock-in. Therefore, it should not receive public subsidies.
Stringent certification is necessary to minimize the environmental footprint and social issues of hydrogen. This is both true for imports and European production.
An additionality criterion for renewables can ensure that green hydrogen does indeed reduce carbon emissions.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/16/2021…
Horse meat and blowfish chips for sale? Company makes chips with flavors of ‘banned’ foods…

#foods #flavors #production #marketing
Measuring progress in megawatt: Colonialism, development, and the “unseeing” electricity grid in East Africa…

#electrification #EastAfrica #colonialism #EconomicDevelopment #PostIndependence #NationalEconomies
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Long🧵on the provisions of #BuildBackBetter on all things #electricity & #grid. The act starts w/ ~3bn in loans for electric co-ops @NRECANews, incl. projects w/ #batteries. Co-ops have been very involved in @ENERGY-funded R&D & are now enabled to bring results to practice! 1/
It is funny that in my postdoc work @CMU_ECE & @NRECANews w/ @eeregov funding, we actually studied the added value of #battery to #photovoltaics for residential customers' energy cost savings:… & [1],[3], [4] here… 2/
Another ~10bn to co-ops for loans until 2031 to improve #resilience & #reliability w/ investments in #renewables & #transmission . Co-ops 'own' transmission lines & this money can motivate adjacent upgrades. Also critical that #renewables & #transmission appear together here! 3/
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It’s out! 🎊
My new @ecfr paper on how #Europe can ride the #climate momentum in the #Gulf deploying its #GreenDeal to meet #NetZero & #geopolitical objectives in the region ➡️
Read b4 #COP26 #COP26Glasgow
Few take-aways 1/ Image
Good that #SaudiArabia & #UAE have pledged #NetZero but #GCC total domestic emissions are only 2.4% of world’s. The #EU needs to focus on the emissions they export, mostly to #China, I argue how: 2/
As shown by the #SaudiGreenInitiative & #MiddleEastGreenInitiative + #UAE willingness to host #COP 28, the #GCC leaders now see a political value in embracing the #climate agenda. This paper described what each #GCC country is actually *doing* about it: 3/
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#Climate needs #electrification AND #hydrogen.
Both compete for #renewableelectricity, policy and infrastructure support. Policy makers have to take decisions, secure expectations, avoid further fossil lock-in
Our paper offers guidance.

#efuels(right) replace fossils without the end-use transformation required by (direct) #electrification(left)
This promises to make combustion technologies and fossil infrastructure part of the climate solution;
yet, shifting the burden to the supply side has limitations…
#Efuels require 2 – 14 times more (renewable) electricity than a direct #electrification (e.g. electric cars are five times more efficient)
Remember, (growing) renewable power capacity is far from fully meeting only today’s electricity demand.
(no regret: #renewableexpansion)
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🚀 Launch day! New study from @HarvardCCHANGE: burning gas, biomass, & wood now has MORE negative health impacts than coal in many states. 1st study to inventory health impacts of each fuel burned at stationary sources over last 10 years. To protect health, we must #ProtectOurAir Image
Air pollution costs us. It is no longer mostly from coal. In 2017, air pollution from buildings, power plants, industrial boilers, and other industries were responsible for an estimated 48-64,000 early deaths. Between 70 -77% are from burning gas, wood, biomass.😲 Image
Air pollution from buildings, power plants, industrial boilers, and other industries were responsible for an estimated $615 billion in health impacts in 2017. That’s a lot of 🤑, consider that only 6 companies have ever been valued at over $600B.
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This week we published our @ETC_energy report on clean #hydrogen🟢in an electrified economy⚡️. I will be posting some key insights here in the next 2 wks.

Today, I start w/ our vision for the role of #CleanHydrogen for #NetZero2050. #EnergyTwitter
#CleanHydrogen in a #netzero world will play a critical role in sectors where direct electrification will likely remain impossible or uneconomic for many decades.

Electrify wherever possible. Use hydrogen wherever not possible. Image
We have high confidence in the role of #CleanHydrogen for already existing uses - like ammonia for fertiliser, or methanol.

And think that hydrogen use in steel🔩, shipping🚢, aviation✈️ and power storage🔋 is highly likely to develop. Image
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Did you see yesterday's announcement about the EasyBat app, built by @bebat_BE and running on the #EnergyWeb tech stack?

Learn more about EasyBat and how it works here:…

Also, check out this brief thread. 👇 Image
EasyBat is a #blockchain-based solution for identifying and tracking batteries throughout their lifecycle, from production, to ownership and operation, to second-life uses, recycling, and/or end-of-life disposal.
#Electrification & #energystorage are key components of the global #EnergyTransition, so this is a pretty big deal... not just for consumer batteries, but also for stationary batteries that are part of residential & commercial #solar PV systems, not to mention #ElectricVehicles.
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